Babcock Chiropractic and Wellness Center: Creating a Pain-Free World for You


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Babcock chiropractic and wellness center offers a holistic approach of treating patients. It involves relief that is followed by wellness care to ensure sound health.

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Babcock Chiropractic and Wellness Center: Creating a Pain-Free World for You

  1. 1. Chiropractor in San Ramon CA
  2. 2.  Chiropractic treatment is a method of natural healingused for treating acute and chronic conditions.The leading chiropractic treatment provider in San Ramon CA, Babcock Chiropractic and Wellness Center offers you the services of best chiropractors who help you in recognizing the factors that affect your health including exercise, nutrition, sleep, environment and heredity. Chiropractic treatment also focuses on maintaining your health naturally to help your body fight diseases,rather than simply treating the symptoms of diseases.  Chiropractic care is not only for those patients who have been involved in an accident or suffer from chronic neck or back pain. The treatment is also beneficial for a number of people who are suffering from various health disorders.The treatment is suitable for people of all ages as it is a non-invasive and non-surgical method of treatment that does not involve any drug or surgery thus preventing any kind of side effect. The chiropractic treatment can be effective in treating different kind of illnesses and disorders as listed below:
  3. 3. Chiropractic care helps in improving the functioning of immune system  The chiropractic treatment has found to be highly effective in improving the functionality of the immune system.  Improved functionality of the immune system helps in fighting against various diseases and health disorders such as asthma, insomnia etc.
  4. 4. Chiropractic care helps in treating back and neck pain  The Chiropractor in San Ramon CA is best known for safely and effectively treatingacute back and neck pain as well as headaches.  A chiropractor helps in treating the disorder of back pain by hands- on therapy, through manipulation of the spine.  Chiropractors help in changing the position of body and apply pressure to particular joints along the spine to bring the musculoskeletal structure into proper alignment.
  5. 5. The treatment plan of the chiropractors  Chiropractors carefully examine every patient and after a thorough diagnosis develop a treatment plan accordingly.  Some chiropractors provide nutrition advice, exercise recommendation, lifestyle counseling etc. for the successful management of chronic conditions.  The treatment plan of the chiropractors includes combination of chiropractic manipulation, physical therapy and rehabilitative procedures for many musculoskeletal problems.
  6. 6. Benefits and risks of chiropractic care  People who have osteoporosis, spinal cord compression or inflammatory arthritis or who take blood-thinning medications should not undergo spinal manipulation.  Patients with a history of cancer should first obtain clearance from their medical doctor before undergoing spinal manipulation.  The chiropractor should be well-informed regarding your medical history, including ongoing medical conditions, current medications, lifestyle factors etc.  Research has shown that chiropractic treatment is also beneficial in curing osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.
  7. 7. How is the chiropractic adjustment performed?  Chiropractic adjustment or manipulation is a manual procedure that uses highly refined skills of the chiropractors.  The chiropractic services offered by Babcock Chiropractic and Wellness Center typically makes use of hands-on manipulation or an instrument to manipulate the joints of the body.  The chiropractic treatment often helps in treating joint inflammation thus reducing the pain of the patient.  The chiropractors adapt the procedures to meet the specific needs and requirement of each patient thus creating symptoms of positive changes.
  8. 8. Chiropractic care and your nervous system  Chiropractic care helps in correcting the misalignments or subluxations in your spinal system.  The chiropractors also help you in optimizing and restoring proper nervous system functioning.
  9. 9. The health benefits of regular chiropractic care  Regular chiropractic care can help in management and relief of back and neck conditions, headaches, high blood pressure, sleep disorders etc.  Regular chiropractic visit may help in keeping your body at the optimal health level, thus allowing the body to self-heal.  Implementing routine chiropractic care in your lifestyle may avoid many of the common aches and pains that most people suffer through.  Regular chiropractic care can help you feel better, move with more freedom and stay healthier.
  10. 10. Chiropractic treatment involves no drugs or surgery  Chiropractors may use manual adjustment, electrical muscular stimulation, ultrasound or massage to locate, analyze and gently correct vertebral misalignments or subluxations in the spine.  Chiropractors never use pharmaceutical drugs or invasive surgery for treating the disorders and conditions of the body.  Chiropractic care is a natural method of healing that stimulates the body’s communication system to work more effectively.  The treatment offered by the chiropractors help in initiating, controlling and coordinating the various functions of the cells, organs and systems of the body.
  11. 11. The unstated benefits of the chiropractic treatment  Chiropractic treatment may be a benefit to children, teens and adults for their injuries or as a part of their overall wellness and health.  Regular chiropractic care helps in keeping your body flexible, therefore enhancing the activity performance and reducing the chances of injury.  The aim of chiropractic treatment is to help the patients recover from their injuries, prevent additional injury and attaining a healthy and active lifestyle.
  12. 12. Conclusion  Chiropractic treatment offered by Babcock Chiropractic and Wellness Center helps in correcting the underlying cause of many illnesses rather than merely treating the symptoms.  Other excellent benefits of chiropractic care include improved immunity, improved flexibility, stress relief etc.