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Media AS Level powerpoint

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Powerpoint evaluation

  1. 1. Jonny Shafto Media Music Magazine EvaluationCandidate Number 9834
  2. 2. Question 1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products? INTRODUCTION TO ANTHEM• My style model was Mojo magazine• I also looked at Q magazine as it features heavily with the same music genre as Anthem• Anthem is a new, original alternative music magazine which features both mainstream and alternative artists• The main features of my magazine are the conventional artist interviews, festival guides, chart news, album reviews etc.Anthem magazine is predominantly based on a mixture of Mojo’s simplistic layout and Q’scontent. I aimed to create a simplistic music magazine focusing on alternative andmainstream pop music with a particular colour scheme of green, black and white. A colourscheme of 2-3 colours often looks effective as the editors of Q chose to adapt a red, blackand white to their magazine.
  3. 3. Question 1 continued) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real media products? FRONT COVER Q Front Cover Anthem Final Cut Mojo Front Cover Similarities: Differences: Similarities: Differences: • Central image • Different layout • Central title • Colour scheme • Circular notice (Anthem only • Central image (green, black, inclusion has cover stories (only one) white) • Cover stories down one side) • Consistent • Light background placed on right • Anthem title is colour scheme • Banner inclusion • Consistent colour central • Barcodes same • Mid/Close up scheme • Anthem features position • Festival • Artist has certain a banner • Bigger font for advertisements attitude • Q’s artist main title • Subtitle (focused/angry) overlaps title
  4. 4. Question 1 continued) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real media products? CONTENTS PAGE Similarities: Differences: Similarities: Differences: • Titling of page • Anthem includes 2 • Features function • Anthem includes 2 • 3 Areas listed images rather than aligned down the images rather than beneath title 1 big image left 1 main image • Simplistic features • The regulars • Regulars / Every • Anthem a lot more function section on Anthem month simplistic • Issue number and • Blocky lines • Consistent colour • Camera angle of date separating each scheme remains images • Continuity of story from front cover • Anthem refers to colour from front • Website name • Name of magazine “The Worlds cover listed featured Essential Music Magazine
  5. 5. Question 1 continued) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge formsand conventions of real media products? DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD Similarities: Differences: • Main image on seperate page • Anthems main image alters the flow of the text on next • Drop capital page • Quote pre-interview • Anthem features a quote on the image occupied page • Anthem Exclusive + “The Mojo Interview” • Anthem has the conventional amount of 3 columns • Main bodies of text laid out in columns • Anthem image not greyscale • Colour scheme of 3 colours • Positioning of artists • Artist facial expressions (focused/calm) • Anthem adapts a blocky look • Simplistic approach (not busy looking) • Anthem features caption on the image • A midshot is used for both images included • Anthem image features a prop (guitar)
  6. 6. Question 1 Summary How I used, developed and challenged forms and conventions of real magazines Front Cover Contents Page Double Page SpreadI used features such as one main I used the convention from I used conventions from my styleimage, consistant colour scheme Mojo of including the title of model such as the application ofand the “blocky” look. the magazine along with the my image dominating one full listing of three cities beneath page. I aslo applied theI developed these features by the title. I also continued the convention of including a quoteapplying my own unique and colour scheme from the front or in Mojo’s case, anpersonal twists. For example, I cover onto the contents page. introduction before the mainused one particular font rather text was written.than use various fonts as I I developed conventions bythought this would benifit me in including three different cities I developed conventions of mydeveloping my own simplistic to the ones listed on Mojo’s style model by making my modeland unique look that I aimed to contents. Another feature I have a different bodily stance.achieve. developed is by including green My model is pictured to be blocky lines to seperate my glancing over towards the mainI challenged the consistant feature stories, where Q use red body of text (the interview).colour scheme convention by lines to apply the separation.applying my own colour scheme I challenged conventions of myof green, black and white and I challenged conventions of my style model by adding a quotethe introduction of fonts I have style models by including two onto the main image,never seen in my previous equally sized images on the surrounded by two green blocks.research were used in order to contents page which is contrary This is a feature my other styledeveloped a uniqueness to my to what Mojo magazine tend to model, Q, normally include and Imagazine. do. think it looks very effective.
