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It industry final


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Published in: Technology, Business
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It industry final

  1. 1. Presented by: Rajan Singh Satrughan Hazra Suvash Kr. Singh Susanta Kr. Panda Somalisa Das Sipra Parichha Soumshree Panda Rojalin Sahoo
  2. 2. Introduction.Product & Services.Leading company.Market Analysis.R & D.IT involvement in different Sector.Conclusion.
  3. 3.  Information Technology (IT) is the branch of engineering that deals with the use of computers and telecommunications to store, retrieve and transmit information. Now the days more than 10000 IT company running in IT industry.
  4. 4. Product & ServicesProduct Services Software BPO Hardware KPO ITES
  5. 5. 2011 Revenue in billion$106.91 $127.24 $69.94 $37.91 $27.35 $35.60 $4.98 $5.08 $7.82
  6. 6. 2011 Revenue in billion$10.17 $7.30 $6.99 $3.21TCS $1.05 WIPRO INFOSYS HCL TECH MAHINDRA
  7. 7.  According to the IT market analysis firm, Gartner, worldwide IT spending is forecast to reach US$3.4 trillion in 2010, 5.3% increase from IT spending of US$3.2 trillion in 2009. The IT industry will continue to show steady growth with IT spending in 2011 projected to surpass US$3.5 trillion, a 4.2% increase from 2010.
  8. 8.  Worldwide software spending is expected to total US$232 billion in 2010, a 5.1% increase from 2009. Gartner analysts said the impact of the recession on the software industry was tempered and not as dramatic as other IT markets. In 2010.
  9. 9. upcoming
  10. 10. Windows 95 Operating System Windos 98 Windows XP Window Vista Window2007
  11. 11. MS Office(1990) MS Office MS Office 2003 MS Office 2007 MS Office 2010
  12. 12. Tally 4.5 Tally (A/c pro.) Tally 7.2 Tally 8.1 Tally 9.0 Tally ERP
  13. 13.  Company. Education. Telecommunication. Banking. Railway. Defense. Media. Medical. Scientific Research.
  14. 14. We lastly conclude that: Faster access to any service. Greeting the news updates any time any where. Connect with the family, friends any where in the world. Hacking . Killing the creativity. Increase in dependency.