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Feature Story: Jon Urbana's Next Level Lacrosse Camp


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In a recent article about lacrosse camps, Next Level Lacrosse Camp, of which Jon Urbana is cofounder, was mentioned as a top destination.

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  • I've never known very much about the sport but I think it's interesting for someone to try a different kind of sport ad associate the skills with one they regularly play. Cool article.
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Feature Story: Jon Urbana's Next Level Lacrosse Camp

  1. 1. Attending A Lacrosse Camp May Deepen One's Love For The Sport When someone starts to take lacrosse very seriously a good thing for them to look into is lacrosse camps. There is so much that they can do and learn when they attend a camp that is focused on the sport, and they will find the experience to be very rewarding. There are many lacrosse camps out there for those who choose to attend them, and some of the camps are better than others. One of the best lacrosse camps out there is the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. This camp is all about mentoring young people into becoming better lacrosse players. Jon Urbana, a man who has always been great at playing the sport himself, started the camp and has done amazing things with it. Those who attend are in for a treat, as they will find themselves learning much about the sport. Those who choose to go to the Next Level Lacrosse Camp will be able to learn from people who know a lot about lacrosse, and that will help them to do better in the sport than they have ever been able to before. It will be great for everyone who has a passion for this sport to be able to go to a camp and learn from the ones who are there and eager to teach them. Many great things can come from attending a lacrosse camp when one has a passion for doing that kind of thing, and the one who attends may just decide that that is something that they would like to do with their life. Their love for the sport might grow through their time in the camp, and as they leave and go about living their life as normal they may just find themselves getting excited about the future and all that it holds for them in regard to the sport.