Bringing Financial Services to Your Clients


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Bringing Financial Services to Your Clients

  1. 1. Bringing financial services to your clientsStrategic Alliance Program | insure | invest | retire |
  2. 2. Bring your business full circleYour clients rely on your expertise and advice to help themachieve financial growth and security. Now you can offer themeven more.It’s simple. If you’re looking to enhance your value propositionto current clients, while creating an opportunity to expand yourclient base and your bottom line, then the Strategic AllianceProgram can work for you.
  3. 3. By offering your clients access to an expanded array of financial products and services, MassachusettsMutual Life Insurance Company’s (MassMutual’s) Strategic Alliance Program can help you developadditional business with existing clients, and give you an edge over the competition to attract newclients to your business. The Strategic Alliance Program also allows you the opportunity to increaseyour revenue, all while keeping in focus your practice’s most valuable asset – your clients.In thinking about expanding your financial services, we understand that it takes more than simplyoffering additional products. We will work with you each step of the way to conduct needs-basedconsultations with your clients designed to help them meet their financial goals. Our products andservices, combined with your expertise and ability to create lasting relationships, will assist both youand your clients in realizing significant benefits.Financial servicesWe’re dedicated to helping clients protect their income, Wealth Protection & Insurance Planningpreserve capital and accumulate wealth. In today’s complex Wealth preservation strategies using insurance products canbusiness environment, our analysis, financial expertise and help your clients protect against the adverse financial conse-carefully crafted programs can help bring security for individ- quences of basic human risks – death, disability or outlivinguals, families and business owners. Financial services repre- one’s financial resources.sentatives* will conduct objective needs-based consultations • Life Insurance: Term, Whole, Variable**, Universalwith your clients and recommend strategies designed to helpyour clients prepare for their financial future. • Disability Income Insurance • Long Term Care InsuranceThrough a Strategic Alliance relationship, your clients willhave access to a full line of insurance and investment productsand services from MassMutual and its subsidiaries:Wealth Accumulation & Investment PlanningHelping your clients determine an appropriate asset allocationstrategy based on their objectives, priorities and risk tolerance. • Annuities • Mutual Funds** • Money Management Programs**** inancial services representatives are independent contractors and are not employees of MassMutual, its subsidiaries or of General Agents F with whom they contract. 1** Offered through authorized registered representatives of MML Investors Services, LLC.
  4. 4. Retirement Planning A MassMutual financial services representative can Selecting the appropriate retirement strategy can help your help clients with many of their financial needs. It is clients achieve their financial goals for retirement. important to note that financial services professionals • Roth IRAs, Traditional IRAs, SEPs are only able to provide certain services, such as • Annuities financial planning services, if they are properly • Profit Sharing Plans licensed to do so and have satisfied any applicable • 401(k) Plans requirements. At MassMutual, it is our goal to help • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans clients realize their financial success by providing the products and services designed to help meet their • Pension Strategies needs. A MassMutual financial services professional Estate Planning will work with other financial services professionals, It is important for your clients to address the accumulation, when necessary, to help clients reach their use and preservation of assets, as well as the tax and legal financial goals. concerns when planning their estate. Thorough planning is a vital step in helping your clients manage their estates. • Minimize Estate TaxesBusiness Planning • Liquidity to Help Pay Estate TaxesAll businesses – large and small – have unique needs based • Protect Estate for Future Generationson their stage in the business life cycle. Identifying core needs • Assure Proper Asset Distributionof the business can help your business-owner clients success- • Tax Reduction Strategiesfully manage their business. • Charitable Giving Strategies • Succession Planning • Key Employee Retention Trust Services • Employee Benefits The MassMutual Trust Company, fsb offers clients a full • Employer-sponsored Retirement Plans range of fiduciary and custodial services. The trust company • Business Overhead Expense Protection can help clients manage their assets through trust and estate planning services including trust creation, distributions, tax • Buy-Sell Strategies filings, and money management. • Non-Qualified Executive Fringe Benefits • Executive Bonus Plans • Deferred Compensation Funding • Split Dollar Insurance2
