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T HE ROYA L E DIT I ON        2011
E D I TO R’S L ET T E RIn this digital day and age it’s all about the tag line or the elevator speech - that rapid fire pi...
E    XT R AOR DINARY       D       IAMONDS                                                                                ...
Serious yachts for sale,                                     for charter, for adventure.    London              Monaco    ...
A&J D I A R I E S                                                                                                         ...
AMBERLOUNGEDuring three Grand Prix race weekends Amber              AMBER LOUNGE MONACOLounge takes over select venues and...
WH Y I L OV E ...                                                                                                         ...
Part of the Quintessentially Group                                                                                     PEA...
A BU D H A B I R EV S U P A G E A R                                                                                       ...
A BU D H A B I R EV S U P A G E A R                                                               fe rrari world          ...
FERRARI                                                                             FERRARI                      T H E S A...
T H E R E A L J O L EO N L E S C OT T                                                                                     ...
T H E R E A L J O L E O N L E S C OT T                                                                                    ...
A R A B I A N S C E N TS                                                                                                  ...
T H E R I G H T WATC H                                                                                                    ...
T H E R I G H T BAG                                                                                                       ...
www.scavia .itBehind its success story is more than an eighty-year oldtradition, passion and research in jewelry. From a s...
STENZHORN                                                                      the jewell e rs                www.stenz ho...
S I M P LY B E AU T I F U L                                                                                               ...
B L AC K B E R RY TO RC H                                                                                                 ...
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition
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Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition


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Simply Abu Dhabi is your luxury passport and a lifestyle digital magazine for Abu Dhabi.

Simply Abu Dhabi is the first cross over digital publication elegantly targeting the UAE, USA, UK and the EU

We would respectfully appreciate your input and hope you would be kind enough to take a few moments of your time to read or browse the premier edition.

We have digitally distributed this magazine via email to over 300,000 beautiful souls, across the UAE, EU and UK and fully understand that it is you, our reader that always makes or breaks a brand.

Through your feedback and comments, you will provide us with an evolutionary route to achieve our optimum consumer satisfaction level. Thus, we gracefully request your social networking ability to interact with us and voice your opinions.

The complete magazine is over 70 pages of uncompromising splendor, however the file size is too large for us to email out, as such we have attached a shortened PDF teaser version to entice you.

You can read or download the complete first edition online at

The idea:

When the idea came to my mind I was sat on a bench in Abu Dhabi in 2009, no IPod, no reading material, just me myself and I.
I was overwhelmed with a feeling which can\'t truly be translated into words..

It is that sensation we all have when we hear a song we love, that moment when we see a hero in a movie saving the day, that reaction we display when we get a promotion, when a deal we are counting on finally works out, that joy of passing an exam or test, that feeling when the girl or guy of your dreams agrees to go on a date with you and so on.

Without sounding corny or cheesy, to me it was magical and the first thought that ran through my mind was: "Wow, this is beautiful, and I want to, in fact no, I need to share this beauty with everyone I can!" from there on, Simply Abu Dhabi was born.

We are not claiming to be unique. The concept is not necessarily genius. We are not trying to re-invent the wheel. It is not revolutionary, well not yet anyway! J

It is exactly what it says on the can or in our case the cover:-

Simply Abu Dhabi is a global communal passport that will allow the world to take a peak inside this beautiful haven of wealth, culture and evolution.

I hope you can feel my positivity and passion and help us progress above and beyond our expectations for 2011 and hereafter.

With all my good energy and faith, I sincerely hope you enjoy our first and landmark publication and thank all the beautiful brands and precious people who had faith and helped us get our feet off the ground.

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Simply Abu Dhabi The First Edition

