CS 2013 Exterior Sun Controls Catalog


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2013 Construction Specialties Exterior Sun Controls catalog

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CS 2013 Exterior Sun Controls Catalog

  1. 1. 10 71 13 Fixed 2013 SunshadesAirfoilbladesreimaginedsee pages 8 & 9
  2. 2. C/S Sun Controls C/S offers many ways to control the sun. The right products and expertise to help you achieve Cantilevered & Suspended Sunshades maximum energy reductions. Effective sun control with a variety of blade, outrigger and fascia styles. Pages 6-23 Energy and the environment Commercial buildings consume 39% Vertical Fixed Sunshades of the energy and 74% of the electricity generated from oil, gas, nuclear The most effective and coal-fired plants, which adversely impacts the environment. exterior sunshade for east and west The architectural solution That’s why the USGBC’s LEED® program elevations. Select C/S Sun Controls from dozens of enhance occupant encourages architects to design buildings that save energy, let blade styles. comfort, increases natural light in, keep heat gain out and still allow for maximum Pages 6-23 worker productivity and improves occupant comfort and visibility. educational Lightshelves performance. Reduce energy C/S Sun Controls reduce energy costs C/S Fixed costs by bringing No Sun Controls reduce heat gain and glare, while daylight deeper Sunshade providing owners with major reductions on their into the building’s 2-8" 36% interior. Call Sunshade building’s skin load air conditioning requirement 1-800-631-7379 4- 2" Sunshade 42% and lighting energy usage. C/S Sunshades 0% 100% have achieved Skylight Shutters KW/Sq. Ft Savings Better buildings, better performance Several Cradle to Cradle An AMCA study Silver Certification. Allow diffused studies also show that buildings employing sun suggests C/S Sun light into Controls help controls and daylight management systems increase buildings while achieve substantial reducing solar reductions in total worker productivity, lower absenteeism and improve heat gain. Call energy usage and educational performance. C/S can help with all of 1-800-631-7379 reductions in peak energy demand. your Sun Control requirements; call 1-800-631-7379. New C/S Solarmotion® Operating Sun Controls LEED® Credits in the Energy and Atmosphere Section (up to 35 points -NC & Schools) C/S offers a complete line of operating 12% improvement (in building performance beyond the ASHRAE baseline) 1 point sunshades and architectural blinds that maximize the control of light and 24% improvement (in building performance beyond the ASHRAE baseline) 7 points solar heat gain In the Energy and Atmosphere section 36% improvement (in building performance beyond the ASHRAE baseline) 13 points to reduce energy of USGBC LEED® costs. For details Credits 2009 Edition, 48% improvement (in building performance beyond the ASHRAE baseline) 19 points and a free Version 3, LEED® catalog, call calls on architects Indoor Environmental Quality IEQ Credit 8.1 Daylight & Views: Daylight 75% of Spaces 1-800-631-7379. to improve building performance beyond Indoor Environmental Quality IEQ Credit 8.2 Daylight & Views: Daylight* 90% of Spaces the baseline in ASHRAE/IESNA *Achieve a minimum Daylight Factor of 2% (excluding all direct sunlight penetration) in 75% of all space Standard 90.1-2007. occupied for critical visual tasks.
