Hedge Fund Jobs: IAIR Interview with Jonathan Buffa- Looking for talents in Hedge Fund Industry
Hedge Fund Jobs: IAIR Interview with Jonathan Buffa- Looking for talents in Hedge Fund Industry
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Hedge Fund Jobs: IAIR Interview with Jonathan Buffa- Looking for talents in Hedge Fund Industry


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Jonathan Buffa Mobile: 212.729.7582
Office: 212.401.0913
Email: jonathan@tylercap.com
Jonathan Buffa is the Managing Director of Tyler Capital Group, founder of LeadingAlpha, SpotAlpha, TopAUM, SpotQuant, HedgeShort, and 10X Hedge Fund Initiative, a technology-driven global network uniting companies and industry professionals. TylerCap focuses on building investment teams and analytical solutions for hedge funds, headquartered in New York City. Leveraging both his technical expertise knowledge and relationships throughout the Tech eco-system, Jonathan, is managing partner and co-creator of a Hedge Fund Digital Media Firm offering capital raising solutions deploying crowdfunding-like capabilities to existing, emerging and start-up fund managers. XVIO Ventures in partnership, Tyler Capital Group, LLC. Dowhower Capital, LLC and GMB Direct, Inc. provide funds a suite of solutions, including the ability to manage Investor Relations and assist in capital raising efforts directly from a clients website.

Mr. Buffa previously served as a Managing Partner, and CTO of 10X Partners, a leading hedge fund consulting firm where he was responsible for global search and solutions development. At 10X, Jonathan designed the Search-Model-Solution (SMS) developed a powerful Mandate-Matcher(M2) and responsible for the “Agent” approach widely known today as Leading Alpha. In April 2010 Mr. Buffa was invited to serve as official voice and resident guest speaker of the Global Finance Job Conference, an annual affair held in New York City and hosted by former Goldman Sachs’s Amy Parvaneh. Throughout his career, Mr. Buffa has designed software applications, data management systems, search model solutions, suggestive & predictive analytical data-mining/reporters and in 2005 led the development of communication solutions utilizing GSM & CDMA networks. This technology and its principles, employed, have transformed sourcing, vetting and fund infiltration for the hedge fund industry. Mr. Buffa earned a degree in Finance from the Tobin College of Business at St. John University. Jonathan has studied Computational Mathematics and Linear Programming at The University of Massachusetts and has completed course work in Advanced Mathematics and Data Mining at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Buffa a is a CFA Level 2 candidate and received the Chartered Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation in 2010.

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