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About 3 c think tank oct 2017 (v2)


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Most clients achieve over 3,000% ROI when investing our services
More than 70% clients overcome financial distresses and avoided undesired consequences
Over 90% clients stay with us more than 10 years after engaging us
Complete integrated multi-disciplines for all SMEs’ management, marketing, IT, & financial needs
1st Ever Comprehensive Framework To Grow Company Healthily & Holistically With +Ve Cashflows

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About 3 c think tank oct 2017 (v2)

  1. 1. 3C Biz Success Framework Thepowerofmanagingtheunchanged CREATEUSE To grow company healthily with +ve cashflows |
  2. 2. Complete integrated multi-disciplines for all SMEs’ management, marketing, IT, & financial needs Over 90% clients stay with us more than 10 years after engaging us Most clients achieve over 3,000% ROI when invest us More than 70% clients overcome financial distresses and avoided undesired consequences 1st Ever Comprehensive Framework To Grow Company Healthily & Holistically With +Ve Cashflows |
  3. 3. Industries Served: ● Green Automotive ● Hi-Tech Accounting Services ● Modernising Farming & Equipment ● Innovative Construction Products ● +Ve Cashflows Builders ● Lean Food Process & Manufacturing ● Hybrid IT Providers & Servicing ● Creative Retailers & Pop-Up Shops ● Profitable F&B Makeovers ● Cutting Edge Health Services Happy Clients Improve: Install Strategy Development System Business Springboard From SMEs to Market Leaders Consistent Quality Decision Insightful Business Review KPIs & Dashboard Build Critical Success Components Management Best Practices High Performance Effective Sales Force Super Culture & Individual
  4. 4. What Our Clients Have To Say A sensational services that help us to develop and execute strategic plans effectively. JC’s foresight not only specific but also details to allow you to visualise the future vividly. Enlightening! JESSIE TAN, CEO Cosa International Pte. Ltd., Singapore “ Our company was given new life when 3CTT turned around our financial distressed position into positive cash flows stage. We continue to build the critical success components to strengthen the ability to increase revenue, profits and sales consistently. We wish would had engaged them must earlier. Yanti, Head of Finance, Techwise, PT. Indonesia “ JC’s mentoring and self-improvement materials have been instrumental to improve our organization’s effectiveness and increase project’s profit by 50% on an average. This has leads us to our IPO preparation ... His stuff works. MICHAEL XU, CEO 3H International Technology Ltd, Shanghai “ We love the business dashboard where the information is designed for us manage operating activities strategically. This is never the case in the past! Unlike old numbers, we are able to think critically with goal congruences. I highly recommend them. WILLIAM HO, MANAGING DIRECTOR Uncle William Pte Ltd, Singapore “ I was stuck as a Startup for more than 1 year. After engaging JC, I had completed my Startup phase in just 6 months times. Amazing, impressive, satisfied … you name it. Nansen Yeo, GinLa Therapy, Singapore “
  5. 5. How WE HELP CLIENTS TO SUCCEED Generate Rapid Cash Build The Critical Success Components Quality Startup Endurable Growth Winning Models Business Turnaround Succession/ Ideal Exit It contains all management and business needs to create compelling results. To serve, learn, DIY, & install framework. Fast and lasting results with minimum disruption. Incorporates over 1,000 of the best and timeless ideas and practices from the top management gurus and ancient wisdoms. We have distilled these into a single trainable framework… to become rich and happy company ... 1st Ever Comprehensive Framework To Grow Company Healthily & Holistically With +Ve Cashflows Super Culture Skillful Decisions High Performance KPIs & Dashboard Mgt Best Practices Strategy Development Cashflows issues Ineffective team No achievement Amazing! just using this framework, we had grown from less than annual sales of SGD 2 million to SGD 5 million in only 2 years time. MR. CHAI, Serial Entrepreneur/ Malaysia Continuous Improvement Programs 3C Biz Success Framework Thepowerofmanagingtheunchanged
  6. 6. Am I healthy? What should I do? Can my business really generate cash? Am I adopting the correct approaches? Am I running my company smoothly? Do I have a vivid vision of my business? Strengthen SME Pack HEALTH CHECK diagnose & rate company GENERATE RAPID CASH create cash & business viability $$$ REMOVE CRITICAL BIZ FASCIA PAINS clear a major obstacle that stop you from moving forward WINNING MODEL to produce great results CORE ROADMAPS now and then desired position Grow company with +ve cashflows; avoid restless seeking of loans and equity investments. Achieve very high ROI Positive impacts within few days Full deliverables in 2-6 months Best for SMEs who: 1. Unstable cashflows, but manageable. 2. Something went wrong, but don’t where 3. Many unresolved issues after expansion. 4. Some critical problems just keep repeating. 5. Lost direction, don’t know what to do next. Approach: 1. Health check to ascertain status. 2. Establish position and design what to build. 3. Build strong foundations to reduce loans & equity requirements. 4. The business becomes viable and the company is capable to grow further.
