NCLOR Value to Faculty and New Features


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This presentation was given at the North Carolina Community College Distance Learning Association on Nov 7, 2011. The audience for this presentation was for NCCCS faculty.

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  • Peers can who could vastly improve their class structure, student interest, and outcomes by using your resources in their classes.
  • Let say you are an instructor who is asked to develop content for an online math course two weeks before the beginning of the semester. You could rush to find content from a text publisher or ask other faculty member to let you use their content. This is the old way…booo
  • NCLOR Value to Faculty and New Features

    1. 1. THE BENEFIT TO FACULTY AND NCLOR 5.0 Jonathon Sweetin, NCLOR System Administrator NC3ADL Conference Nov 7,2011
    2. 2.  What is the North Carolina Learning Object repository (NCLOR)? Ways to Access the NCLOR  LMS vs. Main Interface What goes in the NCLOR? Accessing the NCLOR  Searching vs. Contributing What benefits does it bring to faculty? Planned features in NCLOR 5.1
    3. 3.  North Carolina’s C K-20* online centralized searchable database that stores teaching resources.  NCLOR Main Interface: Provides a centralized location for the acquisition, contribution, and management of quality learning resources  Single sign on integration of Blackboard and Moodle learning management systems
    4. 4. Searching, Contributing , Use in F2F Searching & Adding to LMSLO Development SoftChalk(Guest Content Only) Main Interface Log in NCLOR Server
    5. 5.  NCCCS faculty members currently can start searching for content to add to online courses. Blackboard Moodle
    6. 6.  Contributor (main interface only)  Get an account at  Review the tutorials  Start contributing New Features:  Subject Cloud  Follow Link  5.0 Tutorials*
    7. 7. NCLOR 4.1 NCLOR 5.0 Delayed TBA
    8. 8. Documents Zip Files Videos* • Tutorials • Learning ObjectsImages Audio Files Web Resources • Podcasts Classroom • YouTube Ed. Captures Content • Google Books
    9. 9.  Over 13,000 teaching resources  Duke University Geriatric Nursing Collection  Health Info. Technology Workforce Training Collection  NC Alliance of Surgical Technology Educators Collection  The National Repository of Online Courses  SAS –Curriculum Pathways  Explorer Virtual Microscope  Harvard, Yale and MIT video courses  NCCCS Virtual Learning Community (VLC)  Khan Academy  See complete list at
    10. 10. Discipline ResourcesAgricultural and Natural Sciences 1693Arts and Humanities 2094Business 349Career and Technical Education 481Computer Science 184Design 34Education 509Engineering 577Health Medical Sciences 901Information Sciences 26Language Arts 192Mathematics 3083Other 122Physical Sciences 2759Social and Behavioral Sciences 1015
    11. 11.  Smart Content Storage Access to pre-constructed course content Peer collaboration on resources Access to enhanced, interactive, and engaging resources Use of a sophisticated search utility Access to VLC and other system licensed content Integration with a LMS such as Moodle or Blackboard Peer reviewing and rating Ability to Bookmark and Tag useful resources
    12. 12. Moodle Course Section 1 Moodle Course Section 2
    13. 13. Moodle Course Section 1 Moodle Course Section 2 Blackboard Section 3
    14. 14. PLEASE HELP!
    15. 15. Access to enhanced, interactive, and engaging resources
    16. 16. Subject: The US Civil WarInteractive Maps Lecture Video Interactive Learning Object
    17. 17. Total itemsavailable: 50Example Resource:Battles ofPetersburg andAppomattox History Animated Collection of depictions of the key naval and land battles in WWII (Pacific Battles), US Civil War and the US Revolution using animation technology. Back
    18. 18. Total itemsavailable: 4916Resource Example:The Civil War National Repository of Online Courses The National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) is a growing library of high-quality online course content for students and faculty in higher education, high school and Advanced Placement. Subjects include: Algebra, Physics, American Government, Psychology, Biology, Religion, Calculus, Statistics, Environmental Science and US History. Back
    19. 19. Total itemsavailable: 403Resource Example:Lecture 27 -Legacies of the CivilWar (VideoLecture) Open Yale Courses This is a collection of Yale University open course content. The aim of the project is to expand access to educational materials for all who wish to learn. Subjects include: Astronomy, English, Biomedical Engineering, History, Chemistry, History of Art, Classics, Physics, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Political Science, Economics and Psychology.
    20. 20.  Since 2008, all learning objects and assets used in VLC courses have been available in the NCLOR. Other NCCCS system-wide licensed content like:  NationalRepository of Online Courses  V-Scope Explorer
    21. 21. Total itemsavailable: 684Resource Example:Physical Growth inMiddle Childhood Virtual Learning Community: Learning Objects The Virtual Learning Community is a collaborative effort of all of North Carolina’s Community Colleges to increase the quality and availability of online learning and support services. The purpose of the VLC is to develop, edit, and broker content for curriculum and continuing education distance learning courses and to provide professional development for distance learning faculty and staff.
    22. 22. Total itemsavailable: 99Resource Example:Cat CerebellumGolgi Stain V-Scope Explorer Microscope This is fully simulated experience of using a real microscope. Focus, slide placement, magnification choice & moving the stage controlled by mouse are all features available in Virtual Microscope. Topics include Anatomy and Physiology , Multicellular Plants & Animals , and Single Cell Organisms
    23. 23. The Free Text search will searchall fields associated with aresource. (NCLOR content only)The Browse search sorts theresources into like characteristicssuch as: all Higher Ed content orall eBooks…etc. Advance Search… will search for a resource with a combined queries.
    24. 24. New in NCLOR 5.0 is theFilter. You can use the quickfilter to sort search results bywhat type of attachment isassociated with the resource.
    25. 25. Users of any resource can use a star ratingsystem to evaluate the resource and leavecomments for the owner or other users toview.
    26. 26. The new Add toFavorites feature in 5.0will let you bookmarkand tag the resourcesyou wish to reviewlater.This feature is availablethrough the LMS andthe main interface.
    27. 27.  Publish to LMS* - Ability to push content to online courses directly from main interface. QTI Question Viewer- Ability to view questions in test banks before downloading to LMS. YouTube Enhancements - Ability to select channels to customize user access. Flickr Integration - Ability to search and link to public photos at Microsoft Office Integration – Ability to publish content directly to the NCLOR from Office.
    28. 28.  Jonathon Sweetin Email: Web site – Visit the NCLOR: Thank you for your interest in the NCLOR. November 9, 2011