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Resources on China's Military


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Resources on China's Military

  1. 1. Chinese Military News Websites & Forums 162 Division comrades forum CCTV Military Channel China Comrades Union China Military Network China's Military Chinese Military Games Network ChnQiang Military News CTN Military Network East Asia Military Network Eastern Military Network Fenghuang Wang Military Gansu Daily Military News GloBBS Military Forums Guangming Daily Military Channel Hlkmil Jagged Network Junren Military Forums Junren Military Network Junshiz Military News Military People's Network Military Sword Military Times Military World Nation Field Qianlong Military Sina Military Sina Military Video's Sohu Military Channel SoSo Military News Strait Military Channel Supercamp Voices of the Forum Xinhua Military Channel Zhenhua Military Network Chinese articles on the new U.S. National Security Strategy : America, "Obama version of" National Security Strategy baked (Bejing News) Comment: Reality forces the tone of the U.S. "National Security Strategy (Xinhua) International Observer: How do the new U.S. security strategy (Xinhua) New U.S. national security strategy, changed and unchanged (Xinhua) Obama's National Security Strategy does not mention preemptive warfare (Xinhua) The new U.S. security strategy shows the difference between Barack Obama and George W. Bush (Intl. Online) U.S. National Security Strategy: tone does not degenerate (Liberation Daily) Collection of articles on China and on Cyberwarfare Airforce Magazine: China turns up the Heat Airforce Magazine: USAF's Cyberwar, Fighting the Phantom Menace Bryan Fite: Game Theory and Simulated Cyberwar China, Hacking and the Lingshui Intelligence Facility on Hainan Island
  2. 2. Cyber [Crime|War] - Connecting the Dots (Blackhat Briefing) Cyber War in the 21st Century: The Emerging Security Challenge (Rajaratnam School of Int. Studies) Cyber Warfare: Law and Policy Proposals for U.S. and Global Governance - Virginia Lawyer Cyberwar: Concept, Status Quo, and Limitations - Zurich Center for Security Studies Hacktivism with Chinese Characteristics and the Google Attacks - Chennai Center for China Studies Heritage Foundation: China and Cybersecurity Huaxia Military Digest: Locations of North Korea's Cyberwarfare Hacking Units in China Indian government checking reports on Chinese hackers Jart Armin: 'Information Engagement' and the Art of Cyber-Espionage Kevin Coleman: Returning Fire in Cyber Space; Oh They’ll Hear You Alright Meet a Journalist Hacked by China - Don't Buy Evil blog Network Security for Cyber War by Allison Johnson and Matthew Diana Q&A: Microsoft's chief strategist on China, cyber attacks, immigration Richard Clarke's Cyberwar: File under Fiction - Reflections in a Chinese Eye blog The Internet in China: Civilian and Miltary Uses - Foreign Military Studies Office Articles from the Chinese Military Press Air Force combat subversion theory - China beat the U.S. cruise missiles, helicopters, bombers ARJ21-700 aircraft and 102 aircraft successful in big crosswind flight test Australian Defense Minister: Australia welcomes China's military development Authoritative source: China J-10 better than Su-27 fighter and Japan F15J Battle of the South Sea: The Case for Chinese Intervention in Vietnam Brazil advanced naval academy students lamented China's advanced simulation training Breakthrough in Chinese/Indian Competition in South Asian Himalayan barriers British expert: U.S. global hegemony is only a temporary historical phenomenon Capture the human brain: the ultimate goal of the U.S. Fifth battlefield Carrier-based version of F-11B Aircraft China and Indonesia hold joint anti-terror special forces training next year China and Vietnam Navy, said the new Kilo submarines will weaken the advantages of Chinese China Armed Forces Forum: Access to China's mainland military intelligence is easy China dispatched it's first two fleets; Vietnam shocked China does not accept the US threat of war preparation China Expert: "Tian" incident will not lead to the war China fierce against Japan in the Persian Gulf China Flying Leopard fighter: Low Altitude Bomber Breakthrough China Global View: U.S. secret surveillance submarine base in Hainan China has the ability to shoot down stealth fighters: F-22 will become apparent prototype China may build carrier-based aircraft in the flight test base in Huludao China needs two thousand military helicopters by 2020 China to have the final say in finding a solution to the 'Korean Problem'
  3. 3. China's military deployment has been basically completed the South China Sea, the heavy hand of the time is coming! China's military exercises deployed new digital self-propelled artillery and other new equipment China's military secrets exposed China's Naval Strategy "distant sea defense" getting more important according to US media China's new breakthrough in supersonic heavy bombers China's New Missile Test self-exploded after launch China: Conflict with United States and Japan regarding the Diaoyu Islands China: History of Military Intelligence on Hainan Island China: PLA Navy's sea-shore capabilities integrated support a significant jump Chinese and American worries in Submarine warfare Chinese anti-aircraft weapons and dual-use mystery Chinese nuclear submarine massive build-up the South China Sea Chinese officials feel frustrated by North Korea's moves Chinese prosperity and stability of the Korean Peninsula on the security Chinese security agents working to destroy