  1. 1. T HE ROYA L E DIT I ON 2011
  2. 2. E D I TO R’S L ET T E RIn this digital day and age it’s all about the tag line or the elevator speech - that rapid fire pitchthat weighs up a product or service in a few words. If we had to do one for Simply Abu Dhabi,we’d say it’s ‘a global passport to pure luxury dedicated to Abu Dhabi and the UAE on and offline’. That, however, does not give the full picture.Welcome ladies and gentleman to the royal edition of Simply Abu Dhabi magazine - thefirst luxury lifestyle magazine dedicated to the fame and fortune of one of the world‘s finestemerging cities, Abu Dhabi. Simply Abu Dhabi magazine is complimented by our onlineportal to bring you all that is hot and current from this buzzing MiddleEastern capital. Each issue will bring you bang up to date, so you know where to be seen, whatto be investing in and most importantly, who and what everyone is talking about.Most notably this season, it’s all about the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which will be headlinedby a host of world class artists including Kanye West, Prince and Linkin Park. And for thosewith more go than Lewis Hamilton himself, the uber stylish Amber Lounge (the after partyof choice for the likes of Jenson Button and Michael Johnson) awaits with its golden doorsswung open until the early hours of the morning.In this issue, we’ll also be bringing you an exclusive interview with Manchester City’s JoleonLescott, an in-depth look into why every high-flying European business should be looking tohold its next event in Abu Dhabi and a review on the city’s finest bars and restaurants.Still wondering what’s the big deal with Abu Dhabi and why not, Paris, New York or evenLondon? Well, I challenge you friends to absorb yourself in the magic that awaits you in thefollowing pages and then see whether that question still needs answering…- Arnie S Hira 09 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  3. 3. E XT R AOR DINARY D IAMONDS C O N T E N TS The J&A diaries Page 16 Why I love my Quintessentially card Page 20 Ferrari World Page 24 Ferrari review Page 28 The real Joleon Lescott Page 30 Arabian Spices Page 38 The perfect bag Page 40 Scavia Page 42 Stenzhorn Page 44 Simply beautiful Page 46 The Blackberry Torch Page 48 Smart Phones Page 52 Tron Legacy Page 56 The American page 62 Mesmorising splendour Page 64 Chief Editor: Arnie S Hira Email: Joint Chief Editor: Miss Jordana Imogen Lynch Email: Chief Design Officer: Mr Lee Isherwood Email: Chief Digital Officer: Mr Praveen Ratnakar Email: Simply Abu Dhabi and Simply Abu are intel- lectual property of Simply Abu Dhabi Publishing, Eliza- beth House, Elizabeth Street, Manchester, M8 8JJ. U.K. Fax: 0044 161 832 4566 Skype: simplyabudhabi | DUBAI MALL | AL QASR | BURJ AL ARAB | MINA A’ SALAM | ATLANTIS+971 4 4341227 +971 4 4243892 +971 4 3483131 +971 4 3686262 +971 4 4226717 11 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  4. 4. Serious yachts for sale, for charter, for adventure. London Monaco New York Miami Moscow Seattle Athens Palma Mumbait +44 20 7766 4300 t +377 97 97 81 21 t +1 212 223 0410 t +1 305 672 0150 t +7 495 220 2402 t +1 206 285 4561 t +30 6932 408 285 t+34 672 179 008 t+ 91 2266 391900the superyacht superpower
  5. 5. A&J D I A R I E S cosmopolitan peopl e A & J DI A R IE S C O S MO P O L I TA N P EO P L E Fantasy on ice Courtesy of Garmoosha Michelin Star Cantonese at Emirate’s Palace Abu Dhabi’s an ‘ice’ place to be: It’s a smash hit: Ok, so at first glance A&J admittedly had reservations about how the When an invite to the launch of Hakkasn, Emirates Palace’s new launch of a new ice skating theatre production could hold itself as a Michelin-starred Cantonese sensation, landed in our inbox , A&J headline event for a couple who usually spend their evenings casually knew we were on to something good. And boy, did the restaurant- swishing their way between the ultra chic Yacht Club and the Y Bar. come-nightclub serve up the goods! However, with mystifying illusions and unique ice skating artistry to make even A&J put down their mocktails and get tweeting - ‘Fantasy Joined by 250 of the UAE’s social elite, the atmosphere and On Ice’ sure earned its weight in gold stars. champagne bubbled away blissfully as guests were treated to an array of speciality dishes, including Peking duck with Royal Beluga The world premiere, which featured as part of The Summer In Abu caviar, steamed dim sum platters and grilled Wagyu beef with king Dhabi Festival, kicked off on 4 July at the Abu Dhabi Hall and tut soya sauce. With a hand-crafted pond complete with stepping stones tut you if you didn’t grab a ticket! With ice skaters from across the and soothing incense filling the air, A&J soaked up the invigorating globe performing routines and moves A&J didn’t think possible - the atmosphere as we were transported into oriental paradise. performance was a total show-stopper!Abu Dhabi’s most distinguished party people are at it again. A&J Dates for your diary:spill all on the city’s hot-to-trot social spots. And yes, to some degree this did require A&J to leave our ‘thespian January 20th 2011: mingle with the worlds greatest golfers at the new-look, european heads’ at the door but we secretly relished the excuse to sit back and tour-backed abu dhabi hsbc golf championship.Sometimes we really don’t know where to be. There have been more enjoy the performance like awe struck children. www.abudhabigolfchampionship.comevents launching in and around Abu Dhabi over the last few monthsthan the LA hills could handle. Although, when it came to sifting February 11th 2011: Eric Clapton, the English guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and A&J catch up with old pal Marc: founder of crossroadswill be rocking away at the yas arena on yas island. The legendarythrough the invites, it didn’t take much to persuade the duo to Whilst enjoying our freshly prepared Sashimi in the warm and cosy guitarist has a following of millions and this will be a perfect way to spend yourditch Abu Dhabi’s annual Chess Festival in favour of letting loose in evening or even a premature valentines night. yet ultra contemporary Sho Cho - one of Abu Dhabi’s finest JapaneseEmirate Palace‘s swanky new oriental hide out. lounge restaurants - we spotted our old pal Marc Jacobs. Our guess is February 2nd 2011: Gourmet Abu Dhabi 2011: back for the third year from 2 to that he’d booked himself in for Emirates Palace’s lavish one million 16 february 2011, mark your calendars as gourmet abu dhabi returns for yet another dollar vacation package. Of course, for this great designer, only pure gastronomic experience! opulence will do. February 2nd to 5th 2011: Bride Abu Dhabi 2011 hosted at the adnec. Bridal and fashion exhibition filled with the latest trends in bridal gowns, haute couture, Going Gaga for Garmoosha!: wedding organisers, jewellery, photography, honeymoon destinations, flower designs, wedding cakes and much more... A&J got themselves down to the launch of Garmoosha - the must- have new fashion label from sparky duo, Mariam Al Mazroui and February 2nd to 5th 2011: Al Ain Aerobatic Show. Stand by for an aerobatic Alia Bin Drai. With splashes of vibrant, clashing colours mixed with extravaganza in the sky that combines awesome displays of military and civil aircraft, dizzying stunt flying and knuckle-gnawing, high-soaring, wing-tip-to-tip daring tribal prints - the genius pair’s creations will be adorning the competitions. bodies of every Emiraty fashionista this autumn/winter. 