Wednesday 9th jan


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Wednesday 9th jan

  1. 1. What does this phrase mean or suggest?Why do you thinkthe poem is called this?
  2. 2. Tackling the language in a poem – 1 Focusing on detail - images What0 Read the whole poem again you’re0 Find a section that you think is doing is most interesting in relation to focusing on conflict. detail, from a ‘big’0 Find the image in that section picture to a that you think is most ‘smaller’ interesting – relate to conflict. detail –0 Find the word in the image that details are you think is most powerful – more relate to conflict. significant and0 Summarise your choices of interesting. language and image – relate to conflict.
  3. 3. Tackling the language in a poem – 2 Looking for patterns Rhyme is a form of0 Read the whole poem again repetition, where0 Look for: sounds are being repeated. 0 Repetition Listing makes us 0 Listing connect things together. 0 Synonyms Synonyms are words that share a meaning, or are close in meaning.0 What effects do these things Antonyms are words create? that mean the exact opposite.
  4. 4. Tackling the structure of a poem How is punctuation used? 10 In a poem, the end of a line does What is the not always mean the end of a effect of the sentence. enjambment?0 On your copy of the poem, highlight or underline where the sentences end. Think about conflict and0 When meaning continues why the lines across lines, it is called don’t end the enjambment. meanings.
  5. 5. Tackling the structure of a poem How is punctuation used? 20 What other types of Think about how punctuation does Armitage a poet is being use? Find some examples creative, but on the poem. some types of punctuation are0 How are these interesting in necessary to terms of conflict? convey meaning – like question marks.
  6. 6. Tackling the form of a poem How is punctuation used? 20 Who is the poem directed at? The word form means the way0 What purpose do the the writing is questions have? presented. This poem is written in first person.0 What can you say about the way the poem looks on the page?
  7. 7. Homework – due Thursday 10th January0 Write about the way that language is used to show conflict in ‘Out of the Blue’.0 Use your ideas and annotations about the image you found in class.0 Use this to help you: In the poem ‘Out of the Blue’ Armitage has used language to create images of conflict. An example of this is, ……………… This image makes the reader feel…………… Armitage has used words like “……..” and “…………” to suggest that ………….. The reader feels ………