  3. 3. C/S Sun Control Projects Get the energy reduction you need and the look you want with C/S Fixed Sunshades. 1 2 5 3 4 6 Emily Couric Cancer Center @ San Antonio Military Community Regional Medical Jenks Math and Center for Urban Waters, One Central Park East, 1 UVA, Horizontal Shades 2 Medical Center, 3 Center, Vertical Sunshades, 4 Science, Horizontal and 5 Horizontal Sunshades 6 Vertical Sunshades, Architect: ZGF Architects Canopy Sunshades, Architect: RTKL Associates, Inc. Cantilevered Sunshades, and Solarmotion® Blinds, Architect: SmithGroup Architect: RTKL Architect: GH2 Architects Architect: Perkins + Will and TMP Architecture4 5
  4. 4. C/S Custom Sunshades Outriggers for sunshades The striking and effective way to reduce energy costs. Wedge Cantilevered/Suspended Sunshades Highly customizable, architects can select from a wide variety of blades, outriggers and fascias. The projections can be up to 5 deep to suit the project’s shading requirements, and these sunshades can be used in conjunction with C/S Lightshelves. Tapered Vertical/Horizontal Sunshades These sunshades are perfect for applications where greater control over direct sunlight C/S Sunshades can be is required. The horizontal sunshades’ mounted on all curtain wall buildings with performance is determined by its blade projections up to 5. spacing and the total drop top to bottom. 2 Choose Outrigger Vertical sunshades can be adjusted for total Box shade or limited sun penetration in the morning and afternoon. Trellis 1 Choose Blade Style or Design Your Own Fascias 3 Choose Fascia Style Round 4 Choose Finish Visit — www.c-sgroup.com/sun-controls — for comprehensive information about this product. Rectangular Blade Styles Bullnose Airfoil Crescent Rect Tube Extruded Demi Fin Round Perforated Parallelogram Blade Tear-Drop Woodgrain Powdercoat Wedge 3 to 17 6 to 10 2 to 10 6 to 10 1 to 6 8 to 16 4 to 10 4 to 10 3 to 176 7
  5. 5. Introducing Airfoil Lux Keeps your building cool during the day, and look even cooler at night. Add drama to your building day or night with new Airfoil Lux Sunshades. Suitable for all climates, Airfoil Lux blades and fascias utilize energy efficient, weather-resistant LED lighting to dramatically outline or illuminate your building during evening hours. Available in 8 or 12 widths Airfoil Lux provides 4.6 to 5.4 watts per foot. Power to the blades is supplied by transformers (supplied by others) inside the building. The aluminum portion of the Airfoil Lux blade comes with a C/S’ 20 Year AAMA 2605 Powder Coat finish. Airfoil Lux blades are available in 5 colors.8
  6. 6. Nielsen Media Building C/S Shadowline Sunshades University of South Florida Architect: Alfonso Architects Inc. C/S Shadowline Sunshades Round Fascia create a dramatic visual statement. T he Shadowline System This system combines several standard C/S Grille/Sun Control components to Rectangular Tube create a custom appearance. Designed for Effective Sun Shading With projections up to six feet, Shadowline Sunshades are perfect for use on curtain walls and standard construction. Select from a variety of infill patterns, Bullnose Fascia fascia and outrigger styles. Wedge Fascia Shadowline’s single Shadowline’s open design reduces the mass of traditional sunshades, while outrigger design attaches still providing effective shading. easily to curtain wall and standard construction. Six standard infill panel designs are shown below. Call 1-800-631-7379 for All of our infill panels custom patterns. reduce heat and glare 4 while providing filtered light. Choose from one of our six designs below. 2 3 1 Our four bold fascia styles are designed to match any building’s overall design. Visit — www.c-sgroup.com/sun-controls — for comprehensive information about this product. Infill Panel Choices How it works The Shadowline Sunshade is comprised of perimeter tube frames mechanically fastened to a single outrigger through the use of 2 x 4 rectangular tubes. The Grille infill panels create an airy effect. These sunshades can project off buildings 2 to 6. 1 Choose Outrigger 2 Choose Infill 3 Choose Fascia 4 Choose Style on Page 7 Panel or Custom on Page 7 Finish Modular Lattice Myriad XXX Marquis 1-4 Round or 4 Airfoil Rectangular Tubes10 11
