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You Want to Work at a Start Up?


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A look at the introspective aspects of joining an existing start up.

Published in: Career, Travel, Business
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You Want to Work at a Start Up?

  2. 2. NOT EVERYONE IS CUT OUT TO WORK AT A START UPThat is not to say that people who work at start upsare superior to others, rather they may simply havea different outlook or physical circumstance.(C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLC
  3. 3. Look at three career elements before taking theplunge with a start up.• Your goals• Can you do the job• Personal opportunity cost(C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLC
  4. 4. YOUR GOALS(C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCWhy would anyone want to work for a company,which, by definition of being a start up, is likely tofail?• Dreams of big money• Social cachet• The excitement of the fast pace• Desire to build a business from “nothing”
  5. 5. (C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCBeyond those reasons,you’re probably just looking for a job,and you’re probably looking in the wrong place.
  6. 6. (C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCAnd if your only goals for working at a start up areto cash in big or for social value, you will bedisappointed.
  7. 7. (C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCIf your main goals include growing a business orthriving in an exciting, fast-paced environment, youare much more likely to personally succeed at astart up, and to help it succeed as well.
  8. 8. CAN YOU DO THE JOB?(C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLC“Of course I can do the job” is your answer.But…
  9. 9. (C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCCan you think beyond the job description?
  10. 10. (C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCCan you think big?
  11. 11. (C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCCan you work with incomplete informa…?
  12. 12. (C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCCan you put up with change?
  13. 13. (C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCCan you make your own copiesand your own travel arrangementsand order lunch for the client visit?
  14. 14. (C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCOh, and can you wear the proverbial “many hats,”even doing the jobs that arebeneath you?
  15. 15. PERSONAL OPPORTUNITY COST(C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCIn choosing to work for a start up you foregoworking for a traditional company and some ofthose benefits.
  16. 16. (C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCYou will most definitely incur risk in youremployment future.
  17. 17. (C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCYou will also likely sacrifice family time, workinglong hours and weekends to make the business go.
  18. 18. (C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCMost likely you will give up some $alary.Start ups tend to be cash-poor and pay less withthe promise of future reward from equity.
  19. 19. (C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCThis reduced $alary may further affect the $alary youcan command in your next gig if they find out whatyou have been making.
  20. 20. (C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCYou may also sacrifice traditional advancementbecause start ups run lean and organizations tendto be flat, with managers reporting to VPs and notmuch in between.
  21. 21. (C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCThen there is the flip-side to that scenario in which youend up with a VP title in your first joband have to take on a low-level manager role in yournext job.
  22. 22. WRAP(C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCSo, working for start ups is a bad idea?
  23. 23. (C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCNo!
  24. 24. (C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCJust be aware of potential issues.Consider if it is right for you,or the right time for you.
  25. 25. FOR MORE INFORMATION(C) 2013 JORDAN RIDGE LLCRead the blog and get help