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What Is Paid Owned Earned Media (POEM) And How To Win New Friends (Business)


Published on - learn about paid, owned, earned media and the essential keys to both short term and long term business growth. From a presentation at the

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What Is Paid Owned Earned Media (POEM) And How To Win New Friends (Business)

  1. 1. Paid, Owned, Earned Media and How To Win Friends (Business) @jonrognerud Sept 14, 2016
  2. 2. After leaving Overture/Yahoo….
  3. 3. SEO / Social Audits, PPC, Content & Outreach (2006) Website Development & APIs, and Landing Pages (WordPress) Lead Generation & Sales Growth Hacking (A/B, Analytics, Automation) < THE TIMELINE />
  4. 4.  What is POEM?  Ramping Up  The Framework for Growth What You’ll Learn + Awesome Bonus
  5. 5. TODAY: Let’s Knock It Out Of The Park!
  6. 6. WARNING! (…before you start anything…)
  7. 7. How Do I Get (Consistent) Results?
  8. 8. Content Relevancy.
  9. 9. Know who your customer is! “What does he or she really want?”
  10. 10. (…Translates Into…):
  11. 11. Personalization! Think about “Bob” and/or “Jane” first.
  12. 12. Heard this one before…?
  13. 13. “Content… Create quality, not quantity” (i.e. longer posts, useful content, unique content, 10x content)
  14. 14. What is Quality Content?
  15. 15. High Quality Content Is: o Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (EAT) o Solve user’s needs first – make it useful o All content developed around “intent”!
  16. 16. What is “POEM”?
  18. 18. Paid Media (General Consumers) • Trad. Advertising • Print, TV, Radio • Display Ads • Direct Mail • Paid Search (Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn) • Retargeting • Retail/channel
  19. 19. Paid Media (Examples)
  20. 20. Owned Media (Customers) • Your Website, Blog • Mobile site • Email lists • Your Content ‘Socialized’ • Social channels Channels that are under your control:
  21. 21. Owned Media (Examples)
  22. 22. Earned Media (Fans) (Your Reputation…!) • Word of Mouth • Facebook comments, shares • Twitter mentions, replies • Blogs • Forums • Review sites
  23. 23. Earned Media (Examples)
  24. 24. NET Result? Long term business growth!
  25. 25. QUESTION: What To Focus On?
  28. 28. Your Company Website
  29. 29. IMPORTANT! Panda and/or Penguin Filters?
  30. 30. How To Get Started – STEP 1 Baseline: Where do you stand today? • Research • Keywords, Topics, Relevancy and Audience • The “Top 10“: • Find the top 10 questions most asked to determine initial content strategy • Consider surveying your list / customers • TIP: ask what phrases they might use to find you!
  31. 31. How To Get Started – STEP 1 • New and old content should be considered • Meta tags in pages (Title, Description, Hx, ALT Attributes, etc.) • Expand body copy to meet your findings and demand • Create content plans and effort for these “stages”: 1. Awareness (construction stage) 2. Interest (early stage) 3. Consideration (middle stage) 4. Purchase decision (late stage) @michaelbonfils Customer Journey Allocation of Tactic / Budget:
  32. 32. How To Get Started – STEP 2 Build out: Leverage & expand existing content • Review GA, GSC & any internal assets • Look into paid campaigns and their conversions • Purge (noindex or redirect, be careful) and Merge (consolidate) • What’s not available now, but should be? • Examples: webinars/transcribed, whitepapers, ‘how-to’ guides, a micro-site with training materials and videos)
  33. 33. How To Get Started – STEP 2 • Focus on “Intent” and “Behavior” as you think about the Informational, Transactional, Navigational framework • Share content via “Title-switching” and content experimenting on Social Channels • For example, post on blog, then change title and image and post on LinkedIn with a link back to the original source on your site.
  34. 34. How To Get Started – STEP 3 • Longer Term Planning • Scheduling & Frequency • Keep your Content Calendar updated • Repeat steps 1 – 2 – 3 • Ongoing review of your your incoming analytics data Future: Perpetual, ‘evergreen’ traffic
  36. 36. Checklist & Tools – 1 of 2 TO DO TOOL WHAT  Find (hidden) content opportunities Screaming Frog Spider your domain (GA & GSC connect)  Check page count consistency Site: command Google Google vs. Spider results vs. GSC  Get site metrics, social and traffic to pages URL Profiler Review yours and Competitors – find “gaps”  Discover (long tail) keywords and groupings & Compile lists and assign to pages  New content ideas and topic compare BuzzSumo, SimilarWeb Compile list of ideas and find ‘sharers’ (influencers)  Drive additional ‘lost’ traffic Google/FB retargeting, GTM Assign custom landing pages for repeat business
  37. 37. Checklist & Tools – 2 of 2 TO DO TOOL WHAT  Find “best” time of day social push metrics Co-Schedule and/or Buffer App Push to social, track with UTM  Google Analytics Review Google GA Gallery Search for “content analysis” and install  Headline testing and idea generators Hubspot and Coschedule Test different headlines and use in TITLE, similar match in either H1 or H2  Track social data movement Track and monitor external referrers  Web Analytics Google, Clicky Weekly SEO / Content effectiveness reports  Website Speed GTMetrix, Google Pagespeed Monthly and after deployments
  38. 38. EXAMPLES
  41. 41. Tracking Results
  42. 42. REMINDER FOR “CONVERSIONS”: Run Your Business By The Numbers (KPI’s) • Cost Per Lead? • Cost Per Sale? • Cost Per Click? • Cost Per Registrant (Webinar)? • Average Order Value (AOV)? • Conversion Rate (action events & calls)? • Lifetime Customer Value ? • Retention vs. Attrition?
  43. 43. Traffic & Engagement Metrics •What pages are improving? (Google Analytics) •What keywords are improving (Traffic & rankings - GA & GSC) •Bounce rate, time on site, pages per visit •Mobile / Smartphones • AMP considerations
  44. 44. Tracking Results • Conversion metrics • What goals have you established and are improving? (Google Analytics) • Call tracking metrics • GA Events/Goals, Callrail or Twilio • Social metrics • Socialcrawlytics, Simplymeasured
  45. 45. For Executives & Strategists In The Room: Do this next week: 1. Determine the most key “stage” to focus on (audience/competitive research) 2. Reach out to those who can help you (and/or outsource) 3. Begin to plan out “most needed” content and begin headline / synopsis drafts
  46. 46. For Webmasters and Geeks In The Room: Work with the executive team (find a sponsor in the organization) Produce results from the checklist as proof points and ideas Show data from the existing website Do this next week:
  47. 47.  TEXT “Socialmedia” to 38470 You’ll receive: (First 15 During Conference) FREE GIFTS: REPORTS & RESOURCES 1. One (1) Social Media Audit + Our SEO Audit Report Card 2. One (1) Copy Of “The Ultimate Guide To Optimizing Websites” (S&H only) 3. The Updated Essential Social Media Tools List Valued at $697.00
  48. 48. @jonrognerud www.chaosmap.comAgency Personal Paid, Owned, Earned Media and How To Win Friends (Business)