Warema Shading - Genzyme Headquarter


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Warema Shading - Genzyme Headquarter

  1. 1. Project report Intelligent use of natural daylight Effective heat protection despite internal installation Comfortable room climate with WAREMA LONWorks® control Genzyme Headquar ter Cambridge MA, USAArt.-No. 9995K0.02.2005 Sun. Light. WAREMA.
  2. 2. Project informationEnergy efficient building is notyet on the agenda in the USA.Thermal comfort and adequa-te lighting are guaranteedthrough air conditioning sys-tems and all-day artifical ligh-ting.Building ownerBut there are exceptions. TheGenzyme Corporation, an in-ternational biotechnology com-pany, designed and built theirnew headquarters in Cambridgeas the first green building in theUSA. The 12-story buildingwith an office space of 27 ,900sqm shows various architectu-ral features for the utilisationof solar energy and naturaldaylight.Like photovoltaic cells on theroof and heliostats whichflood the atrium with daylight,WAREMA’s light-controlsystems play an importantrole in the energy concept.ArchitectThe successful project wasmanaged and planned by theGerman architectsBehnisch, Behnisch + Partnerfrom Stuttgart in cooperationwith architectsHouse and Robertson fromLos Angeles.Light planningThe daylight and artificial lightsolutions designed by theLight Laboratory Bartenbachin Innsbruck make the buildingappear bright and inviting. Theoffices are flooded with natu-ral daylight and create a plea-sant atmosphere, thus increa-sing the wellbeing andcontentment of its users.
  3. 3. Photo title and this page: Roland Halbe, Stuttgart Building details Building height: 55m Floor space: 27,900 sqm Number of storys: 12 Architects: Behnisch, Behnisch and Partner, Stuttgart Start of construction: October 2000 Completion: October 2003 Photo: Roland Halbe, Stuttgart Photo: Roland Halbe, Stuttgart Specifications: Glazing - heat protection glas - Ug=1.1 W/m2 - g = 0,56 Light-control system - 808 light-guiding blinds E80 LD with Hall sensor - 123 light-guiding blinds E80 L with Hall sensor - Slat quality Miro 3 - gtot Facade = 0,25 LONWORKS® control - 600 LON motor control units for 4 motors - 1 LON weather station - Conventional blind switch in each room - Service PC with tabular visua- lisation - Remote maintenance via modem - Support of heating and air conditioning - Slat guidance - Annual shade program 3
  4. 4. Light-control systems Photo: Roland Halbe, StuttgartLight-control systems WAREMA Light-guidingThe 931 light-control systems blindinstalled at Genzyme fulfill These slats with a reflectivefour main functions: top side and a reflectance of 93 % form the foundation of- The luminance of the wind- effective utilisation of daylight. ows always remains at a As the light is reflected on the level which is permissible for ceiling of each room, the day- workstations - regardless of light is distributed evenly and the position of the sun. dazzle-free around the room.- The contact with the outside Photo: Roland Halbe, Stuttgart world remains largely intact without detrimental effects on thermal and visual comforts.- All rooms are illuminated with natural daylight for as long as possible.- Thanks to the regulation of solar energy (g value), the room temperature always remains at a comfortable level. Double-motor blind Most blinds are divided into two sections, which can be adjusted independently. Whether workstation or mee- ting room, grey November day or sunny summer’s day - for every work or illumination situa- tion, the perfect light settings can be programed.4
  5. 5. Photo: Roland Halbe, Stuttgart Glare protection and con- tact to the surroundings Even with the blinds down, the contact to the outside world remains intact. This is achieved by special semi-per- forated slats. The non-perfora- ted half of the slat reflects the direct sunlight.Photo: Roland Halbe, Stuttgart Photo: Roland Halbe, Stuttgart From the workstation, the Effective heat protection perforated side of the slat app- despite internal installation ears transparent and allows At Genzyme, all blinds are fitted dazzle-free contact to the sur- internally. The architecture and roundings. height of the building did not allow for the use of an exter- nal sun shading system. The mirror-finish slats reflect a large part of the solar radiaton when closed without con- verting it to thermal radiation. Hence, the building stays comfortably cool even with extreme outside temperatu- res. 5
