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  1. 1. TennysonLook over the notes you were completingwhere you were applying a theoretical lensto two of the poems.You are going to share 5 of your points withthe class.You have 10 minutes to check over, add toyour notes and prepare your 5 points.
  2. 2. Tennyson What I have to say isSection A, the second question. interesting and shows that I know my subject material as I have read well.AO1: Articulate creative, informedand relevant responses to literarytexts, using appropriate terminology technical I use terminologyand concepts, and coherent, accurateit is when needed andwritten expression relevant. I debate the question in a 10% way that is clear to follow and is well expressed, using punctuation and paragraphing.
  3. 3. TennysonSection A, the second question. I show that I am aware that texts can be interpreted in many different ways, by different readers.AO3: clear consideration of somedifferent interpretations of texts withsome evaluation of their strengths andweaknesses I show that some interpretations are more appropriate or relevant for some themes – I20% can debate and argue that some interpretations are more valid than others.
  4. 4. TennysonSection A, the second question.AO4: Demonstrate understanding ofthe significance and influence of thecontexts in which literary texts are writtenand received. I can argue why a text is important. I can explain how a text is influenced by and reflects its contemporary I can also suggest how a text is important time. today and interpret how it might be received.
  5. 5. Poem lucky dip. Women Godiva Death The Lady of Shalott Loss and bereavement The past – classical and Mariana medieval settings Men Ulysses Progress and the future Tithonus Beauty and art
  6. 6. TennysonTennyson is ‘the poet ofmelancholia, passionand despair’.T. S. Eliot
  7. 7. TennysonHave a read of the quotations. Do any ofthem obviously link to any of the poems?Label them.Which do you feel is the strongest/mostinteresting comment and why?Which poem/s does it apply to?
  8. 8. Tennyson‘The women in Tennyson’s poems are presented as victimsof a male world.’ AO1: Articulate How far do you agree? creative, informed and relevant responses to literarySome will agree and focus on texts, using appropriate• the wife of Ulysses terminology and concepts, and• the Lady of Shallot coherent, accurate written• Godiva to a point• Aurora - victim of the male gods perhaps expression• Mariana AO3: clear considerationSome will disagree and focus on of some different• Godiva’s triumph over her husband and interpretations of texts her gaining immortality in legend• Mariana might be discussed as a victim of with some evaluation of herself or of clinical depression their strengths and• Tithonus – more a victim than Aurora weaknesses• Lady of Shallot – victim perhaps of AO4: detailed exploration of some supernatural forces, etc. contextual factors with specific, detailed links between context/texts/task
  9. 9. ‘The women in Tennyson’s poemsare presented as victims of a male Tennysonworld.’ AO1: Articulate creative, informed and relevant responses to How far do you agree? literary texts, using appropriate terminology and concepts, and coherent, accurate written expression AO3: clear consideration of some different interpretations of texts with some evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses AO4: detailed exploration of some contextual factors with specific, detailed links between context/texts/task Plan: Set up the debate in the first paragraph – are they only presented as victims? What does it mean to be a victim? What does the term suggest? Could they be viewed differently? Choose one of the poems and explore how the female character and her story are presented. What images do we get of her? How could she be interpreted by different readers? How might we respond to her character? Why is Tennyson presenting her character like this – consider the ways that women were treated and how they were viewed both at the time (contemporary) and now (modern context). Consider a second character. Consider a third character – maybe one who is completely different.
  10. 10. Yes: No:… …… …… …‘The women in Tennyson’s poems are presented as victims of a male world.’ How far do you agree?Some readers and critics may argue that… Don’t forget toThe counter argument would be that… connect to theAlternatively… STORY/NARRATIt is debatable that… IVE. ConsiderThere is ambiguity regarding… voices, descriptioIt can be argued that… n, events, sequen ce.However…It could be interpreted that…A contemporary reader may… whereas a modern reader might…