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Simply Abu Dhabi Issue 2


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Simply Abu Dhabi Issue Two. The Collectors Edition.

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Simply Abu Dhabi Issue 2

  2. 2. It’s time.Ahmed Qasim Seddiqi, the late founder of Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, opened the first storein Bur Dubai in the late 1940s. What started as one man’s passion over 60 years ago istoday an Empire that brings luxury to the hearts of watch
  3. 3. E D I TO R & C O -E D I TO R S L ET T E RWell Ladies & Gentlemen, doesn’t time fly when you are having fun? It certainly does whenit comes to Abu Dhabi. In fact, for us it travelled at what felt like a supersonic speed. Whatcan we say? We have been pampered, spoilt rotten, and treated like true Royalty and we havenothing but praise and positivity for this culturally refined and elegantly poised Capital.Abu Dhabi is quite simply for everyone. The thriving and ever increasing city is becoming aglobally recognized hotspot and is already being earmarked as a holiday destination for manymillions… We hope our reviews and information will captivate our passion and our LOVEfor this amazing and positively charged city.Well, what have we got in store for you this issue?Often in the world of luxury and lifestyle magazines such as ours, it is sometimes the casethat some of our prospective demographic feels isolated or left out and they believe that theirrequirements and needs are not being catered for. So we have stepped it up a gear or two. Wehave digested your feedback, listened to your advice and constructive thought process and inreturn, integrated a more concentrated focus on Abu Dhabi, its offerings and attractions……And boy have we had fun reviewing the place, especially the Emirates Palace. Arguably, as ourcover story reads; The most beautiful Hotel in the world.”This time round it was all about the Culture, The Heritage, the spiritual tranquility AbuDhabi offers you. There is no denying that we feel blessed and at ease and extremely healthywhen we are in Abu Dhabi. There’s no denying that you will too! However, we could neverleave out what distracts most of us from the balancing of our souls, its only human to like thematerialistic elements that also bring that little smile to our faces. So off we went to the AbuDhabi Yacht Show, Ferrari World, Ghantoot Polo Club as guests of Sheikh Falah and Hak-kasan, oh yes, eating at this restaurant can only be described as winning the food lottery…So enjoy our collectors edition, & SLEEP, EAT & BREATH ABU DHABI.Until the next time.Peace, Prosperity & Progress to you and yours.A&JArnie S Hira & Jordana Imogen Lynch.Founders & Co-Editors - Simply Abu Dhabi 7 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  4. 4. Blue Sensation Solid Platinum Split Second Skeleton Chronograph -Unique piece-Handcrafted Unique Masterpieces Reinterpreted To Perfection.
  5. 5. Serious yachts for sale, for charter, for adventure. C O N T E N TS Arnie & Jordana Welcome You Page 16 Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Page 22 Sheikh Sultan Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan Page 28 Meet Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak Page 32 Emirates Palace Page 38 Hakkasan Page 48 Sayad Page 50 Mezlai Page 52 Etoiles Club & Restaurant Page 54 La Vendome Brasserie Page 56 Antara Spa Page 60 Our Spiritual Journey Page 64 Christian Monastery Page 70 The Yacht Show Page 72 A Musical Genius - Arsha Kavainion Page 78 Ferrari World Page 88 Ferrari Opus Page 92 The Amazing Audi R8 Spyder Page 94 Bac Mono Page 98 Falconry Page 102 Ghantoon Racing & Polo Club Page 104 Nobu at Home Page 106 The Real Joleon Lescott Page 108 The Perfect Watch Page 112 Simply Fashion Page 126 Simply Hellmuth Page 134 Simply Film Page 142 Chief Editor: Arnie S Hira Email: Joint Chief Editor: Miss Jordana Imogen Lynch Email: Chief Design Officer: Mr Lee Isherwood Email: Simply Abu Dhabi and Simply Abu are intellectual property of Simply Abu Dhabi Limited, Elizabeth House, Elizabeth Street, Manchester, M8 8JJ. U.K. London Monaco New York Miami Moscow Seattle Athens Palma Mumbait +44 20 7766 4300 t +377 97 97 81 21 t +1 212 223 0410 t +1 305 672 0150 t +7 495 220 2402 t +1 206 285 4561 t +30 6932 408 285 t+34 672 179 008 t+ 91 2266 391900 Fax: 0044 161 832 4566 / Skype: simplyabudhabi 13the superyacht superpower S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  6. 6. A R N I E & J O R DA NA WE L C O M E YO U to si mply ab u dhab iA R N I E & J OR DA NA WE LC OM E YOU TO S I M P LY A BU D H A B I Abu Dhabi is one of the world’s fastest growing Shopping and Souks Hotels and hospitality Museums and Monuments tourist attractions and just last year was named There are two kinds of shopping stores in Abu Dhabi Business travellers and holiday makers alike are suitably Abu Dhabi is a country with a rich and fascinating history by Frommers Guide and Lonely Planet as one of – the souk or the traditional markets and the modern catered for in Abu Dhabi, so whether you’re looking to be and as such is blessed with many incredible landmarks shopping malls and stores. The indigenous souqs in Abu pampered in the lap of luxury or simply need a convenient and monuments. Built in the late 1700s the Qasr al-Hosn the top ten places to visit in 2010. Among the Dhabi make for an authentic shopping experience. An place to stay on business, Abu Dhabi has it covered. Abu was initially used as a watchtower to guard the only fresh seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, Abu array of goods are on offer at Abu Dhabi’s souks such as Dhabi prides itself on providing guests with an unrivalled water supply in Abu Dhabi. With spectacular views Dhabi, the capital city is the largest. Warm and traditional silver, brass coffee pots, carpets exported from accommodation experience wherever they choose to stay, across the city the 200 year Hatta Watchtower is another friendly hospitality is intrinsic to Abu Dhabi and different countries, incense; and ‘oudh’, the local perfume from deluxe seven-star hotels and breathtaking beach popular landmark amongst visitors to the region. this is reflected in the kindness and service levels essence. You can buy anything at a souk from spices to and desert resorts to more affordable international hotel With a capacity for an incredible 40,000 worshippers, visitors encounter everywhere they go. Year- jewellery and they are a great place to barter and pick up chains. Catering to some of the most elite clientele in the it is well worth a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand a bargain. If you’re shopping for jewellery, it’s well worth world, Abu Dhabi has a number of luxury hotels. A truly Mosque – named after Sheikh Zayed who is buried at the round sunshine, glorious beaches, rich heritage, a a visit to the Central Market or Grand Souk, on Sheikh palatial landmark, the Emirates Palace hotel offers the site. Open daily to Muslims and non-Muslims (except cosmopolitan lifestyle and the distinctive Arabic Hamdan Street. ultimate in luxury to the modern discerning traveller with Friday morning when it is open to worshippers only) hospitality all contribute to the allure of this an incredible choice of top class eateries and world class complimentary tours led by Emirati guides are the ideal stunningly diverse destination. A captivating city Located in the Tourist Club Area, Abu Dhabi Mall is a facilities. way to explore this architectural work of art with its 80 with many historical landmarks, luxurious hotels, shopper’s paradise. With three stories to explore, it’s not domes, 24-carat gold-plated chandeliers and the world’s opulent spas, designer golf courses and regal style just shops at the Marina Mall that attract people – check To relieve the stresses and strains of everyday life, soothe largest hand woven carpet. Discover more about the site out the impressive musical fountains! These are just a tired muscles and emerge refreshed and rejuvenated take and the Islamic culture. shopping malls, it’s not difficult to see why the couple of the incredible malls waiting to attract you with the time to visit one of the many incredible Spas in Abu profile of Abu Dhabi has risen dramatically in their beautiful window supplies, so you won’t be short Dhabi. Visitors are truly spoilt for choice when it comes Al Maqtaa Fort is another place worth visiting during recent years. The city also boasts some of the or places to treat yourself to a new outfit or to purchase to luxury body massages and therapies. With its elaborate your stay in Abu Dhabi. The 200 year old fort was built world’s most famous museums including the lovely gifts for loved ones back home. and exclusive Moroccan-style Hammam, the Anantara to fend off bandits. Situated on the edge of the island, it celebrated Guggenheim and Louvre. Spa at the Emirates Palace provides the perfect haven for provides a great contrast to the modern bridge next to it. Beaches and beautiful coast some much needed ‘me time’. With a tempting menu of Discover more about the history of the fort in the ADTA Just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city facials, massages and body therapies for men and women visitor centre. Visitors are warned to be careful if wishing centre you can escape to the beachfront where popular you can lose yourself in a few hours of pure indulgence to take photographs as it is a sensitive military zone. pastimes include jogging, cycling and rollerblading. and emerge feeling totally re-energised. Plans for the new Guggenheim in Abu Dhabi are also Considered one of the most picture perfect sights in Abu promoting huge interest in the country. Designed by Dhabi, the Corniche is a park-lined coastal boulevard that Designed exclusively for women, the Abu Dhabi Ladies internationally acclaimed architect Frank Gehry, the skirts the city. With a splendid background of buildings Club provides a unique environment with world class largest Guggeinheim in the world – 450,00 square feet- facing the sea it offers shops, restaurants and a fun fair for cultural, sporting and social facilities for women only. will house its own major modern and contemporary visitors’ convenience and amusement. Ladies can enjoy total pampering, relax or get fit in a club art collection with specific focus on Middle Eastern surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens towards the contemporary art. end of the Abu Dhabi Corniche close to the Emirates Palace. The Club attracts ladies of various nationalities, both members and non-members, from across the UAE society and regularly caters for visiting dignitaries, state delegations and popular female celebrities. 16 17 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  7. 7. A R N I E & J O R DA NA WE L C O M E YO U to simply abu dhabiSporting spirit Added attractions Well worth a visitOver the past few years Abu Dhabi has worked hard Many attractions await the visitor to Abu Dhabi. On After experiencing the vibrant culture, heritage, beautyto further bolster the country’s flourishing tourism Yas Island, the much-talked-about Ferrari World is the and luxury of Abu Dhabi for yourself you are sure toindustry by hosting more international sporting events place for thrill seekers and Ferrari enthusiasts. The world’s agree it more than deserves its status as one of the world’sand has developed a reputation as a major international largest indoor theme park, some of the rides are not for top ten destinations and with developments continuingsporting events destination. Since Abu Dhabi hosted the faint hearted – such as Formula Rossa, the world’s apace things are set to get even better. Fast becomingits first Formula One in 2009 this reputation continues fastest rollercoaster – but with more than 20 rides and another playground for the rich and famous, Abuto be reinforced. Every year, Abu Dhabi plays host to attractions beneath the huge iconic red roof inspired by Dhabi is the perfect place to indulge and escape for thecompetitive sporting events with a global following the double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body, there ultimate luxurious break and attracts visitors from aroundsuch as golf, motorsport and athletics. Outdoor and is something to appeal to everyone. If you’re not looking the world. However, with its strong sense of identity,adventure sports have also risen in popularity in Abu for a mad adrenalin rush there is plenty of opportunity for spiritualism and culture, it also makes an ideal location forDhabi. Whether you prefer to participate or simply relax shopping, a diverse range of wonderful eateries and the calm contemplation and reflection. What more could youand spectate, Abu Dhabi is the perfect place to indulge fascinating interactive Ferrari Gallery. want? Abu Dhabi has it all and is waiting to welcome you.all your sporting passions. From canoeing to car rallyingto cricket – Abu Dhabi has the desert, the water, and theopen green spaces – for you to do it all. When you visitAbu Dhabi you can also gain a valuable insight into localsports like camel racing, falconry and horsemanship. Æ Y BY YVES BÉHAR AESIR-COPENHAGEN.COM 18 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  9. 9. S T R AT E G I C L E A D E R S H I P S he ikh Khal ifa Bi n Z ay ed Al Nahya nST R AT E G I C L E A DE R SHIPM E ET A BU D H A B I ’S RU L E R & T H E P R E S I D E N T O F T H E U N I T E D A R A B E M I R AT E S : H I S H I G H N E S S : S H E I K H K H A L I FA B I N Z AY E D A L NA H YA N In Abu Dhabi we are constantly aware of a sense of unity where all religions and cultures are accepted and locals, travellers and tourists alike can enjoy the many splendid sights and attractions. This peaceful acceptance is thanks to a leader committed to strengthening the private sector, encouraging investment projects, protecting the environment and expanding industry, tourism and construction. The places we have visited and the atmosphere in Abu Dhabi are testament to the fantastic strategic leadership of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed and his commitment to his peoples’ prosperity. The United Arab Emirates was founded by a visionary leader, Sheikh Zayed who despite his sad passing in 2004, still has a very strong presence and influence in Emirates society. 22 23 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  10. 10. S T R AT EG I C L E A D E R S H I P S heikh Khalifa Bin Z ayed Al NahyanToday the UAE enjoys a visionary leadership under its infrastructures and services for the Emirate. A World class leadernew President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al When the United Arab Emirates were founded in Abu Dhabi’s policy agenda sets out a vision for the overallNahyan. