Lighthouse Network Prayer Letter


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Prayer Letter

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Lighthouse Network Prayer Letter

  1. 1. ! THE LIGHTHOUSE NETWORK PRAYER LETTER “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” And with that he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” – John 20:21 The Lighthouse Network formally launched this week, after months of planning and prayers, and started as a success. There was a gathering of almost 40 people in the St George’s Crypt Dining Room on Sunday (12th January), there to meet Jesus, praise Him and ask for His guidance and support both in our lives and over the network. The meeting began at 12:30pm followed by an hour’s worth of chat, delicious pasta bake, and a warm welcome. There were people there from Churches in Chapeltown, South Leeds as well as the city centre. The service then started at 1:30pm with songs and worship from the Crypt chaplain, Roger Quick – a version of ‘Give me oil in my lamp’ was even played! Throughout the afternoon there was an atmosphere of warmth and welcome; the love of God was shared between strangers who were encouraged to pray with one another. At one point a member of the Central Team looked around for a partner to pray with and found that, ‘there was no-one to pray with(!), because everyone was praying with the person next to them. What a blessing.’ Other than our Sunday meetings, the Lighthouse Network has been working with a number of vulnerable individuals throughout the week. One young man was able to call Betel last Thursday (9th) and be driven by Jimmy Lawrence and Hannah Robb that same afternoon. He is currently in community at Betel, being supported through his detox. Some of the Lighthouse Team also had the chance to visit a previous Betel client in Armley prison, who met the team with a hand full of bible notes for them to read. Despite his detainment, he is on fire for Jesus, sharing the love of God with fellow inmates and praying with them. We would love those supporters of Lighthouse to be praying for the continued growth of this work. Our prayer is that God would support the growing need in this area by providing hands and hearts that will supply the great demand that we see. Please pray for the Lighthouse Team that they would continue to look to Jesus for strength and guidance, and that they would find more volunteers. Please pray specifically for:!! - The Crypt who face this work daily and are housing Lighthouse Sunday meetings The upcoming launch of Wednesday meetings on the 22nd Our friends currently at Betel, learning more about Jesus and working on their recovery Men and women hoping to go to Betel, who may currently be homeless The young man in prison, who is hoping to return to Betel shortly The Lighthouse Team