20 21 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  6. 6. AMBERLOUNGEDuring three Grand Prix race weekends Amber AMBER LOUNGE MONACOLounge takes over select venues and, with its in- 14th, 15th, 16th May 2010, Monaco GP weekendhouse design team, creates unique nightlifeexperiences. Typically, Amber Lounge GP parties Simply the ultimate party of the Grand Prix weekendinclude a spacious funky indoor Club Lounge plus with its pulsating luxuriant club, chill out terrace andstunning outdoor terraces to accommodate 1,000 soothing views of the Mediterranean – nothing canparty-goers. Music comes from internationally rival Amber Lounge Monaco.renowned DJs including Pete Tong and DJ Jack E.Amber Lounge offers several packages to suit guests’ “I LOVE THAT YOU CAN DANCE LIKErequirements. VIP tables seat eight people and are MAD THEN CHILL BY THE POOL… ALLset in the heart of the action. Guests benefit from IN ONE! AMBER LOUNGE IS THE BEST 2011waitress service all night in addition to a hostess WAY TO RECOVER FROM THE RACES”service to ensure they receive red carpet treatment Jenson Buttonfrom the moment they arrive. VIP tables are servedwith unlimited champagne, and a wide range of othercomplimentary drinks, all night. AMBER LOUNGE SINGAPOREClassic tables seat eight people and also benefit froma dedicated waitress service. Tables are served with 25th & 26th September 2010, Singapore GP weekend As the chequered flag falls on Formula One’s unique Monaco Grand Prixunlimited champagne and all other drinks. Individualpasses are also available which allow unrestrictedaccess, free seating on the chill out terraces and night race F1 drivers, team sponsors and VIP guests will make their way from the paddock straight to the party, celebrating in the opulent surroundings of Singapore Grand Prixunlimited champagne and all other drinks from theAmber Lounge Bars. Amber Lounge until the early hours. Indian Grand PrixAmber Lounge attracts many party goers from theFormula One community - it’s where the drivers and “THE ATMOSPHERE SIMPLY BUZZES – EVERYONE THERE IS EXACTLY Abu Dhabi Grand Prixteam members go to let their hair down after the WHERE THEY WANT TO BE”race. In 2010 Amber Lounge will host exclusive Sebastian Vettel AMBER LOUNGEevents at three Grands Prix. AMBER LOUNGE ABU DHABI 30th and 31st October 2010, Abu Dhabi GP weekend Amber Lounge Abu Dhabi was a new addition in 2009. Prepare yourselves once again for the most THE ULTIMATE VIP GRAND PRIX PARTY sensational Grand Prix party in the most affluent and glamorous of locations. WWW.AMBER-LOUNGE.COM
  7. 7. WH Y I L OV E ... my quintesse ntially card WH Y I LOVE ... Working in partnership with an extensive network of luxury I asked Quintessntially to arrange a whole day for me and one of suppliers, Quintessentially Abu Dhabi will give you the virtual Simply Abu Dhabi’s most prestigious advertisers and this is what MY Q U I N T E S S E N T I A L LY C A R D keys to any city, with an irresistible package of offers, benefits and they come up with: privileges that will save you both time and money. 07:00: Started our day early with a walk along the corniche side So, ‘what does Quintessentially really provide me with?’ you ask. heading towards the Emirates Palace for an unforgettable breakfast Well, pretty much everything is the short answer. Need a local served on a silver tray. Fantastic tour in the palace where you can restaurant recommendation or last minute VIP tickets to the best see the 60 metre high central atrium and the 1002 Swarovski conte nt by Arnie hira events in the world? A to Z bespoke travel arrangements or that Crystal chandeliers. Then dropped by the permanent display of limited edition item that you’ve been longing after for ages? Just visionary plans for Abu Dhabi cultural centre. name it and we’ll sort it. 10:00: Booked us in for a guided tour around the Sheikh Zayed As vibrant as the city of Abu Dhabi is, it seems that Quintessentially’s Grand Mosque - the third biggest mosque in the world - where you members are looking for that special something to make time spent can see the world’s largest carpet, the world’s largest light fitting more exclusive, more unique, more memorable. From my many and a massive 24 carat gold-plated chandelier. requests with Quintessentially over the years, here are my favorite examples of some requests fulfilled by Quintessentially’s Office in 12:30: Time for lunch... Just choose the type of cuisine you like Abu Dhabi: and enjoy a gastronomical experience in any of the top dining restaurants in the city. We were booked in Hakkasan. • Very last minute provisions and concierge services (including meeting, chaperoning and car pick-up) for high-profile celebrities 14:00: Dropped by the Cultural Foundation. A permanent who performed during the 2010 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu photography exhibition reveals the metamorphosis of Abu Dhabi Dhabi Grand Prix. from fishers’ and pearlers’ village into a mini-metropolis. Don’t forget to savour the cardamom & saffron Arabic coffee • Same day request for the following three presents to be found served in the coffee shop. abroad; a love bracelet from Cartier, a white cymbidium flowerQuintessential is defined as that something which represents bouquet and a birthday cake. All three items were quickly secured 16:00: Went for a desert Safari… One of the best must-dothe perfect example of class or quality. Quintessentially - the and delivered at midnight as per requirements. experiences in Abu Dhabi: Dune drive, camel trekking, sunsetworld’s premier luxury lifestyle group and concierge service barbecue before relaxing beneath the stars in a charming rustic- continuously strives to be nothing less for its clients, and is • My favorite request: A friend of mine who happens to be an Bedouin camp.renowned for offering its members the very best that life has Elite member at Quintessentially Abu Dhabi, requested luxuriousto offer, 24/7/365, and in over 57 countries around the world. travel arrangements to be organised for nine of us, at his costs 23:00: Relished the purely refined atmosphere of the outdoor thankfully. Spanning thirteen destinations across Europe, the team Cedar Lounge in Fairmont Bab AL Bahr. Relaxed and enjoyed my set about sorting those private jet bookings, extravagant car rentals, shisha as the DJ spuns some truly uplifting tracks. logistic coordination, luggage handling and delivery and - best of all - creation of a customised Arabic/English city guide, with all the 01:30: Our after party? Allure in Cipriani Yas Yacht Club was the insider info necessary to escort him to the crème de la crème of the perfect place to be. In this stunning Penthouse night club you will best this world has to offer. be offered an ultimate entertainment experience till the early morn. • Just after the iPhone 4 was launched in Europe, Quintessentially Amazing day, and we got the result we wanted so thank you was able to secure two of them within 48 hours for one deliriously Quintessentially from all of us at Simply Abu Dhabi. happy member and no they were not then resold for a substantial profit on Ebay . 20 21 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  8. 8. Part of the Quintessentially Group PEARL MOTOR YACHTS OPEN UP A WORLD OF INNER BEAUTY Contemporary style, incredible performance, intelligent features, space to live life in luxury. The Pearl range takes motor yachting to a new dimension. Take a virtual tour at Pearl 50 Pearl 60 Pearl 75 www.pearlmotoryachts.comUK, South Coast South of France Greece/Cyprus Spain (Andalucía/Gibraltar/Morocco) Spain & Balearics Hong KongInwards Marine Ocean Drive Greekwaters RnB Marine Baxter Marine Ocean Bright Marinetel: 023 8045 8866 tel: 00334 9363 1671 tel: 0030 693 2733444 tel: 0034 952 906 233 tel: 0034 971 676 786 tel: 852 23690109email: email: email: email: email: email:
  9. 9. A BU D H A B I R EV S U P A G E A R fe rrari worldA BU D H A B I R EVS UP A G E A R ! FE R R A R I WO R L D With Abu Dhabi’s economy booming, the emirate is on a steadfast This marks an astonishing development from just a few years ago The city is also celebrating the launch of Ferrari World, which after mission of industrial diversification. The capital is brimming with when Dubai stood as the only serious contender in bringing large opening in October this year, is the latest addition to Abu Dhabi’s prospect and opportunity and most significantly, wealth, forcing the scale organisations over to the Middle East. But now, thanks to the impressive portfolio of highly sophisticated MICE venues. corporate world to sit up and take note. investment of a few billion dirham, Abu Dhabi is a major player in a global industry worth £34 billion a year. Billed as the world’s biggest theme park, Ferrari World fulfils the need As a part of this expansion strategy, the city has firmly established for a quirky and entertaining MICE venue in the UAE. In addition itself as an emerging meeting, incentives, conferences and exhibitions Amongst those corporate venues taking Abu Dhabi into the business to its eight function rooms, individual attractions can be booked for (MICE) hub and is fast becoming one of the most attractive places in headlines, is the recently launched Abu Dhabi National Exhibition corporate events or large parties of 50 and 1,500 guests. The outdoor the Middle East to do business. Centre (ADNEC) and its first-rate meeting and conference facilities venue is also available for large scale performance-based events and recently scooped two world class awards. The ADNEC is a beacon for has already pulled in a multitude of famous faces including, Beyoncé, The significant investment being poured into Abu Dhabi’s conference the Middle East in providing world class conference facilities and last Jamiroquai, Linkin Park, Prince and Kanye West. and events facilities is attracting international organisations to the year the venue hosted 119 events. It’s IDEX show is one of the world’s emerging city to host a myriad of events. Thousands of delegates largest defence exhibitions and more than 900 exhibitors from across Troy Lindquist, director of sales and marketing at Ferrari World Abu representing industries from fashion to high finance flock to the city the world have signed up to participate in the tenth anniversary show Dhabi, commented: each year, with business visitors now accounting for 80 per cent of to be held in February next year. Abu Dhabi’s tourism market. Rupert Murdoch, the media tycoon, “As Abu Dhabi’s population grows to three million, the Abu Dhabi Tony Blair and numerous top-tier global media players are amongst Simon Horgan, ADNEC Group CEO, commented: “Abu Dhabi government is embarking on an ambitious plan to turn the emirate in to those who are part of the conference and exhibition scene in the UAE has emerged as a major global destination for live events. In 2005, a thriving place to live, work and visit. As part of this plan, we’re seeing capital. 14 exhibitions were held at the old exhibition facilities in the UAE the development of a lot of fantastic infrastructure facilities which cater capital but in the last five years, we’ve seen an astonishing near to the needs of the local and international business community.” nine-fold rise. The Abu Dhabi government has played a vital role in nurturing the emirate’s potential for events, following a multi- But more long-standing developments, such as Emirates Palace, are pronged development approach that encompasses sectors such as also continuing to invest in the development of their conference tourism, hotels, transport and communications.” facilities and the luxury hotel boasts 40 meeting rooms, an auditorium with a 1,000 person capacity and a sumptuous ballroom able to hold 2,400 guests. 18 21 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  10. 