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Experience Design 101


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Experience Design 101

  1. 1. Experience Design designing the invisible 101
  2. 2. Overview 1. the Problems 2. the Philosophy 3. the Practice Overview | 2
  3. 3. The Problems The Problems | 3
  4. 4. $ $ $ $ $ customers BRAND brand agency disciplines The Problems | 4
  5. 5. 3 relationships $ $ $ $ $ customers BRAND brand agency disciplines and conflicts The Problems | 5
  6. 6. $ $ $ $ $ BRAND We are bombarded with over 5,000 pieces of commercial information a day The Problems | 6
  7. 7. $ 5,000+ per day $ $ $ $ BRAND This creates a lot of noise, clutter and irrelevance that customers have to sift through The Problems | 7
  8. 8. $ 5,000+ per day $ $ $ $ BRAND noise causing distrust, fatigue and apathy in customers The Problems | 8
  9. 9. $ 5,000+ per day $ $ $ $ BRAND noise distrust The average customer now goes through 10.7 different touchpoints before making a purchase decision. The Problems | 9
  10. 10. $ 5,000+ per day $ $ $ $ BRAND noise distrust 10.7 we need to reliably and delightfully steward customers through the noise. The Problems | 10
  11. 11. $ $ $ $ $ BRAND T.A.W. $ Agencies and brands want to create and sell big amazing things The Problems | 11
  12. 12. $ T.A.W. $ creating big ideas $ $ $ $ BRAND ! This requires communicating meaningfully, cohesively and effectively The Problems | 12
  13. 13. $ $ $ $ $ BRAND $ ! creating big ideas communication T.A.W. A B ? and now considering new and evolving forms of interactive behavior, technology and social media The Problems | 13
  14. 14. $ $ $ $ $ BRAND $ ! creating big ideas communication T.A.W. A B ? interaction we need new maps and new tools to effectively build quality relationships with our customers The Problems | 14
  15. 15. $ $ $ $ $ BRAND $ ! creating big ideas communication T.A.W. A B ? interaction map + tools we need new ways to understand, sell, and execute large interactive and integrated work. The Problems | 15
  16. 16. $ $ $ $ $ BRAND There are many different roles and purposes in our internal teams The Problems | 16
  17. 17. $ different purposes $ $ $ $ BRAND is there anyone there to serve as an ambassador for the end customer and their needs? The Problems | 17
  18. 18. $ different purposes $ $ $ $ BRAND ambassadorship? is there anyone responsible for the overall structure, flow and functionality of the products we create? The Problems | 18
  19. 19. $ $ $ $ $ BRAND ! different purposes ambassadorship? architecture? ? who’s responsible for creating shared understanding between the creative teams, developers, buyers, users and stakeholders? The Problems | 19
  20. 20. $ $ $ $ $ BRAND ! different purposes ambassadorship? architecture? ? translation? we need more empathy, systemic thinking and creative collaboration throughout our rich interactive and integrated projects. The Problems | 20
  21. 21. All together now... With more empathy, systemic thinking and creative collaboration throughout our rich interactive and integrated projects... we’ll be able to better think-through, understand, sell, and execute work that... reliably and delightfully stewards customers through the plethora of noise, clutter and irrelevance. The Problems | 21
  22. 22. The Goal With more empathy, systemic thinking and creative collaboration throughout our rich interactive and integrated projects... + we’ll be able to better think-through, understand, sell, and execute work that... + reliably and delightfully stewards customers through the plethora of noise, clutter and irrelevance in the marketplace. eXperience XD Design The Problems | 22
  23. 23. The Philosophy The Philosophy | 23
  24. 24. Art + Design Psychology + Anthropology XD Technology + Development Business + Marketing The Philosophy | 24
  25. 25. Interactivity Storytelling Heuristics IA Game Theory Product Design Perceptual/Cognitive Psychology Logic Ethnography Culture & Tech Trends Holistic Design Design Trends XD The Philosophy | 25
  26. 26. The customer is the company XD The Philosophy | 26
  27. 27. Experience design is not about designing ‘things’, but behavior XD The Philosophy | 27
  28. 28. Empathy Systems Thinking Creative Collaboration XD The Philosophy | 28
  29. 29. think of us as an ARCHITECT with a customer’s heart The Philosophy | 29
