Thirst Wine Bar Rp Lo Marketing[1]


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APNBA September 2008 Small Business Marketing Workshop Panelist Slides

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Thirst Wine Bar Rp Lo Marketing[1]

  1. 1. Focus on Pacific NW Wine RiverPlace and Wine Friendly Food, Esplanade sourced locally and in season! Appetizers, Full Entrées Fabulous Desserts 2 Locations: RiverPlace (~3years) ( 3years) (Downtown Portland) Sharing Plates Lake Oswego ( 1 year) / Light Entrées Fabulous Desserts! Fbl D t! Owners: Leslie Palmer & Gary Kneski Executive Chef: Jon Sodini Lake Oswego
  2. 2. Thirst RiverPlace Thirst Lake Oswego Beautiful location with Centrally located in Great Traffic in downtown LO but In Summer, many tourists ‘unexpected area’ with – area overall Signage challenges ‘forgotten’ by residents forgotten Economic downturn RiverPlace / South affecting LO downtown waterfront renewal - overall population growing but growing, Competing with more going slower than restaurants than there expected used to be + Bridgeport RiverPlace businesses – Trying to find our niche getting year-round, classier (Thirst, Spa, Lucier), some still not in ), line with demographic
  3. 3. Thirst Thi No lunch, more entrees. ½ as many people (economy) – record sales! Party Room! P R ! Continual menu – never be stagnant Qualitative vs. Quantitative marketing Work with my neighbors! ‘RiverPlace should be #1 downtown destination area for residents and tourists – experiencing one of Portland’s most unique assets – th Riverfront! t i t the Ri f t! Created casual business association. 4 ‘projects: Community Website Beautify Area B tif A New lighting. Longer term, fix sidewalk issues (Bikes), sculpture, plants Annual Food, Wine & Art Festival , “Wednesdays on the Willamette”
  4. 4. Hired some experts (looked at both locations)! Visual Merchandising Consultatnt: signage, flow, feng shui Vi l M h di i C lt t t i fl f hi Classed up décor within reason and budget! Trade / Borrow! Outside signage again signage…again Financial / Business Analyst. Recommended selling LO… Did ‘soul searching’ on the business. Did not want to quit – so inspired me to aug e t ou o g a bus ess plan. sp ed e augment our original business p a Giving it 1 full year before I reassess Getting people in the door! Free Tastings every night! Give LO residents that little extra push to g t G e O es de ts t at tt e e t a pus come in. Also helps our ‘to go’ program Appetizers / Sharing Plates / Desserts – embrace that for some we may be before or after dinner! Staff! Hired the right people for Lake O
  5. 5. Look outside your business Co-marketing (Spa) / power in numbers (website) Be able to adapt Look and consider from an adapt. outsider’s perspective Wine Bar for Lunch … Avoid the scarcity mentality! Consider joining or starting an association with like-businesses. Instead of being continually competitive, ban together! Analyze but don’t overanalyze! Make changes then give yourself time to execute and adapt before re-analyzing Continually revisit all marketing programs and study your competitors and fellow travelers Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Experts in the area p p – not as pricey as you may think. However, always listen to your gut as well!