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  1. 1. Jen Library Troy Bjerke Lincoln Neiger Jo-Yee Pang
  2. 2. Intro to Project As a team, we researched three different SCAD locations (shopSCAD, SCAD Beeline, Jen Library) and decided to take our research on the Jen Library further. We created affinity maps and decision matrices, observed students on-sight. from this information we made a customer journey map and service blueprints. Our information brought us to brainstorm new services and features for the library. We narrowed down our ideas through a decision matrix. Then we created a floorplan to layout the new services of the optimization and transformation of the library. We prototyped the experiences and gathered feedback from students.
  3. 3. Jen Library The Savannah College of Art and Design Libraries are focal points for information, learning, inspiration and research. Located in the heart of downtown Savannah, the Jen Librarys 85,000-square-foot building, occupying an entire city block, is one of the largest art and architecture libraries in the United States. Built during the 1890s, the structure has housed at least five different businesses in its lifetime, including Levy and Maas Brothers department stores. The building was acquired by SCAD in 1996, and restoration work was completed in 1999. The library is named in honor of SCAD benefactors Jim Jen and the late Lancy Jen.
  4. 4. Floorplan First Floor Second Floor Third Floor Visual Sitting area resource Sitting area Computers Computers Sitting area and scanners Reference Computer Queit rooms Books Books Books lab Stairs Stairs Stairs Elevators Elevators ElevatorsCheckout Group Computer and rooms labresource Restroom Computers Queit rooms Resource Writing Help Periodicals Computers Computers deskEntrance Sitting area Sitting area
  5. 5. Research We gathered research through interviewing students and employees at the library, photographing peoples’ journeys through the space, and gathering understanding about the SCAD rand image. We organized our findings by brainstorming new ideas, executing additional 24-hour research safaris, mind mapping, creating affinity maps and decision matrixes.
  6. 6. Brand SCAD Brand Identity: I’m the only art and design university that rigorously prepares its stu- dents for a professional creative career, targeting all creatives from around the world who are in search for a professional education; I want to produce conceptual and idividual almuni who can competantly com- pete in a design-conscious era. Jen Library Brand Identity: I’m the only art and design library that offers comprehensive reference and help to SCAD students, faculty, and staff in Savannah, GA; I want to help my university’s students flourish creatively and individually in an era of a constant, competitive job market.
  7. 7. StakeholdersStakeholder Map Interest Area Circulation Service Quality Resources Security Finance Research Maintenance Potential Users Undergrads Grads Library Staff Faculty/Staff Stakeholders Security Maintenance Adminstration Tech Other Libraries Non-SCAD Donaters
  8. 8. Maggie// //Maggie is a Graphic Design major at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). She’s 19 years old, a sophomore, and lives off campus. She uses her car to get around Savannah.Her Needs// Maggie and the Jen Library////a place for group //Maggie rarely goes to the Jen Library. But when she does, it’s either for meetings group meetings or to do research she can’t do at home.//a place to find resources //She often finds parking to be an issue when she goes to the library: one//a place to work of the many reasons she avoids it. If she’s meeting for group work, she efficiently and quickly heads right up to the group-meeting rooms on the second floor. //When she comes to do research, she parks herself at a table and wanders around the library, searching through the stacks for a book that mightHer Goals// help her. If she can’t find anything, she asks an employee at the front desk for help.Life// //When she’s had enough of the library, she might pack her things up to learn and do well in and head down to the front desk to check out her book and maybe finish school studying at Starbucks.Experience// to finish as quickly as //Maggie is the first to admit to being a procrastinator. She waits till the possible, last second to do a lot of her work, often keeping her in the library for to find the books she hours on the off-chance that she’s there. needs, to be at the library for as little time as possibleEnd// Her Expectations// to check out a book, to research, //easy access //simple check out to complete work //easy navigation quickly //helpful service //a place to work efficiently
