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Project Charter

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Wedding Project Charter

  1. 1. The Green/Scott Wedding August 29, 2009 Lisa Parker Asya Bell Events Unlimited 1111 S. August Street Chicago, IL 60606
  2. 2. Events Unlimited 1111 S. August Street Chicago, IL 60606 28 August 2009 To: Mary Greene & Shaun Scott From: Lisa Parker, Event Coordinator Subject: Project Charter for your Church Rehearsal, Friday, August 7, 2010; Rehearsal Dinner, Friday, August 7, 2010; Wedding Ceremony, Saturday, August 14, 2010; and Wedding Reception, Saturday, August 14, 2010. Responsibility Ms. Parker will be responsible for ensuring that all key milestones are met within the time, cost, and performance constraints as detailed in writing by Ms. Greene and Mr. Scott. Also, the event coordinator must work closely with both Ms. Greene and Mr. Scott to ensure that all assigned vendors, all possible venues’ and resources are used effectively and efficiently, and that the event/wedding is property staffed. Additionally, Events Unlimited will be responsible for: 1. All formal communications between the clients and outside vendors. 2. Preparation of an event timeline that is realistic, and acceptable by both the clients and the event coordinator. Wedding date August 14, 2010 3. Providing at least three possible venues for each budgeted guest fine dining including beverages costing more than $350.00 per table for comparison. 4. Keeping Ms. Greene and Mr. Scott informed as to the planning status through weekly phone calls and bi-monthly in-person meetings. Events Unlimited will also work with the Scott/Green wedding as frequent as needed beginning May 1, 2010. 5. Ensuring that all assigned personnel from Events Unlimited are kept informed as to their responsibilities for the event and all revisions to wedding timelines or details imposed by Ms. Greene and Mr. Scott. 6. Comparing actual cost to predicted cost and performance, and alerting Ms. Greene and Mr. Scott of any differences prior to completion. 7. Maintaining an up-to-date wedding plan displaying the time, cost, and performance as well as any resources or (vendor or venue) commitments made by Ms. Parker or staff of Events Unlimited. Authority To ensure that the Parker/Green wedding runs smoothly and meets Ms. Greene and Mr. Scott’s expectations, Events Unlimited is authorized to manage the wedding and issue directives in accordance to the policies and procedures section of Events Unlimited’s
  3. 3. blanket client release form. Additional direction and management may be channeled from Ms. Greene and Mr. Scott through Ms. Parker to outside vendors 1. Direct access to Ms. Greene and Mr. Scott on all matters pertaining to the wedding. 2. To revise the wedding venue and minor dates with advanced notice as needed, and with the approval of Ms. Greene and Mr. Scott. 3. To require frequent wedding status updates from vendors and final venue or other Events Unlimited personnel. 4. To monitor the time, cost, and performance of vendors and ensure that any and all problems are promptly identified, reported, and solved. 5. To work with various vendors, especially vendors that will be working with one another, to insure the wedding is ran smoothly. 6. To re-negotiate with Events Unlimited Management (Lisa Parker Event Coordinator/Asya Bell Wedding Planner) and personnel for changes in internal personnel assignments. 7. Delegating responsibilities and authority to Events Unlimited personnel as needed, provided that Events Unlimited management is in approval that the employee can handle this authority/responsibility. Any questions regarding the above policies should be directed to the undersigned. Lisa Parker Event Coordinator