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Ethans a2 media


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Published in: Education
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Ethans a2 media

  1. 1. The devil made me do it Documentary analysis
  2. 2. Type of document • The devil made me do it was a mixed documentary. It is a mixed documentary as it contains narration, archive footage and voice overs
  3. 3. Narrative structure • In the beginning it shows Marylyn Manson and his followers who are dressed like him, gothic. There is also a backstory about the peaceful town struck by the satanic fueled murder of a nun supposedly inspired by Marylyn Manson song lyrics. In the middle we see how the murders have effected people, town and also exploits the girls who committed the murder it also made out that Marylyn Manson is quite dark and evil and that he may have had influence in the murder of the nun throughout there is binary oppositions of good vs evil. In the end the girls are convicted and one repents which relates back to religion and Marylyn Manson is still portrayed in a dark light.
  4. 4. Camera Work • There was lots of establishing shots of locations so the audience know where it is. There is shots of the town showing the people getting on quietly with there lives which makes the murder seem more dramatic as it is a small quiet town. There is also shots of Marylyn mason on stage. It is a low angle shot and the audience are shot at a low angle so this shows us the power he has over his fans.
  5. 5. Mise En Scene • The woman in red (the prosecutor) is wearing a red formal dress to a rock gig, this shows her authority. When in interviews Marylyn Manson is shot in a dark slightly gloomy light, he is dressed in full black. This makes him seem pretty dark and sinister. In the end of the documentary there is a montage of youth doing bad thing, e.g. drinking, smoking, kissing each other. This paints the youth in a bad light and makes them seem very anti social
  6. 6. Editing • There is lots of fast editing, this keeps the pace of the documentary fast and keeps viewers on the edge of there seats. There is shot reverse shot between Marylyn Manson and his fans. This shows the strong relationship between MM and his crowd and how they worship him.
  7. 7. Archive Footage • We see archive footage throughout the documentary. There is archive footage of the trial and the reports around it. There is also archive footage of MM in concert and his music videos, this gives the audience an insight into what MM is like and what influence he has over his fans.
  8. 8. Graphics • There is graphics at the start of criminals this gives us an idea that this documentary is about crime. We then see “The devil made me do it” title appears in a ghostly manner, this gives off the paranormal aspect of the documentary.