  9. 9. Jennifer// //Jennifer is an Art History major at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). She is 21 years old and employed as a Resident Assistant at SCAD’s apartment-style dormitory, Boundary Village.Her Needs// Jennifer and the Jen Library////a place to study //As a senior, Jennifer has been spending a lot of time at the Jen Library//a place to find working on her thesis. She can’t afford a car, so she uses SCAD’s bus resources//a place to socialize service, BeeLine, to get where she needs to go. The Silver Line takes her right from the entrance of her housing to the library. //At the library, Jennifer uses the catalog system to find the books she’s looking for. She occasionally browses the stacks in search for anHer Goals// unexpected find, but more often than not she knows exactly which book she needs.Life// //Being a regular, she consistently runs into friends and other to learn, discover, acquaintances while at the library. This is always a highlight for her; she make friends treats these run-ins as a welcome break from her studies. But every once inExperience// to study effectively, a while she can find her friends distracting, in which case she uses one of to find a comfortable the library’s study nooks to cut herself off from everyone else. environment, //When she’s done studying, Jennifer packs her things up to leave. She to be inspired, almost always checks a book out at the front desk. She then waits for the to study in silence bus to take her back to her dorm, where she might read a little or put theEnd// to check out a book, book away for the coming week. to research, to complete work Her Expectations// //a safe environment //a convenient location //a well-stocked library //easy access //a place to be social //a quiet place
  10. 10. ScenariosMaggie JenniferScenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Maggie is at home Maggie is at home Jennifer is at home Jennifer is at home Jennifer is in class Maggie is at home and realizes she has and has a group homework project Bored and has time Recieves assignment Boards the bus Drives to library Calls group to meet Gets ready for class for class Shows ID Bikes to the library Bikes to the library ID Looks for parking Drives to library Drives to library Gets off bus Locks her bike Locks her bike Locks car in parking Looks for parking Looks for parking garage Swipes ID Swipes ID Swipes ID ID ID ID Park and pays Park and pays Swipes ID ID Shows ID SCAD Shows ID SCAD Shows ID SCAD Shows ID Swipes ID Swipes ID SCAD ID ID Walks up the stairs to Walks up the stairs to Walks up the stairs to second floor second floor second floorGoes to resource desk Shows ID SCAD Shows ID SCAD Goes to the computer Goes to periodicals Goes to the computer Goes up the stairs to Meets in computerGoes up the stairs to Uses catalog system second floor lab for class Goes to sitting area Uses catalog system second floor Grabs books Meets in group room Finishes class Grabs books Returns to periodicals Grabs books Walks up the stairs to Walks down the stairs Walks down the stairsGoes to the computer Finishes work Walks to car third floor to first floor to first floor Walks down the stairs Drives to next class Goes to a study carrel Checks out her books Unlocks her bike Finishes work to first floor Walks into SCAD Finishes work Unlocks her bikeWalks down the stairs Checks out her books Rides her bike to first floor Building Walks down the stairs to first floor Goes to Panera to eat Rides her bikeChecks out her books Walks to car Shows ID ID Uses restroom Goes to Starbucks Pays for parking Drives to hang out with a friend Goes to class garage Checks out her books Finishes work Drives to class in a Goes out to have hurry lunch Waits at the bus stop Uses books in class Boards the busRenews books online Shows ID ID Walks back home Has RA meeting
  11. 11. Alejandro// //Alejandro is a Sequential Art major at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). He is 21 years old and lives on campus at Barnard Village. He works at the Jen Library as a student worker three days a week.His Needs// Alejandro and the Jen Library////a job convenient to //Alejandro finds peace at the library; he was thrilled when he was given school the opportunity to be employed as a student worker there. He’s been//a comfortable environment working at the library consistently for the past two years, ever since his//legal alien resident sophomore year. employment //His dorm is a few miles south of the library. So he’ll either take the bus or ride his bike to the library. Or, on the days he works the night shift, he’ll just walk from Norris Hall, the Sequential Art building, which is only a few blocks from the library.His Goals// //As a junior, he has a lot of drawing and sequencing to do for his classes.Life// He’s thankful for the 20 hour per week limit because he knows he’d work to learn, discover, himself to the bone if given the chance, resulting in sub-par school work. succeed //Alejandro doesn’t communicate too often with other students at theExperience// library. He listens to his iPod while he completes his tasks: circulating to complete his tasks, books, cleaning up after messy students, and organizing other parts of the to do his job well, to feel comfortable, library.End// //If Alejandro’s working when the library closes, he combs the library for to earn money, stray books and returns them to the circulation desk to be put out the to satisfy his boss, next morning. He rides his bike or takes the bus home when he’s finished to complete his work working.