  7. 7. Tampa Bay History Center C/S Perform Sunshades Architect: Verner Johnson and Associates Beautiful dappled light is the result. C/S Perform panels are the palette. C/S Perforated Canopy Sunshade Standard This sunshade system provides buildings with effective sun control, yet offers Curved stunning visual effects by admitting soft dappled light. Two Styles, Dozens of Options C/S Perform curved and flat canopies employ a slender custom designed tube support that mechanically captures our perforated sheet without the use of unsightly welding. The Perform system can be designed to meet any wind or snow load. Standard Four standard Flat infill patterns are shown below. Call 1-800-631-7379 C/S Perform Sunshades for custom patterns. can span 6 between 4 outriggers. 3 4 2 C/S Perform infill panels provide soft dappled light yet are highly effective at controlling heat and glare. 1 1 Choose from one of our four perforated designs below. 2 3 Visit — www.c-sgroup.com/sun-controls — for comprehensive information about this product. Perforated Infill Patterns How it works Perform standard curved and flat perforated canopies can project up to 2 6 without intermediate supports. With supports these sunshades can project 4 or deeper. 1 Choose Curved 2 Select Projection 3 Choose Infill 4 Choose or Flat Canopy Depth Panel Style Finish Round Holes on 60˚ Staggered Centers Round Slots on Staggered Centers Round Holes on Straight Centers Square Holes on Straight Centers­­12 13
  8. 8. Medical Center with Horizontal Sunshades Project: University Medical Center of Princeton Plainsboro, NJ Architect: HOK RMJM Hillier Sun Control Type: Horizontal Interior Wood Veneer Sunshades Project Description: HOK and RMJM Hillier’s design for the new Princeton Hospital required that natural light be facilitated through to 90% of the building. HOK asked C/S to provide “wood style blades” that could span distances without warping. C/S’ manufactured custom wood veneer clad airfoil blades were used on the two interior walls of the main lobby. Aluminum Bird Mouth Bracket Vertical Steel Tube Extruded Aluminum Airfoil Blade 15
  9. 9. University Building with Horizontal Sunshades Corporate Headquarters with Horizontal Sunshades Project: Project: Marquette University Amazon Headquarters Milwaukee, WI Seattle, WA Architect: Architect: Opus AE Group LMN Architects in collaboration with Shepley Bulfinch Sun Control Type: Horizontal Perforated Sunshades Sun Control Type: Cantilevered and Project Description: Vertical Sunshades For the new Amazon Headquarters, LMN architects Project Description: specified C/S sunshades to C/S Cantilevered Tubular effectively reduce the building’s Sunshades were specified energy usage for their LEED® Gold on the east, west and north project. The architect specified elevations of the Marquette Law a C/S Perform style perforated School building. The radiused sunshades and had C/S mount Cantilevered Sunshades 6 airfoil blades to the front of integrate with the metal panel each unit. These C/S Perform system, while maintaining a Sunshades allow for soft light to flush appearance. The blades filter through the perforations had to achieve spans in excess and cast interesting shadows of 11 with projections off of the onto the shaded windows. building structure of 6. Extruded Aluminum Tube Blade Aluminum Perforated Sheet Vertical Steel Tube Aluminum Mounting Bracket Extruded Aluminum Bullnose Fascia Custom Flat Aluminum Airfoil Plate Fascia Aluminum Outrigger Mounting Tube Bracket Support16 17
  10. 10. University Building with Horizontal Sunshades Commercial Building with Vertical Sunshades Project: Project: Florida Atlantic University One Central Park East Boca Raton, FL Phoenix, AZ Architect: Architect: Leo A. Daly SmithGroup Sun Control Type: Sun Control Type: Horizontal and Vertical Vertical Sunshades Perforated Sunshades Project Description: Project Description: On their 25-story curtain wall For Florida Atlantic University’s building, the architect employed College of Engineering and two different shading systems Sciences, architect Leo A. Daly for the eastern and southern wanted to use perforated metal, elevations. 17 vertically oriented to act as a sunscreen as well as extruded airfoils run the entire being a design feature of the height of the structure with each building. The architect specified blade spanning a floor with four C/S Perform Sunshades model points of attachment. On the 200-4 to provide optimum southern elevations, the same shading performance without 17 airfoils run horizontally to obscuring the view to the provide shade during mid-day outside. Working with the high sun angles. architect, C/S Sunshade experts supplied a full size mockup Custom Extruded 17 sample and several perforated 2-piece Airfoil Blade patterns, from which a final design was then chosen to meet Glazing System the architect’s LEED® Platinum Mullion with Integral Receiving Bracket design requirement. Top/Bottom Horizontal Vertical Tube Steel Tube Steel Round Tube Perforated Sheet Support with Hidden Fasteners Vertically Oriented Perforated Custom Extruded Sunshade System “Y” Mounting Bracket18 19
