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Catalyst Newsletter Winter 2011 2012


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Catalyst Newsletter Winter 2011 2012

  1. 1. Newsletter of the Yorkshire Association of Business Angels Winter 2011/2012EIS relief – betterthan ever beforeFor a number of years the Enterprise Investment Scheme has provided business investors withsome of the most generous tax reliefs on offer. As a result of the government’s increasingdesire to encourage investment in small and new start-up companies, the existing rate of EISincome tax relief has been increased and a new relief has been introduced, specifically aimedat start-up businesses.Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) Seed Enterprise Investment SchemeAs part of the Chancellor’s 2011 “open for (SEIS)business” budget, he announced that, with This new scheme will provide income taxeffect from 6 April 2011, the rate at which relief at the rate of 50 per cent onincome tax relief is granted on qualifying qualifying investments made after 31EIS investments will increase from 20 per March 2012. The aim of this is to promotecent to 30 per cent. Furthermore, from 6 investment in new businesses. To qualify,April 2012, the maximum qualifying the investment must be in a new business,amount an investor can make in a tax year which must be a genuine new venture. Inwill rise from £500,000 to £1m. As a result, addition, the company must have fewerthe maximum income tax relief on than 25 employees; it must be unquoted;qualifying investments becomes £300,000. and it must have assets with a value of less than £200,000 at the point ofIn addition to income tax relief, qualifying investment. The maximum amount ofEIS investments also provide two very investment is £100,000 (meaningvaluable capital gains tax reliefs. One is a maximum income tax relief of £50,000),deferral relief on gains made on the and the maximum amount a company candisposal of other assets. The second is an raise under this scheme is £150,000.exemption from capital gains tax arising ongains made on the EIS shares themselves. Qualifying SEIS investments will provideBoth of these reliefs are subject to the investor with an exemption from capitalmeeting certain qualifying criteria. gains tax arising on assets realised inFurthermore, in the vast majority of cases 2012/13. The result of these provisions is athe EIS shares will attract business possible rate of tax relief at 78 per relief which exempts them from Continued overleaf...inheritance tax once the shares have beenowned for two years.In this issue:2 Fan Frames is Streets ahead 4/5 University Commercial 7 November Investment Forum3 Angel profile Evaluation Service pilot 8 Diary dates, Master classes and Company update 6 Associate member profile contact details
  2. 2. 2 Newsletter of the Yorkshire Association of Business Angels Winter 2011/2012 EIS relief – better than ever before is an employee of the issuing company that the tax reliefs afforded to qualifying (continued from Page 1) or any of its subsidiaries. investments could be viewed as being an An investor is not precluded from this added bonus to a business investor Investments relief by virtue of being a director so confident in the investment opportunity. In light of the significant tax benefits long as he/she is paid on normal associated with these two schemes, it is commercial terms. This enables business With correct structuring, EIS/SEIS relief no wonder that both small and new start- angels to invest and obtain the relief and can be obtained by many business up companies wishing to attract still take an active role in the business angels on investments in companies in investment - and those looking for an after the investment. which they will have an active investment opportunity - are anxious to involvement after they have made their ensure that EIS/SEIS qualifying status The SEIS scheme will not disqualify investment. This allows the business can be achieved. directors from investing in their own angel access to the tax reliefs and a companies so long as they do not measure of control over their The rules for both schemes apply exceed the 30 per cent limit. investment’s performance. restrictions to the availability of tax relief. These restrictions include: the company’s By nature, in their basic format, EIS/SEIS In April, BHP Mitchell will be presenting a trading activities, the type of shares qualifying companies can be small, high- seminar about tax-efficient business issued and the usage of the funds raised risk ventures and therefore, to many, the structures, including a discussion as to by the investment. One key rule that often tax benefits associated with a qualifying the availability of EIS/SEIS tax relief and stands in the way of EIS income tax relief investment are a means to mitigate the how to structure the business and is that the individual cannot be risk of the investment itself. Whilst this is investment in the best way possible to connected with the company before the a valid view, many will see EIS/SEIS obtain these valuable reliefs. investment. Broadly, an individual is investments as having significant return connected if they or an associate of potential. Many small companies have theirs (in most cases any relative) owns solid business plans, firm foundations more than 30 per cent of the company or and/or high growth potential, meaning Fan Frames Accountants. “We really enjoyed the experience,” says Fan Frames Director is Streets Paul Gibson. “It was the first time we have done a pitch like that and we were ahead obviously really pleased to win the prize. The event was also a fantastic networking opportunity; we met a Hull based eyewear company Fan number of potential investors and we’re Frames Ltd was the winner of a mock in discussion with some of them now.” Investment Forum run by Yorkshire Andrew Burton with the winning Fan Frames team Association of Business Angels (YABA) Fan Frames is based at The Enterprise and Hull-based Streets Chartered “We were really pleased with the Centre in Hull. The company specialises Accountants. success of the event,” says Streets in sports-branded eyewear: optical Chartered Accountants’ Marketing frames, sun, reading and 3D glasses. Set Following a slightly different format to a Partner, James Pinchbeck. “One of our up in February 2011, the company owns full YABA investment forum, four of the interests is stimulating enterprise in the the licencing rights for eleven UK football region’s entrepreneurs – Muddy Boot area and, knowing how difficult it can be clubs including Celtic, Rangers, Foods, Antyx Animations, Ed’s Toyland to raise finance in the current economic Newcastle United, Hull City AFC, and Fan Frames – delivered their climate, these kinds of events are Manchester United, Manchester City, investment opportunities to a panel of invaluable. We’re already planning a full Liverpool, Everton, Nottingham Forest, experienced business professionals and Investment Forum with YABA to coincide Arsenal and Chelsea. business angel members. with Hull Business Week in June 2012.” In total, the ‘Dragon’s Den’-style mock The prize awarded to Fan Frames For more information about Fan Frames, investment forum event attracted an included £1,000 worth of business visit audience of more than 40 entrepreneurs support services and a bottle of For more information about Streets and professional advisors. champagne, kindly donated by co-hosts Chartered Accountants go to and event sponsors Streets Chartered YABA information: 01423 810149 Follow us on
  3. 3. Winter 2011/2012 Newsletter of the Yorkshire Association of Business Angels 3ANGEL MEMBER PROFILE John L Brierley Ltd is 125 years for the individual businesses to carry on old but it’s changing with the running independently of each other.” times. YABA business angel Ian Ian’s been a member of YABA for a Brierley is the fourth generation of couple of years with a view to spotting his family to run the Huddersfield- possible acquisitions to add to the based textile manufacturer and company portfolio. Unlike some other he’s found that diversity is the key business angels, he’s more interested in to the company’s longevity established companies rather than start- ups. “It’s lower risk, lower reward than investing in a new business and that’s a Although textiles are still important to the good fit with my overall strategy. But if business, it’s distribution and processing the right opportunity was presented – that the company specialises in now, who knows?” he says. “It’s great to see rather than manufacturing. The company Ian Brierley the ideas and innovations presented at group also includes a craft business Investment Forums – they’re always very which makes pipe cleaners, paper venture to add to the portfolio. “The interesting and the networking shapes, pom-poms and sequins for the recycling sector interests me for a few opportunity is just as valuable to me.” expanding craft market and to sell into reasons. It’s connected to manufacturing the education sector via group-buying but it’s not the same as any of our The long-term plan for the core business syndicates. current businesses; it also has a is to continue looking for suitable sustainable and eco-friendly aspect acquisitions, preferably located within a The third arm of the business is an which is important to us. Our aim is to be one-hour radius of Huddersfield. acquired turbo-charger company which socially ethical, to treat our employees Although it’s important to Ian that any operates from its own premises. “There is well and to contribute to charity when new acquisitions meet his criteria as far some synergy and group activity possible. By being successful and as possible in terms of company size, between the different businesses,” says profitable as a business we are better sector, ethos and location, he’s not Ian. “I’m on the board of each and so placed to fulfil these aims.” averse to considering a very different have a strategic overview, but I’m happy Company update: Little Helper Little Helper is the company behind ranges and products to add to the the FunPod®, a multi-award portfolio. “It’s time-consuming and costly to winning safety device that enables develop all our own products from scratch, toddlers to have safe and easy so when we see a range without representation in the UK that we know access to kitchen worktops. The would be popular and fits with our product, which allows children to company profile, we try and bring it on