  12. 12. Lindsay// //Lindsay is employed as a full-time librarian at the Jen Library at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). She is 30 years old and lives near Forsythe Park, which allows her to walk to work. But sometimes she drives her car if the weather’s bad or she’s running late.Her Needs// Lindsay and the Jen Library////a place to be a librarian //Lindsay has been working at the Jen library for three years, ever since//a place to work completing her Master’s in Library Science and the University of Michigan.//a place to feel comfortable She has a Bachelor’s in Art History, and is a painter herself; she loves working at the library of an art school. //Lindsay helps out other librarian with their jobs. One day she might beHer Goals// working on collection acquistion, another day she might be managing student employment. She likes to fulfill the needs of the libraryLife// //Lindsay enjoys working with students to help the with their research; she to further her carreer, to be a professional loves talking them about their projects and quirky interests. She spends aExperience// lot of her day answering students’ questions at the reference desk. to complete her work //Because she has not designated job, Lindsay hs a desk behind the satisfactorily, circulation desk. This helps her keep tabs on the books coming and going to maintain the library’s out of the library. collection, to help students //Whenever Lindsay drives to work, she finds parking to be an issue; thereEnd// is no parking set aside for library employees. She has a route she takes to to fulfill her job title, scout spots and can often end up using her breaks to move her car from to feel good spot to spot. //During her breaks, Lindsay might head to the break room for some coffee. Or, if she’s feeling really antsy, she might run down the street to Starbucks. At the end of the day, Lindsay packs up her things and heads home. She normally isn’t on the night shift and therefor doesn’t close the library.
  13. 13. Don’t like Don’t like security process? Joy of returning book interaction with students Service Inconvient Enjoy study Provider Local rooms Not enough Parking Customers space Noisy Understaffed Physical ventilation Parking Physical Employee Customers Only one thatJoy of opening caters to Art new books Uninnovative Service Providers students Pretty tame Other Direct Local Direct Insights Non-Local Barnes & Nobles Not 24 hours Not vibrant Competition Indirect Cafe Local Gaps Brand Identity Not cutting Parking edge Physical Indirect Instant acess Not exciting Clean Speed/ anytime I.E. Brand Non-Local Location Google Strategy Inconvient Resources Comfortable Professional Lots of books Easy to find
  14. 14. How does the library make How can the library make it feel better staffed? How can the library it cater to Art students? improve their check out system? How can the library draw more students? Service Providers Customers How can the library How can the library improve the circulation better the use of space for desk? Problems productivity? How can the library offset Physical How does the library the lack of parking? improve the layout to be more interesting/inviting? Brand Identity How can the library fix theHow can make the library ventilation system? reflect the SCAD brand?
  15. 15. Solution 1:Optimization
  16. 16. Vision Statement I am the only library for creative careers that fosters artisitc and acedemic deveplopment for artists and designers in the southern united states; I want to be an invaulable resource for creative research and development in an era of internet dominated research practices.
  17. 17. Problems How can SCAD’s brand better come to life through the Jen Library? How can the Jen Library feel better staffed? What can the Jen Library do to increase productivity?
  18. 18. Process We used the problems we developed to brainstorm different services, features, and ideas that would compliment our insights. We mapped out a new floorplan in the library’s existing building. We walked students through the prototype through the footsteps of the persona that best described them.
