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Good practices in teaching through social media


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Slides used to present the main concepts of qTalNet research in the HvA - Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Published in: Education, Technology
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Good practices in teaching through social media

  1. 1. Picture: mkhmarketing Jose-Luis Poza-Lujan ( Good practices in teaching …through social media International Teaching Staff Week 2014 Picture: Christian Senger Team: Quality in teaching-learning through media (qTalNet)
  2. 2. Picture: mkhmarketing Social Media in Education? Communication (teachers and students) Coordination of subject events Share materials Monitor and review student Clarify doubts Group therapy Perfect to…
  3. 3. Picture: mkhmarketing Social Media in Education? Good practices
  4. 4. Picture: mkhmarketing
  5. 5. Picture: mkhmarketing Teacher’s role Friend of the students or Subject’s Community Manager ? It is important to keep in mind that….
  6. 6. Picture: mkhmarketing References • The Teacher as a Community Manager. Marga Cabrera, Nuria Lloret. Ohio State University. 2013 • Proposal of parameters and characterization about social networks groups focused in university teaching: experience and lessons learned. Jose-Luis Poza-Lujan, Ángeles Calduch-Losa, Ana Albors, Marga Cabrera, Dolores Teruel, Miguel Rebollo, Rebeca Díez Somavilla. RED Journal 2014. • Guidelines for action to optimize the use of social networks in university teaching. Jose-Luis Poza-Lujan, Angeles Calduch-Losa, Dolores Teruel, Ana Albors. In press (JENUI 2014) Own production