Building i pad apps in pure java with vaadin


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My JavaOne 2012 presentation on how to build iPad applications in Java with Vaadin

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Building i pad apps in pure java with vaadin

  1. 1. Building iPad Apps inPure Java with Vaadin Joonas Lehtinen @joonaslehtinen
  2. 2. 2010
  3. 3. Today ~ 100M iPads shipped~70% of tablet marketshare
  4. 4. A Year Ago “93% of Fortune 500companies have deployed or are testing iPads” - Apple
  5. 5. So, how do Idevelop foriPad?
  6. 6. ?
  7. 7. Vaadin is aUI framework for rich web applications
  8. 8. java html
  9. 9. 123 ideas
  10. 10. 1RichComponents
  11. 11. InMemory, Bean, Method,Collection, JDBC, JPA,Hibernate, TextFile,FileSystem, Properties,EclipseLink, Lucene,Mockups, GAE, ...
  12. 12. 2Server + Client
  13. 13. Layers of abstraction Backend Web Java to RPC JavaScript server server JavaScriptExtJS GWT Vaadin required required optional optional optional required required required required optional required required required required
  14. 14. Architecture
  15. 15. 3EmbracingJava
  16. 16. Components are just POJOs
  17. 17. Any JVMLanguage
  18. 18. Any JavaIDE & Tools
  19. 19. Most JavaServers,Portals &Clouds
  20. 20. ApacheLicense
  21. 21. VaadinTouchKit
  22. 22. Apple iOS themeMobile components• TouchKitWindow• Navigation manager• NavigationBar• NavigationButton• SwipeView• PopoverWindow• Tabsheets• Toolbar• SwitchOffline mode
  23. 23. What kind ofiPad apps are wetalking about?
  24. 24. PumaProduct portfoliomanagement
  25. 25. Developing withVaadin TouchKit
  26. 26.
  27. 27. How does itwork, really?
  28. 28. • Initial HTML• CSS (theme)• Images• JavaScript830k total compress250k reduced widgetset120k
  29. 29. • name=”Joonas”• button clicked150 bytes
  30. 30. • name=”Joonas”• button clicked150 bytes• Add notification466 bytes
  31. 31. gettingstarted
  32. 32. Maven mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=com.vaadin -DarchetypeArtifactId= vaadin-archetype-touchkit -DarchetypeVersion=LATEST mvn package jetty:run-war
  33. 33. Free Book Get a free copy Vaadin is look gre a for build n open source ing mod J ern web ava framework app at Vaadin booth at, your use perform well an lications that rs happ d make y. you and http://va /ISBN 978 -9 52-92-67 53-8 900009 7 89 52 9 267538S $29.9 5 Vaadin 7 Draft Edition ~700 pages
  34. 34. brought to you by...#85 Get More Refcardz! Visit CONTENTS INCLUDE: About Vaadin Getting Started with Vaadin Creating An Application Components Layout Components Themes Data Binding and more... By Marko Grönroos ABOUT VAADIN Web Browser External Client-Side Resources Vaadin is a server-side Ajax web application development Engine framework that allows you to build web applications just like AJAX Requests with traditional desktop frameworks, such as AWT or Swing. An Servlet Container Java File application is built from user interface components contained Servlet Resources hierarchically in layout components. Data In the server-driven model, the application code runs on Application UI Binding Default Class Component Theme a server, while the actual user interaction is handled by a client-side engine running in the browser. The client-server Inherits Events Changes Inherits communications and any client-side technologies, such as User Event Data Application Application HTML and JavaScript, are invisible to the developer. As the Application Listener Model Themes Resources client-side engine runs as JavaScript in the browser, there is no need to install plug-ins. Vaadin is released under the Apache Database License 2.0. Web Java Vaadin Your Web Figure 2: Architecture for Vaadin Applications Browser Web UI Java Service Client-Side Server Components Application You can get a reference to the application object Engine EJB Hot Tip from any component attached to the application with DB Event Listeners Figure 1: Vaadin Client-Server Architecture In the event-driven model, user interaction with user interface If the built-in selection of components is not enough, you can components triggers server-side events, which you can handle
  35. 35. Invitation Join us today 5pm for Vaadin & GWT meet-up at Hotel SerranoQuestions? (100 yards from Hilton)Comments? Super dev mode & Elemental in GWT 2.5 Ray Cromwell / Google Vaadin 7 Client-Server Hybrid Apps Joonas Lehtinen / Errai 2.1 Mike Brock / Red Hat @joonaslehtinen #vaadin RUMS/NASA demo George Soler / SAIC Please register at