  5. 5. Local support from a team of professionalsOur financial services representatives offer their commitment to you and yourclients – starting in your community. Marketing supportWe can provide the products easily enough. We can even provide the clients Marketing will be instrumentalservices and case-by-case consultation. But we take it one step further by in integrating financial servicesproviding all of these on a local level. Our qualified financial services repre- into your business, and we wantsentatives are available around the corner to provide the support and resources to help you succeed. We havenecessary to help ensure your success, and the satisfaction of your clients. developed the tools, marketingThrough this alliance, you will work with a team of local financial services programs and communicationprofessionals who are well versed in various financial products and services, vehicles needed to market to yourand have access to resources from a global Fortune 500 organization*. Our clients, and will work directly withfinancial services representatives will educate clients on various insurance and you to develop a strategicinvestment strategies then perform a needs-based analysis before recommend- action a product or services. Financial services representatives have access to a • Business/Marketing Planfull range of products from MassMutual and its subsidiaries, as well as other • Announcement andquality companies, designed to help meet your clients’ needs. Our driving Follow-up Lettersphilosophy is always to place the interest of the clients first – the unique needs • Press Releasesand goals of your client will drive the product recommendation. • Newsletters • Qualified team of financial services representatives in a local • Topical Prospecting Letters MassMutual Agency • Educational Client Seminars • Diverse array of products available through MassMutual • Customizable Marketing and its subsidiaries Materials • Product Illustration Software • Needs-Analysis System • Marketing Support*FORTUNE Magazine, May 23, 2011. 3
  6. 6. A name you can trustWhen working with the Strategic Alliance Program, you’ll be ment or help with the costs of long term care. MassMutualworking with the experience of Massachusetts Mutual Life strives to maintain its strength so that we can continue toInsurance Company (MassMutual) – a company that meet our obligations to policyholders in the future. That’scontinues to deliver strong financial results and exceptional MassMutual’s commitment – value for our policyholders, forperformance*, and maintains its strength, stability and both today and tomorrow.continuity for you and your clients. Ours is a tradition ofsuccess that is over 160 years in the making. We take the timeto work closely with you so that you may provide productsand services both you and your clients can trust.We believe our mutual ownership provides a distinctadvantage. We have no shareholders, so we face noshort-term market pressures to manage quarter-to-quarterto meet shareholder earnings expectations or to enhanceshareholder value. This allows us to focus on maximizingpolicyholder value.MassMutual’s ability to help you and your clients prepare forand adapt to an ever-changing world and financial landscapehas kept us in the forefront of the industry for more than160 years. While our line of products and services continueto evolve, our commitment to serve our clients remainsconstant. MassMutual is committed to ensuring that an insur-ance policy benefit will be there 10, 20, 30 or more yearsfrom now, when it’s needed to pay a claim, help fund retire-*To view MassMutual Financial Group’s Annual Report, please visit www.massmutual.com4
  7. 7. MassMutual. We’ll help you get there.® When MassMutual chooses a company with which to do business, we select only those that meet the strictest criteria of integrity and consistency. We recognize that you will no doubt do the same.
  8. 8. NOT A BANK OR CREDIT UNION DEPOSIT OR OBLIGATION  •  NOT FDIC OR NCUA INSURED  •  NOT INSURED BY ANY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY  •  NOT GUARANTEED BY ANY BANK OR CREDIT UNION  •  MAY GO DOWN IN VALUESecurities, investment advisory services and financial planning offered through MML Investors Services, LLC., member SIPC. 1295 State Street, Springfield, MA 01111.© 2011 Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, Springfield, MA 01111-0001. All rights reserved. MassMutual Financial Group is a marketing name forMassachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) and its affiliated companies and sales representatives.BN1000  711 CRN201307-148745