  7. 7. ↓ 80% Poor Decisions | ↑ 100% Solutions’ Qualities | 30 Most Critical Questions | Implement IBR Platform | Critical Thinker | Instant Review Insightful Business Review (IBR) is very popular, almost all our clients will take up this solution. IBR benefits our clients: 1. To install IBR platform into the organisation. 2. Ask the right and quality questions. 3. Manual and templates/ tools. 4. Redesign thinking to remove illusions. 5. Well structured reports for different needs. 6. Improve analytical skills & understanding. 7. Systematic review & wise judgement. 8. In depth understanding within minutes. 9. Detect lethal signals to reduce risks instantly 10. Periodic review on predesigned information. DesignedForDeepUnderstanding;WiseJudgement Irresponsible =DecisionWithoutUnderstanding Insightful Business Review Understand Judgement Align Information Analysis Detect Mindful Delivery Through: ● DIY IBR ● IBR workshop ● Weekly/ Monthly review ● Ad hoc/ specific (e.g. review strategy) ● Telephone/ Video/ face review ● Snapshot/ comprehensive reports MAKE DECISION ONLY AFTER Dashboard & KPIs 7e-Completeness Information Map Scoping Alignment Map Decision Map 3 Levels of Plans 5 Faces Analysis Success Rating Identify the “Seed” Develop Concerns Define Consequences Retrospective Awareness 4 Attitudes Alignement Decision Map Keep Unbiased We fail when we accept unjudgeable information
  8. 8. GenerateRapidCash Inflow Cash Outflow Cash Available Cash Create Cash Source Set for expenses Room for new cash Increase net cash Costs Cut & Productivities Program Tighten Convert to cash Free Cash Flow Open Kick-start (3 days): ● Health Check ● Cash Conversion Rate ● Set Up Special Task Force Open (1 to 6 months): ● Create cash source ● Develop room for new cash ● Convert cash source to increase net cash. 4 arrows describe the flows when generate rapid cash Tighten (2 weeks to 3 months): ● Profit approach ● Balance sheet approach ● Flexibility with low risks approach We successfully help more than 70% clients overcome financial distresses and avoided undesired consequences Many businesses can cut overall costs by 15% or more without undermining their core business strength - all within a matter of weeks instead of months. By “open”, we create new net cash (sometimes 30% or more) through developing new cash source(s) and room(s). Usually, the fastest “open” is to identify and develop hidden cash source. To survive today’s economic crisis, companies need to prioritize cash ... a sharp decline in revenues and many customers are paying more slowly… Funds from capital markets are very risky ever. Companies must find new ways to quickly cut costs and generate much-needed cash without hurting future viability. Equip now or wait for the disaster to fall upon?
  9. 9. A decided strategy may not be a good strategy, but it is the strategy to be executed Strategy Development System StrategiesSelection Decision KPIs Dashboards Research/ News Informers/ Spies Detecting System IBR To Produce A critical point Attitude testing Wise judgement Deep understanding Strategizing Positioning Set criteria/ goals Brand/ messages Alignment & clarity Develop strategies (+ hidden) Test (stress) strategies Build A Great Strategy Develop execution plans A strategy developed has no real value, only the decided strategy has. Use the decision maker’s decision mix and pass 3 gates to trigger decision A great strategy comprises series of interlocking strategies and strategies within strategies towards a common goal. Strategies can be developed at group level. 100% improve the quality of the strategies. Reduce wrong decisions significantly Strategy development system can be implemented Keep the company in a good position. Astrategycanbeshort-term,astrategyforanactionmaystrategicallyimpactsignificantresults!