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan 1971, and new challenges arose for the young country’s development of the country that ensures the welfare(born 25 January 1948 in Al Muwaiji Fort, Al Ain; rulership, Sheikh Khalifa assumed the position of Deputy of its citizens. Programmes have been set in motion toreferred to as Sheikh Khalifa) is the current President of Prime Minister in the first federal cabinet. In 1974 the develop an open economy that provides the best servicesthe United Arab Emirates (UAE) and emir of Abu Dhabi. local cabinet of Abu Dhabi Emirate was replaced by the in education, health and developed infrastructure within aHe replaced his father Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, just Executive Council as the executive entity for the local legislative environment. The emirate’s strategy documentsa day after his death, on 3 November 2004. It is clear government, and Sheikh Khalifa was its first president. give equal importance to developing a transparent andfrom his Presidential style that he was very close to the efficient government to ensure the implementation ofleadership of his late father and has been inspired by his Two years later his role in the defense sector of the plans with a high-level of effectiveness and coordination,example. country became more pivotal with his promotion to and to make use of all the country’s potential and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces. resources, including the participation of the private sector,When the late President passed peacefully, it was natural As such he focused on military training and equipment both locally and internationally. The country’s security, itsthat his son and Crown Prince became the Ruler of Abu in order to establish an optimised defensive capability for international relations, safeguarding its environment, andDhabi. His confirmation as the new leader signalled the nation. promoting its heritage and culture remain cornerstonesto the people of the UAE that as an historic era of the of the UAE’s vision. Sheikh Khalifa is committed tofoundation of the state came to its close, during which an Another important post was the chairmanship of the consolidating a political system based on consultation,ambitious vision was achieved, a new era had arrived. His Supreme Petroleum Council, which Sheikh Khalifa justice and security, which enables all men and womenleadership role has seen him come to the fore in a new assumed in the late 1980’s. The development of the UAE’s to actively and positively participate in running theirstage of development for the UAE that will witness the downstream petrochemicals and industrial complex country.empowerment of his nation as it strives for excellence and at Ruwais, as part of wide reaching programme for the Under his leadership the Government have beenits emergence on the global scene as a major world player. country’s economic diversification, was one of Sheikh instrumental in launching new programmes and Khalifa’s key concerns. legislation to support culture, family development,Promoting prosperity for all education and health as an integral development project.Sheikh Khalifa received his early education in the sole As right hand of his father and following Sheikh Zayed’s Since his highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nayanschool that had been built in Al Ain by his father at example of leadership, Sheikh Khalifa opened his house became President of the United Emirates in 2004,that time. His father had a strong belief that the best to all people wishing to meet him in order to discuss their the country has embarked on a well considered drivekind of education is received in public majalis – daily worries and problems with utter eagerness and honesty as to continue the great progressive work carried out incongregations that take place in the presence of a ruler well as a sense of responsibility. This closeness to his people previous years under the leadership of the founder of theor senior tribal leader. Sheikh Khalifa benefitted from is reflected in his notable concern for social aid and various state, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.two such public councils and working closely with the support programmes originated in personal encounters and atribes, he developed their ethos and characteristics and constantly open ear to people’s concerns. Everywhere we go in Abu Dhabi there are reminders ofacquired first rate management and communication the spirit of Sheikh Zayed and we have huge admirationskills that are apparent in his political leadership today. Following his unanimous election as President by the for the way in which Sheikh Khalifa is following in theFrom an early age Shiekh Zayed instilled in his son Supreme Federal Council to replace his late father, Sheikh footsteps of such a wonderful leader. Sheikh Khalifa isvalues of responsibility and trust and so Shiekh Khalifa Khalifa has continued to lead the country on a path renowned for his passion in sports that are traditional tohas followed in his father’s footsteps with unique towards prosperity. Guided by his father’s principles in his the UAE including horse and camel racing. He is held incharacteristics inspired by his father’s modest and open first National Day address, in December 2004, he pledged high esteem as a pro-Western innovator. Thanks to hismanagement style. Fully dedicated to bringing prosperity that he would continue to work to serve the citizens of the vision and leadership he has created peace and prosperityand progress to his people, Sheikh Khalifa respects those state. True to his word, early in his term, in April 2005, and A&J would like to extend to him our own personalwho work with him, giving them flexibility to take the he authorized a 100% salary increase for employees of the gratitude for this status quo as we have fully enjoyed theinitiative, skilfully maintaining their trust and motivating state highlighting his commitment to prosperity for his benefits of this ordered society during our incredible staythem to achieve greatness. He cares greatly for the people. in Abu Dhabi and the many excursions and activities weenvironment and works tirelessly to preserve the heritage have been fortunate enough to experience during thisof his country. Following his election as President, Sheikh Khalifa has time. shown great consideration for people throughout theLooking back on his education, Sheikh Khalifa especially country, especially in remote areas. In December 2005,acknowledged how the closeness to his charismatic father Shaikh Khalifa outlined plans to reform the structure oftrained and influenced him in a way no school education government to give a more important role to the Federalcould: “My father is my teacher. I learn something from National Council so it could deal effectively with issueshim every day, follow his path and absorb from him his that concern the country and to introduce citizens tovalues, and the need for patience and prudence in all the concept of Shura – democracy. He also urged thethings.” (1990) country’s youth to learn more about their history and heritage and pledged himself to devote all necessaryOnly eighteen years old, Sheikh Khalifa was appointed resources to the development of the UAE’s human capital.representative of the Eastern Region in 1966 when In early 2007 he ordered Dh 1.5 billion to be spentSheikh Zayed became Ruler of Abu Dhabi Emirate and in a first phase of a programme to provide services toconsequently moved to Abu Dhabi City. In Al Ain Sheikh remote areas in the northern emirates, including health,Khalifa continued the development projects, especially education, housing, roads, electricity and water supplies.restoring the underground watering systems and digging He has also worked in other areas to build much needednew wells. hospitals and housing. He is passionate about continuing the work of his father who devoted his life to build theEstablishing himself as the main executive leader of country and to provide good living conditions to bothhis late father’s government, he was appointed as Abu Emiratis and residents.Dhabi Crown Prince in 1969 and later the first PrimeMinister of the Abu Dhabi government, also taking careof the defence and financing sectors to establish their 24 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  11. 11. ThermalArtesian Water S huzenji Japan