10. A BU D H A B I R EV S U P A G E A R fe rrari world ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE CHRONOGRAPHThe newly-opened futuristic Yas Hotel, which overlooks the Yas There is no question that Abu Dhabi has firmly placed itself as aMarina Circuit - the scene of last year’s inaugural Abu Dhabi Grand landmark on the corporate world map. It’s all eyes on the middlePrix - is also attracting the attention of conference organisers. eastern capital as a seemingly endless amount of money is pumped back into its economy at a time when the majority of the world isThe luxury hotel offers 1,700 square metres of conference and events going through a very deep, including an impressive 500 square metre ballroom andspectacular rooftop pool deck. And with VIP services available such However, Abu Dhabi is not the only destination to be fighting ‘Car Spa’ detailing service and valet, limousine rental, personal Other emerging destinations are also pouring money into the sectorconcierge and a dedicated floral designer - the Yas Hotel allows in direct competition with Abu Dhabi for a share of the conventionorganisations to really put on a show-stopping event. market.As well as investing heavily in venue development, Abu Dhabi’s “There is strong growth in the hosting of major global conventions inexpanding airline network is opening up huge opportunity. destinations such as Cape Town, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Seoul,”Abu Dhabi International Airport is now directly linked with 69 Mr. Talwar said.destinations, served by 32 airlines, with Etihad Airways, the nationalairline of the UAE, consistently expanding capacity. Passenger traffic For tips on how to host a successful corporate event from Anneat Abu Dhabi International Airport has grown significantly over Thornley-Brown, president and founder of Executive Oasisthe past five years and the airport now handles over nine million International - a leading luxury corporate event planners - go to:passengers a year.“Over the past five years we have ridden a wave of economic prosperity Ferrari World Yas Hotelcomplemented by sound strategy which has substantially raised our www.theyashotel.cominternational profile,” +971 2 5013 100 +971 2 656 0000said Lawrence Franklin, the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority’s strategy Emirates Palace ADNEC& policy director. +971 2 6909000 +971 (0) 2 444 6900 21 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  11. 11. FERRARI FERRARI T H E S A A P E RTA THE CALIFORNIACould Mothe r Nature have come d own f rom above D i dn’ t m a n ag e to g et y o ur ha n d s on a l i mited editi on and built this stunning creation he rself ? S A A PE R ATA ? Tr y The Cal ifor ni a for si z e .With only 80 made to celebrate Pininfarina’s 80th anniversary, the Ferrari The California is one of Ferrari’s most popular models and it’s not hard toSA APERTA is a very rare creature gracing the world’s roads. Recently see why. The hard top convertible boasts a V8 engine; 7-speed gearbox withlaunched at the Paris Motor Show 2010, the 599-based roadster features steering wheel-mounted F1-style paddles; a new dual clutch; a new suspensionthe V12 from the GTO and a ‘light soft-top’. Thanks to the 670 CV engine system (double wishbones at the front and multilink at the rear); F1-Tracbeneath its bonnet, the SA APERTA hits 62mph in a scarcely believable traction control system; and Brembo brakes with CCM (carbon ceramic3.35 seconds! And when it comes to looks - the SA APERTA has Cindy material) discs. Plus, the Carrozzeria Scaglietti Programme allows all FerrariCrawford’s beauty in it’s DNA. clients to personalise their car to suit their own tastes and requirements. It may be a couple of years’ old but The California really is everything you could possibly want from a roadster (perhaps, minus an in-car personal back masseur) and has sure earnt its right to carry the Ferrari badge with pride. The California - Fast Facts: 0-62mph in under 4 secs Engine: 90° V8 Direct Injection F1, dual-clutch, 7-speed plus reverse CST with F1-TRAC Stability and Traction Control System Double wishbone suspension and multilink at the rear Personal customisation of interior and paintwork available Sat Nav, USB connection, Bluetooth, hard disc, voice commands and IPOD connector. 12 13 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  12. 12. T H E R E A L J O L EO N L E S C OT T the inte r viewT H E R E A L J OL E ON L E S C OTT T H E I N T E RV I EW Sincere, softly-spoken and grounded are perhaps not three terms most people would use to describe a Premiership footballer. But Joleon Lescott certainly breaks the mould. Wherever your football loyalties lie, it is hard not to be drawn by Joleon‘s warmth; the golden-footed star simply oozes likeability. 18 21 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  13. 13. T H E R E A L J O L E O N L E S C OT T T H E R E A L J O L EO N L E S C OT T the i nte r v i e w the inte r viewDespite being one of Eastlands’ highest value transfers of recent years, After several seasons playing for Everton, the defender had really Who/what first got you hooked on football? Do you think Sheikh Mansour’s takeover will mark the start ofthe father of two is refreshingly down to earth, a genuine family made a name for himself and following a phenomenal injection of My older brother Aaron was my inspiration for getting into football. City’s rise to replace Chelsea and Manchester United at the top ofman and is incredibly passionate about his craft - claiming he would money into Manchester City by Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Mansour, the You always look up to your older brother and going to watch him the Premiership?“honestly play for nothing”. rising Blues signed him up for £22 million. “I count myself so lucky play football as a child triggered my passion for the game from a very People are now taking us seriously. I really believe that we can go on for being one of Manchester City’s ‘chosen ones’.” young age. He knows I look up to him - I’m very proud of what he’s and achieve some great things and we certainly have the potential to“I’m so passionate about football and the Premier League - I’m not just achieved. win the league this year. We want to do it for the fans. They’ve beena football player, I still feel like I’m a fan.” But despite his successes, Joleon is certainly no Premiership playboy. with us through the hard times and now it’s time to really bring up His fiancé Debbie has remained his front-line support from the very What would you say are the pros and cons of a career as a the goods.Perhaps this surprisingly grounded mindset is due in part to Joleon’s start - well before the former Wolves player had experienced even a professional footballer?upbringing and some humbling life experiences. He recalls the whiff of the shimmering life of a professional footballer. I count myself very lucky to be doing something I love for a job. The What makes you happy?severe car accident which nearly took his life aged five and bares a opportunity to get to play every week in front of thousands of people My family and friends. I’m very content with my life at the minute.permanent reminder on his forehead today: The couple plan to marry next June and Debbie is revelling in the is the ultimate experience for me. I would honestly play for nothing. Life is easy when you have a good network of friends and a supportive“I count myself very lucky as it was a very serious accident.” opportunity to create the big OK! magazine wedding. No professional sports players I know have got into football because family. I’m very lucky in that way. they want to drive fast cars; it’s because they just love to play the“I was judged