The eTail European Ecommerce Trends Report


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According to a new survey of more than 115 eCommerce & multi-channel executives from major global retail brands, European retailers see mobile as not only the biggest growth opportunity, but also the area that will change the most in the next one to two years.

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The eTail European Ecommerce Trends Report

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  2. etail 2012/2013 benchmarking reportTable of ContentsAbout this Report 3Study Results 4About WBR 10About eTail Europe 11Be a Part of eTail Europe 2013, Register Now! 12The goal of the 2012/2013 eTail Europe Trend Report isto establish an industry benchmarkfor digital marketers at multi-channel retail companiesin Europe or with international business presence
  3. etail 2012/2013 benchmarking report “As always it’s full of interestingpeople and subject matters. For us, About this Report it’s the exact location and crowd The team behind Worldwide Business Research’s eTail Europe conference – with help from we would like to address and be an advisory board of senior-level executives from international retail companies – created a benchmarking questionnaire distributed to eTail Europe’s 2012 audience of multi-channel [around] and will definitely be retail marketers. The survey was distributed at the London conference, where more than there next year!” 115 marketing executives from retail brands answered questions about what channels were growing, the challenges of internationalization and mobile commerce, and more. Nile Younis, Sales Manager/Business Development EMEA, Global Collect “Very clearly the biggest hurdle in Ecommerce remains change [and] change management,” said Thilo Bendler, VP, Otto Group, in his analysis of the results of the following report. Otto Group is a worldwide retail trust with 11.6 billion EUR revenues from 123 companies. “For most this is the unwillingness to change within the companies and less from the consumer side,” Bendler continued. The goal of the survey was to understand where digital marketers in Europe (or those looking to expand to Europe) stand on some of the retail industry’s biggest issues. The report also delivers analysis of the revealed trends from executives at companies like Forrester Research, Schuh and Waitrose. Results to this study determine trends and marketing successes, as well as areas in need of further development and investigation in the multi-channel retail market across Europe. The roles of those answering the questionnaire ranged from Chief Marketing Officer to President to SVP of Direct Marketing and Manager of Social Media Marketing, to name a few. Respondents represented companies like House of Fraser, Vonage,, Tesco, TopMan and more. See how your firm compares to your peers and competitors by viewing the results and analysis throughout this report. Results begin on page four.
  4. etail 2012/2013 benchmarking report1 What do you see as the biggest growth area for online retailers in general over the next 24 months? 10% 37% 54% Social International Mobile Media Growth The majority of those surveyed say mobile as the biggest growth area for online retailers, though international growth was a close second2 with many retailers viewing that as a potential What are the biggest 41% for investment in the next one to two years. barriers the industry Too many choices faces in the next 24 32% months? Cost of technology 27% People’s willingness to change“I don’t know why 41% of respondents might seetoo much choice as a barrier to progress in theindustry, but some people cannot prioritise.” Sean McKee, Head of Ecommerce and Customer Services, Schuh
  5. etail 2012/2013 benchmarking report3 Which of the following channels do you think will change the most in the next 24 months? 22% SOCIAL MEDIA 27% TELEVISION 51% MOBILE European retailers see mobile as not only the “On what mediums will change over the next 24 biggest growth opportunity, but also the area months, I’m not surprised to see mobile as the biggest that will change the most in the next one to but I think that Internet TV will really start to take two years hold during this period – and also that it will be used increasingly in tandem with tablets in the home.” Robin Phillips, Director of Ecommerce, Waitrose4 Where do you think will be the biggest international growth 72% 17% 9% 3% area in the next 24 Asia Latin America Western Europe US months? When asked which countries or regions had the most potential for growth for retail in the coming 24 months, online retailers overwhelmingly chose Asia. Latin America was the next choice, but only 17% chose this region while 72% chose Asia.
  6. etail 2012/2013 benchmarking report5 For what purpose do you find social media most beneficial? 37% Customer Service 30% CRM Strategy “I don’t see enough good social CRM technology to actually see CRM as an end 26% goal. There are a few options, but very expensive and still require moderate tech Customer know-how for now.” Xavier de Lecaros-Aquise, Acquisition Co-Founder/COO, Girl Meets 7% Sales Channel While Twitter and Pinterest are certainly gaining ground with online retailers, Facebook still dominates, with 64% of retailers6 Which social platform saying that it will continue to be the most significant for the next do you think will be one to two years. the most significant for retail in the next 24 months, in terms of influence over revenue and/or profit? 4% 14% 18% 64% Foursquare Twitter Pinterest Facebook