  11. 11. University Building with Horizontal Sunshades University Building with Vertical Sunshades Project: Project: Houston Community College Peninsula College: Maier Hall Houston, TX Port Angeles, WA Architect: Architect: HOK Schacht Alsani Architects Sun Control Type: Sun Control Type: Horizontal Sunshades Horizontal and Vertical Perforated Sunshades Project Description: C/S Fixed Horizontal Sunshades Project Description: make a dramatic statement To minimize solar heat and significantly reduce the gain on multiple elevations, interior heat and glare at HCC the architect specified in Houston, TX. HOK specified a horizontal shades on the custom horizontal “ladder type” east elevation and custom airfoil sunshade to control the perforated vertical demi-fin morning and afternoon sun blades that provide diffused that affects both the front and light on the west elevation. atrium portions of the building. The exposed mullions attached to the masonry walls are exaggerated to add drama to the sunshade design. Extruded Aluminum Airfoil Blade Perforated Aluminum Sheet Aluminum Bracket Front/Rear Extrusions Capture Sheet Without Fasteners Extruded Aluminum Steel Airfoil Blade Mounting Custom Bracket Aluminum Outrigger20 21
  12. 12. C/S Sun Controls Mounting Options C/S Sunshades are mounted on all types of structures throughout the world. C/S engineers will work with you to provide the proper attachment for any masonry structure or curtain wall system. Below are typical Masonry Metal Building Construction attachment details; for specific designs call 1-800-631-7379. Concrete Block Curtain Wall Construction Brick Filled and Reinforced Concrete Block Steel Reinforcement “Butt Glazed” Steel Reinforcement (If Required, Supplied By Glass (If Required, Supplied By Curtain Wall Manufacturer) Curtain Wall Manufacturer) Aluminum Aluminum Fish Plate Sunshade Aluminum Outrigger Aluminum Sunshade Structural Aluminum Sunshade Outrigger Steel Sunshade Outrigger Curtain Wall Outrigger Curtain Wall Mullion Mullion Stainless Aluminum Steel Nut Tee-Bracket and Bolt Head of Stainless Steel Window Threaded Rods Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Mounting Head of Mounting Mounting Bracket Window Bracket Bracket On Curtain Wall On Curtain Wall Bolted to Steel Behind Brick On Block, Behind Brick Steel Reinforcement Metal Panel (If Required, Supplied By Structural Steel Tube Curtain Wall Steel Manufacturer) Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Sunshade Sunshade Sunshade Sunshade Outrigger Outrigger Outrigger Outrigger Expansion Curtain Wall Anchors Steel Mullion Tab Welded Mullion/ Jamb to Steel Tube Glass Aluminum Head of Aluminum Steel Tab Mounting Window Mounting Welded to Bracket Bracket Structural Steel Head of Window On Curtain Wall On Curtain Wall Steel Tab Welded to Steel Tube Behind Metal Panel Bolted to Concrete Lintel22 23
  13. 13. 49 Meeker Avenue, Cranford, New Jersey 07016 U.S.A., 908-272-5200895 Lakefront Promenade, Mississauga, Ontario L5E 2C2 Canada, 905-274-3611 www.c-sgroup.comThe C/S Family of ProductsFor more than 60 years, Construction Specialties has beena leader in architectural specialty products, including:Acrovyn® Wall and Door Protection, Pedisystems® EntranceFlooring, Expansion Joint Covers, Cubicle Track and Curtains,Smoke and Explosion Venting Systems, Architectural Grilles,Architectural Louvers and Sun Controls.We have operations throughout the world and can provideC/S Products virtually anywhere. For a complete list of ourinternational locations, visit www.c-sgroup.com.For the nearest C/S representative, or literature and samples, call toll free800-631-7379 in U.S.A. and 888-895-8955 in Canada, or visit www.c-sgroup.com©Copyright 2012 Construction Specialties, Inc.Construction Specialties, Inc. reserves the right to make design changesor to withdraw any design without notice. Printed in U.S.A. Series 13