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humble beginnings of a security company startup

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Prime bayleaf company profile

  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILE Prime Bayleaf Ventures Incorporated was officially launched on April 26, 2013. While new in business in the Bicol region, the founding members and management team in place have over 40 years experience in manufacturing and distribution of advanced security, CCTV and more recently, energy efficient lighting and solar energy devices. The Philippine management team is comprised of individuals with over 10 years of successfully running a wholesale distribution company in Manila for security, fire, access control and CCTV equipment. For years they have been actively involved in The Philippine Export Association and are APEC card holder. Due to their experience in the International market, Prime Bayleaf Ventures is closely associated with Tempus-International Ltd from the UK. (www.tempus- and has reached agreement to manufacture under license their range of CCTV cameras. Also with Tempus-International and the regional Government of Bicol and the city Government of Daet, Prime Bayleaf Ventures is looking to set up an assembly facility in Bicol to manufacture a range of LED lighting products. In conjunction with Specialist Building Materials Supply Limited ( Prime Bayleaf Ventures will become the sole Philippine supplier and service center for the SBMSL UL and CE approved range of Access Control Equipment. Capitalizing on the competitive labor market in the Philippines, coupled with the quality technical capability that the trade schools in Bicol can provide, Prime Bayleaf Ventures goal is to manufacture a range of CCTV and energy efficient lighting products built to International Standards, both for the export market and for local consumption in the Philippine market. It is our goal to be able to display with pride “Made in the Philippines” on the quality products we will make in Bicol. To ensure we can fulfill the needs of the Philippine market, Prime Bayleaf Ventures will import the best products from around the world to augment our manufacturing capability. In addition to selling in country, they will offer trained technical staff to be able to provide in country, after sales service. At Prime Bayleaf Ventures, Inc. we believe that providing quality products at competitive prices is one of the pillars to our success. The other is in listening and responding to our clients needs now and for the future. Address: 3250 Happy Homes Magang Phase 3 Daet, Camarines Norte Email: and Contact: (Daet) 09062409779 / 09178838424 (Manila) 09205070315 Website: