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Infosec books

  1. 1. Advanced Surveillance: The Complete Manual of Surveillance Training by Peter Jenkins (Paperback - Oct 2003) Aggressive Network Self-Defense by Neil R. Wyler, Bruce Potter, and Chris Hurley (Paperback - Feb. 26, 2005) - Illustrated Alternate Data Storage Forensics by Amber Schroader, and Tyler Cohen (Paperback - Oct 1, 2007) Applied Security Visualization by Raffael Marty (Paperback - Aug 11, 2008) Asterisk Hacking by Ben Jackson, Champ Clark, Johnny Long, and Larry Chaffin (Paperback - Jun 29, 2007) AVIEN Malware Defense Guide for the Enterprise by David Harley, Ken Bechtel, Michael Blanchard, and Henk K. Diemer (Paperback - Aug. 5, 2007) Beautiful Security: Leading Security Experts Explain How They Think by Andy Oram, and John Viega (Paperback - Apr 28, 2009) Beyond Fear: Thinking Sensibly About Security in an Uncertain World. by Bruce Schneier (Hardcover - May 4, 2003) Black Hat Physical Device Security: Exploiting Hardware and Software by Drew Miller (Hardcover - Oct 29, 2004) Botnets: The Killer Web App by Craig Schiller, Jim Binkley, Gadi Evron, and Carsten Willems (Paperback - Feb 15, 2007) Build Your Own Security Lab: A Field Guide for Network Testing by Michael Gregg (Paperback - Apr 28, 2008) Building a Digital Forensic Laboratory: Establishing and Managing a Successful Facility by Andrew Jones, and Craig Valli (Paperback - Oct 7, 2008) CD and DVD Forensics by Paul Crowley, and Dave Kleiman (Paperback - Mar 12, 2007) CEH: Official Certified Ethical Hacker Review Guide: Exam 312-50 by Kimberly Graves (Paperback - Feb. 27, 2007) Chained Exploits: Advanced Hacking Attacks from Start to Finish by Andrew Whitaker, Keatron Evans, and Jack B. Voth (Paperback - Mar 9, 2009) China's Techno-Warriors: National Security and Strategic Competition from the Nuclear to the Information Age by Evan A. Feigenbaum (Hardcover - Mar 18, 2003) Cisco Network Security Troubleshooting Handbook by Mynul Hoda (Paperback - Nov 21, 2005) Cisco Router and Switch Forensics: Investigating and Analyzing Malicious Network Activity by Dale Liu (Paperback - Apr 28, 2009) Cisco Voice Over IP Security by Stephen Dugan (Paperback - Jul 2005) CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, Fifth Edition by Shon Harris (Hardcover - Jan 15, 2010) CISSP For Dummies by Lawrence C. Miller, and Peter H. Gregory (Paperback - Dec 9, 2009) CISSP Practice Exams (All-in-One) by Shon Harris (Paperback - Jul 9, 2010) Combating Spyware in the Enterprise: Discover, Detect, and Eradicate the Internet's Greatest Threat by Paul Piccard (Paperback - Sep 19, 2006) Computer Forensics For Dummies by Linda Volonino, and Reynaldo Anzaldua (Paperback - Oct 13, 2008) Computer Forensics: Hard Disk and Operating Systems (Ec-Council Press Series : Computer Forensics) by EC-Council (Paperback - Sep 17, 2009) Computer Forensics: Investigating Data and Image Files (Ec-Council Press Series: Computer Forensics) by EC-Council (Paperback - Sep 16, 2009)