  6. 6. ControlEach user can adjust the The control mainly consists ofblinds via a push-button switch a weather station, the motoraccording to their own require- control units (actuators) andments in terms of illumina- the manual overrides.tion, surroundings and tempe-rature. The LON sensor unit is the first component to which theFull performance of the light- outside brightness and tem-guiding blinds is only achieved perature sensors are connec-by adjusting the slats to the ted. The data measured bybest position related to the these sensors (such as date,measured weather data and time and the current position ofthe position of neighbouring the sun (elevation and azimuth)buildings. In connection with are transmitted to all Bus parti-the automatic slat guidance cipants.which is sensitive to the posi-tion of the sun, the best possi- The motors are controlled by Safety First... Features ofble use of daylight, glare pro- the UL- certified 4 motor con- In case of a fire alarm, a retrac- LON MSE 4M120Itection, transparency and heat trol unit LON MSE 4M120I. tion command is sent to all - Local processing of dataprotection can be achieved. This unit processes all neces- light-guiding blinds, whilst - Switching point for sun, sary data and can control up emergency services are aler- clock...The solution: LONWORKS® to four light-guiding blinds ted. This ensures that casual- - Parametriable scenariosPlanner and building owner independently. In connection ties and the source of the fire - Parametriable automaticdemanded highest functional- with the position feedback can be easily located from reverseity as part of a standardised, device (Hall sensor), the LON outside. - Support of heating/ air condi-efficient and reliable system. MSE 4M120I allows a particu- tioning requirementsThis is why the building larly exact position control. - Annual shade diagramowner chose LONWORKS® - Slat guidancetechnology. A particular advan- The manual override allow the - Extremely exact positiontage of this technology: The independent control of the control through use of Halllocal processing of data ren- light-guiding blinds on a room sensorder this system extremely effi- by room basis. The light-gui- - Processing of window con-cient and reliable. ding section (top) and glare tacts protection section (bottom) can - Connection of up to be controlled independently. 4 blind buttons - Visualisation through GLT Photo: Roland Halbe, Stuttgart - UL certification - Robust unit with metal housing6
  7. 7. Slat guidanceThe slats are traced accordingto the position of the sun. Thisensures perfect use of lightguidance and glare protection.The actuator receives themeasured position of the sun.It then computes the perfectslat position based on theparametrised limit values andfacade direction, and controlsthe blinds accordingly. The slatguidance is based on two dif-ferent guiding curves. Theseare activated in dependence tooutside temperature in orderto support the heating or coo-ling process. Heating is sup-ported by transporting moresunlight into the room andcooling is supported by reflec-ting more sunlight. Annual shading year. The calculated data are Although the service PC is not An important element for the stored in the motor control uni- essential for the daily optimisation of sun shading ts and activate each blind if operation, as the processes and daylight guidance in the needed. are controlled locally by the Genzyme building is the annu- various motorcontrol units , al shade diagram. Service PC / Visualisation Genzyme chose this option for The service PC is used for outstanding service. The building and its neighbou- visualisation, remote mainte- ring buildings are illustrated in nance, central control and a CAD programm and a refe- parametriasation. rence point is defined for each Maintenance and other servi- light-guiding blind. The specifi- ce tasks can be conducted cally developed WAREMA from Marktheidenfeld in software calculates the sha- Germany via a modem - even ding patterns for each referen- for locations as remote as ce point and each day of the Cambridge, USA. 7
  8. 8. WAREMA Renkhoff GmbH • Vorderbergstraße 30 • D-97828 Marktheidenfeldwww.warema.com • email: info@warema.de