and teased at school because of the scars from the accident “There will be a few of the Everton and Wolves lot there as well as game. What sort of husband are you?but it taught me to not to be in that bracket where people judge each current team mates. Although I don’t think we’ll be inviting Mancini as One word: messy! I’m not much of a romantic but I’m starting toother based on their faults. As much as it hurt at the time, I learned to having him there watching us get drunk wouldn’t be fair on the boys!” It does have its downsides though as you do have to be very learn that side of a relationship. The stability I have in my life is veryfocus on the ways in which I am blessed.” committed and miss out on family occasions. I try and make up for much down to Debbie. Joleon may do very well at putting himself across as an ‘every day this in other ways by creating opportunities for my friends and family.And the self-acclaimed “mummy’s boy” certainly did just that. After lad’ but he certainly doesn’t look like your average 30-something What are your ambitions for the future (both your football careerwriting a letter to Derby County when he was 15, Joleon was snapped Brummie. The towering sportsman is effortlessly stylish and you only How do you mentally prepare yourself before a game? and personal life)?up by the team fresh out of secondary school. “There was no real need catch a glimmer of his uber chic Audemars Piguet I used to be really superstitious before I went on to the pitch as I had To achieve with City and England. Even if we do win the league thisquestion of going to do a ‘9 to 5’ - it just wasn’t for me. As far as I was watch to appreciate that Joleon has got fashion nous. And with a a lot of tense energy when I was younger. I used to put my socks on year, we’d be just as keen to push on and improve even more the yearconcerned, football was the only option.” knock out fiancé, two indisputably gorgeous children, a stunning a certain way, tie my boots a particular way and always eat the same after. family home and as a first team player of arguably the fastest growing thing the day before a game. I’ve dropped these habits now as I’mUnlike most transfers, which are usually a decision kept under tight club in the Premiership; Joleon Lescott certainly has it all. more relaxed and confident in my ability. In terms of my family life, there may be more kids for us in the futurewraps by the suited and booted, it was Joleon’s mum who oversaw but at the moment we’re very happy the four of us. My oldest lovesthe first transfer agreement of his glistening football career and the If you hadn’t gone into professional football, where do you think to get out in the garden and play football with me. Everyday it’s notpassionate youngster soon moved to his home team Wolverhampton you’d be now for a career? raining we have to go out and play - in fact, I’m quite glad it’s rainingWanderers FC so that he could be closer to his family. If I hadn’t gone into football I’d have probably followed my dad and today! I also love watching cartoons with Donovan and Clayton - I’m gone into DJ-ing. Music is one of my other biggest passions outside of such a big kid with them! football and I really idolise the producer Ryan Leslie. On Abu Dhabi… Can you remember the moment you first found out that City was I’ve never had the chance yet to go to Abu Dhabi as I’ve always been being taken on by Sheikh Mansour? playing or training for England when the boys have gone over but I remember thinking ‘wow’ when I heard that Sheikh Mansour was I’ve heard it’s an amazing place. I think we’re going to go on a family taking over City. I knew that his wealth would mean he’d be bringing holiday there next year. It’s less touristy than Dubai and it’s the the best players from around the world into the Premiership and that perfect destination for downtime. we’d get a chance to play against the best in the game. People may be surprised to hear that I was excited about the news, when I was Abu Dhabi has an amazing portfolio of hotels but we’re quite easily playing for a competitor team at the time, but the thought of having pleased as a family. As long as there’s plenty for the kids to do and an world class players in our league was incredibly exciting. English TV channel they can watch then we’re happy! 20 21 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  14. 14. A R A B I A N S C E N TS the aroma A R A B I A N S CE N TS The golden perfume shopping rule: T H E A RO M A There’s a certain checklist of purchases that every serious shopper Bukhoor is a mixture of various different scents and usually looks must tick before leaving the city: a timeless watch, designer handbag, like round pieces of coal about the size of your thumb. This sort of statement diamond or gold piece of bling and, of course, a few scent is used to burn in living spaces and is a must-have memento for bottles of authentic Arabic perfume. The delicate golden handcrafted bringing a bit of Middle Eastern luxury back to your home. fragrance bottles are simply irresistible and will hold pride of place on your dressing room table. Plus, a pretty little bottle of perfume makes Look out for Dehen Oud’s limited edition, Dehen Aload, which is an impressive gift to take home for friends and family, so they too can one of the most distinguished fragrances currently on the market sample an ‘essence’ of the sand lands. and is priced around £400. But before you get too carried away stocking up on your scents, For service and quality you can trust, head to the Middle East’s there is one very important rule to remember when it comes to premier fragrance house, Ajmal Perfumes, which has a boutique in buying perfume in Abu Dhabi. Don’t be tricked into thinking that the Baniyas district of Abu Dhabi. As a guideline, any bottles priced the souks (markets) always stock the most authentic perfumes. anything upwards of AED 600 (around £100) tend to provide a People commonly make the assumption that the market holders’ good, full-on, rich fragrance. scented bottles are freshly handmade in a local’s front room but, unfortunately, you don’t always know what you’re buying or where it has come from. To be on the safe side, stick to the proper perfumery Where to buy:On visiting Abu Dhabi, you can’t help but be encapsulated by the stores and malls. Otherwise you could quite easily be walking away Abu Dhabi Mallmusky aroma that wafts through the streets and clings to your clothes with a concoction that isn’t too far away from sink water! Failing all Located in the Tourist Club Area (TCA) on the 2nd Street, sector 1-94.and your hair. Arabic perfume provides the United Arab Emirates else, just follow your nose. Telephone: +971 2 645 4858.with a distinctive sweet-smelling scent and it has