  2. 2. Computer Forensics: Investigating Network Intrusions and Cyber Crime (Ec-Council Press Series: Computer Forensics) by EC-Council (Paperback - Sep 16, 2009) Computer Forensics: Investigating Wireless Networks and Devices (C(Computer) Hfi (Hacking Forensic Investigator) by EC-Council (Paperback - Sep 17, 2009) Computer Forensics: Investigation Procedures and Response (Ec-Council Press Series : Computer Series) by EC-Council (Paperback - Sep 17, 2009) Computer Security and Penetration Testing by Alfred Basta, and Wolf Halton (Paperback - Aug 31, 2007) Counter Hack Reloaded: A Step-by-Step Guide to Computer Attacks and Effective Defenses (2nd Edition) by Edward Skoudis, and Tom Liston (Paperback - Jan 2, 2006) Crimeware: Understanding New Attacks and Defenses by Markus Jakobsson, and Zulfikar Ramzan (Paperback - Apr 16, 2008) Cyber Adversary Characterization: Auditing the Hacker Mind by Tom Parker, Marcus Sachs, Eric Shaw, and Ed Stroz (Paperback - Jun 2004) Cyber Crime Investigations: Bridging the Gaps Between Security Professionals, Law Enforcement, and Prosecutors by Anthony Reyes (Paperback - Feb 26, 2007) Cyber War: The Next Threat to National Security and What to Do About It by Richard A. Clarke, and Robert Knake (Hardcover - Apr 20, 2010) Cyberpower and National Security (National Defense University) by Franklin D. Kramer, Stuart H. Starr, and Larry Wentz (Paperback - Apr 30, 2009) Cyberdeterrence and Cyberwar by Martin C. Libicki (Paperback - Nov 25, 2009) Cyberthreats: The Emerging Fault Lines of the Nation State by Susan W. Brenner (Hardcover - Jan 16, 2009) Cyberwar, Netwar and the Revolution in Military Affairs (part 1) - Hardcover (Sept. 4, 2006) by Edward F. Halpin, Philippa Trevorrow, David Webb, and Steve Wright CyberWar, CyberTerror, CyberCrime by Julie E. Mehan (Paperback - Apr 17, 2008) Department of Defense Sponsored Information Security Research: New Methods for Protecting Against Cyber Threats by Department of Defense (Hardcover - Jul 17, 2007) Digital Forensics for Network, Internet, and Cloud Computing: A Forensic Evidence Guide for Moving Targets and Data by Terrence V. Lillard (Paperback - Jun 16, 2010) Digital Triage Forensics: Processing the Digital Crime Scene by Stephen Pearson, and Richard Watson (Paperback - Jul 12, 2010) Dissecting the Hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network by Jayson E. Street, Kent Nabors, and Dustin L. Fritz (Hardcover - Oct. 1, 2009) Emerging Threat Analysis: From Mischief to Malicious by Michael Gregg, and Brian Baskin (Paperback - Jan 13, 2007) Encyclopedia of Cybercrime by Samuel C. McQuade III (Hardcover - Nov 30, 2008) End-to-End Network Security: Defense-in-Depth by Omar Santos (Paperback - Sep 3, 2007) Enemy at the Water Cooler: True Stories of Insider Threats and Enterprise Security Management Countermeasures by Brian Contos (Paperback - Jan 7, 2007) Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures: Attack Phases (Ec-Council Press Series: Certified Ethical Hacker) by EC-Council (Paperback - Sep 22, 2009) Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures: Linux, Macintosh and Mobile Systems (C/ E H: Certified Ethical Hacker) by EC-Council (Paperback - Sep 24, 2009) Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures: Threats and Defense Mechanisms (Ec-Council Press Series: Certified Ethical Hacker) by EC-Council (Paperback - Sep 22, 2009)