  12. 12. S H E I K H SULTA N B IN TA HN O ON A L NA HYA N A RO L E MO D E L His Highness Sheikh Sultan is a member of the With his strong beliefs that tourism plays a Al Nahyan ruling family – one of the six ruling vital role in promoting friendship, benevolence families of the United Arab Emirates – and is and understanding, his appointment as ADTA based in Abu Dhabi. Born in 1970, he qualified Chairman – on its establishment in September as an architectural engineer from the UAE 2004 – gave him the opportunity to secure Abu University before going on to gain an MA in Dhabi’s profile on the international map. ADTA’s economic studies, with a major in International establishment was hugely significant as it paid Relations from Tufts University. His subsequent testimony to the government’s commitment to passion for the development and promotion the industry through its creation of a statutory of tourism in Abu Dhabi brought significant body with comprehensive responsibilities for worldwide recognition. He has been personally the promotion of Abu Dhabi’s international involved in preserving, and developing, the profile and the progression of its tourism sector. emirate’s tourism resources in line with Abu Sheikh Sultan has worked tirelessly to promote Dhabi’s 2030 Plan. He was previously Chairman Abu Dhabi’s many tourist attractions to attract of the Al Ain Economic Development and international visitors and travellers to the Tourism Promotion Authority – the forerunner emirate, thereby improving the economy. of the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA). 28 29 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  13. 13. Award-winning commitment to tourism TDIC was founded in 2006 and since then has been Global recognition for Abu DhabiADTA works in conjunction with travel-related instrumental in Abu Dhabi’s cultural and economic Sheikh Sultan’s dedication to leisure and business relatedorganisations, such as airlines, hotels and destination growth. In his role as TDIC Chairman, Sheikh Sultan tourism in Abu Dhabi has seen him build relationshipsmanagement companies to raise Abu Dhabi’s profile has directed the development of many flagship hotel with partners in the international travel industry. He isas an upmarket destination with excellent attractions, properties, both TDIC-owned and other joint venture also patron of the Middle East Council of the Urbanservices and facilities for both holiday makers and projects. In October 2009, during the toughest real estate Land Institute – an international, non-profit research andbusiness travellers. Sheikh Sultan has been instrumental in slowdown in decades, Abu Dhabi opened Qasr al Sarab educational organisation advising professionals in landguiding the growth of the emirate’s tourism infrastructure. Desert Resort – a five star luxury resort designed to use and real estate development. As ADTA Chairman,Under his guidance, ADTA regulates the industry and deliver genuine Emirati hospitality in keeping with the Sheikh Sultan has led the organisation’s expansion intoits sister concern, Tourism Development & Investment culture and roots of the UAE. In the Empty Quarter (Rub an international award-winning body which was namedCompany (TDIC) has worked to expand the range of Al Khali), the world’s largest stretch of uninterrupted ‘Best Tourist Board’ in the 2009 and 2010 World Travelfirst-rate accommodation by constructing hotels and desert, this significant landmark blends beautifully into Awards. In 2010 Lonely Planet cited Abu Dhabi as one ofresorts. The hard work has certainly paid off both on a the natural environment to create a resort providing an its ‘Top Ten’ recommended destinations to visit. Sheikhnational and personal level. In 2010 Sheikh Sultan was authentic experience that is indigenous to the surrounding Sultan is also Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Authority forhonoured with the Arabian Hotel Investment Conference region. Culture and Heritage; Abu Dhabi National ExhibitionsLeadership Award. Selected by the AHIC Advisory Board Company; Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort; and the– comprising over 40 of the most influential names in Sheikh Sultan commented: Eastern Region Development Committee. Sheikh Sultan’sthe Middle East hospitality industry – this award was in “This is more than just an extraordinary luxury resort; this ongoing devotion to driving forward the emirate’s excitingrecognition of the significant contribution Sheikh Sultan is a symbol of our highly admired and respected Arabian tourism plans and his commitment to developing thehas made to developing Abu Dhabi as one of the region’s hospitality and deep-rooted culture”. hotel industry has seen the global recognition of Abuleading tourism and cultural destinations. Dhabi as a tourist destination rise significantly. With his vision, the future looks bright. 30 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  14. 14. M E ET K H A L D O ON K H A L IFA A L MUBA R A K A BU D H A B I ’S NU M B E R 1 C I T Y M A N Through leadership positions with the Executive Affairs Authority of Abu Dhabi and Mubadala Development Company, Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak fulfills key roles in both the public and private sectors of the United Arab Emirates. A member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council and the Abu Dhabi Executive Committee, Khaldoon is Chairman of the Executive Affairs Authority of the Government of Abu Dhabi. This specialized government agency is mandated to provide strategic policy advice to the Chairman of Abu Dhabi’s Executive Council, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. Khaldoon was appointed Chief Executive Officer of With a particular interest in the development Mubadala in October 2002. The company seeks out of education in the Emirate, Khaldoon has been commercial opportunities that are aligned with the instrumental in the establishment of NYU – Abu Dhabi, Government’s efforts to diversify the economy of Abu which welcomed its first year of students in fall 2010. Dhabi by developing projects, creating new businesses, Khaldoon is a member of the New York University Board and investing in existing enterprises to generate financial of Trustees. He is also a member of the Zayed University returns and sustainable benefits for the Emirate of Board of Trustees, a UAE federal university with Abu Dhabi. Under his stewardship, Mubadala has campuses across the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. continuously evolved the breadth and depth of its operations and currently has over US$25 billion in assets His interest in promoting international business ties under management. is reflected in his role in co-founding the US-UAE Business Council, and more recently the UAE-Korea Khaldoon is Chairman of the Emirates Nuclear Business Council. Khaldoon is also Co-Chair of the Abu Energy Corporation (ENEC), which specializes in the Dhabi-Singapore Joint Forum, established to strengthen deployment, ownership and operation of nuclear power economic and political ties between the Emirate of Abu plants in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. He is also Vice Dhabi and the Republic of Singapore. Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council. In 2007 Khaldoon was made a Commander of the Star In addition, Khaldoon is Chairman of the Abu Dhabi of the Order of the Italian Solidarity for his contribution Media Zone, which oversees the continued development to the international reputation of Italy and its economic of an integrated media industry in Abu Dhabi. He is also relationship with the UAE. the Chairman of Yas Marina Circuit, home of the Etihad Airways Formula 1™ Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Beginning his career at the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Khaldoon held a number of positions at Khaldoon became Chairman of Manchester City Football UAE Offsets Group before beginning to assume his Club in 2008 and in close coordination with the Club’s current portfolio of responsibilities. He holds a degree in owner, His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Economics and Finance from Tufts University, Boston. Nahyan, has overseen the sporting and commercial development of the Club. In terms of revenue, Already at the top of his game, Khaldoon has become a Manchester City is now the 11th ranked football club commercial force to be reckoned with. If you could invest globally. Khaldoon is also a board member at First Gulf in him, we would all day long, he has a natural tendency Bank, and a Director at Ferrari Sp. A. to make money! 