Self Protection Overview Street Sec1rs1 West Lancs


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Self Defence and Self Protection Overview

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Self Protection Overview Street Sec1rs1 West Lancs

  1. 1. Self Protection An Overview Jon Ryley. July 2010
  2. 2. Agenda  Bit about myself  The Reasons you are Here ?  Some Disturbing Stories !  Crime Statistics  Self Protection Overview  Security  What you will learn  Mental  Physical  Fighting Fit  Review
  3. 3. Jon Ryley  26 Years in the Martial Arts, 16 Years in Self Protection  Principal Coach in Core Combat  Level 3 Coach and; British Combat Association  Chairman & Chief Instructor; Karate Jutsu Association  Instructor; Dragon Society International  6th Dan Karate Jutsu  6th Dan Shotokan Karate  4th Dan Kick Boxing  3rd Dan Freestyle Sport karate  1st Dan Torite Jutsu  Coach and Trainer to Herol “Bomber” Graham ex World Middleweight Boxing Champion
  4. 4. The Myths about Martial Arts  The myth was sold that all and any martial arts training was effective.  The myth was sold that a black belt automatically meant that you have become an instructor, when all it really meant was that the recipient had gained a certain level in training.  The myth was sold that gaining in knowledge and becoming effective meant learning more weird and wonderful moves as you progressed.  The myth was sold that all martial arts had been tried and tested  The Myth was sold that Martial Arts equate to Self Defence
  5. 5. The Reasons you are here?  Its like an Insurance Policy!  Some Common Reasons  If I'm attacked I want to defend myself.  I want to protect my family.  It would help me feel more secure.  I want to get fit/fitter  My friend was attacked and…………………  If some one attacks me, I want to give them a good shoeing  Generally 80% of the things you worry about never happen !  But if they do you need to be ready!
  6. 6. Some Disturbing Stories  I Said “Wot you fucking looking at”, when he went to stand up I shoved a glass in his face. Gang Member  Who’d have a thought a one legged man could hurt anyone? Julie thought I was harmless – took pity on me…then I smashed her head in with a ball pin hammer Michael Samm. Serving life for the murder of Julie Dart and the abduction of Stephanie Slater  They all liked me because I was harmless. I carried one women's shopping home. I lifted her baby out of the stroller and smashed hits head against the tree. The I raped and strangled the mother. Michael Ross. On Death row for upwards of 25 rape and sexual assaults and horrific murders  Choosing a victims isn't hard! People are just asking to be robbed. I came out of Pizza Hut the other night about 10:30pm, there was the girl walking down the side of the dual carriageway on her own. She must have been, what 17 at the very most. She may has well have had a sign across her chest saying “Attack Me”. Then they moan when someone does attack them. I mean don’t they read the papers? Don’t they know that we (Muggers) Work? Leader of a London based Mugging gang.
  7. 7. All Crime for West Lancashire
  8. 8. All Crime for West Lancashire
  9. 9. All Crime for West Lancashire
  10. 10. Trends in violence by offence type, 1981 to 2009/10 BCS
  11. 11. British Crime Survey; Crime Statistics
  12. 12. Showing that only half of actual crime is recorded!!
  13. 13. Proportion of victims who were victimised more than once in the past year by offence, 2009/10 BCS
  14. 14. Perceptions of likelihood of victimisation and actual risk by individual crime type, 2009/10 BCS
  15. 15. Overview Personal Security 90% Prevention Mental Crisis Point Physical Self Defence 10% Self Protection
  16. 16. Security  Street Security. Today  Home Security. Later Session  Vehicle Security. Later Session  Mobile Security. Later Session  Security at Work. Later Session
  17. 17. Street Security  The Four D’s  Dialogue  Dialogue designed to disarm and distract the targeted victim is the professional attackers most common priming technique.  Deception  An Attacker uses deception to make himself appear harmless  Distraction  Is a part of deception and usually comes via dialogue  Destruction  This is the final product of expert priming.  Few people survive the first physical blow, and most are out of the game before they know they are in it.
  18. 18. Street Security  First Thing is SWITCH ON  Start the process of people watching and Situation Awareness’  When you make a transition from one environment to another the ‘Traffic lights’ in your head must be clearly visible.  So SWITCH ON  And more importantly look as if you are switched on.  UNKNOWN RISK  Remember most street crime is opportunistic  You have to be chosen  Look Wealthy  Appear Switched Off
  19. 19. Street Security  Easy to Mug  Stopped  Looking around and lost  Holding your wallet and purse  Looking at a map  Walking slowly  In a Dream  Deep in conversation  Most take place in secondary areas
  20. 20. Street Security  Hard to Mug  Jogging  Fast and Purposeful Walk  Aggressive  Look Alert  Fleeting Eye Contact  Erect and Self Assured
