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5 Unusual Ways To ChangeYour Negative Mindset (ForEntrepreneurs)A negative mindset inevitably causes unhappiness anddepres...
3. Don’t Think Anything You Wouldn’t Say To OthersWe usually think of things that we would never tell or say before other ...
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5 unusual ways to change your negative mindset (entrepreneurs)


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Learn about 5 unusual ways to change your negative mindset. It's NOT about thinking positive, but some real action items you can use in your life and business today. Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and business owners - MUST READ.

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5 unusual ways to change your negative mindset (entrepreneurs)

  1. 1. 5 Unusual Ways To ChangeYour Negative Mindset (ForEntrepreneurs)A negative mindset inevitably causes unhappiness anddepression.It may even influence decision making of a person in bothpersonal and business life.Getting into a negative mindset is easier than most peoplewould anticipate.As an entrepreneur, the last thing that you need is apessimistic mind.This can be devastating to both the business, customers aswell as to one’s personal life.To avoid being overpowered or controlled by negativity, oneneeds to make a sensible effort to avoid the experience.In this short post, we look at five ways that can help a person stay out of a negative mindset, moveinto positive thinking, hence stay out of stress and depression in the workplace and in their personal life.1. Do Not Entertain Destructive ThoughtsMost often, we fail to recognize how much we unconsciously cherish negative thoughts. Though thisseems counter intuitive, the truth is, a negative mindset occurs because we fail to avoid negativeideologies and thoughts (Bettino, 2009). Our mind at times sticks on to these thoughts with a feeling ofinjured pride or self-pity. When the negative thoughts go round our mind, they become influential makingus lose a sense of perspective. Thus, we need to make a conscious decision to disregard the negativeflow of sentiments and thoughts and remain persistent in these attempts.2. Avoid Negative PeoplePeople who are negative in their thoughts only make you vulnerable to developing a negative mindset. Ifyou are already in a spiral of negativity, the best antidote is to just spend time doing positive, inspiringactivities. Sometimes, if we analyze and scrutinize our own negativity, it may not help us come out of thenegative mindset. Engaging in useful activities help us forget the cause of our negativity; this is the mostpotent way to overcome an unhappy state of mind.
  2. 2. 3. Don’t Think Anything You Wouldn’t Say To OthersWe usually think of things that we would never tell or say before other people. When we are offended withsomeone else, we should imagine what we would say to them in person. We should not overwhelm ourmind with negative thoughts that we cannot comfortably open to others.4. Shun Negativity From OthersThe world we live in is full of pessimists, critics and prophets of doom. Right next to us are people who willalways find the negative side of life; but there is no reason why we should ascribe to their negative worldoutlook (Bettino, 2009). A perfect example is probably the work environment where negative attitude ishabitual, but even if there are faults and limitations, one does not have to allow them to turn him or herinto a negative person.5. Don’t Just Sit Around Doing NothingMoping around and pitying oneself when engraved in a negative mindset is the worst thing to do.Deliberating on our worries, bad luck, and fears cannot diminish negative thoughts. Exercising can be agood method of bringing about a new consciousness. Being negative is linked to boredom and lack ofpurpose. One should look for new and exciting things to do besides checking emails or surfing the web.Ultimately, a negative mindset is developed within us. We possess the power to control and change ourthinking. The negativity in our mind is so influential that it not only affects us, but also affects others andthe entire system.As an entrepreneur, one should focus on developing positive mindset to enable one achieve what theyare set to achieve.How are you addressing your own mindset as a solo-preneur, and owner of your own smallbusiness? More importantly, what will you change first?ReferenceBettino, C. (2009). Directions: Your Roadmap to Happiness. City: Dog Ear Pub credit: LukePDQ | ccAbout jon rognerudJon Rognerud is the #1 online marketing expert for Entrepreneurs. His best-selling SEO book, "TheUltimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization" from Entrepreneur Press/McGraw-Hill is in bookstoresnow. Act fast, and get a free gift here. Connect with Jon on Google+