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Aps topic 5

  1. 1. Topic 5: “Developing an Air Power Culture: The Missing Dimension” Philippine air power is one of the oldest in the Asia-Pacific Region but its full development ismuch hampered by conceptual and knowledge gaps. For example, there is not much appreciationof national air power theory, history and technology which are the key ingredients of an air powerculture. In addition, public awareness and appreciation of air power is a far cry from that of the 1950sand 1960s during the heyday of the Blue Diamonds. These are among the reasons why Philippine AirPower Culture is a missing dimension in our air power development. This presentation then focuseson the need to address the revitalization of our air power culture with the following desired learningobjectives: 1. Promote the idea of a Philippine perspective on air power; 2. Identify gaps and shortfalls in PAF/AFP Professional Military Education, Troop Informationand Education (TI & E) and other advocacy mechanisms in terms of promoting air power culture; and 3. Gain a better appreciation and understanding on the importance of theory, history andtechnology appreciation in developing an air power culture COL GALILEO GERARD R KINTANAR JR PAF (GSC) Chief, Office of Strategic and Special Studies, AFP COLONEL GALILEO GERARD R KINTANAR JR PAF (GSC) currently serves as the Chief,Office of Strategic and Special Studies, Armed Forces of the Philippines. After graduating from thePhilippine Military Academy in 1985, he underwent Undergraduate Pilot Training at the Philippine AirFlying School where he earned his wings two years later. He made his mark as a combat pilot in the15th Strike Wing and later served as an Instructor Pilot, Flight Examiner and Flight Commander at theAir Education and Training Command. As an up and coming officer, Col Kintanar established an enviable reputation as a logisticsexpert that qualified him among others, the Chief, Plans and Programs Division, Office of the DeputyChief of Staff for Logistics, J-4 and later as Executive Officer, Office of the Assistant Chief of Air Stafffor Logistics, A4. He also served as the Secretary of Air Staff. However, Col Kintanar is perhapsbest known as one of the AFP’s top strategic planners since early on in his career, he was part of thecore group that crafted the PAF Modernization Program. This was capped by his appointment as theAssistant Chief of Air Staff for Plans, A-5 spearheading anew the PAF’s capability planning, develop-ment and upgrade under a new modernization program. His executive abilities were ably complemented by his outstanding academic record. He at-tended the Squadron Officer School at Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, USA in 1994 and laterbecame one of the top graduates of the AFP General Staff Course in 2005. He also earned a Mastersin Business Management from the Asian Institute of Management and a Master of Arts in DefenceStudies at Deakin University, Australia.