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  1. 1. Hannibal theConquerorI. Subject Area: Applying Geography in HistoryII. Grade Level: 7th GradeIII. History Standard: 7.1 Students analyze the causes and effects of the vast expansion andultimate disintegration of the Roman Empire. Discuss the geographic borders of the empire at its height and the factors that threatenedits territorial cohesionIV. Time Sequence of Lesson: One class sessionV. Learning objectives: Identify Hannibal’s military route. Understand how to use a map scale.VI. Assessment: Map with attached questionnaire.VII. Materials, Resources, and Equipment: Computer, Projector, worksheet.VIII. Guiding Questions: Why didn’t Hannibal travel by sea? What military mistakes did Hannibal make?IX. Instructional Strategies: Procedures and Activities:1. Explanation of our History Standard2. Warm-up: Ask the class what they know about Hannibal the Conqueror.3. Inform class that we will be learning about Hannibal the Conqueror but focusing on theSecond Punic War.
  2. 2. 4. Explain the Second Punic War:lasted from 218 to 201BC, between the Romans andCarthage and the Roman Republic. They are called the “Punic Wars” because Rome’s name forthe Carthaginians was Punici, a reference to their Phoenician ancestry. -War began by Hannibals surprising overland journey and his costly crossing of theAlps, followed by his reinforcement by Gaulish allies and crushing victories over Roman armiesin the battle of the Trebia and the giant ambush at Trasimene. Hannibal used the Appian Way(Via Appia) to travel through Rome.5. Visit website, forSecond Punic War timeline. Compare the timeline with the map provided.6. Present Map: Explain Hannibal’s route.
  3. 3. 7. Google Earth Map of Southern Italy. Shows many of the Greek cities fought over by Hannibaland the Romans. The original Appian Way is in white; the alternative road (in pink) wasconstructed 400 years later under Emperor Trajan.8. Handout: Handout a map and have students plot a different military route. Have them plantheir own military campaign to conquer the Roman TerritoryX. Closing/Reflection: What countries did Hannibal invade and conquer? How years did theSecond Punic Wars occur?
  4. 4. Lesson Plan by: Nathalie, Sarah, and Jordan.In this lesson plan, students will understand the History standards that are being presented. Theywill be able to learn the following objectives: Identify Hannibal’s military route and understandhow to use a map scale Geography is being incorporated in this lesson plan by examining Hannibal military routeto conquer the Roman territory. Since we are focusing on the Second Punic War, students willhave a better understanding of the war and Europe by seeing an enlarged map. By locating othercountries in Europe, students will also learnWorld Geography and how to use a map scale.