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S tar chart


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EDLD 5352 EA 1264 Week 2 PowerPoint presentation on STaR Chart

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S tar chart

  2. 2. Agenda  STaR Chart  Main Areas STaR Chart focuses on  Where does CMS fall?  How does CMS compare to the state?  What can we do to improve?
  3. 3. What is STaR Chart? STaR Chart stands for: School Technology and Readiness The STaR Chart is data compiled from a survey completed by all teachers in every campus to determine their progress toward meeting the goals for the Long Range Plan for Technology.
  4. 4. 4 main areas StaR Chart focuses on 1. Teaching & Learning 2. Educator Preparation 3. Administration & Support 4. Infrastructure
  5. 5. Summary by Key Area Early Tech Developing Tech Advanced Tech Target Tech
  6. 6. Early Tech – Instruction is teacher- centered and student occasionally use software applications Developing Tech – Instruction is teacher – directed and students regularly use technology Teaching & Learning
  7. 7. Teaching & Learning cont… Advanced Tech – Instruction is teacher – facilitated and students work with peers and experts to evaluate information, analyze data and content in order to problem solve. Target Tech – The teacher serves as facilitator, mentor, and co-learner. Students have on- demand access to all appropriate technologies to complete activities in all core areas.
  8. 8. Teaching & Learning What level are we? DEVELOPING TECH
  9. 9. Educator Preparation Early Tech – Technology skills include multimedia and the Internet. Developing Tech – Use of technology is for administrative tasks and classroom management. Advanced Tech – There is integration of technology into teaching and learning Target Tech – There are regular technology – supported learner-centered projects.
  10. 10. Educator Preparation What level are we? DEVELOPING TECH
  11. 11. Administration & Support Early Tech – There is no campus technology plan Developing Tech – Campus plan aligned with Long-Range Plan for Technology Advanced Tech – Campus plan board approved and supported Target Tech – Campus plan focused on student success.
  12. 12. Administration & Support What level are we? ADVANCED
  13. 13. Infrastructure Early Tech – There are 10 or more students per computer Developing Tech – There are 5-9 students per computer Advanced Tech – There are 4 or less students per computer Target Tech – There is on-demand access for every student and direct connectivity.
  14. 14. Infrastructure What level are we? ADVANCED
  15. 15. How do we compare Statewide? Teaching & Learning – Developing Tech Educator Preparation - Developing Tech Administration & Support – Developing Tech Infrastructure – Advanced Tech Teaching & Learning – Developing Tech Educator Preparation - Developing Tech Administration & Support – Advanced Tech Infrastructure – Advanced Tech STATE CMS
  16. 16. For the most recent STaR Chart data for Clark Middle, click on this link:
  17. 17. As you can see, we do no fall below the statewide level; however, we have a lot of room for improvement and growth. In order to keep up with our student’s generation, we need to understand and further integrate technology into our lessons.
  18. 18. WHAT CAN WE DO TO IMPROVE?1. Focuses on content curriculum using technology as a tool to meet technology and content standards. 2. Promote higher order thinking. 3. Is student centered. 4. Focuses on problem solving.