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Progressbar promo - english version


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Published in: Technology
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Progressbar promo - english version

  1. 1. The first Slovak hackerspace ProgressBAr
  2. 2. Why ProgressBAr? Because ● we are enthusiasts and fans of any technological PROGRESS ● we like socializing (not only in BARs) ● we (mostly) live in Bratislava (BA)
  3. 3. Hackerspaces' philosophy ● “a place where people can learn about technology and science outside the confines of work or school” ● “the next great era of innovation and industrial revolution to spark the economy” ● “they have become a cultural and community space”
  4. 4. What is ProgressBar ● A place where we share our common interests – technologies, science, digital and electronic arts ● open, highly creative community ● concentration of geeks or technological “elite” ● non-profit, non-commercial and independent organization
  5. 5. ProgressBAr activities ● Knowledge and experience sharing center ● Working groups responsible for regular workshops, presentations and lectures ● Suitable place for new community or individual projects ● Providing network and computer infrastructure to members (network connections, video projector, 3D printers, unique hardware, ..) ● Socializing
  6. 6. Legal form ● Non-profit, non-commercial, non-religious, non- political, completely open, independent organization ● “Občianske združenie” (civil association) completely based on democratic principles
  7. 7. Our income ● Members' fees (should cover our hackerspace rent), students have 50% discounts ● 2 % of taxes donations ● Grants ● Sponsorships and donations
  8. 8. Working groups ● Lead by experienced professionals ● Regular meetings (every week, two weeks or month) ● Open for all members of the hackerspace ● People in a hackerspace see themselves as peers and strive to learn as much from each other as possible. Their teacher-learner positions are constantly reversed in what can best be described as a permanent role play
  9. 9. Artificial Intelligence and Mind (aIaM) Hacking group ● Leader: Juraj Bednár ● Focused on interactions of mind and technology, mapping the past, present and future of thinking machines and figuring out what they can learn from us and what we can learn from them ● Support of clever little projects from artificial intelligence and beyond, trying to find basic building blocks of mind
  10. 10. Cryptographic protocols group ● Leader: Marián Novotný ● Focused on design and analysis of protocols highly constrained by the environment: RFID, smart-card, Wireless Network protocols ● Goal is to design protocols used in sociometric questionnaries, voting, privacy-aware computations over social networks
  11. 11. Culture, sport and travel group ● Leader: Pavol Draxler ● Focused on alternative activities based on culture and travels ● Design, painting, architecture and photograph exhibitions of young performers ● Sharing experiences of backpackers, hikers, climbers and adventurous travelers
  12. 12. Low-level programming group ● Leader: Martin Mocko ● Focused on teaching and enhancing skills in low-level programming and hacking ● Ranging from basic assembly programming and machine code fundamentals through interfacing with lowest layers of operating system, up to utilizing exotic HW modes
  13. 13. Open Software and Open Hardware ● Leaders: Juraj Bednár, Pavol Lupták ● Promoting open source ideas, open software and hardware in Slovakia ● Occasional meetings of SOIT (The Society for Open Source Information Technologies)
  14. 14. OWASP group ● Leader: Pavol Lupták ● Dedicated to OWASP (Open Web Application Security Projects) meetings ● Promoting and supporting local OWASP projects and ideas ● Creating (Web)AppSec awareness in Slovakia
  15. 15. Privacy protection and digital rights ● Leader: Miro Pikus ● The hackerspace community as a trusted independent voice to public and media on issues concerning digital rights and privacy ● Privacy & digital liberty issues
  16. 16. Web Application Security group ● Leaders: Pavol Lukáč, Tomáš Zaťko, Pavol Lupták ● Organizing regular WebAppSec trainings ● Practical presentations of new vulnerabilities, exploiting methods and techniques, new trends and directions from the world of web application security
  17. 17. And this is a place for your group and interests!
  18. 18. Tune the hackerspace signal! Soon... in Bratislava.