32 33 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  16. 16. E M I R AT E S PA L AC E ab u dhab iC OUL D T HIS B E T HE MO ST B E AU T I F UL H OT E L IN T HE WOR L D E M I R AT E S PA L AC E A BU D H A B I 38 39 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  17. 17. E M I R AT E S PA L AC E ab u dhab iA luxurious haven fit for Kings & Queens. speechless upon arrival. As you walk in you can’t fail to Unrivalled facilitiesIts 7.30am and we have just touched down at Abu Dhabi be swept away by airy hallways, marvellous marble domes With a huge auditorium and ballroom, 40 meetingairport. Unfortunately only one of us got some sleep on and flowing fountains. We could almost breathe in the rooms, 302 majestic rooms and 92 opulent suites, this isthe Etihad flight over from Manchester to Abu Dhabi, so luxury that fills the air and sits so comfortably in every an experience fit for Emperors, Kings and celebrities –as you can imagine, one half of A&J is very cranky and recess of the hotel. No words or images can truly justify many of whom have enjoyed the hospitality of the palaceeager to get to the hotel – ok I admit that’s me – the lovely the effort and detail that has gone into the development of experience for themselves. High end boutiques such asJordana can sleep through a tornado. We exit migration, this magnificent venue, in fact it should not be considered Versace and Rodeo Drive (Designer Clothes Boutique)only to be pleasantly greeted by a suave middle aged chap, a hotel and only thought upon as a Palace in every sense. and Al Kunooz Jewelers are all located within the lobbywho is fully suited and booted in a very Victorian toft of the hotel for those wishing to treat themselves or lovedstyle manner, donning a crinkle free long tail coat and tall We had just entered a serene paradise to indulge ones to something very special. There are also two poolshat. He is confidently holding up a sign with our names the senses. We were welcomed by the ice cool, Mr – one on the East Wing designed for relaxation with itsclearly illustrated in a beautiful script style font. We look Mohammed Alaoui, who is one of the Communication swim-up bar and sheer spaciousness and one on the Westat each other like we have just won the lottery and can Managers at EP together with Mr Hazem Harfoush, both Wing with slides and waterfalls to appeal to families – sonot help but grin in glee. We have no idea what means eager to ensure the fluidity of elegance and class that we everyone is catered for. We took full advantage of theof transport awaits us but based on initial impressions, had already become accustomed to upon our arrival at chance to chill out at the East Wing Pool and soak upwe are overwhelmed with excitement. We walk about 3 Abu Dhabi airport. After the swift check in, we were some glorious Abu Dhabi sunshine.minutes out of the airport and awaiting us, with an almost taken to our beautiful room, and escorted there by ourregal presence, is a bright white Rolls Royce Phantom. very own Butler; Mr. Dipak Kumar Das. A chap whose Combining the ultimate in generous comfort with stateOk in the UK and the EU, we would feel a little awkward origins stem from South India and someone who is a real of the art technology, our suite was a truly divine havenbut we are in Abu Dhabi and nothing is done in halves. gem as a person, his dedication and loyalty to Emirates with a breathtaking gold interior adorned with the finestThe Emirates Palace anticipated our arrival and they have Palace is second to none. His pride and enthusiasm about marble. The decor – a masterful blend of Arabian regaldefinitely made an ever-lasting first impression. We are the Palace only depicts a level of content rarely found grandeur – cleverly incorporated the latest cutting edgewell chuffed. by employees in Hotels these days. EP obviously look gadgetry for our comfort and convenience. We could after their own and it shows on all their employees and easily operate the many appliances including lights, airDriving through Abu Dhabi’s business area past the major management! Dipak kindly showed us round our room, conditioning and in room entertainment systems via abustling shopping malls and many local attractions we which to be fair, can’t really be described as a room but touch screen hand held control. With Wi-Fi connectivityknew we would be arriving at our incredible destination more like a mini apartment. Now, we are trying not to and LCD screens as well as divinely comfortable bedsin no time and our adrenalin was surging at full force. A be overly bias and don’t want to come across as if the and furnishings, this was the perfect place to relax andmajestic sight to behold, pulling up at the Emirates Palace architecture of this article has been co-ordinated by EP unwind. Our private balcony was a place we could sit andAbu Dhabi all our senses were sent reeling as we set eyes themselves, but even the energy in the room was amazing, reflect on the amazing events of the day before headingon this enchanting landmark and we knew this would be we felt warmth, comfort and most of all, it was like a off for a gastronomic treat at our choice of sophisticateda stay to remember. After all, this is a top end hotel with home away from home. venue. With something to appeal to every palate, we werefacilities to match such as its own private beach exclusively determined to take a culinary journey around the worldfor the use of guests. Located in the capital of the United Every element of the hotel creates an environment and and sample as much as possible during our stay!Arab Emirates, the outstandingly lavish Emirates Palace is ambience befitting of VIPs and that level of attention wasa national treasure and one of the most impressive hotels afforded us throughout our stay. Yes, we were staying inand conference venues ever built. a palace and every day we were reminded of it with the first class service and impeccable attention to detail. WeWith so much to see, do and discover in Abu Dhabi, have received royal treatment at the hands of not just ourwe were about to do it from the lap of uncompromised personal butler, but also every other member of staff weluxury. The magnificent interior is truly breathtaking and have’s hardly surprising that many guests seemed rendered 41 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  18. 18. E M I R AT E S PA L AC E E M I R AT E S PA L AC E abu dhabi ab u dhab iExtraordinary extravagance Facts & Figures About Emirates Palace. And finally...For an extraordinary and unforgettable experience • Approximately 3 billion US dollars to build the For all you budding Billionaires or if the name on youroffering guests extravagant luxury in accordance with property in 3 years with circa 20,000 workers, designed Falcon Private Bank Card/Quintessentially card happensArab tradition, the Emirates Palace is an ideal base for by Wimberley Allison Tong & Goo of the UK. (Nice to be Sir Richard Branson, Sir Philip Green or Romanboth business and leisure travellers. As discerning and contract to have guys!) Abramovich, the Emirates Palace offers the world’s mostsophisticated travellers we have come to expect a lot • 38km (25 minutes) drive from Abu Dhabi airport expensive One Million Dollar bespoke suite holidayfrom the places that we choose to stay at, but we weren’t • 1km in width from wing to wing, 100 hectares total area package.prepared for the glorious opulence and sumptuousness • 1.3km private beachthat we would experience at the Emirates Palace. A week • 394 rooms and suites, ranging from 55 sqm