stand at worktop height safely, board,” says Kim. The latest addition is without fear of falling, was Krooom, an Israeli brand of recycled (and developed back in 2005 by recyclable) toys and furniture. “It’s made company Sales and Marketing from cardboard but is treated in such a Director, Kim Johnson. A syndicate way as to be as strong and robust as of four YABA members invested plastic but with the added benefit of being £100,000 in Little Helper in 2008 eco-friendly – something our customers are and this was the catalyst for the passionate about.” company’s immediate expansion Little Helper launched in the US in 2011 and continuing success. and is about to launch in Australia and Germany. As well as developing and expanding its range of Funpod products to reflect “We’re growing and continuing to be changing tastes in interiors and incorporate successful,” says Kim. “The investment new features, Little Helper now has its own was the springboard we needed to get a high chair range and is the exclusive UK wide distribution for our products, plus Max stockist of Baby Boum – a Belgian Davidson’s ongoing guidance as NED has sleepwear and bedding brand. The continued to be invaluable.” The Krooom range shows its strength company is continually on the lookout forJoin us on YABA information: 01423 810149
  4. 4. 4 Newsletter of the Yorkshire Association of Business Angels Winter 2011/2012 University Commercial Evaluation Service pilot The first Assessment Forum cohort with YABA Manager, Barbara Greaves (centre), Mike Booth (3rd from right) and Neil Smith (far right) also suggested further areas of commercial potential that we’d not A new service to appraise become involved at an earlier stage in the foreseen, which was great. commercial opportunities arising commercialisation process.” from university research in the There’s always an element of risk when region was trialled in October as a The first Assessment Forum was hosted working with early stage products that potential further addition to YABA’s by Leeds Metropolitan University on 25 may have commercial potential, but the portfolio of business activities. October at Old Broadcasting House in evaluation service initiative will be useful Leeds. Two research projects, from the in helping to put us on a more solid University of Hull and Leeds Metropolitan footing as to the direction and best The aim of the new Commercial University, were presented and discussed markets to head for.” Evaluation Service is to co-ordinate with a panel of four business angels. discussions about specific new technologies, products and services Presenting at the event was Hilary Hamer, Feedback from the event was entirely Industry Liaison Manager of an innovative between business angels, the academics positive. Andrew Raby, Business digital technology developed at the and the University’s commercialisation Development Manager at Leeds University of Hull which tracks food managers. Metropolitan University, said: consumption in controlled environments Says YABA Manager Barbara Greaves: such as hospitals, care homes and “The panel’s experience was highly prisons. “We hope to show that this is an ideal relevant to the research project we partnership which will forge closer links to presented and they offered valuable and university technology transfer offices. The Both Hilary and co-inventor Matthew Taylor specific advice and information, both to region’s universities have a steady flow of believe that the evaluation service could the academic and to me, in terms of how potential business opportunities, and this become a very popular offer from YABA. we might best proceed with this project. new service offers both support to Hilary said: “It’s highly unusual for We were pleased to hear that we were on business development managers in their researchers with a fledgling business the right track and to have the extra input decisions about the commercial potential proposition to have the opportunity to as to what our next steps could be and of new business ideas, as well as an discuss ways forward with exactly the how these could be taken forward. They opportunity for investors who might like to right industry experts. We all want to know YABA information: 01423 810149 Follow us on
  5. 5. Winter 2011/2012 Newsletter of the Yorkshire Association of Business Angels 5 A N G E L V I E W: N E I L S M I T H Already a volunteer mentor advising them in particular to for a ‘Business Buddies’ concentrate on who would buy the product, rather than developing a community scheme which product or service – however innovative helps unemployed people and brilliant – that doesn’t have a start up their own defined customer base. I wouldn’t want businesses, Neil Smith from to stifle research for research sake, but Clear Image MMS Ltd was having an end game is key if you want delighted to be invited onto to commercialise. the panel. As YABA members, we see many investment opportunities through the "I thoroughly enjoyed the event and Investment Forums and intranet that would definitely take part again. I have thought out their initially got involved because I like commercialisation direction, so to see helping young businesses get on the them at a pre-investment stage is really right track, and I was intrigued to see interesting." what early stage innovations might be presented by universities that broadly matched my experience. Amazing products can arise from blue skies research but I think it’s important for academics to be clear about the best and most lucrative potential markets for innovative research as early as possible, otherwise progress can quickly become unfocused. This is where I think the panel were able to add most value to the academics,‘is there really a commercial applicationhere? Can it be profitable?’ and for us,this event managed to condense whatwould have taken a protracted period ofinvestigation and market research into a A N G E L V I E W: M I K E B O OT Hmorning’s discussion. This is hugelyimportant as this sector moves quickly “I thought this was an extremely different and interesting opportunity toand if we’re to capitalise on our research worthwhile event and, from talking to get involved with early stage ventures.outcomes then we need to make some the academics, they agreed. For the The benefit to the enterprise is that thedecisions in a short timeframe.” panel, there was a ‘feel-good factor’ in business experience of the panel can offering objective and constructive help to steer it in a commercially viableA second event is being planned which feedback, to help crystallise thoughts direction, avoiding some of the pitfallsmay be hosted by the University of about where embryonic businesses which can only too easily hamper theHuddersfield. Says Barry Timmins, the need to go and what they need to do to development of a young business.University’s head of BusinessDevelopment & IP Commercialisation: get there. I particularly enjoyed the“It’ll be great to meet and build open discussion format, which allowed I think this service could be a valuablerelationships with sector experts and the parties to talk freely and sparked addition to YABA’s portfolio of servicesangel investors in the region – this is constructive ideas. I think it is also supporting the region’s businesssomething that I can see becoming a useful to involve panel members from community, I’d like to see it continuevery valuable aspect of YABA’s service.” non-related sectors, as a bit of lateral and I would happily take part again. thinking can have a really positive The medium to longer term benefit is effect. that it’s adding to the pipeline of For further information about the investable local companies." commercial evaluation service, It’s not often we see pre-investment please contact Barbara Greaves propositions like this and, from an on or investor’s point of view, it offers a very 01423 810149Join us on YABA information: 01423 810149
  6. 6. 6 Newsletter of the Yorkshire Association of Business Angels Winter 2011/2012 A S S O C I AT E M E M B E R P RO F I L E Irwin Mitchell Irwin Mitchell became an Associate Member of YABA in early 2011, after a meeting with YABA’s South Yorkshire As one of the largest full service Ambassador, Catherine Kennedy. Irwin law firms in the country, Irwin Mitchell is hosting a Master class in the Mitchell aims to promote the current series and Paul sees the benefit of benefits of obtaining timely legal getting involved in this way: “It’s great to advice and break down be able to open our doors to new people, misconceptions about the showing them the human face of a legal firm and what we have to offer,” he says. perceived expense of consulting a “Although YABA angel members are lawyer. The company’s business experienced business people and clients range from small to medium- accustomed to consulting lawyers, Irwin Paul Firth of Irwin Mitchell sized firms to multinational Mitchell has the expertise to help both companies with a more complex investors and entrepreneurs and set of legal requirements, but one becoming involved with YABA has allowed business partners in effect, so that we add thing remains the same – Irwin us to demonstrate this.” value by building relationships, knowing their history and therefore advising them Mitchell’s dedication to building a better.” Irwin Mitchell sponsored YABA’s investment relationship with them. forum held at the AMP Technology Park in September and several of Paul’s Already dedicated to supporting start-ups Paul Firth is the Regional Managing Partner colleagues took the opportunity to and large companies, Irwin Mitchell has at Irwin Mitchell in Sheffield. “Changes in experience what happens at a YABA event. also identified the ‘intrapreneur’ – an the legal world have meant that law firms “They were amazed at the energy and established business person or company need to be more accessible as well as enthusiasm of the presenters at the with a new idea that they want to take more transparent in their pricing investment forum – finding the range of forward. Paul explains: “We can advise a structure,” he says. “We’ve set up a fixed- business or an individual on the best way products and services staggering,” he price legal service for entrepreneurs and to proceed, whatever stage they’re at and says. Irwin Mitchell has also sponsored the small businesses where initial advice on whatever level of support they need – MADE Festival and StartUp Britain: “We that’s our strength.” an issue can be given for just £50 plus want to be