  30. 30. analyze & define digital habits user needs customer goals design trends usability standards priorities relationships hierarchy flow navigation incentive guidance focus functionality controls DESIGN an ARCHITECT with a customer’s heart structure systems logic The Philosophy | 30
  31. 31. an ARCHITECT with a customer’s heart structure systems logic The Philosophy | 31
  32. 32. an ARCHITECT with a customer’s heart structure systems logic blueprints schematics frameworks The Philosophy | 32
  33. 33. The Practice The Practice | 33
  34. 34. XD The Practice | 34
  35. 35. research define design evaluate strategy creative production XD The Practice | 35
  36. 36. research Design / Tech / Usability trends Auditing / Ecosystem mapping Task & Pathway analysis Affinity Mapping define strategy Ideation & Concept modeling Ecosystem / Customer journeys Storyboarding Persona / Scenarios / Use cases Interaction rules & mechanics design IA / Interface design Wireframes / Schematics User flows Site maps evaluate Rapid prototyping Usability heuristics User-testing Design evaluation creative production XD The Practice | 36
  37. 37. Auditing BROADCAST TV The brand spokesperson, broadcasting how Ruby Tuesday is new and different. Visuals of food, highlighting promotions and special offers incentivize people to consider Ruby Tuesday. Does not articulate differentation value. Provide a deeper core brand idea. Tie-in a social CTA/callout. Issue a challenge to see why RT is different. Connect to social. DIGITAL The digital hub that highlights current promotions and is meant to change perceptions of RT. Consistently updated content highlighting promotions and special offers. Lack of core idea. Lack of 2-way conversation. Special story overload. Clear and focused. Doesn’t fit with .com. Fails to lead the customer. Create smoother transitions and clear purposes from external drivers. Content hierarchy on .com should be clear. SOCIAL Facebook The customer experience monitor where Ruby Tuesday followers should engage and explore how Ruby Tuesday is different from everyone else. 800K followers. Followers just ask for coupons. Infrequent brand posts or interactions. YouTube Cultivate content and reasons to re-engage. Two videos, no interactions. EMAIL So Connected/Promotions The outreach reminder to members to hear what’s happening & receive coupons. High quality imagery & content High frequency of emails. Too many competing CTAs. More targeted emails, e.g., new Facebook promotion email, Refer a Friend for So Connected, request feedback on FB. Connect to social media to build relationships. Localize email content for local Ruby Tuesday promotions. PRINT/OOH PRINT/OOH The guidebook providing enticing food imagery and incentives to visit the restaurant. Imagery. Coupons & deals. Too many secondary CTAs. Deadend . Create smooth transitions to social, mobile, and digital properties. Use mobile texting to let people opt-in to loyalty or So Connected programs. Allow people to vote for their favorite dishes to come back to RT menu, favorite offerings from Seafood Festival, etc.) MOBILE The Ruby Tuesday locator. EVENTS Guest Appreciation Nights The prize giver rewards customers with a “Customer Appreciation CTAs are prioritized: first find a Night” cocktail party. RT location . Customers feel special. No awareness drivers. They stay to dine. Underutilized. Deadend. Missed opportunity to continued engagement with customers. Deadend. Mix utility with surprise and delight. Deeper engagements to promote core values and Deeper engagement and continuity of engagement. continuity. Share an awesome experience with friends (send out a survey afterwards, send rewards to share with a friend, post to social media channels). Deeper engagements change perceptions, build loyalty. Be more visible; ask for feedback, polls, etc. Crosspromote. The Practice | 37
  38. 38. Design / Usability Heuristics Match Match mental models. Complexity Aesthetics Minimize perceived complexity. Strive for appropriate and minimal aesthetics. Consistency Errors Use consistent form, words, and actions. Prevent errors and provide graceful recovery. Feedback Place Give feedback about actions and status. Provide a sense of place. Language Constraints Use clear and concise language. Account for user & environmental constraints. Anticipate Anticipate needs. The Practice | 38
  39. 39. Ecosystem Maps DEEPER BRAND CONTENT -DIGITAL MEDIA- My Subway Card Subway Kids Online Ordering GENERAL AWARENESS -TRADITIONAL MEDIA- Email BRAND CONVERSATION -SOCIAL MEDIA- Mobile site LOYALTY CARD In Restaurant Partners & Sponsorship POP Sandwich Artists Events PRODUCT TRIAL -EXPERIENTIAL- The Practice | 39