  3. 3. Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures: Secure Network Infrastructures (C/ E H: Certified Ethical Hacker) by EC-Council (Paperback - Sep 24, 2009) Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures: Web Applications and Data Servers (Ec-Council Press Series) by EC-Council (Paperback - Sep 24, 2009) Extreme Exploits: Advanced Defenses Against Hardcore Hacks (Hacking Exposed) - Paperback (July 18, 2005) by Victor Oppleman, Oliver Friedrichs, and Brett Watson Extrusion Detection: Security Monitoring for Internal Intrusions - Paperback (Nov. 18, 2005) by Richard Bejtlich Fatal System Error: The Hunt for the New Crime Lords Who are Bringing Down the Internet by Joseph Menn (Hardcover - Jan 26, 2010) File System Forensic Analysis by Brian Carrier (Paperback - Mar 27, 2005) Forensic Discovery by Dan Farmer, and Wietse Venema (Paperback - Dec 28, 2009) Fuzzing: Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery by Michael Sutton, Adam Greene, and Pedram Amini (Paperback - Jul 9, 2007) GFI Network Security and PCI Compliance Power Tools by Brien Posey (Paperback - Sep 22, 2008) Google Hacking for Penetration Testers by Johnny Long (Paperback - Nov. 2, 2007) Google Hacking for Penetration Testers, Volume 2 by Johnny Long (Kindle Edition - Nov. 2, 2007) - Kindle Book Googling Security: How Much Does Google Know About You? by Greg Conti (Paperback - Oct 20, 2008) Gray Hat Hacking, Second Edition: The Ethical Hacker's Handbook by Shon Harris, Allen Harper, Chris Eagle, and Jonathan Ness (Paperback - Dec 20, 2007) Hack the Stack: Using Snort and Ethereal to Master The 8 Layers of An Insecure Network by Michael Gregg (Paperback - Jan 10, 2007) Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition by Jon Erickson (Paperback - Jan 11, 2008) Hacking: The Next Generation (Animal Guide) by Nitesh Dhanjani, Billy Rios, and Brett Hardin (Paperback - Sept. 10, 2009) Hacking a Terror Network: The Silent Threat of Covert Channels by Russ Rogers, and Matthew G Devost (Paperback - Dec 1, 2004) Hacking Exposed Cisco Networks: Cisco Security Secrets & Solutions - Paperback (Dec. 15, 2005) by Andrew Vladimirov Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics, Second Edition: Computer Forensics Secrets & Solutions by Aaron Philipp, David Cowen, and Chris Davis (Paperback - Sep 10, 2009) Hacking Exposed Linux, 3rd Edition by ISECOM (Paperback - July 15, 2008) Hacking Exposed Malware & Rootkits Secrets & Solutions by Michael Davis, Sean Bodmer, and Aaron LeMasters (Paperback - Sep 23, 2009) Hacking Exposed Network Security Secrets and Solutions, Sixth Edition by Stuart McClure, Joel Scambray, and George Kurtz (Paperback - Jan. 5, 2009) Hacking Exposed VoIP: Voice Over IP Security Secrets & Solutions by David Endler and Mark Collier (Paperback - Nov. 28, 2006) Hacking Exposed Web 2.0: Web 2.0 Security Secrets and Solutions by Rich Cannings, Himanshu Dwivedi, Zane Lackey, and Jesse Burns (Paperback - Dec 17, 2007) Hacking Exposed Web Applications, 2nd Ed. (Hacking Exposed) by Joel Scambray, Mike Shema, and Caleb Sima (Paperback - Jun 5, 2006)
  4. 4. Hacking Exposed Windows: Microsoft Windows Security Secrets and Solutions, Third Edition by Joel Scambray (Paperback - Dec. 4, 2007) Hacking Exposed Wireless: Wireless Security Secrets & Solutions by Johnny Cache, and Vincent Liu (Paperback - Mar 26, 2007) Hacking For Dummies by Kevin Beaver (Paperback - Jan. 12, 2010) Hacking the Human by Ian Mann (Hardcover - Nov 1, 2008) Hacking VoIP: Protocols, Attacks, and Countermeasures by Himanshu Dwivedi (Paperback - Mar 21, 2008) Hacking Wireless Networks For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)) by Kevin Beaver, Peter T. Davis, and Devin K. Akin (Paperback - Sept. 13, 2005) Hacktivism and Cyberwars: Rebels with a Cause? - Hardcover (Aug. 6, 2004) by Tim Jordan and Paul Taylor Hardening Linux by James Turnbull (Paperback - Feb 1, 2005) Hardening