formed a significantpart of emirate culture for hundreds of years. How it’s made: Marina Mall The original Arabian scent came from burning Oudh, a woody Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi .Here, Simply Abu Dhabi provides you with a guide to shopping for substance extracted from Auilaria and Gyrinops trees in the jungles Approx 35km from Abu Dhabi airport.fine scents and distils the ‘eau de toilette’ from the ‘toilet water‘. of south-east Asia. Oudh is created when a fungal parasite infects the Telephone: +971 2 681 830 tree to produce an oily resin, which is then collected. Pure Oudh is much better than the distilled, less concentrated form, Dehn Oudh, Fairmount Bab Al Bahr and is definitely worth the higher price tag. Located between Al Maqta and Mussafa bridges, 25km from Abu Dhabi airport Telephone +971 2 654 3333 Making ‘sense’ out of choosing the right ‘scent’: Unlike the floral French perfumes we’re used to, Arabic scents tend to Emirates Palace all have a wood or musk undertone. But you’re certainly not limited Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi. on choice as there are hundreds of different variations with their Telephone: +971 2 690 9000 own distinctive fragrances. Plus, many shops also allow you to mix up your own scent to compliment your individual taste. Personalised Al Raha Mall perfumes? Now we’re talking! Situated next to Al Raha Beach Hotel on the main Abu Dhabi service road. Telephone: +9712 5562229 There are essentially two types of perfume, Oudh and Bukhoor. Oudh has an earthy, woody tone and can be used by both men and women. Pure Oudh is burned so that its scent emanates into the air and penetrates your clothes. 20 21 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  15. 15. T H E R I G H T WATC H a timely investme ntT H E R I G HT WATCH A T I M E LY I N V E S T M E N T Harry Winston Opus X Romain Jerome Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Hublot King Power Formula 1 An abstract expression of time Undeniably cool Mighty powerful In the collaborative tradition of Opus, Harry Key feature: Contains volcanic rock and the Key feature: Launched to celebrate Hublot Winston and genius watch engineer Jean- ash from the Eyjafjalljökull volcano. A mind- being appointed as the official Formula 1 François Mojon bring you the impeccably blowing creation. watchmaker. chic Harry Winston Opus X. Priced (RRP): £16,500 / AED 96,000 Priced (RRP): £13,000 / AED 76,000 The Opus X captures the shape and dimensionality of time through a synchronised rotation of circular motions which mimics the orbit of the solar system. Replacing a traditional fixed dial and watch hands, time is displayed as a system of rotating indicators mounted on a revolving frame. The timepiece presents a new technical innovation; as the frame completesIt’s well known that one of the first things a woman judges a man a full rotation, the dials of each indicatoron is his shoes and choice in jewellery. And it’s only a ‘matter of turn in the opposite direction, ensuringtime’ before she loses interest if either of these things are not up to orientation remains constant in any position.scratch. A fancy piece of wrist bling never goes unnoticed in the The ultra modern 46mm white gold case isbusiness world either. It’s this kind of attention to detail that demands designed without a bezel, providing addeda businessman be taken seriously; it says I’m successful, slick and light and transparency. A ground-breakingunwaveringly efficient. As businesses across the globe look to get back piece that defines the very essence of theonto their feet and reclaim their slice of success, ensuring that brand Opus series.representatives give off the right impression is a must. Priced (RRP): £148,050 / AED 865,000But how to know you’re making the right investment to fit you and Limited edition of 100 piecesyour lifestyle? Simply Abu Dhabi‘s lifestyle editor, Jordana, picks www.harrywinston.comout this season’s finest men’s designer watches. It’s time to make astatement! Breitling Blackbird (see adjacent page) Speedmaster Apollo-Soyuz 35th Anniv. Hublot King Power Aero ‘Bal Harbour’ Flying high The smart timekeeper Gold rush Key feature: A scratch resistant sapphire Key feature: The dial is made from a piece of Highly exclusive. If you can get your hands crystal face. meteorite which survived its fall to earth. As on the Bal Harbour, you’ll be one of only 25 no two pieces of a meteorite are exactly alike, people in the world to own the piece. each watch is completely unique. Priced (RRP): £4,000 / AED 23,000 Priced (RRP): £5,010 / AED 29,000 Priced (RRP): £16,400 / AED 95,000 20 21 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  16. 16. T H E R I G H T BAG simply d evine THE CLASSIC TOTE T H E R I G HT BAG S I M P LY D I V I N E Heloise large shoulder bag by Chloe. Large romilly by Lulu Guinness. Ostrich absinthe bag by Marc Jacobs. £850/ AED 4,949. £395/ AED 2,300. £3,100, AED 18,000. ANIMALISTIC Simply Abu Dhabi picks out this season’s hottest arm candy so all you need to do is pin point your next red carpet event for showcasing your new best fashion friend! Leopard print bowler by Prada. Croc print leather Hillary by Lulu Falabella chain bag by Stella McCartney. £1,790, AED 10,400. Guinness. £495, AED 2,800. £655, AED 3,820 SMALL BAG, BIG STATEMENT QUILTEDIvory tweed and lambskin classic 2.55 by Gene shoulder bag by Marc Jacobs. Tweed fur melange bag by Marc Jacobs. Black quilted lips suzy by Lulu Guinness. Amalia tote by Lanvin. Westside quilted bag by Marc Jacobs.Chanel. £2,100, AED 12,248 £1,587, AED 8,700 £825, AED 4,800 £250, AED 1,400 £890, AED 5,190 £585, AED 3,400 20 21 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  17. 17. www.scavia .itBehind its success story is more than an eighty-year oldtradition, passion and research in jewelry. From a smallgoldsmith workshop first established in Milan in 1923,SCAVIA has emerged into an international source ofexclusively designed hand crafted jewelry masterpieces ofgold and gemstones. The SCAVIA collection has drawnunequivocal interest from its affluent patrons worldwide,besides the six international awards and distinction it hasreceived.With world-renowned gemologist Fulvio Maria Scavia,its designer and an owner, Scavia has transcended intobecoming a large family of Italian luxury. | AL QASR | BURJ AL ARAB | MINA A’ SALAM | ATLANTIS +971 4 4243892 +971 4 3483131 +971 4 3686262 +971 4 4226717 20 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  18. 