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Facebook Ads - The Event Marketing Framework 2.0 From


Published on - In this FB Ads for events, workshops, conferences, seminars -- you'll learn about the phase 1 and phase 2 of our "How to sell out tickets to your next event". See the full explanation on YouTube here:

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Facebook Ads - The Event Marketing Framework 2.0 From

  1. 1. EVENT MARKETING WITH FACEBOOK ADS Event Responses Audience Builder Retargeting Optimization & Scaling CAMPAIGN TARGETING OPTIONS: a) "Cold" (research) Interests b) Page Engagement c) Event Engagement d) Website Traffic X Days e) Website 50% Engagement Lookalikes from "best" audience CRM match data uploads - (1k+) buyers and subscribers (separately) + LAL Locale within +25 Miles, targeting Goal: Comments, Shares, Likes, Buys BUDGET: - Establish timeline budget (example: $50,000 / month) - Allocate by event(s) - Know your max CPA CAMPAIGN TARGETING OPTIONS: a) Audience Engagement b) "Best" response audiences c) Add-To-Cart Event d) Checkout Event Note: Exclude folks who already bought tickets for the event! "SOCIAL PROOF" "TICKET SALES" AD STRATEGY BUDGET: a) Scale vertically by adding 20-50% budget increases b) Scale horizontally by adding new audiences TESTING: Run "3-7" day sprints with higher budgets (test for engagement) Then normalize and scale. TESTING: Check against KPI - and add/test budget and scale up and add "rules" PHASE 1: PHASE 2: ASSETS: Testimonials Videos (long) Creatives / copy Thumbnails (FB/YT/IG) Website / Landers Eventbrite is an option ClickFunnels, OptimizePress NOTE! Tracking & Pixels Installed ASSETS: FB Message Testimonials Videos (short), sizzle Creatives / copy Website / A-B Tests Eventbrite, etc. NOTE: Tracking & Pixels Installed REPORTING: Weekly KPI reporting + recommendations. Track everything! CAMPAIGN TYPE EVENT RESPONSE, VV, PPE CAMPAIGNS CAMPAIGN TYPE CONVERSION CAMPAIGNS BUDGET MANAGEMENT: Duplicate Ad Sets When Adding $$. Add 50% increase and test both running at the same time. (optionally change creative). 1/3 budgets to audience, engagement, conversions EMAIL MARKETING: Schedule emails and offers. Coordinate with copy and early bird specials, discounts on tickets, etc. PHASE 2 LOOKALIKES: Create LAL's off the sales/conversion pixels. Conversions trained on the pixel. (1% US to start) PHASE 2 HORIZONTAL: Create LAL off retargeting pixel (across all assets, website, etc). At least 1,000 of these. Test 1% US. INTERNATIONAL SCALING: Final stage, global accept. Each country broken out (separately) TARGETING OVERLAY (option): LAL + "specific interest" (better conversions likely) CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES SCALING: Test same ads/copy against different campaign objectives. Use same PostID across campaigns (Traffic clicks vs. conversions, PPE vs. video views campaigns, etc.) "The Highest Probability Of Conversions" -- Advanced Event Advertising Model - by Copyright (c) 2019. All Rights Reserved. TOF: Awareness MOF: Consideration BOF: Conversions CUSTOMER JOURNEY Content & Messaging: TOF = Top of Funnel MOF = Middle of Funnel BOF = Bottom of Funnel FREE CASE STUDY: Goal: Ticket Sales