  19. 19. Zones Group Cafe Student Computers Critique Rooms Lounge Seating Area Seating Study Computer Nooks Labs Group Stairs Stairs Rooms Stairs Work Area Restrooms/ Restrooms/ Restrooms/ Elevator Elevator Elevator Circulation Computers Desk Secruity Seating Computer Library Other Lab En- Services Services Seating trance Offices 1st Floor 2nd Floor 3rd Floor
  20. 20. Floorplan I I
  21. 21. Insights -Students generally reacted well to the prototype -Students enjoyed the 24-hour feature to the library. -Student thought it was a lot continuous walking through all floors. -Students enjoyed having a kiosk in the library. -Students loved the feature of having a café in the library. -Students liked the separation in the library with different settings each floor had to offers. -Students thought it was interesting to have an automatic ID detector, but weren’t as thrilled as we thought they’d be. -Students thought the optimization was well laid out, but had a lot of walking within the space. -One Jennifer thought there needed to be more computers in both optimization and transformation layouts.
  22. 22. Solution 2:Transformation
  23. 23. Vision Statement I am the only creative research and development center that encourages collaborative creation between artists and designers in the southern United States; I want to cultivate an environment in which social interaction and project research occur synonymously in an era of internet driven social interaction and research methods.
  24. 24. Problems How can the library be the cultural hub of SCAD life? How can the library offer a cutting edge creative experience? How can the library be the best choice for artists and designers to find inspiration?
  25. 25. Process Again, we used the problems we developed to brainstorm different services, features, and ideas that would compliment our insights. We researched alternative locations for a SCAD library that would be more convenient to students. We developed a floorplan loosely based on that of the new building. Again, we walked students through scenarios based on the persona that best described them to gain useful insights on the new space.
  26. 26. Scenario Jennifer 3 Restrooms/ Print Restrooms/ Offices Restrooms/ ComputerStorage Elevator Computer Lab Elevator Elevator Labs Lab Stairs Critique Stairs Stairs Stairs Area Seating Student Work Cafe Resources Stage Work Seating Area Materials/ Object Library Student Work Computers Security Student Computers Work Seating Seating Seating Circulation Desk Study Group Nooks Reference Rooms Desk Lower Level Ground Floor Upper Level Balcony
  27. 27. Computers Portfolio Review Study Nook Study Nook Study Nook Study Nook Study Nook StorageStudy NookStudy NookStudy Nook Restroom Books Books Books Books Books BooksStudy Nook StairsStudy NookStudy Nook Materials Object Library Object Object Object Object Student Student Student Desk Showcase Showcase ShowcaseReference Circulation Scenario Jennifer 3 Desk Student Student Showcase Showcase Restroom Stairs Computer Print Lab Lab Security Group Room Computers Computers Group Desk Desk Desk Room Desk Desk Group Desk Desk Desk Room Restroom Desk Desk Stairs Group Room Group Group Room Room Computers Stage Stairs Cafe
  28. 28. Insights -Students generally reacted well to the prototype -Students enjoyed the 24-hour feature to the library. -Students enjoyed having a kiosk in the library. -Students were surprised by the giant touchscreens on the walls in the group room. -Students were happy about the location of the transformation library. -Students liked the separation in the library with different settings each floor had to offers. -Students liked the idea of a print lab for all majors. -Students were satisfied with the location and parking lot. -Students liked the idea of mixing the student center and library into one. -Students thought it was interesting to have an automatic ID detector, but weren’t as thrilled as we thought they’d be. -Students thought the materials and objects library didn’t make sense as a digital platform. -Students thought the upper level of the transformation needed to split into two separate areas (foundation studies and studying). -One Jennifer thought there needed to be more computers in both optimization and transformation layouts. -One Jennifer said he’d prefer the books spread out between the floors on the transformation layout. -One Maggie liked the books on the lower level in the transformation layout.
  29. 29. Thank you