Network Infrastructure by Wesley J. Noonan (Paperback - May 7, 2004) Hardening Windows, Second Edition by Jonathan Hassell (Paperback - Jun 2, 2010) Honeypots for Windows (The Experts Voice) by Roger A. Grimes (Paperback - Feb 14, 2005) Honeypots: Tracking Hackers by Lance Spitzner (Paperback - Sep 20, 2002) Host Integrity Monitoring Using Osiris and Samhain by Brian Wotring (Paperback - May 1, 2005) How to Cheat at Configuring Open Source Security Tools by Michael Gregg, Eric Seagren, Angela Orebaugh, and Matt Jonkman (Paperback - May 28, 2007) How to Cheat at Securing a Wireless Network by Chris Hurley, and Jan Kanclirz Jr. (Paperback - Oct 5, 2006) How to Cheat at Securing Linux by James Stanger (Paperback - Nov 13, 2007) How to Cheat at Securing Your Network (How to Cheat) by Ido Dubrawsky (Paperback - Oct 16, 2007) InfoSec Career Hacking: Sell Your Skillz, Not Your Soul by Aaron W. Bayles, Chris Hurley, Johnny Long, and Ed Brindley (Paperback - Apr 1, 2005) InfoSecurity 2008 Threat Analysis by Craig Schiller, Seth Fogie, Colby DeRodeff, and Michael Gregg (Paperback - Nov 12, 2007) Inside Cyber Warfare: Mapping the Cyber Underworld by Jeffrey Carr (Paperback - Dec 15, 2009) Inside Network Perimeter Security (2nd Edition) by Stephen Northcutt, Lenny Zeltser, Scott Winters, and Karen Kent (Paperback - Mar 14, 2005) Inside the SPAM Cartel: By Spammer-X by Spammer-X., Jeffrey Posluns (Editor), and Stu Sjouwerman (Foreword) (Paperback - Nov 27, 2004) Insider Threat: Protecting the Enterprise from Sabotage, Spying, and Theft by Eric Cole, and Sandra Ring (Paperback - Mar 15, 2006) Intrusion Prevention and Active Response: Deploying Network and Host IPS by Michael Rash (Paperback - Apr 26, 2005) Intrusion Prevention Fundamentals by Earl Carter, and Jonathan Hogue (Paperback - Jan 28, 2006) iPhone Forensics: Recovering Evidence, Personal Data, and Corporate Assets by Jonathan A. Zdziarski (Paperback - Sep 12, 2008) IPv6 Security by Scott Hogg, and Eric Vyncke (Paperback - Dec 21, 2008) Joomla! Web Security by Tom Canavan (Paperback - Oct 15, 2008)
  5. 5. Kismet Hacking by Brad Haines, Frank Thornton, and Michael Schearer (Paperback - Jun 25, 2008) Know Your Enemy: Learning about Security Threats (2nd Edition) by Honeynet Project The (Paperback - May 27, 2004) LAN Switch Security: What Hackers Know About Your Switches by Eric Vyncke, and Christopher Paggen (Paperback - Sep 16, 2007) Live Hacking: The Ultimate Guide to Hacking Techniques & Countermeasures for Ethical Hackers & IT Security Experts by Ali Jahangiri (Paperback - Oct 21, 2009) Mac OS X, iPod, and iPhone Forensic Analysis DVD Toolkit by Ryan R. Kubasiak, Sean Morrissey, and Jesse Varsalone (Paperback - Dec 8, 2008) Malware Forensics: Investigating and Analyzing Malicious Code by Cameron H. Malin, Eoghan Casey, and James M. Aquilina (Paperback - Jun 30, 2008) Malware: Fighting Malicious Code by Ed Skoudis, and Lenny Zeltser (Paperback - Nov 17, 2003) Managed Code Rootkits: Hooking into Runtime Environments by Erez Metula (Paperback - Oct 29, 2010) Managing Catastrophic Loss of Sensitive Data: A Guide for IT and Security Professionals by Constantine Photopoulos (Paperback - Apr 18, 2008) Managing Information Security by John R. Vacca (Paperback - Mar 29, 2010) Managing Security with Snort and IDS Tools by Christopher Gerg, and Kerry J. Cox (Paperback - Aug 2004) Mastering Windows Network Forensics and Investigation by Steven Anson, and