Of mice and men top trumps


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Of mice and men top trumps

  1. 1. Of Mice and Men Today we will focus on Steinbeck’s characterisation and use of narrative techniques.
  2. 2. 5 minutes…• Top 5 things you can remember about the opening of the story.• Try and think of things that other people WILL NOT say.
  3. 3. Matching images and sections from the text• You have got some sections of text and some pictures.• Match the sections of text with the pictures that you think best fit.• On a Post-it note, say why you have matched them together – use the examples here to
  4. 4. Reading – section 3• The characters: How would you order• George these characters to show:• Lennie• Slim •The most important to the• Candy• Carlson least important?• The Boss• Curley’s Wife •The most sympathetic to• Curley the least sympathetic?• Crooks •The best developed to the least developed?
  5. 5. Section 3 – Of Mice and MenImportant events in section 3• Lennie’s true strength is revealed• We see how much control George has over Lennie – with George missing, more problems would happen• Curley’s true nature is revealed• The idea of ‘red’ as a theme is developed• Slim’s authority is revealed – even over Curley• We learn the past of Lennie and George• Candy has enough money to make the dream a reality – George lets him in• The death of the dog = foreshadowing later events, creating tension, drives Candy to want to join George and Lennie (motivation), we see Candy’s emotions (responsibility), we see some intolerance from the characters.(Numbers = my order of importance)
  6. 6. Language, Structure, Form The sound of• Get a blank double The silence is page and make a box mountains emphasised in the centre. are described• Write in it The as strong Description of George Description of• Look at the example the setting – I have commented on how the setting is described. Do the same for the character of George. shape The The peaceful• Add evidence from and layout setting is the text to support. of the described as bunkhouse is Look in chapter 1. described if it is heaven
  7. 7. Language, Structure, Form• Now add another layer to your explanations – what’s the effect of the description? ThisThe createseffect The The sound of anof this mountains silence is effectlanguag are emphasised of…e is… described as strong Physical description of the setting The shape and layout of the The peaceful bunkhouse is setting is described as if it is heaven
  8. 8. What can we say about the way Steinbeck uses...?Language Structure Form• Clearly created characters – description, speech, the way others respond to them and actions.• Very simple, but effective language – reflective of the way most people spoke.• Very vivid
  9. 9. Character Tops Trumps• Use pencil.• On the back, give each character a rating from 1-10 for the categories (1=weak, 10 super powers).• Add examples where they are asked for.• On the front, write some key words or quotes about that character.