  21. 21. Street Security  Out and About  It is folly to think it wont happen to me  Trust your intuition if you feel uneasy, act upon it  Be Alert  Don’t have to much to drink then walk home.  Walk tall with good balance  Know were you are going and how to get there  Look confident without appearing arrogant  Good posture, stamina and strength are all aids to self protection  If you are being followed, check by crossing over, more than once if necessary, go to a safe haven.  For women the advice is to wear flat heeled shoes at night  Walk down the middle of the path
  22. 22. Street Security  Out and About Continued….  Keep clear of alleyways, shrubbery and dark doorways  Always have your keys ready when you arrive home  At you front door, go into high alert state  Avoid Troublemakers  Avoid Long eye contact with strangers  Don’t overburden yourself with parcels  Don’t hitchhike  Keep personal possessions close by  Keep you cheque book separate from your cheque card  Cover up expensive jewellery  Avoid reading maps in the street  If someone ask you a question, answer on the move or stay two arm lengths away
  23. 23. Street Security  The use of Force is only to be recommended when all other options have been exhausted  Flight  Get away as fast as you can. Don’t think Act, get to a place of security  Compromise  If you cant, scream, yell, set off your attack alarm  Attack  Hit Hard to Break away and run.  Don’t stay and fight your tactic is to “Hit and Run”
  24. 24. Street Security  Taxi’s  Use reputable firms.  Check that the Taxi your ordered was the one that turned up  Jogging  Plan you route  Don’t wear a walkman or iPod  Avoid Groups  Dogs  Don’t Run, Stand Still and be Calm,  In a low voice say “No Go Home”  Stay until the dog Leaves or back off until out of sight  If it attacks fend off with a jacket, bag etc  If you fail roll into a ball, keep hands over ears, face, throat and neck. DON’T ROLL ABOUT
  25. 25. Street Security  ATM’s  ATM’s are an Exposed Location  Observe your surroundings  Remove your card at the last minute  Don’t withdraw anything more than small amounts  Don’t use a machine if you are uncertain and there are dodgy looking people around.  Don’t let people stand directly behind you  Also avoid dispensers when the street is quite  Make sure no one can see your pin  Avoid using dispensers at night  DON’T USE, if they appear to have been tampered with  Generally avoid cash handling in the street
  26. 26. What you will Learn (Mental) Coopers Colour Codes A Yardstick to Measurement Code White ’Switched off’ Code Yellow ‘Threat Awareness’ Code Orange ‘Threat Evaluation’ Code Red Fight or Flight, ‘Threat Avoidance’
  27. 27. What you will Learn (Mental)  The Protection Pyramid Personal Security Attack Scenarios Fear Type of Attack Assessment Pre-Emptive Strikes Target Line ups Adrenalin Switches Ranges and Tools Reactions Perceptions Multiple Attackers Strategy and Tactics Red-Letter Syndrome PersonalSecurity
  28. 28. What you will Learn (Mental)  Flight or Fight  The principles of being in that prepared state have never changed.  To AVOID a threat you have two ways to go - FIGHT or FLIGHT.  The fight or flight syndrome as it was called was developed back in the 1930’s by a psychologist called Cannon.  Either choice should be instinctive and, of course, if you see the threat in enough time, you should always take the opportunity to get away from it.  If you can’t, you will have to fight, but neither will be an option if you don’t see it coming.
  29. 29. What you will Learn (Physical)  Line ups; Fence; Priming – putting a fence around your factory.  Sensory Tentacle  The Lead should be held in a non aggressive way.  Range Finder  Physical Action trigger  The Pleading Fence (PF).  Submissive and non offensive  The Staggered Fence (SF).  Same as PF with Palms up and staggered by about one ft  The Exclamation Fence  The Hands Palms up are held as in exclamation
  30. 30. What you will Learn (Physical)  Line ups; Fence; Priming – putting a fence around your factory.  Pre-Fight Verbal Fence  Create a Gap about five feet  Could be by pushing or shoving away  The Psychological Fence  Fighters reputation or confident/aggressive gait.  The Negative Psychological Fence  Deliberately dropping all fences by pretending to be scared.  Setting a trap  The Invisible Fence  Confidence and ability to face one or several opponents with no apparent fence.  Know your range, you have instinctive reactions
  31. 31. What you will Learn (physical)  Tool Development  Core Fitness  Speed  Movement, Flow and Agility  Attacking from the Fence  Weak Areas of the Body  Pad Work  Scenario work  Eventually  Milling  Kick-Boxing, Trapping, Grappling
  32. 32. Closing Attack is the secret of defence; defence is the planning of an attack. Sun Tzu, The Art of War
  33. 33. G.L.F.
  34. 34. Review  Bit about myself  The Reasons you are Here ?  Some Disturbing Stories !  Crime Statistics  Self Protection Overview  Security  What you will learn  Mental  Physical  Fighting Fit  Review