Steve Bunting (Paperback - Apr 2, 2007) Metasploit Toolkit for Penetration Testing, Exploit Development, and Vulnerability Research by David Maynor (Paperback - Oct 2, 2007) Nagios 3 Enterprise Network Monitoring: Including Plug-Ins and Hardware Devices by Max Schubert (Paperback - Jun 2, 2008) Nessus Network Auditing, Second Edition by Mark Carey (Paperback - May 27, 2008) Netcat Power Tools by Jan Kanclirz, and Brian Baskin (Paperback - Jun 27, 2008) Network and System Security by John R. Vacca (Paperback - Mar 29, 2010) Network Security Architectures by Sean Convery (Hardcover - Apr 29, 2004) Network Security Assessment: From Vulnerability to Patch by Steve Manzuik, Andre Gold, and Chris Gatford (Paperback - Nov 7, 2006) Network Security Assessment: Know Your Network by Chris McNab (Paperback - Nov 1, 2007) Network Security Auditing (Networking Technology: Security) by Chris Jackson (Paperback - Jun 12, 2010) Network Warrior: Everything you need to know that wasn't on the CCNA exam by Gary A. Donahue (Paperback - Jun 1, 2007) Next Generation SSH2 Implementation: Securing Data in Motion by Max Caceres, Aaron E. Earle, Devin Ganger, and Wipul Jayawickrama (Paperback - Nov 28, 2008) Ninja Hacking: Unconventional Penetration Testing Tactics and Techniques by Thomas Wilhelm, and Jason Andress (Paperback - Oct 8, 2010) Nmap in the Enterprise: Your Guide to Network Scanning by Angela Orebaugh, and Becky Pinkard (Paperback - Mar 14, 2008) No Tech Hacking: A Guide to Social Engineering, Dumpster Diving, and Shoulder Surfing by Johnny Long (Paperback - Feb. 21, 2008)
  6. 6. Official Certified Ethical Hacker Review Guide by Steven DeFino and Barry Kaufman (Paperback - Nov. 9, 2009) Open Source Fuzzing Tools by Noam Rathaus, and Gadi Evron (Paperback - Dec 28, 2007) OS X Exploits and Defense: Own it...Just Like Windows or Linux! by Paul Baccas, Kevin Finisterre, Larry H., and David Harley (Paperback - Apr 25, 2008) OS X for Hackers at Heart by Bruce Potter, Chris Hurley, Johnny Long, and Tom Owad (Paperback - Nov. 19, 2005) - Illustrated OSSEC Host-Based Intrusion Detection Guide by Andrew Hay, Daniel Cid, and Rory Bray (Paperback - Mar 17, 2008) PCI Compliance: Understand and Implement Effective PCI Data Security Standard Compliance by Dr. Anton Chuvakin, and Branden R. Williams (Paperback - Dec 15, 2009) Penetration Tester's Open Source Toolkit, Vol. 2 - Paperback (Nov. 30, 2007) by Jeremy Faircloth and Chris Hurley Penetration Testing and Network Defense by Andrew Whitaker, and Daniel Newman (Paperback - Nov 10, 2005) Penetration Testing: Communication Media Testing (Ec-Council Press Series: Certified Security Analyst) by EC-Council (Paperback - Jun 23, 2010) Penetration Testing: Network & Perimeter Testing (Ec-Council/ Certified Security Analyst) by EC-Council (Paperback - May 4, 2010) Penetration Testing: Network Threat Testing (Ec-Council Press Series: Certified Security Analyst) by EC-Council (Paperback - Jun 23, 2010) Penetration Testing: Procedures & Methodologies (Ec-Council/ Certified Security Analyst) by EC-Council (Paperback - May 4, 2010) Penetration Testing: Security Analysis (Penetration Testing: Ec-Council/ Press Series: Certified Security Analyst) by EC-Council (Paperback - Apr 5, 2010) Perfect Password: Selection, Protection, Authentication by Mark Burnett, and Dave Kleiman (Paperback - Dec 25, 2005) Perl Scripting for Windows Security: Live Response, Forensic Analysis, and Monitoring