in there at the ground floor of a VAT without the ‘meter running’ as may new venture, and build a lasting have been the perception in the past.” relationship with our clients – become Engineering students head for poll position, thanks to YABA A team of talented engineering students Advisory Service (MAS), a government-funded investment forum by Catherine Kennedy, YABA’s from the University of Sheffield is initiative that acts as a knowledge broker for the South Yorkshire Ambassador! I wish them all the region’s manufacturing industry. best in the 2012 competition, and hope they do revving up for their best performance Sheffield proud again.” yet at the 2012 Formula Student Peter facilitated introductions to MAS clients in competition, after securing sponsorship the region and, as a result, the team secured a For further information, please see and support through a YABA meeting with Stauff, a high-end hosing If you can Investment Forum. manufacturer, which offered to become their first help the students with sponsorship, advice or official national sponsor, as well as providing any other support, please contact Barbara Held in the UK since 1998 and organised by the essential machining support. The team has also Greaves, YABA manager on Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Formula secured a second sponsorship from Sheffield- or 01423 810149 Student competition challenges university based Eldon Tools, who are manufacturing students from around the world to design and machine parts for the team. build a single-seat racing car, which is then tested at the famous Silverstone Circuit. Says the Sheffield Formula Racing team leader David Rhys: “Meeting Peter at the YABA event In March 2011, two teams of engineering was brilliant as it kick-started a chain reaction of undergraduates from the University of Sheffield really positive things; we felt like a door opened and Sheffield Hallam University presented their for us.” aspirations to take part in the 2011 event during an Investment Forum hosted by the Advanced “Companies usually come to MAS looking for Manufacturing Park (AMP), hoping to secure advice on solving problems with manufacturing sponsorship or practical support from YABA processes and production, so in one sense I members. The presentation by the University of was just doing my job,” says Peter. “I’m keen to Sheffield’s Marissa Bole led to a meeting with support future engineers and I was very YABA guest delegate Peter Rooney, representing impressed with their ambition and attitude. It’s The University of Sheffield Formula Student team the South Yorkshire-based Manufacturing fortunate that I’d been invited to that particular YABA information: 01423 810149 Follow us on
  7. 7. Winter 2011/2012 Newsletter of the Yorkshire Association of Business Angels 7 I N V E S T M E N T F O RU MYork, November 2011New chocolate and drinks brands were on Big Rich Films, Londonthe menu at the November Investment Requirement: Min. investment £5,000Forum, along with a whole host of otherbusinesses that whet the audience’s This company is seeking investment in itssensory appetites… new film, Dyson with Death. With a track record in creating and producing commercial films, the company is lookingAs YABA Chair Andrew Burton pointed out for investors who are able to make aat the end of the Investment Forum, there minimum investment of £5,000.really was something among the presenting –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––companies to satisfy most interests. “Youcan eat and drink it, get on your bike to OblinArk, Leedswork off the calories and, if you fall off Requirement: £960,000 Turbo Drinks Companyyour bike, there’s a technology here that OblinArk has created an innovative andmight help fix you,” he said. effective floating hydro-wheel for power Turbo Drinks Company, Leeds generation and has interest from bodies Requirement: £250,000 such as British Waterways. It seeks With a management team experienced in investment to help capitalise fully on its the drinks industry, this company has potential. created innovative drinks which bridge the ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– gap between conventional lagers and beers, and alcopops. Montague Healthcare, ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Nottingham Get Cycling CiC, York Requirement: £500,000 Requirement: £100,000 Montague Healthcare is seeking investment This well-established company has to bring its prototype technology – a new innovated to ensure its sustainability and is approach to diagnostics – to market, Networking at the York Investment Forum initially developing the technology for seeking investment in its disability cycles retail operation. diabetes screening.Held in partnership with York St John –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––University and with the support of ICAEW Travelnet, ManchesterBusiness Advice Service, the ten Requirement: £250,000companies presenting their businesses did This web business provides consumersso to a packed audience. with a ‘one stop shop’ for all airline and airport options across the UK. HavingBrannan Tempest of OblinArk, a company proven the technology the company nowthat has developed an innovative power seeks investment to fund