to 680 sqm For further information please visitspent sightseeing and being at one with our spirituality • Types Of Accommodation: - 48 Palace Suites, 20 Khaleej orat the Christian Monastery and the Grand Mosque, Deluxee Suites, 20 Khaleej Suites, 4 Royal Khaleej Suites, 63 www.simplyabudhabi.comdiscovering the exhilaration of watching a Polo Match Diamond Rooms, 73 Pearl Rooms, 166 Coral Rooms.and sampling exquisite cuisine at the many on site award- • Over 16 individually branded restaurants and barswinning fine dining restaurants and letting our hair down • 40 meeting and conference roomsat Etoiles, flew by as we were having such unadulterated • Ballroom with a guest capacity of 2,400 theatre stylefun. Despite managing to pack so much into so little time • Auditorium with seated guest capacity of 20,000we are still left wanting more. • Open air concert guest capacity of 20,000 • 619 plasma and LCD screens in guest rooms and meetingThat’s the power of Abu Dhabi. Staying at the Emirates roomsPalace Hotel is a regal experience befitting of Kings and • 5kg of pure edible gold is used per annum for decorativewe have certainly been treated like royalty. A&J would purposes on desserts (hope there’s no wastage!!!)like to extend our utmost gratitude and warmest thanks • 128 kitchens and pantriesto Mr Salem Al Muhairi from the owners office, Hans • 200 tonnes of oranges squeezed for fresh juice, per annumOlbertz the General Manager, Mohammed Alaoui • 6.4km jogging trailand the Communications Team and Dipak Kumar our •114 domes, with central dome at a height of 72.6 metres abovebrilliant Butler, all for their exemplary service at every groundlevel. When it comes to the ultimate in escapism and • 8 escalators and 102 elevators, with a maximum capacity up tolavish indulgence, the Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi is the 55 persons per elevatorplace to be. • Marble imported from 13 countries across the world • 12 external fountains and 8 indoor water features • 1,002 chandeliers, the largest weighing 2.5 tonnes • 8,000 trees set in landscaped gardens • 2 wall display carpets, handmade in Thailand, weighing 1 tonne each • 818 parking spaces • Daily laundry capacity of 6 tonnes • 1,300 employees from 58 different countries 42 43 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
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  20. 20. HAKKASAN h its the m a rk H A K KA S A N H I TS T H E M A R KFood, glorious food. We love fine food andappreciate truly divine cuisine served inbeautifully opulent surroundings by friendlystaff. So our evening at Hakkassan on the secondnight of our stay at the Emirates Palace tickedevery item on our restaurant wish list. We couldalmost smell the award-winning appeal of thistop restaurant as we walked through the door.Bindi candle scent drifting subtly through therestaurant mixed with the tantalising aromasfrom the open kitchen meant our taste budswere already full of anticipation before we hadeven selected our delicious dishes. Hakkasanis a restaurant that truly feeds the eyes – fromthe chic interior with dark wooden furnishingsilluminated by electric blue lighting, to thebeautifully presented dishes – what the eyes Sumptuous surroundings whet the appetite We sat in one of the many dark wood ‘cages’, the partitions food more than exceeded those high expectations. At When it comes to fine dining, Abu Dhabi hasn’t seen creating a sense of privacy should you desire it, without Hakkasan the dishes are kept simple which is what makeshave seen the mouth can’t wait to taste. anything like Hakkassan before. Truly fitting to the detracting from the overall atmosphere of the restaurant. them so amazingly tasty and no one complained of the sumptuous surroundings of the Emirates Palace, Hakassan What Hakkassan boasts in style, it matches in substance food being oily, which is a typical bugbear with Chinese is a huge 1600 sq ft and takes pride in its own separate and we couldn’t wait to tuck in. food. A wide and delicious range of options make this the entrance and dedicated valet. Such extravagance and Chinese restaurant with something for everyone. An A La delicious fayre obviously comes at a price, but one we Mouth-watering Chinese cuisine Carte Menu to appeal to all tastes, the array of vegetable, were more than happy to pay for an exceptional evening. The impressive menu at this Michelin-star Chinese fish, meat and tofu dishes all have their own distinct The opulent dining room is spacious, yet not impersonal. restaurant couldn’t fail to whet the appetite. Headed by appeal and the descriptions can’t fail to make you hungry. With a luxurious interior fit for royalty and befitting Chef Lee Kok Hua, who worked under head chef Tong According to our fellow diners, the Sichuan tofu and of the Emirates Palace for us, the Feng Shui, like the Chee Hwee in the London flagship restaurant for five aubergine is truly sublime. One of many delicacies for us food and the overall atmosphere, was just right. Carved years, Hakkassan’s award-winning reputation precedes to bear in mind on our next visit! wooden screens and latticing create an exclusive yet it and we were positively champing at the bit to sample friendly vibe. We arrived stylishly 15 minutes late, which the delicacies on offer in such fantastically sumptuous We feel we really must go back soon as the menu had so isn’t a cool thing to do when it comes to Hakkasan. This and relaxing surroundings. Magnificently fresh food in many dishes vying for our attention, it would be a real restaurant is money printing machine. generous portions that don’t over-phase are served with shame not to sample as many as possible and having had style and the menu boasts a wide choice of top class dishes such a special evening, reinforces our feeling that this The demand definatley outweighs the supply. 15 including traditional favourites, Chinese staples and local is one restaurant well worth a return visit. Charmingly minutes late generally means, you can say bye bye to your flavours, all with a contemporary twist. The quality of attentive waiting staff catered to our needs without reservation and we can understand why. With an endless the cuisine available is exceptional and it was difficult being intrusive, allowing for a perfect evening spent in list of VIP’s seeking a last minute table, as they do, we to narrow down our choice, but what a difficulty to be good company with great food. Beautiful glasses and were lucky enough, to have not lost our reservation. The subject to! Renowned for its modern Cantonese cooking, magnificent crockery added to the sumptuous dining extremely professional, well mannered and softly spoken signature dishes like the mouth-wateringly glorious Peking experience and made the food taste even better. Dinner is restaurant manager; Mr Aurelien Pottier made sure that duck with caviar and grilled Wagyu beef with king soy served from 6pm until midnight – the last booking being we seated and greeted in typical Hakkasan sophisticated sauce are served alongside exciting new dishes specially 11.30pm and the bar is open from 6pm until 2am. A&J style . Before being taken to our table, our taste buds created for an Emirate clientele. would like to thank the attentive waiting staff for making were tantalised and tempted by the incredible mixologist our evening an incredible one to remember. For a truly Mr Sanka Pasindu, who Pear Nashtini was out of this If you’re a wine lover, then Teeshan Ramtohul, Hakkasan’s unique dining experience that appealed to our palates as world. During our cocktail indulgence, Aurelien sat very own designated wine sommelier will certainly ensure well as our senses our visit to Hakkasan didn’t disappoint. with us, casually chatting about his love for life, food, you dine and wine correctly. If you don’t consume alcohol, When you dine at the Emirates Palace the only way to drink and Abu Dhabi. Wowzers, we know it would be a choice of drinks includes an appealing range of non- dine is in style. Hakkasan, you were and still remain our physically impossible but, it made us wish all Restaurant alcoholic ‘mocktails’ which will quench your thirst and favourite restaurant. managers were like this. The service levels here are just perfectly complement your fine dining experience. Our incomparable. We have eaten at Hakkasan London and personal favourite was the Eden, packed full of tasty black For further information please visit sorry but it doesn’t come close to Hakkasan Abu Dhabi! grapes. The perfect pre-dinner aperitif was so delightfully or flavoursome that when the steamed red snapper was served, expectations of the food were high and as we relaxed into the evening and sampled the fine dining, the 49 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  21. 