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Digital Marketing is dead - Survival tips for what comes next


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In the coming years, everything that we know about marketing and advertising will be challenged.

New technologies, changes in consumer behavior, and the rise of intelligent personal assistants will make-or-break brands, organizations, and marketers.

We’re entering a world where, increasingly, the consumer isn’t the primary decision maker in their buying cycles. I’m talking about marketing, when the customer isn’t there.

As practitioners, we’ll need to change how we think, and start preparing now.

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Digital Marketing is dead - Survival tips for what comes next

  1. 1. @jonoalderson@jonoalderson
  2. 2. @jonoalderson@jonoalderson
  3. 3. @jonoalderson #1 The gap between brands and platforms is widening
  4. 4. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson Most brand websites are a mess
  5. 5. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson Most platforms are much sleeker
  6. 6. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson Most platforms are much sleeker
  7. 7. @jonoalderson This widening gap is changing the behaviour + expectations of consumers.
  8. 8. @jonoalderson A division is forming
  9. 9. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson Advertising Goals Websites Transactional
  10. 10. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson Advertising Goals Platforms Environmental
  11. 11. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson Advertising Goals Advertising Goals PlatformsWebsites ?
  12. 12. @jonoalderson But there are grey areas!
  13. 13. @jonoalderson Like your content marketing?
  14. 14. @jonoalderson Maybe it’s just another form of interruption advertising...
  15. 15. @jonoalderson Aspiring to be a ‘publisher’ isn’t enough.
  16. 16. @jonoalderson #2 Cue, advertising
  17. 17. @jonoalderson
  18. 18. @jonoalderson But this model is imperfect.
  19. 19. @jonoalderson
  20. 20. @jonoalderson “What if there was an alternative?”
  21. 21. @jonoalderson Here’s some good news. You can put your content on their platforms. For free.
  22. 22. @jonoalderson #3 Distributed content
  23. 23. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson
  24. 24. @jonoalderson Brands are ceding control of ‘their’ customer experiences and content
  25. 25. @jonoalderson This is a revolution from an owned media model to a distributed content model
  26. 26. @jonoalderson Fast forward… Managing this is going to get harder.
  27. 27. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson
  28. 28. @jonoalderson What experience does your website offer, which is distinctly valuable?
  29. 29. @jonoalderson Our current paradigm is to build the biggest castle.
  30. 30. @jonoalderson That approach doesn’t work in a world when nobody wants or needs to visit your website.
  31. 31. @jonoalderson How does your analytics and attribution work, when people don’t (need to) visit your site?
  32. 32. @jonoalderson You need to stop trying to own the customer journey
  33. 33. @jonoalderson Where do you build your brand equity?
  34. 34. @jonoalderson The answer is surprisingly simple. You build it in your consumers minds.
  35. 35. @jonoalderson wait a minute...
  36. 36. @jonoalderson “Conventional business logic suggests that you shouldn’t build value on rented platforms.“ Me, just now.
  37. 37. @jonoalderson But what happens when there are rented platforms are norm, and where your audience is?
  38. 38. @jonoalderson #4 A new(?) marketing model
  39. 39. @jonoalderson We need to change the way we think about the relationship between our marketing and our audiences
  40. 40. @jonoalderson “The roles of content and brand websites need to shift away from conversion, and towards positively influencing brand preference and recall”
  41. 41. @jonoalderson Naive, much?
  42. 42. @jonoalderson
  43. 43. @jonoalderson You have to influence earlier
  44. 44. @jonoalderson Slides: Videos:
  45. 45. @jonoalderson
  46. 46. @jonoalderson What if you thought about your distributed content strategy in a radically different way?
  47. 47. @jonoalderson But those are yesterday’s brands, right? What about tomorrow?
  48. 48. @jonoalderson #5 No more interruptions
  49. 49. @jonoalderson I need a new laptop. *hint hint*
  50. 50. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson Moment Build (or adjust) a consideration set Reduce consideration set Evaluate & reduce risk Choose Act
  51. 51. @jonoalderson All marketing and advertising assumes that I can interrupt.
  52. 52. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson A more realistic buying cycle Moment Build (or adjust) a consideration set Reduce consideration set Evaluate & reduce risk Choose Act
  53. 53. @jonoalderson 53 This thing changes everything.
  54. 54. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson Moment Build (or adjust) a consideration set Reduce consideration set Evaluate & reduce risk Choose Act
  55. 55. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson “I need a new laptop” Build (or adjust) a consideration set Reduce consideration set Evaluate & reduce risk “Here are some great options for you [...]” “Show me the second one”
  56. 56. @jonoalderson How do you influence the consideration set, when the customer isn’t there?
  57. 57. @jonoalderson Outsourced ownership is a already thing.
  58. 58. @jonoalderson
  59. 59. @jonoalderson
  60. 60. @jonoalderson The funnel no longer exists