  7. “Social initiatives need to get moresophisticated if they are really going todrive sales. While social media marketingcampaigns are a common component of anymarketing strategy now, social selling hasstill yet to make a mark. Social initiativesneed to become more product-specific,building on the social merchandisingapproaches that leaders such as Marksand Spencer and French Connection haveadopted.” Martin Gill,Principal Analyst, Ecommerce and Channel Strategy, Forrester Research
  8. etail 2012/2013 benchmarking report 80% of retailers7 Which of the surveyed predict that consumers following will will use mobile devices mostly consumers be most for social media inclined to use mobile and online shopping over the devices for over the next 24 months. next 24 months? “Although mobile buyers are still early adopters right now, and may only represent a tiny portion of overall sales at least for the next couple of years, many e-Business executives are reporting a significant uplift in traffic to their sites from mobile devices. Mobile will rapidly become a core touch point for shoppers as they browse and explore products. 2% 17% 39% 41% Revenue alone cannot be taken as an indicator of importance.” Martin Gill, Principal Analyst, Forrester Scanning Mobile Online Social Media Products Payment Shopping in Store8 What is your biggest challenge in terms of 41% Logistics international expansion? 32% Regulations, Taxes, Tariffs, etc. 18% Marketing The biggest challenge for retailers wanting to expand internationally continues to be 8% Payment logistics. 41% of those surveyed said they Systems still struggle with it. 32% said regulations and taxes are the biggest hurdles to international expansion.
  9. etail 2012/2013 benchmarking report9 Where are you 64% currently focusing your mobile efforts and resources? 14% 14% 8% Mobile Site Tablet Site Linking The Mobile App Development Development Experience with Development the In-Store Experience10 How long do you think it will be before the industry sees a 15% 3% 12 Months 5 Years mainstream uptake in NFC, cloud or other mobile 53% payments at POS? 29% 24 Months 36 Months “I think mobile will increasingly blur the distinction between traditional in-store retailing and online retailing. As smartphones become enabled with payment [technology], customers will increasingly incorporate them into their repertoire of shopping missions and will be disappointed if retailers don’t facilitate for them across all their channels. I think what this will drive retailers to do is to develop a single view of the customer across all channels and be able to recognise and reward their loyalty at all touch points.” Robin Phillips, Director of Ecommerce, Waitrose said that it willThe large majority of retailers surveyed il industry seestake at least 24 months before the reta the point of uptake in mobile payment types at
  10. etail 2012/2013 benchmarking report About WBR“The meeting has been “A really interestinggreat. I met with a lot of my assortment of information,vendors, and being a B2B speakers and suppliers tocompany, it has been fantastic convert a wide breadth ofcollaborating with B2C innovation in the Ecommerce WBR is the world’s biggest large-scale conferencecompanies to compare and world.” company and part of the PLS group, one of the world’scontrast!” Hayley Meenan-Wilkin, leading providers of strategic business intelligence Daniel Peters, Head of Web Operations, with 16 offices worldwide. Our conference divisions Onsite Marketing Manager Europe, consistently out-perform their industry sector Office Depot competitors on the quality of the events we produce and the relationships we nurture with both attendees“As always it’s full of interesting people and subject matters. and sponsors. Every year over 10,000 senior executivesFor us, it’s the exact location and crowd we would like to from Fortune 1,000 companies attend over 100 of ouraddress and be [around] and will definitely be there next year!” annual conferences – a true “Who’s Who” of today’s Nile Younis, Sales Manager/Business Development EMEA, Global Collect corporate world. From Automotive events in Bucharest to Logistics conferences in Arizona to Luxury conferences in New York and Finance summits in Hong Kong, WBR is dedicated to exceeding the needs of its customers around the world. In addition to our industry leading conferences, our professional services marketing division, WBR Digital, connects solution providers to their target audiences with year-round online branding and engagement lead generation campaigns. w w w. e t a i l e u r o p e . c o m • e t a i l e u r o p e @ w b r e s e a r c h . c o m • + 4 4 2 07 3 6 8 9 5 9 0
  11. About eTail Europe eTail is the premier Ecommerce event in In just three days, attendees will learn to create a consistent and personal experience Europe, featuring 60 sessions and 400+ across all channels, enhance their conversion rates, improve customer loyalty, senior level attendees in the UK and and drive sales. The complete agenda, list of speakers and registration details are European retail market. available at“I’ve been coming to eTail Europe forfour years now. It is the best conferenceof its kind. With the thought leadershipand senior level of the attendees, it isthe best Ecommerce event out there!” Vincent Potier, Managing Director, Vonage w w w. e t a i l e u r o p e . c o m • e t a i l e u r o p e @ w b r e s e a r c h . c o m • + 4 4 2 07 3 6 8 9 5 9 0
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