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SEO Writing, Organizing your Website - Content Marketing


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Writing for the web is different than writing for print. See the tips and tools used to organize and create content marketing and website copy.

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SEO Writing, Organizing your Website - Content Marketing

  1. 1. Jonti Bolles White Hat Ops Jonti Bolles | | @jonti Tendenci Open Source CMS Partner Optimizing Your Site for SEO
  2. 2. Jonti Bolles SEM Team Jonti Bolles | jonti@whitehat-ops.comWhiteHat Ops
  3. 3. 1. Foundations of SEO 2. Semantic Search 3. Writing for the Web What We’ll Cover Jonti Bolles | whitehat-ops.comWhiteHat Ops
  4. 4. Foundations of SEO Jonti Bolles |
  5. 5. SEO is “more than links” Jonti Bolles |
  6. 6. •Start with Home Page, categories, products, etc. •Determine high value $ and what matters to your audience. •Organize around high-value targets first Keyword Targeting Jonti Bolles |
  7. 7. Google Trends for Top Phrases Jonti Bolles | •Google Trends •Compare phrases •Related Phrases
  8. 8. Google Trends for Top Phrases Jonti Bolles | •News •Publisher and Events
  9. 9. Google Trends for Top Phrases Jonti Bolles | •Top and Rising Queries
  10. 10. •Conversational Queries •Ok Glass - “Show me pictures of debit cards” Hummingbird Jonti Bolles |
  11. 11. Why can’t we write the same online as in print? •Physical Difficulty •Attention Span •Internet of Things Jonti Bolles |
  12. 12. The F-Shaped Pattern “About Us” page Product Page Google Search Results Jonti Bolles |
  13. 13. Applying the F-Pattern 1. Give the first two paragraphs the most important information. 2. Begin sentences with the most important words (think keywords). 3. Write fluidly to move readers through the text. Jonti Bolles |
  14. 14. How to Customize Your SEO What you can control Jonti Bolles |
  15. 15. •Primary Keyphrases - Heading •Meta Description & Title Tag - MVP’s •Headlines and Hyperlinks •Alt Tags for Images, links Phrases are the Foundation Jonti Bolles |
  16. 16. Description & Keywords Created Based on Content Jonti Bolles |
  17. 17. Headline Tips 1. Writing headlines is a craft. 2. Keep them short and direct. 3. Sell it! Your headline is the introduction to your text. Jonti Bolles |
  18. 18. •Three Types: •Benefit Headlines •News Headlines •Curiosity Headlines •Brainstorm •Test, Test Test! Is it Time for a New Headline? Jonti Bolles |
  19. 19. Scannable 1. Bulleted/ Numbered lists 2. Bold text 3. Images that represent text Jonti Bolles |
  20. 20. Incorporate Targeted Keywords Into: •Alt Tags and Title on Images •Sub headings (Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3) •Cross Links - Link the phrase, not just words On Page Edits Jonti Bolles |
  21. 21. Think Like an Outline Page Title automatically coded as a Heading 1 ! Heading 1 is The Highlander - There can be only One. Use your WYSIWYG to Add Heading 2, Heading 3 Subheaders Jonti Bolles |
  22. 22. For Images:
 Add Text to Title Text & Alt Text Field Jonti Bolles | A"ribu'on  =
  23. 23. Tools for Visual Content Resources for making infographics: Jonti Bolles |
  24. 24. •Fill out all fields •Tags •Categories •Description/Caption (can include HTML) •URL Slug ! Considering Video? More on How To Optimize on Rich Media is Powerful Jonti Bolles |
  25. 25. •Compelling Content •Engines respond to unique, useful content •Visitors share and build trust •Watch what works then explore and amplify •Don’t take shortcuts Analytics - Did it Work? Jonti Bolles |
  26. 26. Other Tips • Use photos of real people rather than stock photos when possible. • For long posts, draft an abbreviated version and link to the full-version. • Your newsletter counts as web writing. Approach it the same way. Jonti Bolles |
  27. 27. •Getting Started with Google Analytics + Tendenci: analytics •Financial Calendar - Seasonal Trends •Consumer - knowledge-center/ultimate-2014-financial- calendar/ •Economics - Economic-Calendar Resources Jonti Bolles | jonti@whitehat-ops.comWhiteHat Ops
  28. 28. Questions? Jonti Bolles ! Tendenci Open Source CMS
 jbolles@tendenci Jonti Bolles | jonti@whitehat-ops.comWhiteHat Ops