  61. 61. @jonoalderson To be clear, I’m not saying that assistants replace all (re)search...
  62. 62. @jonoalderson ...But as we increasingly use voice search, chat bots, and assistants, these systems will decide what we don’t see.
  63. 63. @jonoalderson Brands who aren’t surfaced will fail, because they never enter the consideration set.
  64. 64. @jonoalderson
  65. 65. @jonoalderson So, how do we market?
  66. 66. @jonoalderson I think that systems will use three concepts to make these decisions.
  67. 67. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson 1. Availability Is it open/nearby/valid? 2. Suitability Is it good/right/cheap? 3. Implied Preference Does it align with what I understand of your values?
  68. 68. @jonoalderson “Implied preference”?
  69. 69. @jonoalderson Implied preference Past behaviour + connected data
  70. 70. @jonoalderson You need to positively influence the consideration set before the customer expresses a need...
  71. 71. @jonoalderson 2018 System takes previous brand interactions into consideration 2018 Thinking about buying a new laptop 2017 Retweeted a clever joke about Moore’s Law 2016 Read a really interesting article about graphics cards and visual machine learning
  72. 72. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson Direct actions: ● Read an article ● Liked/shared a social post ● Installed an app ● Reviewed a service/product Network actions: ● Actions from peers Lookalike actions: ● Behaviour & characteristics of lookalike audience
  73. 73. @jonoalderson Is everybody familiar with how lookalike audiences work?
  74. 74. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson
  75. 75. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson
  76. 76. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson People who like technology People who like wine People who struggle to articulate their favourite colour People who don’t like Apple products
  77. 77. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson “I need a new laptop” “Here are some great options for you [...]” “Show me the second one” ???
  78. 78. @jonoalderson #6 Creating brand currency
  79. 79. @jonoalderson Brand currency is a ‘score’ between me and a brand. It’s affected by our interactions.
  80. 80. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson “I need a new laptop” I LOVE DELL “I’ll get one of these!”
  81. 81. @jonoalderson So, how do you earn currency?
  82. 82. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson 1 Story Messaging or elements of the service surprises + delights. 2 3 Fulfillment The service is available, and is of appropriate quality. Experience Brand interactions are deeply meaningful (eg, answer Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) The Brand Currency Hierarchy
  83. 83. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson Fitbit makes me feel like I’m in control of my health Tesco put things I need onto shelves Uber make my travel completely frictionless (through the removal of uncertainty) Amazon (retail) has everything I’ll ever need, ‘frictionlessly’ Having Amazon Prime means I ‘already have’ everything I need The shop at the end of the street repairs my bike occasionally. The Brand Currency Hierarchy
  84. 84. @jonoalderson Yeah, that’s a bit wooly.
  85. 85. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson #3 Brand currency Direct preference Implied preference Lookalike preference Opportunity to be present in a consideration set #1 Brand marketing Top of funnel messaging Distributed content Meaningful marketing Opportunity to deliver an experience #2 Brand experience Direct interactions (and sales!) Network interactions Lookalike interactions Opportunity to generate brand currency
  86. 86. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson Simon Swan -
  87. 87. @jonoalderson Here’s a scary thought...
  88. 88. @jonoalderson All brand interactions, by everyone, everywhere, affect brand currency.
  89. 89. @jonoalderson Everyone, everywhere* *not to scale People who might feasibly ever buy from us Where we should invest the majority of our marketing People who might feasibly ever visit our website
  90. 90. @jonoalderson
  91. 91. @jonoalderson Maybe that’s not that crazy...
  92. 92. @jonoalderson
  93. 93. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson
  94. 94. @jonoalderson They’ve seperated who they are from what they do.
  95. 95. @jonoalderson “Hey Alexa, can you renew my car insurance?”
  96. 96. @jonoalderson This is what modern digital marketing looks like.
  97. 97. @jonoalderson So, what’s next?
  98. 98. @jonoalderson I’m not sure. Sorry.
  99. 99. @jonoalderson I do know that... This is radical, challenging.
  100. 100. @jonoalderson I do know that... Early adopters will win.
  101. 101. @jonoalderson I do know that… Early adopters will win are already winning.
  102. 102. @jonoalderson I do know that... Current models will fail.
  103. 103. @jonoalderson I do know that... Brand is everything.
  104. 104. @jonoalderson And, practically?
  105. 105. @jonoalderson #1 Familiarise yourself with the technologies which are changing the web.
  106. 106. @jonoalderson #2 Consider how this is changing consumer expectations and behaviour.
  107. 107. @jonoalderson #3 Prepare for a world where marketing will need to influence inferred preference.
  108. 108. @jonoalderson #4 Start to optimise for experiences which fulfil a brand promise.
  109. 109. @jonoalderson ????
  110. 110. @jonoalderson GOOD LUCK?
  111. 111. @jonoalderson
  112. 112. @jonoalderson | @distilled @jonoalderson