21. S AYA D w e l ike to b e , un d e r the s ea S AYA D WE L I K E TO B E , U N D E R T H E S E A Exotic fish dishes by the incredible, Mr Zsombor Mehesz, a refined and Desserts were ridiculously ravishing, although I think Located on the ground floor with breathtakingly distinguished Restaurant Manager, who executes and two desserts per person is way too much. We were greeted spectacular views of the beach and the marina with both delivers sheer perfection in terms of service and customer with a Lemon tart, with hazelnut, manuka honey and indoor and outdoor seating, the interior boasts colours communication. Guests from all over the world gather to mascarpone followed by a Chocolate Explosion. We don’t reminiscent of the Arabian Gulf and to be perfectly be served by friendly and courteous white gloved waiting think the chocolate explosion needs any explanation – honest, a hint of Avatar meets Tron but believe us, this staff. As we surveyed the menu, creative dishes produced just think of every kids’ dream come true! The cooling is not a bad thing. Sayad is almost prematurely too cool with superb finesse passed our table and tantalised our Jasmine scented towel was the perfect finishing touch to for school. Whilst outside the glistening blue waters taste buds so we couldn’t wait for our own meal to be an elegant dining experience. provide the perfect backdrop for a fine dining experience. served. And when the food arrived it was well worth the We passed the tanks of lobster displaying our potential short wait. The perfect catch dinner – you can select your own and it will be prepared With so many delicious scents filling the air, Sayad is a to your individual taste – and so our anticipation was fully We couldn’t fault the service as generous portions were place well worth a return visit. There is a five-course set heightened simply by entering the restaurant. We chose served by highly attentive staff. Plates of seafood that menu offering everything from sublime sushi to the day’s to sit inside to take advantage of the stunning ambience took visual presentation to a whole new level were set catch. Meat dishes are also available should you desire created by the cleverly perceived decor. Three private before us feeding the eyes before we even took a taste. them including a tempting Wagyu Sirloin and Lamb3. dining rooms are also available that can accommodate We both went for the Champagne Degustation, which But with such delicious fish dishes such as Halibut with up to eight guests. For a casual dinner with friends it is a unforgettable 7 course set menu accompanied by 3 artichokes and succulent Ocean Trout in salt and honey provided the perfect setting, but we could also appreciate Champagnes - a delectable feast that was truly satisfying to choose from, your loyalties may be divided and you, how the couples around us were lapping up the romantic and provided more than enough for four!!!. The starter like us, may decide more than one visit is in order to taste atmosphere. Fine furniture and impeccably dressed staff – otherwise known as Amuse Bouche – was Tuna with all the fine fare on offer. An extravagant dining delight add to the serene sophistication of Sayad’s sea food scene. avocado-tomato salad, purple shiso and togarashi. Then awaits visitors from 6.30am to 11.30pm. came the Foi Gra with strawberry, rhubarb on a French The sea world ambience was truly fitting to a menu toast. To break things up we were served with a Sweet A&J would like to thank Zsombor Mehesz and Chef of divine seafood with an Asian influence. The menu corn sup, with king crab and curried popcorn. The starters Shaun Anthony and all the devoted staff at Sayad for has a new contemporary twist thanks to the vision of were accompanied with a generous glass of Laurent Perrier their warm welcome and for providing us with a deep new Chef de Cuisine Shaun Anthony. His 3 Michelin Rose. For the main we had a choice of Lemon Sole with sea culinary experience to savour. Working with the best Star training certainly shines through and we felt fine herbs or Wagyu Striploin served with oyster blade, sustainable produce available in season to provide an honoured to have the opportunity to dine in such a wild mushroom pumpernickel and celery root. J went extensive menu of seafood that matches the opulence of distinguished restaurant, amongst discerning diners. for the beef while I opted for the fish. I have no idea how the Emirates Palace, we thoroughly enjoyed our Lavish More so, as we got an opportunity to chat with Shaun we managed to get through the starters, let alone the Arabic dinner. When it comes to stunning fresh seafood, Anthony, who was surprisingly laid back and relaxed main. All I knew was that the return journey on Etihad Sayad is certainly the catch of the day. considering the restaurant was unsurprisingly at capacity. would incur extra cost due to excess weight and it wasn’t We think the fact that he is perfectly complimented our luggage that would be taken into consideration. For further information please visit or www.simplyabudhabi.comWhen it comes to seafood we have finely tuned palates that have come toexpect a lot. If like us, you like your culinary delights to transport you toan underwater world then we need to tell you about our evening ‘underthe sea’ at Sayad. Having heard from a seafood connoisseur that they servethe freshest mussels you could imagine, we simply had to make a date tosample the special Champagne Degustation menu.This stunning sea food specialising restaurant pulls out all the stops to setthe mood for a fine dining experience spent sampling the finest aqueousfare. ‘Sayad’ is the Arabic term for fisherman and that’s just what we feltlike as we netted a real catch for our evening meal in an environmentfitting for two discerning food lovers. The idyllic setting has an instantlycalming effect as you walk through the door and as we arrived, we knewwe wouldn’t be in a rush to leave. A tranquil turquoise lit interior withglass walls and incredible water features and beautiful bubbling fish tanksgreeted our arrival and set the scene for the evening ahead. 50 51 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  22. 