Lou & harry's final project


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  • Hi, I am Jordan Conway. The company that I created a social marketing campaign for is Lou & Harry’s Sports Bar and Grill.
  • Lou & and Harry’s is located in East Lansing, Michigan. The bar has an authentic Greek and American menu, which contains everything from gyros to Greek salads to lasagna to burgers and fries. Lou Ha’s also contains 80 big screen TV’s and creates an atmosphere like no other on game day.
  • The main goal of this campaign, will be the main goal of any company, to maximize profits, and to help Lou and Harry’s make as much money as possible. This campaign will be designed to accomplish two main things: raise awareness about our bar and all that it has to offer, and to offer specials throughout different sports seasons to increase customer traffic throughout our bar.
  • The big idea for this campaign will be the slogan “The next best thing to actually being there.” This slogan is designed to tell our customers that this is the place to watch all of their favorite sports teams, we intend for it to portray the great customer service, food, wide range of alcohol to choose from, and most importantly the amazing college atmosphere of being at an actual game, that our bar has to offer.
  • The social marketing tools that we will use will be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Adwords. Twitter and Facebook will allow us to be able to spread the word about what specials are going on throughout the week or month, and will also allow us to be able to engage our customers and receive feedback from them, as well as giving them timely feedback to any questions they may have. Twitter and Facebook will also allow us to keep followers informed and updated with local sports teams and their schedules. Instagram will also be a valuable tool to our strategy because it will allow us to show our followers the atmosphere of our bar throughout all of the gamedays, giving them a feel for what to expect before they even step foot into our bar. Google Adwords will play an important role by maximizing our search engine capabilities. We will be using 15 keywords/ phrases that will help customers be able to locate us with ease on the web.
  • The implementation of this campaign through the different social media drivers will be as follows: We will use Facebook and Twitter for a lot of the same reasons essentially. Instagram will be connected to both of our Facebook and Twitter accounts for easy accessibility to the pictures we choose to share. They will also be used to create a buzz about our company, to increase the awareness of who we are, and everything that we have to offer. Lastly Facebook and Twitter will be used to offer specials that can only be claimed by printing off or showing a certain image or picture on your phone while at Lou and Harry’s. Google AdWords will be a huge part in our campaign by increasing our search engine capabilities. We will use 15 keywords or phrases to help locate our bar which are: sports bar menu, lansing bar, bars in east lansing, east lansing bar, restaurant east lansing mi, top sports bar, MSU bar, east lansing bar specials, bars in east lansing mi, sports bar food menu, bars in lansing mi, where to eat in east lansing, east lansing sports bar, and bars east lansing mi. This will ultimately help to increase the awareness of our bar to people from out of town, whether it is being a fan from the opposing team, or a die-hard Michigan State fan.
  • Lou and Harry’s currently already has a Twitter and Facebook account setup, but we will be revamping and updating them at the beginning of this campaign. The budget for this campaign is as follows: We plan on spending $750 for the revamping of our twitter account, along with $500 per month for account management and training. We expect to be able to take over the twitter account and all other accounts 6 months into the campaign. The revamping of Facebook will cost us an initial $1,000 and $500 every month there after. We currently do not have an Instagram account, the setup cost will be $1,000 with an additional $500 per month expense for the upkeep and training of this account. Google AdWords will cost $1,500 to setup, and $1.50 per day throughout the running of this campaign. $1.50 per day will give our ads an average of 3.3 to 4.0 clicks per day, which will give us roughly 58-71 total impressions per day. The total budget for this campaign in its first year will be roughly $14,000.
  • The target audience for this campaign will be males between the ages of 21-50. The minimum target audience age was chosen as 21 because that is the minimum legal drinking age. 50 was chosen as the maximum age range because we felt like 50 is an age where they could either still have a child in college, which you could watch the game with them, or an age where you could still be an active alumni and want to come back to East Lansing to watch the game with your fellow alumni.
  • As stated earlier the goals of this campaign are to maximize profits, raise awareness, and increase foot traffic in our bar. Since those are our goals, that is essentially what we will be evaluating throughout this campaign. We will compare the sales of past years numbers to the sales of our current numbers with this campaign in effect. We will also be checking our social media sites to see if we have an increased number of friends, likes, followers, re-tweets, and check the insights of our facebook page, essentially seeing if there is an increased reach, and if more people are talking about us. We will measure these things quarterly as well as yearly. We chose to measure them quarterly to make the needed changes in our campaign if the result is a non favorable one.
  • Does anyone have any questions?
  • Lou & harry's final project

    1. 1. By: Jordan Conway
    2. 2. • Located: East Lansing, MI• Food: Authentic Greek and American menu• Sports atmosphere: 80 big screen TV’sBackground info.
    3. 3. • Maximize profits• Raise Awareness• Increase customer foot traffic in our barGoals
    4. 4. • “The next best thing to actually being there.” • Customer Service • Food • Drinks • AtmosphereBIG Idea
    5. 5. • Twitter• Facebook• Instagram• Google AdwordsTools
    6. 6. • Facebook & Twitter • Instagram • Create a buzz • Offer specials• Google AdWords • keywordsImplementation
    7. 7. • Twitter • $750 setup • $500/ mo – account management/ training• Facebook • $1,000 setup • $500/ mo – content management• Instagram • $1,000 setup • $500/ mo – account management/ training• Google AdWords • $1,500 setup • $1.50/ day• TOTAL BUDGET: $14,000Budget
    8. 8. • Males ages 21-50 • 21: Minimum age to consume alcohol, also more likely to have vehicle on campus • 50: Remain active with MSU whether alumni, or student in collegeTarget Audience
    9. 9. • Criteria • Sales • Social Media • Customer traffic• When? • Quarterly • YearlyEvaluation
    10. 10. Questions?