  40. 40. Defining Experience Opportunities The Practice | 40
  41. 41. Customer Journeys (high-level) 2. INFORM hmmm... what’s the best choice for what I want? Users are provided reliable reasoning to trust in what Meijer offers. +Quick look +Product Details +Comparison I wonder what great thing Meijer will do next... 1. INSPIRE 4. RE-INSPIRE +Rich, product-lifestyle imagery +Enticing language +Relevant recommendations +Confirmation messaging +Personalized email +Unexpected perks Users are emotionally compelled to engage and find product solutions via Users feel good about Meijer and can continuously rely on what they provide. ...not really sure what to buy... $ 3. TRANSACT Users can successfully collect and purchase desired products. +Special offers +Wishlist +Shopping cart I’ve made my choice and I’m ready to buy. The Practice | 41
  42. 42. User Journeys (detail-level) I’m accountable & feel supported. GM Example Achievements GM Example Encouragements I’m ready to get back on track. How can I get motivated again? This helps me work out, but what about eating healthy? I get distracted easily. How can I stay focused? USER’S THOUGHTS & FEELINGS I need help staying motivated so I can reach my goals. You’ve taken your 1st step to better health! Take a few minutes to set up your profile & goals so Goalmate can get to know you. PHASES OF JOURNEY INSPIRE Great dedication! You’re getting smarter about staying healthy! Take a look at our sample schedules to get started for week 1. You’ve become a contributor to your goal group! Not sure about choosing a Goalmate yet? Use our Coach to get started. EMPOWER PHASE STRATEGIES Users are compelled to engage with the Goalmate tool. Users discover how Goalmate sets them up for continued success. Tools of Inspiration: Gold’s Gym Challenge - hard launch New member onboarding Integration with CRM Tour de Cure It’s Almost time for: - beach season - NY’s resolutions - the holiday bulge battle Incentives/Rewards Fame/Recognition USER’S ACTION WITH FEATURES Account creation: Facebook login and an email address & unique password. Users should feel that GG understands everyone has good intentions about reaching their goals, but could use a helping hand. The incentive to use Goalmate is that people will be able to create a plan, receive consistent motivation and accountability from a real person. The use of the tool for 1-on-1 and group accountability is as good as the people who are involved and engaged. GG is the facilitator and will provide expert advice and experience. User’s Lifestyle, Goals and Tasks 1. Lifestyle - Life stages - Gym member? GG? - Set up Schedule (wk 1) 2. Set Goals - General overall - Select subgoal - Create your own subgoal 3. Resources - Invite Goalmate (random, search or via FB) - Select Goalmate (by gender, gym membership preferences) - Get Health tips Goalmate will not limit accounts to any one social media platform. Encourage early & often on the first small accomplishments like bookmarking the Goalmate tool, setting up a profile, goals and a schedule. Provide suggestions for both goals , a workout schedule and allow user to set up a workout schedule for the 1st week and repeat it as needed. Your comment was voted up! INFORM Users are provided with relevant resources that help them reach their goals. Dashboard Explore Goal Group -Discussions / Sharing -Vote up Answers/Shares -PT expertise (podcasts, posts) Goalmate -Conversations, schedules, checkins GG Content -Workout builder, BMI calculator, etc -Nutrition info -Suggestions according to User’s goals -Suggestions for goal group The dashboard is a resource with easy access for the user to view their goal group discussions, shared items, recommended resources targeted to their goal group and individual goals and profile by GG, Goalmate conversations, alerts and email options and their personal profile. It’s beautiful weather in Chicago-why not take a brisk walk outside? Ready for a more structured challenge? Sign up for a seesion with a local PT today! Don’t forget to check out your Goalmates progress & send props! You’ve checked out Goalmate for more than 30 days. Get a free GG class on us! If you need help with your goals, visit your goal group / contact us. MOTIVATE RE-INSPIRE Users are consistently encouraged with resources and information that is personalized to their lifestyle and goals. Goalmate reaches out to users to compel them to continue to engage or re-engage if