  10. 10. 3C Biz Success Framework Thepowerofmanagingtheunchanged “To grow company healthily & holistically with + ve cashflows” “Easy to use; Simple to understand; Effective lasting results ” A Way For Any Business We have distilled these into a single trainable framework Best and timeless ideas and practices Instead of change, we manage through the unchanged 3C Six Systems 1. Insightful Business Review 2. Strategic Development System 3. Budgetary Control System 4. 9 Series of Models To Adopt 5. Management Practices & Culture 6. Human Capital Management Collective Wisdom CashGen Model 3C Achievement Framework Deliver by way of: Collective wisdom (cw) is the unchanged rules. 029, unique structure to collect, store, & use cw Shape thoughts. Transfer, learn, & convert knowledge into wisdom, Filter the wisdoms into a single integrated cw. Multi-disciplines, robust & repeatable concepts/ models. Can apply easily & quickly in any situation to cover the entire lifecycle of any company. Winning model + desired goals & success criteria. health + market + cash 6 critical success components. Small changes for great results Close gap between actual & expected outcomes Achieves results for every decision made. Allows collective wisdom to influence the quality of CashGen when planning, deciding, & acting. Align intention, plan, & action to increase chance of success. Always plan with ends. Formulated for easy & practical use $
  11. 11. Improvement Program By Design Assess the improvement needs Establish a strong reason to improve Get “buy-in” from stakeholders Overarching improvement plan Build an improvement team Kick-Off Set improvement goals, KPIs, & items Design improvement rules & mnemonics Design the processes & environment Develop an execution plan Design Preparation and setup Deploy and manage expectations (Agile approach to improve an item at a time) Testing and Training Implement Go Live Strategy Development Model Improvement may be habitual (improve upon spotted the need for improvement) or designed. An organisation requires both habitual and designed. Agile Project Management Structured approach Low cost investment On going improvement Increases profit > 3 to 5 times World class management tools Positive results within few days Allows growth progress smoothly Improvement with positive cashflows Adopt best agile management practices All clients benefited from this program Endurable Winning Models Evolve Review IBR Techniques To Grow Or To Improve?
  12. 12. 1st Step: Diagnose the business health of the SMEs. Last Step: Holistic closure without side effects and perform retrospective review Solutions Are Delivery Through Agile approach: ❏ Hybrid of Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, and Proprietary ❏ Productive Softwares (MS Project, Trello, Workflow Max, Basecamp) DIY Service Packs Training And Coaching Project Driven Solutions Physical or e-Workshop Tools, Templates, Models 3-in-1 Professional Services Understanding First | Improve Productivity Instantly | Structured Approaches | Holistic Closure 3C Achievement Framework Close Gap Between Actual & Expected Outcomes
  13. 13. ... To a SRVBM, we are ready to duplicate From a Spark, we are activated ... Want to be: confidence knowledge passionate Already in business? Want better result? Wonder Is startup good for you? Time to change career or job? Frustrated due to: Customers don’t come back Cash flow issues/ problems Stuck with current startup situation This Program is meant for SERIOUS people who wanted be very successful in starting a business or working for themselves 3C Winning Startup “Create SRVBM in the shortest time” 500% to 10,000% ROI Maximise cash position 5 Steps Startup Approach No fancy stuff; down-to-earth Shorten startup to 3-6 months Increase success rate by 80% Solid foundation for future growth Significantly reduce business risks Critical insights and essential principles increase income overcome hurdles build strong team stop further bleeding well equipped tough decision Success rate | Startup checklist | Health & readiness | Completeness | Alert danger | Stay focus Test idea/ startup
  14. 14. Appointment ENDLESS Problems Unsolved Health Check Prescriptions Different treatments to different kind and size of the business Run out of ideas; cashflows problems; unable to breakthrough; lack of sales; R&D too long; tough decisions; etc Arrange appointment. Health queries sent to client to prepare for the consultation. Conduct Insightful Business ReviewTM for Startup to obtain deep understanding and wise judgement. Designed for Your business, e.g: 1. Discover your desire to reignite passion 2. Generate cash & survival route 3. 4. Product-Market fit 5. How much more to complete this phase 6. etc Business Clinic For Any BusinessSeek For Help Normally, you will achieve 200% to 10,000% ROI
  15. 15. CEO CIO CFO 3-In-1 Our advices are incredibly blunt but still acceptable by most clients happily. The secret: 1. Blunt advises avoid unproductive words 2. Obtain deep understanding through IBR 3. Comprehend complexity quickly 4. Removing illusions that are confusing 5. Cease prolonged sufferings realistically 6. +ve changes in thoughts & behaviours. 7. More accountable to your own works. 8. Turn blind spots to advantages 9. Quantum knowledge/ perspective leap Direction StartsFromHeartNotFromDecision Failure = choose nice words over unpresent important words Management Consulting, Advisory, Coaching, And Mentoring AlignWithClarityToFocusOnBreakthrough >20 years as a financial professional, CFO, managing multi-millions portfolios. >15 years as a CEO, GM, Marketing Director, and Regional Manager in many industries across Asia Pacific for SMEs and some largest companies in the world. >17 years as a business analyst, software co-founder/ architect, IT consultant, and CIO. 3-In-1 Professional Services: >10 years as a management consultant, possesses combined integrated skillsets of CFO, CEO, & CIO which are much more superior than 3 individuals who possess the separated skillsets. Increase values instantly! JC Quek, Founder 3C Think Tank P.L. Most clients achieve over 3,000% ROI when invest us Thai Ti Nguyen Lien Hotel Owner, Vietnam It is enlightening... I never have such an insight within just 2 hours with JC compare to my past 2 years. I highly recommend JC for his wise advices.
  16. 16. Transformation When Engage Us Create Cash Cash canvas Stabilize crisis Business survival Generate rapid cash 3C Biz Success Framework Delivery: Your Cash Your Team Your Plan -ve cashflows Operation freeze Legal suits Insufficient cash Prolonged Sufferings Bankrupt BEFORE AFTER High profit & bonus Smooth Operation Free cashflows Grow healthily Increase values ↑ Conversion rate Demoralise Lack initiative Unproductive Miscommunication Poor leadership Lousy decisions Passionate Self Driven Highly productive Active communication Quality decisions Successful Confusion Misunderstanding Conflict expectations Bias mindsets Unrealistic Wrong models Clarity Understanding Happy Stakeholders Fair Plans Practical Effective Insightful Business Review Critical Success Components +ve cashflows Growth foundation Healthy foundation PROGRAMS IT Enhancement Growth programs Strategy develop Best mgt practices Insightful Biz Review Leadership & people Championing finance Productivities & process
  17. 17. DOUBLE CONCEPT Highly affordable flexible pricing ● Very low upfront payment ● Pay only when achieve result ● Cap at 25% of the targeted result ● Minimum ROI 400% Flexi Plans ● Agile platform for easy plans switch ● No fee charge when switching plans ● Allow clients grow with least disturbances Specially Design For SMEs; Receive Benefits Before Making Payment Over 90%clients stay with us more than 10 years after engaging us
  18. 18. We Do Healthy; holistic; +ve cashflows Focus energy to make money and not find money. Remove -ve cashflows & prolonged sufferings/ insolvency We Are 1st ever comprehensive framework A one-stop solution centre for SMEs. Integrated multi-disciplines 3,000% ROI “Double pricing concept”: => benefited then pay => flexi plans specially designed for SMEs => clients stay with us for > 10 years. Your Choice Time to improve? Equip before disaster? Obtain deep understanding with wise judgement? Is 3,000% ROI worth to invest? Contact us is a choice or a necessity? Call/WhatsApp +65 96254931