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PAC Summit - Online Campaigning


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What works and does not work in online campaigning in EU politics?

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business
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PAC Summit - Online Campaigning

  1. 1. EU Online Campaigning PAC Summit Jon Worth | @jonworth PPT: (15mb) | Slideshare:
  2. 2. 1. Should you even make this public?
  3. 3. 2. How do you separate signal from the noise?
  4. 4. Make something physical
  5. 5. Put people on the street
  6. 6. Use the European Citizens’ Initiative(?)
  7. 7. Allow for personalisation
  8. 8. 3. What’s your SMART objective?
  9. 9. SMART objectives for the web 1. Specific – Objectives should specify what they want to achieve. 2. Measurable – You should be able to measure whether you are meeting the objectives or not. 3. Achievable - Are the objectives you set, achievable and attainable? 4. Realistic – Can you realistically achieve the objectives with the resources you have? 5. Time – When do you want to achieve the set objectives?
  10. 10. Hybrid
  11. 11. Should you even make this public? How do you separate the signal from the noise? What’s your SMART objective? Recap
  12. 12. Creative Commons Images Ethernet Cables Bee Tap Schaake Shark Fins ACTA march Power Station Greek Poverty Screaming Exhaust Maize Volvo Truck Cameron Juncker TTIP Hugh’s Fish Fight update-2/ Vattenfall Climate Case from luxembourg-or/
  13. 13. EU Online Campaigning PAC Summit Jon Worth | @jonworth PPT: (15mb) | Slideshare: