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Spotquant techtalk-cloud

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Spotquant techtalk-cloud

  1. 1. Tech Talk: Cloud Banter, spotQuant Associates L.P.After the dot com boom technologists are touting cloud computing as thenext big thing in the world of internet. But the potential of cloud computingis not limited to only internet based desktop applications. This is the era ofmobility and almost each and every desktop based application is now has amobile version available. Does this suggest that cloud computing could add anew dimension to mobile computing? The answer is yes. A recent researchsuggested that the mobile cloud computing market is expected to reach $9billion by year 2014. Will the market be able to reach this point is in thewomb of future, but this figure clearly showed the potential of thetechnology.Now lets see how this technology is going to impact the future of mobility. Atpresent all the feature rich mobile applications are meant for high end smartphones only. The market share of such phones is increasing but they will notbe able to capture majority of the share in next 3-5 years; majority of themobile handset market will still be dominated by low end and mid segmentmobile handsets. Handset manufacturers, mobile operators and other thirdparty developers want to sell their applications and services to all of theircustomers irrespective of the type of handset their customers own; and herecomes the role of cloud based mobile services. The cloud will act as aplatform for feature rich applications, which otherwise, are incompatible torun on low end mobile handsets.I should talk about mobile computing for smart phones and low end phonesseparately. First I talk about smart phones, how the user of smart phonescould be benefited out of cloud computing. I start with gaming as anexample; at present users are able to play single player games on mobileand the entire game is installed/saved on the phone itself and if there is anyupgrade/bug fix of the game available from the provider s/he needs todownload the full game on his/her device; but with cloud computing in thepicture the entire game is on the server and as per the user’s request itwould be downloaded to his device and the state of the game will be savedon the cloud or on any other server accessed through cloud server. It is verymuch similar to the games we are familiar playing on gaming sites and socialnetworking sites like Facebook etc. Multi-player games would become areality for all the phones. These cloud services would be accessible through avery small client which would access the catalog of services from the cloud.Imagine your PC calendar which could be synced with your mobile calendarand you are accessing your office collaborative MS project file through cloudservices and updating it through your mobile while outside your officewithout actually opening your laptop machine and using remote login toorganization’s server. With the advent of mobile cloud computing it would
  2. 2. become possible to have entire desktop of your office PC to be available onsmart phone’s screen without installing any third party software on yourmobile handset.Lets come to low end handsets and mobile cloud computing in general. Alow end handset user doesn’t have a picture editor or spreadsheet viewer onhis handset but with cloud as a platform to such services will facilitate notonly viewing but also editing of a spreadsheet through his/her mobile. Livebeaming of TV channels would become a reality for low cost handsets. Withcloud services user would be able to able to capture picture/video from hismobile and upload it to the sites like youtube and flickr simultaneously.Imagine a scenario where your are having a DTH (direct to home) set topbox at your home and your children are at home and you do not want themto watch TV as their exams are near; you just access the DTH provider’scloud services and bar the TV programs and/or in another scenario you justforgot to instruct your DTH set top box to record your favorite TV show andnow you access the cloud based services of your provider and instruct settop box at your home to record your program.In a nutshell I would say that a plethora of services will be available at ourfinger tips without caring about the memory capacity of our mobilehandsets. With such services in offing the mobile cloud computing is havinga future for sure. The above mentioned scenarios are just show the potentialof cloud computing in mobility domain. It is just the tip of the iceberg. Justwait and let the cloud bring the rain of services.SpotQuant Associates L.Pwww.spotquant.comCheck out the Intel® Atom™ Developer Program, if you are looking for anopportunity to build and monetize your applications. You can sell through Intel’sstorefront – Intel AppUp Center. Intel has also set up a Million Dollar DevelopmentFund to support developers who are looking at building innovative apps. For moredetails check out This blog post is an entry to Intel’s contest – My India App StoryI will write about the various technology on which I worked and I learnedduring previous years. Since I have worked on variety of domains like;
  3. 3. mobility, POS, web applications, cloud computing, home automation, digitalentertainment, telecom etc. so here I would explore these all and wouldwrite how all/some of these technologies could be converged into one andwhat could be a possible outcome of convergence. Some of the abovementioned technologies have already been converged. I won’t be suggestinga revolutionary technology of the future but I would write if some of theseare converged then how it is going to affect a common man’s life.