Taiwan intelligence network in China Chinese/ROK Naval escort ships in the first joint exercise Comprehensive Analysis: China's Strategic Naval Intentions Construction of the U.S. sea-air joint operations, the Pentagon way to deal with China blW6l0 Estimated strength of Korean military forces F-14 performance in China: 1 square meter target lock from 300km distance Five secrets of the Chinese aircraft carrier Former commander of the East China Sea Fleet: Pacific Island occupied by Taiwan Hainan Corps Battlefield Surveillance Equipment provides Useful Info Hainan Island or Hainan Military Base ? India deploys massive forces to protect border with China India: Deployment of advanced warplanes to deter China in-depth Iran launched a large military exercise to deter the United States with Chinese anti-ship missiles Japan and Australia signed a bilateral defense logistics agreement Japan claims that China is still no reliable second nuclear strike capability Japan intel headquarters in East Asia needs electronic warfare monitoring group on China Japan MoD set up a special agency to strengthen China military intelligence research a9VN05 Japan plans to expand it's air defense identification ring closer towards Taiwan Japan Self-Defense Forces on alert due to "Tian" ship incident Japan tries to protect it's islands from the Chinese by introducing new legislation Japanese PM said the U.S. and Japan will be involved in military conflict over the Diaoyu Islands Kaoyan Military Intelligence College via Google Translate Kim Jong-Il: War is money, and you don't have that Large-scale Transformation in the Chinese Military Forces Let the true elite CIA think-tank stop thinking! Lieutenant General: Cross-Strait war unlikely, as military across the Taiwan Strait have a tacit understanding Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station 2 Unit 1 reactor operational following nuclear tests
  4. 4. Major Chinese military plans come to light: No wonder China is so confident Major reversal in Sino-Japanese relations, China catching up Mongolia: For Chinese, this is the world's most dangerous countries! National strategy to solve the issue of Nansha North Korea accused South Korean warships violated the military's territorial waters North Korea to play nuclear games for their own strategic risk North Korea will use suicide tactics in naval battle Pakistan says India will construct 5-6 additional ATV-class nuclear submarines Pentagon nervous: China announced a major strategy Photo: Nanjing Military Region air defense brigade mobile radar tracking target Pioneer 2010 exercise: PLA Corps of Engineers Command College Comprehensive Training PLA to seize the Nansha Islands: Malaysia is the first 'sacrificial knife' RAND: 30-50 Chinese missiles can destroy defenses at Guam Reputation of anti-intervention strategies to deal with PLA Naval Forces Russia to deploy 3 flagships for exercises in the Japan sea Russia to sell 32 M-171E transporthelicopters to China before the end of the year Russian Air Force by 2015 will be equipped with 400 new helicopters Russian experts to assess the Sino-Russian military parade: DF31 one hundred years behind the Topol M Secret: People's Liberation Army's "Guam" in Sanya! Seven Unique skills which provide the Chinese army with absolute air advantage in the South China Sea Shocked: Chinese military to develop "evil product" Sino-Indian war in southern Tibet: Top Five Hidden Dangers South Korea held its first live-fire exercise in the United States to deploy anti-submarine aircraft F22A Sudden escalation of the situation in the South China Sea Taiwan accused of assisting Japan in it's effort to expand the Japanse air defense identification ring Taiwan Defense Ministry comparable to Pentagon to protect against PLA electromagnetic attack Taiwan's military: continue to promote the purchase of F16C / D fighter Taiwan's Tiger Force collects military intelligence on the mainland The distribution of Chinese Army and Army strategic importance The PLA introduces third-generation air defense missile The quiet visit of Chinese Defense Minister Liang to Pakistan Two more nations ratify test ban treaty: No description US Admiral: China's navy has no fear of any potential enemy US and Japanese defense ministers agreed to jointly monitoring trends in the Chinese Navy US bases in Okinawa will temporarily deploy 12 F-22a Raptor fighter US bullying of Iran: China supports Iran's anti-US military US commander in panic: the Chinese army caught the US by surprise US light aircraft satellite photos of China: more than aircraft carriers close to completion US media: the deployment of Japanese Self-Defense Forces in Okinawa early as next year asx preventive measure US military reports confirm that China has built three cruise missile base US says China will maintain sovereignty in the South and East China Seas US to build a small satellite constellation for submarine surveillance against China US: Hainan base will help the PLA submarine rapid control of the South China Sea
  5. 5. Vietnam people are shameless: they have any evidence that they own the South China Sea Islands? Vietnam veteran interview: China People's Liberation Army is too cruel Watch China's new ship-borne helicopters flying at night What's the Impact of China's new and advanced fighter aircraft Jian Shi Will the Korean People's army show more courage than the Iraqi army in 2003 ? Will the Middle East become yet another battlefield of Sino-US race? Why Obama has abandoned the Bush era "preemptive" security strategy? Zhenjiang Shipyard to deliver 30,000 tons of new ships