growth activities.generation hydro-wheel, says he found the –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––Forum incredibly useful. “I made a lot of Enjoy Chocolate, Huddersfieldexcellent contacts at the event and as a Requirement: £200,000result I’ve met with quite a few potentialinvestors,” he says. “It can be difficult to With listings in several major retailers, Enjoy IC Innovationfind finance and it offered the chance to Chocolate’s branded confectionary offer,connect with people who are actively called ICONS, now requires investment tointerested in investing.” ensure its growth so far can be sustained IC Innovations, Sheffield into the future. Requirement: £150,000 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Having successfully designed,Presenting companies: Neotherix, York manufactured, imported and distributed Requirement: £180,000 FMCG goods into the UK for six years now,The Music Jar, Stockport Originally a spin-out from Smith & Nephew, this company is looking to significantlyRequirement: £500,000 scale up and requires investment to help it Neotherix develops novel tissue scaffolds to reach its goals.Offering music free downloads for speed up and enhance the repair ofbroadcast, revenues have been healthy for wounds. It has match funding for thethis young business, which now seeks amount it seeks, which will enable it to Photos: Simon x2 Photography to help fund its growth. bring its major product to market. Tel: 01937 844442 Disclaimer: Investment in new business carries high risks as well as the possibility of high investments of this kind. Yorkshire Association of Business Angels (“YABA”) cannot advise on rewards and potential investors should be aware that no established market exists for the the merits or risks of investment and is not authorised to arrange transactions or circulate trading of shares in private companies. Before investing in a project about which information offer documents under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. YABA is an exempt is given, potential investors are strongly advised to take advice from a person, authorised body for the purposes of arranging deals in investments under statutory instrument 1201 of under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (“FSMA”), who specialises in advising on 2001 as a non-profit making organisation. Join us on YABA information: 01423 810149
  8. 8. 8 Newsletter of the Yorkshire Association of Business Angels Winter 2011/2012 Diary dates YABA runs a full and varied events calendar each year – if you’re interested in attending any of these events, please Expo of inspiring science, contact us on 01423 810149, or email our Communications and Events technology and innovations Manager, Charlotte Atkinson at Wednesday 8 February, York Racecourse Venturefest Yorkshire showcases the region’s finest science, technology and innovation entrepreneurs and brings them together with the 08 February professionals who support them. Venturefest Yorkshire 2012 Investment Competition Events during the day include: Location: York Racecourse • The Investment Competition organised by YABA and sponsored by The Shepherd Group. Up to eight start-up or early stage companies will pitch to Time: 9.00am win a prize worth in the region of £30,000 as well as receiving publicity and possible private equity investment 14 February • Angel members and angel guests lunch sponsored by Ellis IP Ltd Master class • The Innovation Showcase where 36 of the best young companies in the Exit strategies region will exhibit and promote new ideas Location: Nabarro LLP Sheffield , • A large exhibition where delegates can network with suppliers Time: 9.00am • Breakfast networking • A dinner and awards ceremony • Opportunities for young people to showcase their enterprising potential 20 March • A variety of seminars and a high profile debate all designed to educate and Investment Forum inspire both the entrepreneurs of today and of the future Global Manufacturing Festival fringe event All entrants to the Investment Competition benefit from increased visibility to Location: AMP Rotherham , potential investors. Last year’s winner, Owen Dukes of York-based Propalms, is Time: 5.45pm positive about its benefits. “The competition certainly raised our profile among the business angel and venture capital community and we received a lot of 24 April publicity as a result,” he says. “The business services prizes have proven very Angel seminar useful and are available for us to use when it suits our needs. It’s a great way to Tax planning for investments (EIS/SEIS) meet potential investors.” Location: Carrwood Park, Leeds Come and visit YABA on Stand 3. Sponsored by: BHP Mitchell For further information please contact or visit Time: 8.15am New Faces The YABA associate membership continues to grow – our most recent new recruit is: Watts Associates Ltd - Contact us Yorkshire Association Barbara Greaves, Members of: Copy: Campus PR If you want to know of Business Angels Charlotte Atkinson more about YABA 1 Hornbeam House or Jordana Beattie Tel: 0113 357 2100 or come to an Hornbeam Park T: 01423 810149 Design: Spiral investment forum, Hookstone Road E: please get in touch. Harrogate HG2 8QT W: Tel: 0113 205 1400 YABA information: 01423 810149