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My first acquaintance with Oracle GoldenGate. The Oracle's strategic solution for real time data integration

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Oracle goldengate ogg

  1. 1. Oracle GoldenGate Oracles strategic solution for real time data integrationSPREKER : Jos van den OordE-MAIL : Jos.van.den.Oord@transfer-solutions.comDATUM : 29 november 2011 WWW.TRANSFER-SOLUTIONS.COM
  2. 2. Who am I Jos van den Oord Working with Oracle products since 1998 Working at Transfer-Solutions since 2010 Interests Databases Right Availability Security, Performance Blog : Email :© COPYRIGHT TRANSFER SOLUTIONS B.V. 2
  3. 3. Agenda Introduction Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) GoldenGate Topologies GoldenGate Intergration solutions GoldenGate Products Technology Overview GoldenGate Simple, Flexible Instantiation GoldenGate Modular Building Blocks GoldenGate Capture/Delivery GoldenGate Checkpointing Architecture Process Components Demo GoldenGate© COPYRIGHT TRANSFER SOLUTIONS B.V. 3
  4. 4. Introduction Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) Oracle GoldenGate provides low-impact capture, routing, transformation, and delivery of transactional data across heterogeneous environments in real time Oracle’s real-time data movement solution Data replication for heterogeneous databases Real-time information feeds to Oracle BI/EPM Zero-downtime migrations and upgrades to Oracle Database and Applications© COPYRIGHT TRANSFER SOLUTIONS B.V. 4
  5. 5. Introduction Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) GoldenGate Topologies Unidirectional Bi-directional Peer to Peer Broadcast Intergration / Consolidation Cascading© COPYRIGHT TRANSFER SOLUTIONS B.V. 5
  6. 6. Introduction Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) Databases O/S and Platforms Capture:  Oracle Windows 2000, 2003, XP  DB2 Linux  Microsoft SQL Server Sun Solaris  Sybase ASE HP NonStop  Ingres HP-UX  Teradata HP TRU64  Enscribe HP OpenVMS  SQL/MP IBM AIX  SQL/MX IBM z/OS Delivery:  All listed above  MySQL, HP Neoview, Netezza, and any ODBC compatible databases  ETL products  JMS message queues© COPYRIGHT TRANSFER SOLUTIONS B.V. 6
  7. 7. Introduction Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) Product / License Description Heterogeneity Oracle GoldenGate Supports Afb Overview Includes GoldenGate Capture, Deliver, Active Data Guard and XStream Oracle GoldenGate for Mainframe Includes GoldenGate Capture and Deliver for HP NonStop and IBM DB2 on z/OS Oracle GoldenGate Veridata Add-on capability to validate data in replicated systems Management Pack for GoldenGate Add-on management pack, includes Oracle GoldenGate Director Oracle GoldenGate Adapters Pre-packaged application content, such as for Flat File and Java adapters© COPYRIGHT TRANSFER SOLUTIONS B.V. 7
  8. 8. Technology Overview GoldenGate OGG Modular Building Blocks Capture: Committed changes are captures ( and can be filtered) As they occur by reading the transaction logs Trail files: Universal data format enables heterogeneity Route: No Distance constraints Delivery: Applies transactional via TCP/IP. data with guaranteed integrity Compression & encryption. Logs Capture Trail Files Trail Files Deliver Logs Logs Logs Logs LAN/WAN Logs TCP/IP Database Database Deliver Capture Trail Files Trail Files Bi-directional© COPYRIGHT TRANSFER SOLUTIONS B.V.
  9. 9. Technology Overview GoldenGate Simple, Flexible Instantiation  Start Change Data Capture (CDC)  Initial Snapshot  Synchronization Redolog LAN/WAN Capture Data TCP/IP Collector Delivery Database Trail Files Pump Trail Files Database Ongoing Data Synchronization Initial Load© COPYRIGHT TRANSFER SOLUTIONS B.V. 9
  10. 10. Technology Overview GoldenGate Oracle GoldenGate Capture© COPYRIGHT TRANSFER SOLUTIONS B.V. 10
  11. 11. Technology Overview GoldenGate Oracle GoldenGate Delivery© COPYRIGHT TRANSFER SOLUTIONS B.V. 11
  12. 12. Technology Overview GoldenGate GoldenGate CheckpointingStart of Oldest Open (Uncommitted) Transaction Capture PUMP Delivery Begin TX1 Checkpoint Checkpoint Checkpoint Insert TX1 Begin TX2 Begin TX2 ----- Begin TX2 Insert TX2 ----- Insert TX2 ------ Update TX1 Commit TX2 ------ Commit TX2 ------ Insert TX2 Begin TX3 ------ Commit TX2 Insert TX3 Current Current Current Begin TX3 ----- ------ Commit TX3 Read Write Read Insert TX3 ------ Position Position Position Begin TX4 Current Write Commit TX3 Position Delete TX4 Current Read Position Database Database Capture Data Pump Trail Files Delivery Database Trail Files© COPYRIGHT TRANSFER SOLUTIONS B.V. 12
  13. 13. Architecture Process Components CAPTURE DELIVERY Log-based Native database API VAM-based ODBC Local/Remote Queuing Batch Operations Filtering Filtering Parallel Coordination Transaction/Operations Grouping Local/Remote Parrallel Coodination Local/Remote PUMP MANAGER Filtering Queue (Trail) Management Local/Remote Process Management (Dynamic) TCP/IP Monitoring and Administration (Lag report) Compression Reporting (Events, Error, Tresholds) Encryption Receive/Route request from UI On – disk Components Trail Files Checkpoint files (Capture, Pump, Delivery) Configuration Files Discard files Report/Log files Binaries© COPYRIGHT TRANSFER SOLUTIONS B.V. 13
  14. 14. Demo GoldenGate Manager process Extract process DataPump Process Replicat Process Bi-Directional Replication DDL Bi-Directional Replication Extract /Replicat Filtering Logdump SQL statements van replicat© COPYRIGHT TRANSFER SOLUTIONS B.V. 14
  15. 15. Point of Interest for Oracle GoldenGate Oracles strategic solution for real time data integrationSPREKER : Jos van den OordE-MAIL : Jos.van.den.Oord@transfer-solutions.comDATUM : 29 november 2011 WWW.TRANSFER-SOLUTIONS.COM
  16. 16. Point of Interest for Oracle GoldenGate • Understanding of the business objectives • Approved by your Requirements stakeholders? and Planning • Understanding of the requirements? • Appropriate replication topology© COPYRIGHT TRANSFER SOLUTIONS B.V. 16
  17. 17. Point of Interest for Oracle GoldenGate • Creating Dedicated Users • Encrypting Passwords • Creating a Dedicated Installation Installation Directory and Setup • Using a Checkpoint Table • Verifying the Character Sets • Developing Naming Standards • Using a Data Pump© COPYRIGHT TRANSFER SOLUTIONS B.V. 17
  18. 18. Point of Interest for Oracle GoldenGate • Using GGSCI Command Shortcuts • Using OBEY Files • Generating Interim Statistics Management • Using a Discard File and • Reporting Regularly on Process Monitoring Health • Purging Old Trail Files Regularly • Automatically Starting Processes© COPYRIGHT TRANSFER SOLUTIONS B.V. 18
  19. 19. Point of Interest for Oracle GoldenGate • Running Performance Tests • Limiting the Number of Extracts • Using Passthru Mode for Data Pumps Performance • Using Parallel Replicats • Using the Fastest Available Storage • Tuning the Database© COPYRIGHT TRANSFER SOLUTIONS B.V. 19