they have been inactive. Goalmate -Icebreakers/Suggestions -Conversation schedule/Cry for Help -Props for task completion Tool -Alerts/Reminders to workout -Scheduled Encouragement -Localized “ads” for nearby GG classes, offer/promotions -key word search for resources Sharing -broadcast achievements & successes to goal group, social media outlets; receive props in goal group Provide Goalmate introduction and help starting conversations and aids to build a relationship between Goalmates (e.g. icebreakers, suggestions for interactions like sending each other reminders or checking in and giving props for tasks completed). Bring in localized offers from GGs - promotions for Personal Training, special classes or nutritionist visits. Offer an option to get new exercise ideas and localize those ideas: e.g. “It might rain this week, head into your GG for a yoga class” or “There’s a new bike trail nearby - why not try it out?”. Goals Prompt to review Goals, modify, prompt new goals for events like Tour de Cure, etc. Goalmate Prompt to reassess Goalmate. Updated GG Content, new suggestions in tool & email Based on profile, localized offer for free Personal Training or Nutritionist session/ other reward. Check in after 30, 60, 90, 120 days of account signup or a time of inactivity. Offer rewards and special, limited time offers for those with 10 achievements or more and help in the form of GG contacts for those who are struggling. Update GG content and poll the users via goal groups or Facebook pages for new features. The Practice | 42
  43. 43. Personas + Scenarios The Practice | 43
  44. 44. Ideation + Design Thinking The Practice | 44
  45. 45. UX Strategy + Role Definition The Nation Hub Facebook PRIMARY PURPOSE: Serve as the digital product information and commerce engine for new customers and returning members. PRIMARY PURPOSE: The Nation serves as a community page on for the purpose of connecting, empowering and engaging members through member-focused content. Non-members can view it to see the value and difference a memberdriven alternative offers. PRIMARY PURPOSE: Serve as the social lens to the nation’s members; activating and channelling the passion points of members (and their things worthy of protection). ROLE IN CAMPAIGN: It houses the Nation Hub, allows users to research product details and get a quote. USER VALUE: The central area for starting, continuing, and expanding one’s relationship with Nationwide services. MAIN FUNCTIONS: -Insurance, investment, & banking info -Specific product options -Get a quote / Member sign-up -Account Access -Contains the Hub community MAIN DRIVERS: (Via the Hub) TV, Print, Radio, OOH, Events, Digital Media, content, , Twitter, Email, Social Outreach, Nationwide Reps. ROLE IN CAMPAIGN: Creates a constructive reason for members to engage with Nationwide through a tangible representation of membership. USER VALUE: Provides a trusted resource of information for members to ask, learn about, and share, specifically focusing on how to better protect themselves (from members who can truly relate). MAIN FUNCTIONS: -Ask the Nation; member-sourcing Q&As -Poll solicitation for products/services -Documentary videos of member stories -Customer reviews and opinion sharing -Volunteer opportunities -Disaster alerts and prevention tips -Drivers to deeper .com content ROLE IN CAMPAIGN: Ignite conversation and interactions that spark social participation, driving new users and returning members to the Hub. USER VALUE: A relief area for expressing user’s bottled-up need to share what’s worth protecting for them (through storytelling tools and conversation). MAIN FUNCTIONS: -Conversation / Wall posts -Storytelling -Sharing member passions -Connecting members and potential members with common passions MAIN DRIVERS: The Nation Hub (on,, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Email, Social Outreach, Nationwide Reps. MAIN DRIVERS: TV, Print, Radio, OOH, Events, Digital Media, content, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Social Outreach, Nationwide Reps. The Practice | 45
  46. 46. Interaction/Game Mechanics + + + 0 00 , 10 s pt 25 , 0 00 s pt 50 ,0 00 s pt Level 4 + Free shipping on all GNC products + 20% off all purchases + Considered a ‘Certified Expert’ + Online admin rights (for creating / sharing content) Level 3 + Free shipping on orders over $50 + 10% off all purchases + Wellness concierge hotline + Monthly raffle Level 2 + Special offers / coupons + Free product testing + Affiliate access / discounts + Bonus site features / content Level 1 + Personalization features + Profile set-up + Monthly discount + Custom / curated content The Practice | 46
