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Blooms taxonomy


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Blooms taxonomy

  1. 1. Bloom’s taxonomyHigh orderthinking skills Evaluation Synthesis Analysis Application ComprehensionLow order Knowingthinking skills
  2. 2. Knowing Remembering information eg: define identify label state list match Write the equation for the Ideal Gas Law
  3. 3. Comprehension Explaining the meaning of information describe generalise estimate paraphrase summarise  Describe in prose what is shown in graph form
  4. 4. Application Using abstractions in concrete situations  determine chart implement, prepare solve use develop Derive a kinetic model from experimental data
  5. 5. Analysis Breaking down a whole into component parts point out differentiate distinguish discriminate compare Identify supporting evidence to support the interpretation of a literary passage
  6. 6. Synthesis Putting parts together to form a new and integrated whole  create design plan organise generate write Develop an individualised nutrition program for a diabetic patient 
  7. 7. Evaluation Making judgements about the merits of ideas, materials, or phenomena.  appraise critique judge weigh evaluate select  Assess the appropriateness of a conclusion based on the evidence