18. STENZHORN the jewell e rs www.stenz horn .c omStenzhorn is a luxury diamond and gemstone jewelry brand,specializing in artistic, avant-garde representations of natureand wildlife.The company was founded by the Stenzhorn family in 1979in Boppard, Germany. Bettina Stenzhorn currently servesas Chief Executive Officer and Chris Stenzhorn as GlobalSales Director. A business minded clan, the Stenzhornsfirst entered the jewelry industry through sales, yet quicklyrealized their creative passions and talents for designing.Stenzhorn has since become a pioneer in the jewelry industryin Europe, constantly evolving with the newest productiontechnologies and innovative designs. Stenzhorn Jewelryconsists of 5 Editions, including Dark Romance and Amandaby Stenzhorn, as well as a Wildlife Watch Collection. 12 13 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  19. 19. S I M P LY B E AU T I F U L a cosmetic review S I M P LY B E AU T IF UL A C O S M ET I C R EV I EWStar product! Best newbie! Silky smooth skin quenchers Autumn/winter 2010 beauty trendsCrème De La Mer Thierry Mugler Angel Deluxe Ltd Edition Avoid tight, dry and flaky skin this winter Work this season’s hottest looks! Brunette, 5. Prominent brows - thick and alluring butIt’s everything you could want from an eye cream: de puffing, anti- Thierry Mugler’s famous Angel fragrance just got even more with one of these fabulously sumptuous think Audrey Hepburn and blondes, think don’t mistake for meaning untamed bushyageing and provides your skin with youth-injecting illumination. And desirable. The clever people at Mugler’s head quarters have launched moisturisers. Scarlett Johansson! (Try Dior’s Powder Eyebrow Pencil £16,we just love the silver tipped applicator which cools and soothes. The a new limited edition version this autumn/winter which comes AED 90perfect treatment to hide away too many long days in the office or too encased in a sparkling blue Swarovski crystal bottle. It’s certainly 1. Elizabeth Arden Prevage Face Advanced 4. Matte skin, luminous finish. Try Giorgiomany late nights partying! made our eyes go all starry! Anti-Aging Serum. £130, AED 765 Armani’s luminous silk foundation. £32, Your top beauty tip: AED 190 Turn glossy lipstick matt by blotting withThe eye balm intense is priced £95 (AED 560) £1,300 (AED 7,700) 2. La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating tissue and brushing powder over the top!from Crème De La Mere. from Cream. £260, AED 1,541 5. Red lipstick - from deep blackcurrant to sweet raspberry. Try the Yves Saint Laurent For more Simply Beautiful tips and advice go 3. Dior Hydra Life Pro Youth Protective Rouge Pur Couture lipstick. £22, AED 130 to Creme SPF 15. £41, AED 245 6. No mascara - yes, you read right - do you Stockists: dare to go bare? 7. Kohl eyeliner - get it wrapping right around the eye for a super intensive look! Try Dior’s Style Liner £21, AED 125 12 13 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  20. 20. B L AC K B E R RY TO RC H the reviewT H E B L ACK B E R RY TORCH The Handset Operating System Looks like every 21st century city slicker in the UAE and UK The real X-Factor about the Storm, is that it gives Blackberry the T H E R EV I EW together with all gadget and gizmo lovers have been waiting eagerly opportunity to show off their latest operating system aka Blackberry for this bright little spark from Blackberry – Research In Motion has 6, presenting the ever so demanding consumer with a genius touch catapulted itself forward in the war of touch screen technology with screen interface. the launch of its latest smart phone, the new Blackberry Torch. The technological evolutionary process has definitely kicked in and conte nt by Arnie hira The BlackBerry Torch is a solid, weighty and promisingly robust you can instantly see the transformation from boy to man, as the device with a beautifully designed 3.2-inch touch screen dominating home screen boasts five different menus, all accessible and scrollable the front fascia – underneath this is the all so recognisable optical by finger tip motion movement from left to right. Hmmm, similar track pad accompanied by four horizontally placed touch buttons. to their iPhone world dominating nemesis? Who cares it works and The side panels consist of three embedded shortcut buttons on the works with style!!!! Chose from Favourites, Downloads, Media, right, a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top right and a micro USB port Frequent or simply All. You can even customize the visual display of on the left. There aren’t any multimedia keys on top of the device, but each menu to your liking. a thin subtly placed metal strip does include controls to enable silent mode and to lock the screen from accidental calls or messages. Each individual menu houses a number of sub categories that can be moved around and tailored according to your choice – tap and hold Aesthetically the device’s casing is completed by a shiny metallic an icon to launch a mini-menu giving the option to mark as favourite; composite, almost Darth Vader like, as previously seen on the move; move to folder; hide; launch; delete; help or switch app. It’s a BlackBerry Curve 3G, and to seal the product, there is rubberised fully detailed system that’s user friendly, well-delivered and permits a back battery casing. It’s probably worth mentioning that the SD great level of personalisation. memory card slot resides underneath this back cover, therefore no requirement to remove the battery to change cards. The top menu bars are equally interactive. You can press anywhere along the top row (battery level; time; signal bar) to open a key The slide mechanism opens and closes via an up and down motion settings menu, providing the opportunity to change wifi, blue tooth with an almost satisfyingly smooth and naturally flowing motion and internet connections and set alarms. The bar immediately to showcase the elegant QWERTY keypad beneath, consisting of a beneath it illustrates the current profile in addition to any call, text full set of easy to use and recognisable buttons. The keys are lightly or email notifications, if you press on the alerts a drop-down menu raised inwards to assist usability making it comfortable to type out appears permitting you to view missed calls and messages in depth. those ever so important messages to your friends and family. Like it’s I’d like to think of the next feature as the Torch’s very own little nemesis there is an an onscreen virtual keyboard and dialler. internal search engine. The bar also has a universal search feature displayed in avatar of a magnifying glass. A tap of this little icon prompts search field enabling you to look through the entire contents of this very smart phone! The results of a search appear in a box below the search field and if you are using the keypad the search is automatically activated when you commence typing. There are also options to search YouTube, Google and Blackberry App World. 12 13 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I