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Radically Open Cultural Heritage Data on the Web


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Presentation at Society of California Archivists Annual General Meeting, Ventura CA. April 27, 2012

Published in: Education, Technology
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Radically Open Cultural Heritage Data on the Web

  1. 1. Radically Open Cultural HeritageData on the WebJon Voss @jonvossStrategic Partnerships DirectorHistorypinHeather MoranPhotographer & ArchivistSan Francisco MunicipalTransit AuthoritySociety of California ArchivistsGeneral MeetingApril 27, 2012
  2. 2. Jon, we archive things so that people can find them...
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives &
  5. 5. San Francisco, DC, Atlanta, London, Wellington, New York, Canberra, Melbourne, St. Louis # # # # ## # # ##
  6. 6. 2013 LODLAM Challenge image cc-by The Noun Project
  7. 7. Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives & Museums#LODLAM Culture Technology Law
  8. 8. The DJ in the Archive?
  9. 9. Culture Technology Law Law
  10. 10. Going from Tables to Graphs nodes and links in a graph
  11. 11. Introducing Triples Nodes & Links follows jonvoss rlfrick SFMTAPhoto• Quite simply: Subject, Predicate, Object• gives us the ability to describe entities in a way that is machine readable
  12. 12. Culture Technology LawNew Tools Enabling Better Sharing
  13. 13. Legal ToolsOpen Data CC BY CC0 Public Domain Mark Public Domain Dedication and License (PDDL) Attribution License (ODC-By) Open Database License (ODC-ODbL)
  14. 14.
  15. 15.