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Ethans a2 media reincarnated


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Ethans a2 media reincarnated

  1. 1. Reincarnated Documentary Analysis
  2. 2. Type of Documentary • Reincarnated it was a mixed documentary. It is a mixed documentary as it contains, archive footage and voice overs
  3. 3. Themes • This documentary is a vice documentary. It follows snoop dog as he explores Rastafarian culture and also talks about the background and history of the rapper.
  4. 4. Narrative structure • The documentary opens with snoop dogat cochella festival America performing on stage. The beginning of the documentary is all about the life of snoop dog his life within gangs and as a rapper. This then leads on nicely to the middle and snoops reason why he wants to become part of the Rastafarian culture. The end shows Snoop Dogs transition into Snoop Lion and acceptance into the Rastafarian culture
  5. 5. Camera Work • There a quite a few establishing of the Jamaican countryside and contrast to the long establishing shots of the city. This shows the audience the two different sides of Jamaica.
  6. 6. Mise En Scene • Everything is quite bright there are lots of colours and there is lots of greenery and countryside. There is hardly and dark scenes in the film apart from scenes describing snoops life as a gangster and a rapper. This shows the audience the contrast to his new life and also the light and the greener also represents the culture of the Rastafarians.
  7. 7. Sound • There is a lot of music within reincarnated. It is mainly snoop dog songs but it is accompanied by traditional Rastafarian chants and songs. This creates a pleasant contrast and highlights the two key themes within the documentary.
  8. 8. Archive footage • There is a lot of Archive footage used in reincarnated. It is mainly used to tell snoop dogs life story,. Its mainly Music videos, police Reports, News reports and interviews. All of this helps to build up a background that the viewer can understand.