by Harlan Carvey (Paperback - Dec 26, 2007) Phishing Exposed by Lance James (Paperback - Jan 20, 2006) Practical Cryptography by Niels Ferguson, and Bruce Schneier (Paperback - Mar 28, 2003) Practical Intrusion Analysis: Prevention and Detection for the Twenty-First Century - Paperback (July 4, 2009) by Ryan Trost Practical Oracle Security: Your Unauthorized Guide to Relational Database Security by Josh Shaul, and Aaron Ingram (Paperback - Nov 26, 2007) Practical VoIP Security by Thomas Porter, Jan Kanclirz Jr., and Brian Baskin (Paperback - Jun 10, 2006) Professional Pen Testing for Web Applications (Programmer to Programmer) by Andres Andreu (Paperback - Jul 5, 2006) Professional Penetration Testing: Creating and Operating a Formal Hacking Lab by Thomas Wilhelm (Paperback - Aug 28, 2009) Profiling Hackers: The Science of Criminal Profiling as Applied to the World of Hacking by Raoul Chiesa, Stefania Ducci, and Silvio Ciappi (Paperback - Dec 11, 2008) Real Digital Forensics: Computer Security and Incident Response by Keith J. Jones, Richard Bejtlich, and Curtis W. Rose (Paperback - Oct 3, 2005) Reversing: Secrets of Reverse Engineering by Eldad Eilam (Paperback - Apr 15, 2005)
  7. 7. Rootkits for Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)) by Larry Stevenson, and Nancy Altholz (Paperback - Jan 30, 2007) Rootkits: Subverting the Windows Kernel by Greg Hoglund, and Jamie Butler (Paperback - Aug 1, 2005) Router Security Strategies: Securing IP Network Traffic Planes by Gregg Schudel, and David J. Smith (Paperback - Jan 8, 2008) Sarbanes-Oxley IT Compliance Using Open Source Tools, Second Edition by Christian B Lahti, and Roderick Peterson (Paperback - Dec 28, 2007) Sarbanes-Oxley For Dummies by Jill Gilbert Welytok (Paperback - Feb 26, 2008) Schneier on Security by Bruce Schneier (Hardcover - Sep 29, 2008) Secrets and Lies: Digital Security in a Networked World by Bruce Schneier (Paperback- Jan 30, 2004) Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost: Preventing Intellectual Property Theft and Economic Espionage in the 21st Century by Christopher Burgess (Paperback - Mar 19, 2008) Secure Your Network for Free by Eric Seagren (Paperback - Feb 15, 2007) Securing IM and P2P Applications for the Enterprise by Marcus Sachs, Paul Piccard, Brian Baskin, and George Spillman (Paperback - May 1, 2005) Securing VoIP Networks: Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Countermeasures by Peter Thermos, and Ari Takanen (Paperback - Aug 11, 2007) Security Data Visualization: Graphical Techniques for Network Analysis by Greg Conti (Paperback - Oct 1, 2007) Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems by Ross Anderson (Hardcover - Apr 14, 2008) Security Log Management: Identifying Patterns in the Chaos by Jacob Babbin, Dave Kleiman, Everett F. Carter Jr., and Jeremy Faircloth (Paperback - Apr 13, 2006) Security Metrics: Replacing Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt by Andrew Jaquith (Paperback - Apr 5, 2007) Security Monitoring with Cisco Security MARS by Gary Halleen, and Greg Kellogg (Paperback - Jul 16, 2007) Security Monitoring: Proven Methods for Incident Detection on Enterprise Networks by Chris Fry, and Martin Nystrom (Paperback - Feb 16, 2009) Security Threat Mitigation and Response: Understanding Cisco Security MARS by Dale Tesch, and Greg Abelar (Paperback - Oct 8, 2006) Security Warrior by Cyrus Peikari, and Anton Chuvakin (Paperback - Feb 