  47. 47. User Flows Landing Page Explanation Video Sign in Unique email & password new user Bookmark Add to home screen Facebook Connect returning (w/o Goalmate) returning (with Goalmate) Dashboard Choose Lifestyle Choose Goal Group Your Profile Set/Enter Specific Goal Your Lifestyle (Change) Your Goal Group (Change) Your Goalmate (Get New) Your Schedule (Manage) Settings: Alerts, etc. (Change) Achievements (Completed Goals) Schedule Wizard (how-to) Set Schedule Schedule Maker /Manager Schedule alerts Notification sent to initial user Goalmate Finder Search/Select Goalmate Facebook Twitter YouTube Invite a Goalmate Recipient accepts invite and signs up Notification sent to initial user GoalMate Converstaions (via site, text, email) Notifications / Alerts Contextual Content Links to GG content Goal Group GG Content current future (CMS?) user shared content content sharing between users (e.g. send article to Goalmate) content commenting, voting 3rd party content (tools, podcasts, etc) Goal Discussion Boards Ask a question Forum Props on good answers Vote down for group moderation Contextual Ads / Events local events (classes, challenges) special offers (local if available) Send Invite Notification sent to selected goalmate Email SMS Facebook Goalmate Accepts The Practice | 47
  48. 48. Wireframes Nationwide The Nation Welcome to the Nation 1. The “News and Story” section for Join the Nation showcasing a combination of full-width video, image and text content, including the :60 JTN Anthem, Member Stories Documentaries, Disaster Alerts and Member Volunteer Opportunities. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus nec massa est, in mattis eros. Fusce cursus gravida nibh. TOP RESULTS Default / Not Logged-in State: -Visitors can view the top questions and Reviews but cannot respond or post. -Visitors can explore top rated “most helpful” questions and the top member answers by category or by the instant search bar. They can also explore product reviews by the nation below. Member / Logged-in State: -Members can ask a question by submitting via the “Ask a Question | Find an Answer” form field attached to the bottom of the browser window. -Members can vote for the most helpful questions and answers. -Only Members can answer and contribute questions. GET A QUOTE 3. Prompts for ‘Log in to Nationwide‘ and ‘Get a Quote’ are active only for visitors not logged in. WATCH VIDEO Ask the Nation 2. The “Ask the Nation” section of Join the Nation is the area for asking/answering questions as well as exploring customer reviews. LOG IN TO NATIONWIDE 807 MOST RECENT SEARCH THE NATION ABOUT THE NATION 4. Infographic representations of facts relevant to Nationwide and the Nation will be featured for users to click through. Logged in members will recieve more relevent data. Filter by: What is Nationwide doing? TOP ANSWER Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus nec massa est, in mattis eros. Fusce cursus gravida nibh. In non sapien ligula, vel dignissim augue. Nam sagittis orci sit amet lectus commodo posuere. consequat augue nec tincidunt. et seamper velit. 523 Question #2 415 Question #3 MORE QUESTIONS 40% of the people in your neighborhood own motorcycles ANOTHER IDEAS OF THE NATION This is a an idea submitted by members and vetted by Nationwide. THE NATION REVIEWS ASK A QUESTION | FIND AN ANSWER CONTRIBUTE YOUR IDEA 5. Several Nationwide-curated ideas for the Hub community from members. The “Contribute Your Idea” submission area and voting functionality are active for logged in members. SUBMIT Nationwide Member? Login to Vote or Submit Your Own Idea The Practice | 48
  49. 49. Interface Design (for multiple devices/platforms) The Practice | 49
  50. 50. Functional Specs The Practice | 50
  51. 51. Prototyping Testing Prototype Test Evaluate The Practice | 51
  52. 52. The benefit? +Addressing and weaving in key customer needs and goals from kick-off through execution. +More shared understanding and clarity between clients and disciplines. +Simplicity of distilling complex systems and creative challenges into their most essential elements. +Partnership and leadership in ideation, design and execution of our interactive and integrated work. +Guidance and validation of interactive execution. +More intuitive, useful, and desirable experiences for our customers. Summary | 52