22. MEZLAI m akes its m a rk M E ZL A I M A K E S I TS M A R KOur stay at the Emirates Palace Hotel was Mezlai is the latest restaurant acquisition for the hotel The food is cooked to reflect the real identity and heritage Discover a distinctive Emirati experienceexceptional in every way – not least the fine and specialises in a wide variety of the UAE’s most of the UAE.Combining a cooking style based in tradition Our evening at Mezlai allowed us not only to try some famous local cuisines under the supervision of Head but with a modern twist, the Chefs at Mezlai hope to divine authentic Emirati food, but also to celebratefood we were fortunate enough to sample. Chef Ali Salem Musbeh Al Badawi. The restaurant offers spread the international appeal of traditional Emirati a imitable nation and A&J would like to thank theWe love our food and sampling new exciting many traditional dishes alongside some ‘fusion’ options cuisine. From our culinary experience in the restaurant, passionate Chefs and the friendly waiting staff forflavours so for a distinctive Emirati dining delivering a cosmopolitan spin on local staples with an we believe this will be easily achieved. Having spent a serving us with speed and efficiency. It was a pleasureexperience, five-star Mezlai ticked all the right undeniably appetising outcome – one we were more than more than pleasant evening appreciating the traditional to experience the UAE’s first luxurious restaurant of itsgastronomic boxes. The first Emirati Restaurant happy to sample. ingredients we know that the Chefs at Mezlai will appeal kind. Mezlai is open for lunch from 12.30pm until 3pmin the UAE – Emirati owned and operated – to a global clientele without turning their backs on their and dinner is served between 7pm and 11pm. So, forwe simply had to find out what all the fuss was The first traditional UAE restaurant heritage. We expectantly savoured every mouthful of the an authentic culinary experience whilst staying at the Mezlai’s authentic decor and music focus on a local authentic Emirati dishes we ordered enjoying excellent Emirates Palace, try Mezlai. It won’t disappoint.about. And aren’t we glad we did! As we walked heritage theme to create a gloriously traditional ingredients prepared to absolute perfection with the idealin, the air was fragrant with a mix of tantalising atmosphere with all the lavishness A&J have come to blend of genuine flavours and herbs. Our taste buds were For further information please visitaromas and the restaurant was bustling, yet expect of the Emirates Palace. A contemporary and tantalised with a delicious starter of Emirati pan fried orcalm. Upon arrival we knew we were in for a unique interior manages to stay true to the culture it fish egg salad with onions, garlic, lemon and local spices. www.simplyabudhabi.comfantastic evening. With the option to dine in so passionately reflects. After being welcomed with Mezlai specialises in local flavours and our main of Lamb traditional Arabic coffee and dates in the locally themed Madfoun didn’t disappoint.a private alcove, in one of the dining rooms or majlis, the relaxed hospitality meant our eveningalfresco, the choice was simple, we relaxed in continued in opulent style. The UAE has a range of The menu also tempted us with regional favouritesone of the alcoves as we lapped up the luxurious magnificent traditional cuisines that are distinct from including the mixed grill with fresh baked bread. Theatmosphere one would expect from one of the other countries in the region and Mezlai showcases this grilled ostrich being taken past us to another table lookedfinest hotels in the world. wonderful distinction with ease. spectacular and everywhere we turned diners were tucking in with gusto. It wouldn’t have mattered if A&J had been full after such a delectable meal, the collection of Emirati desserts on offer were simply too attractive to ignore. From the stunning range of truffles and sweets available, we sampled Al-Tubidah, Al-Asedah and Sawaqah – a true taste sensation and a fitting finale to such a mouth watering meal. 52 53 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I
  23. 23. ETO I L E S C LU B & R E S TAU R A N T the e mi rates p al a ce e nte r ta i nme nt j e w elETO I L E S CLUB & R E STAUR A N T T H E E M I R AT E S PA L AC E E N T E RTA I N M E N T J EWE L The Emirates Palace positively oozes opulence In a vibrant and stunning social setting we didn’t notice With contemporary decor and a refreshingly modern Etoiles opens for dinner from 7pm to 11.30pm and the and luxurious charm and so our hopes for the hours passing – we were too busy enjoying every single vibe, Etoiles is the place to gather for live performances by club opening hours are Monday to Wednesday, 11pm- second. Etoiles @ Emirates Palace certainly has it all. well-known artists, the place to spot celebrity guests, the 3am and Thursday and Friday 11am – 3.30am. A&J an incredible evening at the Etoiles Club & Encompassing an avant-garde restaurant, sophisticated place to dine with an air of exclusive sophistication, the would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who Restaurant were in keeping with the style of lounge and lively club, fine dining meets vibrant, heady place to meet, the place to dance. In fact, to sum up our contributed to making our evening at Etoiles so utterly our elegant surroundings – extremely high. nightlife entertainment and pulls in elegant crowds. A amazing experience, it’s quite simply the place to be. The fabulous, especially Ryan the young mixologist behind the A precious jewel at the heart of the seven star popular hangout among Abu Dhabi’s elite, the dress code restaurant, the lounge and the club all complement the bar who poured the perfect Italian Mohitos. We couldn’t Emirates Palace, as soon as we entered the uber- reflects the eclectic vibe – very impressive. fabulousness of the hotel itself and combine to create the have been more warmly welcomed. Clubbing in Abu chic Etoiles Club & Restaurant our senses were With a choice of high class restaurants at the Emirates ultimate evening of entertainment and repose in a social Dhabi does not come much better than this. Palace, this time food wasn’t the main focus of our setting fit for royalty, hanging out with Abu Dhabi’s elite. heightened, our anticipation sharpened and evening, yet the choice of European influenced cuisine on If like us, you appreciate internationally acclaimed DJs For further information please visit our expectations finely tuned. We knew this the A la carte menu created by Michelin rated award- who use their talent to produce a gloriously creative or would be a night to remember and we were winning Chef Dean Bouvet has captured the interest of ambience with some top tunes, then we couldn’t ready to party. Situated on the 4th floor, inside our appetites for a prospective revisit. recommend the Etoiles experience enough. the Emirates Palace, Etoiles is the place where glamorous crowds come alive and mingle in Arabian ambience fit for Kings Smooth grooves and sophisticated style are just what Characteristic of the palace environment, we felt like we expect from a great night out and we weren’t lavish luxury. royalty and with the stars twinkling in the sky above we disappointed. As the evening wore on the club did get ventured inside for a night of entertainment fit for kings. much busier, which is surely testament to its popularity To heat things up immediately, on arrival, In the lavish lounge, glamorous friends chat, cultures amongst both the locals and travellers looking for a Jordana and I were presented with converge and opulence reaches a whole new level. We beautiful environment in which to meet, eat, dance and complimentary cocktails-mocktails and things were invited by some friends we made on the night, to let their hair down. With a huge dance floor overlooking didn’t cool down all evening. join them at their private table which happened to be moonlit waters, a fantastic crowd of revellers and a superb the best one in the house and included an enthusiastic selection of drinks, this is the social scene that allows for yet efficient and very polite waitress for the evening, pure and unadulterated indulgent escapism – exactly what providing us with a relaxed social setting for the evening a stay at the Emirates Palace Hotel calls for. ahead. Reserving a table is not a prerequisite, but we’d personally recommend it as it’s clearly the place to be seen and it does get very busy. It was also perfect for a spot of people watching and with such fashionable clientele, it’s impossible not to appreciate the people around you. 54 55 S I M P LY A BU D H A B I S I M P LY A BU D H A B I