1, 2004) Self-Defending Networks: The Next Generation of Network Security by Duane De Capite (Paperback - Sep 10, 2006) Silence on the Wire: A Field Guide to Passive Reconnaissance and Indirect Attacks by Michal Zalewski (Paperback - Apr 15, 2005) Snort IDS and IPS Toolkit (Jay Beale's Open Source Security) by Brian Caswell, Jay Beale, and Andrew Baker (Paperback - Feb 1, 2007) Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking by Christopher Hadnagy (Paperback - Dec 8, 2010) Sockets, Shellcode, Porting, and Coding: Reverse Engineering Exploits and Tool Coding for Security Professionals by James C Foster (Paperback - Apr 26, 2005)
  8. 8. Software Piracy Exposed by Paul Craig, and Mark Burnett (Paperback - May 1, 2005) Spies Among Us: How to Stop the Spies, Terrorists, Hackers, and Criminals You Don't Even Know You Encounter Every Day by Ira Winkler (Hardcover - Apr 8, 2005) SQL Hacks by Andrew Cumming, and Gordon Russell (Paperback - Nov 21, 2006) SQL Injection Attacks and Defense by Justin Clarke (Paperback - May 15, 2009) SQL Server Forensic Analysis by Kevvie Fowler (Paperback - Dec 26, 2008) Steal This Computer Book 4.0: What They Won't Tell You about the Internet by Wallace Wang (Paperback - Apr. 15, 2006) Stealing the Network: How to Own a Continent by FX, Paul Craig, Joe Grand, and Tim Mullen (Paperback - May 2004) Stealing the Network: How to Own a Shadow by Johnny Long, Timothy Mullen, and Ryan Russell (Paperback - Feb 15, 2007) Stealing the Network: How to Own an Identity by Ryan Russell, Riley Eller, Jay Beale, and Chris Hurley (Paperback - May 1, 2005) Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box by Ryan Russell, Ido Dubrawsky, FX, and Joe Grand (Paperback - May 29, 2003) Surviving Cyberwar by Richard Stiennon (Paperback - Jul 16, 2010) Techno Security's Guide to E-Discovery and Digital Forensics: A Comprehensive Handbook by Jack Wiles (Paperback - Oct 23, 2007) Techno Security's Guide to Managing Risks for IT Managers, Auditors and Investigators by Jack Wiles, Johnny Long (Paperback - Mar 26, 2007) Techno Security's Guide to Securing SCADA: A Comprehensive Handbook On Protecting The Critical Infrastructure by Jack Wiles (Paperback - Jul 30, 2008) The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense by Peter Szor (Paperback - Feb 13, 2005) The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security by Kevin D. Mitnick, William L. Simon, and Steve Wozniak (Paperback - Oct 17, 2003) The Art of Intrusion: The Real Stories Behind the Exploits of Hackers, Intruders and Deceivers by Kevin D. Mitnick, and William L. Simon (Paperback - Dec 27, 2005) The Art of Software Security Testing: Identifying Software Security Flaws by Chris Wysopal, Lucas Nelson, Dino Dai Zovi, and Elfriede Dustin (Paperback - Nov 27, 2006) The Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey by Emmanuel Goldstein (Hardcover - July 28, 2008) The CEH Prep Guide: The Comprehensive Guide to Certified Ethical Hacking by Ronald L. Krutz, and Russell Dean Vines (Hardcover - Oct 22, 2007) The Dark Visitor (paperback) (Unknown Binding - Jan 1, 2007) The Database Hacker's Handbook: Defending Database Servers by David Litchfield, Chris Anley, John Heasman, and Bill Grindlay (Paperback - Jul 14, 2005) The dotCrime Manifesto: How to Stop Internet Crime by Phillip Hallam-Baker (Hardcover - Jan 8, 2008) The Ethical Hack: A Framework for Business Value Penetration Testing by James S. Tiller (Hardcover - Sep 29, 2004) The Insider: A True Story by Dan Verton (Hardcover - Jun 24, 2005) The IT Regulatory and Standards Compliance Handbook: How to Survive Information Systems Audit and Assessments by Craig Wright (Paperback - Jul 4, 2008) The Mezonic Agenda: Hacking the Presidency by Herbert Thomson (Paperback - Oct 7, 2004) The Myths of Security: What the Computer Security Industry Doesn't Want You to Know by John Viega (Paperback - Jun 19, 2009)
