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PR is Dead ... or is it?

PR is Dead ... or is it?
Presentation delivered at Mynewsday Oslo which examines the claims of Robert Phillips in his new book - Trust me, PR is Dead. It offers a framework for evolution of the PR industry and some concreate cases where owned and earned media is ensuring the PR and Communications industry is alive, kicking and set to thrive.

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PR is Dead ... or is it?

  1. 1. @jonobean PR IS DEAD…or is it? @jonobean
  2. 2. @jonobean Robert Phillips Head of Chambers at Jericho Chambers Former EMEA CEO of Edelman Author of Trust Me, PR is Dead (2015)
  3. 3. @jonobean 5 Threats to PR Data & Insights Outcomes not Outputs Networks not Hierarchies Scale Talent
  4. 4. @jonobean We are still in the trust business … but trusted sources are changing
  5. 5. @jonobean And so are the people we trust online Who tells your story best ?
  6. 6. @jonobean 10 billion $ 12,5 billion $ Revenue increase 2012 - 2014
  7. 7. @jonobean 33% increase in PR employees (outnumbering journalists 4:1)
  8. 8. @jonobean PR specialists earns 40% more than journalists
  9. 9. @jonobean Evolution, not death.
  10. 10. @jonobean Science @jonobean
  11. 11. @jonobean Substance @jonobean
  12. 12. @jonobean Story @jonobean
  13. 13. @jonobean Simplicity @jonobean
  14. 14. @jonobean Speed @jonobean
  15. 15. @jonobean Purpose @jonobean
  16. 16. @jonobean Experience @jonobean
  17. 17. @jonobean 88% of companies report undergoing a digital transformation 25% have mapped their digital customer journey and have a clear understanding of new or underperforming digital touchpoints. however, only
  18. 18. @jonobean 80% of strategists surveyed report their companies are investing in improving processes that expedite change to digital properties, such as websites, mobile and social platforms. 46% aim to overhaul customer service to meet the expectations of digital customers however, only
  19. 19. @jonobean@jonobean
  20. 20. @jonobean Concentrate on earned and owned media
  21. 21. @jonobean WE ARE TRAVELLERS
  22. 22. @jonobean
  23. 23. @jonobean 700,000 likes 50,000 followers 28 million passengers 3.5 million loyalty subscribers 100 million web visitors
  24. 24. @jonobean ”I asked myself why I should spend money externally in the magnitude I do now when I have all these customers so close to me. Should I pay somebody else to expose my messages, or should they pay me to communicate on one of my platforms?” Stefan Hedelius VP Marketing & Brand SAS
  25. 25. @jonobean Bjornpilot 28,800 followers (and counting)
  26. 26. @jonobean The brand newsroom The Norwegian way
  27. 27. @jonobean “With tight deadlines – being able to respond to a wide range of requests from print, broadcast and online media 24/7/365 in a timely and professional manner” ”Being able to explain to journalists on a tight deadline and sometimes little knowledge of my company complex issues which are crucial to getting my story right” Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen VP Media Relations Norwegian
  28. 28. @jonobean The power of the content hub 69% news content hub 31% stories
  29. 29. @jonobean Platform Consumption 27,114 newsroom views 59% desktop users 41% mobile users
  30. 30. @jonobean Engagement 29,863 e-mails sent (27% open rate) 2,943 social shares 1:41 min newsroom attention time
  31. 31. @jonobean Now let me introduce you to Kerstin and #MynewsdeskNow
  32. 32. @jonobean
  33. 33. @jonobean
  34. 34. @jonobean NewsroomLanding Page
  35. 35. @jonobean #networksnothierachies Ambassadors
  36. 36. @jonobean 20,773 newsroom views 83% desktop users 17% mobile users Platform Consumption #data&insights
  37. 37. @jonobean 200m people Earned Media Reach #scale
  38. 38. @jonobean $5 million Earned Media Value
  39. 39. @jonobean Sales Leads increased by 60% #outcomenotoutput
  40. 40. @jonobean Purpose driven story telling
  41. 41. @jonobean Owned and Earned Content is key
  42. 42. @jonobean Agencies = creativity + resources #talent
  43. 43. @jonobean Realtime content doesnt have to be difficult
  44. 44. @jonobean Dare to try new things #networksnothierachies
  45. 45. @jonobean A campaign is not enough
  46. 46. @jonobean “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without the loss of enthusiasm” Winston Churchill @jonobean
  47. 47. @jonobean ”Right now, PR as a function is at an inflection point between what we’re comfortable with, what we have permission to do, and what’s possible.” Eduardo Conrado SVP and Chief Innovation Officer Motorola Solutions.
  48. 48. @jonobean We can’t stay married to yesterday and we can’t be afraid of tomorrow. Eduardo Conrado SVP and Chief Innovation Officer Motorola Solutions.
  49. 49. @jonobean Thank you! @jonobean