  9. 9. The New School of Information Security by Adam Shostack, and Andrew Stewart (Hardcover - Apr 5, 2008) The Official CHFI Study Guide (Exam 312-49): for Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator by Dave Kleiman (Paperback - Oct 8, 2007) The Rootkit Arsenal: Escape and Evasion in the Dark Corners of the System by Bill Blunden (Paperback - May 4, 2009) The Tao of Network Security Monitoring: Beyond Intrusion Detection - Paperback (July 22, 2004) by Richard Bejtlich The Web Application Hacker's Handbook: Discovering and Exploiting Security Flaws by Dafydd Stuttard and Marcus Pinto (Paperback - Oct. 22, 2007) Unauthorised Access: Physical Penetration Testing For IT Security Teams by Wil Allsopp and Kevin Mitnick (Paperback - Sept. 22, 2009) UNIX and Linux Forensic Analysis DVD Toolkit by Chris Pogue, Cory Altheide, and Todd Haverkos (Paperback - Jun 30, 2008) Virtual Honeypots: From Botnet Tracking to Intrusion Detection by Niels Provos, and Thorsten Holz (Paperback - Jul 26, 2007) Virtualization and Forensics: A Digital Forensic Investigator's Guide to Virtual Environments by Diane Barrett, and Greg Kipper (Paperback - Jun 1, 2010) Virtualization for Security: Including Sandboxing, Disaster Recovery, High Availability, Forensic Analysis, and Honeypotting by John Hoopes (Paperback - Dec 26, 2008) Voice over IP Security by Patrick Park (Paperback - Sep 19, 2008) WarDriving and Wireless Penetration Testing by Chris Hurley, Russ Rogers, Frank Thornton, and Brian Baker (Paperback - Jan 15, 2007) Web Application Vulnerabilities: Detect, Exploit, Prevent by Steven Palmer (Paperback - Dec. 28, 2007) Web Security Testing Cookbook: Systematic Techniques to Find Problems Fast by Paco Hope, and Ben Walther (Paperback - Oct 17, 2008) Wi-Foo II: The Secrets of Wireless Hacking (2nd Edition) by Andrew Vladimirov, Konstantin V. Gavrilenko, and Andrei A. Mikhailovsky (Paperback - Jul 28, 2008) Windows Forensic Analysis DVD Toolkit, Second Edition by Harlan A. Carvey (Paperback - Jun 11, 2009) Wireshark & Ethereal Network Protocol Analyzer Toolkit (Jay Beale's Open Source Security) by Angela Orebaugh, Gilbert Ramirez, and Jay Beale (Paperback - Feb 14, 2007) Wireshark Network Analysis: The Official Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Study Guide by Laura Chappell, and Gerald Combs (Paperback - Mar 15, 2010) Writing Security Tools and Exploits - Paperback - Illustrated (Mar. 11, 2006) by James C. Foster XSS Attacks: Cross Site Scripting Exploits and Defense by Seth Fogie, Jeremiah Grossman, Robert Hansen, and Anton Rager (Paperback - May 15, 2007) Zen and the Art of Information Security by Ira Winkler (Paperback - Mar 1, 2007) Zero-Day Exploit:: Countdown to Darkness (Cyber-Fiction) by Rob Shein, David Litchfield, and Marcus Sachs (Paperback - Aug 4, 2004) Zero Day Threat: The Shocking Truth of How Banks and Credit Bureaus Help Cyber Crooks Steal Your Money and Identity by Byron Acohido, and Jon Swartz (Hardcover - Apr 1, 2008)