  7. 7. Question 2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?My magazine’s images are all of males and not females. The style models I have looked atvery rarely feature images of females on the front cover or double page spread in particular.Sometimes females are pictured on the contents page of magazines but very infrequentlyhave I noticed this in my research so I decided to stick with an entirely male inclusion. AGE ETHNICITY CLASS AND STATUS GENDEROriginally, I aimed to My product does not Although the language Although all the imagestarget the teenage feature or include any within my magazine is featured within myaudience. But after particular ethnic groups relatively sophisticated, magazine are of malereferring to my style or ethnicities. Like most there is reference to artists, my magazine willmodels such as Mojo professional magazine drugs and gang-life within still appeal to the femaleand Q I began to think editors, I did not intend my double page spread. sex. There is still referencethat I would like to aim to focus or to Like my style models, to females within myat a more mature specifically include stories depend on the interview, albeit in aaudience, probably ceratin religions. The personalities of the artist slightly disrespectful way,between 18 and 30 music genre’s included being interviewed and in but this is a feature of mydue to the swearing in my magazine variate Anthem’s case, the artist artists personality. Theincluded within my within many different comes from a rough rough cut feedback Idouble page spread. cultures, religions and background but is a very received did not reveal aHowever, the artists races. I never intended sophisticated young man. lack of females included infeatured are relatively any cultural bias or This gives me reason to my magazine, and this isyoung, so this factor inclusion of one think that I have not presumably due to theirmay attract a younger particular race or excluded or avoided knowledge that femalesaudience of teenagers. religion. certain people’s “class”. rarely feature in my style models.
  8. 8. Question 3) What Kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?For this question I searched all the big distributing companies such as Bauer Media, IPCMedia, eMap and WWMD.WWMD (the distributors of Q magazine) stood out as the best choice for distributing mymagazine. There are various reasons as to why I chose this company to distribute. My Reasons for choosing WWMD:• WWMD is a recognised, popular and establisheddistributor who distribute Q magazine (one of my two Areas where my product could bestyle models). advertised:• They have specialist retailers not only in the UK, but all •Social Networking sites (Twitter/Facebook/MySpace)over the world. •Television (advertisements in intervals)• WWMD distribute the same genre of magazine to •Mobile advertisements (SMS advertising,Anthem with Q magazine. MMS advertising)• WWMD who have close links with HMV, a major musicretailer who sell music industry products could be Areas where my product could beapproached to distribute Anthem magazine. distributed: • Popular magazine distributors such as: • HMV • Tesco • WHSmith • Various newsagents/garages
  9. 9. Question 4) Who would be the audience for your media product? Predominantly teenagers. People who are fans of alternative and pop music genres. Both males and females. Between 16 and 30. PREDOMINANTLY MALE AND FEMALES LATE TEENS – EARLY TWENTIES TARGET AUDIENCE ALTERNATIVE/POP AGES 16-30 MUSIC FANS
  10. 10. MY READERS INTERESTS SEXUALITY GENDER AGEDue to the in depth The music industry Both males and As previously stated,interviews within features artists of females would be the my target audienceAnthem magazine, various sexualities. My audience for my ranges from ages 18-music may not be the magazine includes an magazine. My 30. This is due to theonly interest behind interview with a magazine features explicit language andbuying Anthem heterosexual male. mentions of females, often serious nature ofmagazine. The quiz This is not bias of this but predominantly the article includedand puzzles feature sexuality however, as males. I believe that within my magazine.within my magazine people of various other listeners of my Despite this, readers ofand the informative sexualities may like my particular music genre younger ages (possiblyfestival guides are artist despite his laid like music because of 16+) would beseperate interests back and cocky the songs that are interested in mywhich can be read approach towards the produced rather than magazine due to thewithin my magazine. opposite sex. Anthem the gender of the wide range of genresDespite these extra magazine was artist. My style models presented withinfeatures, the main designed to be an of “Mojo” and “Q” are Anthem. Theinterests of my entertaining read for not aimed towards a sophisticated languagereaders would be the people from all types particular target combined with thealternative and of sexuality and I think audience and I’d like to minorly explicitmainstream music that if my magazine think I replicated this language may be moregenres as my became popular, idea in the production appropriate for themagazine is heavily sexuality would not be of Anthem magazine. ages of at least 16occupied by these an issue. years + up to 30 yearsgenres. old.
  11. 11. By questionnaire From this questionnaire I found out: • The main image is the focal point behind what makes my target audience most attracted – So I included a close up image of a photogenic model • My target audience like to see a calm/focused facial expression on the artist on the front cover – I therefore made my model perform a focused facial expression on the front cover image • A colour scheme consistency of 2-3 colours is my target audiences’ preference - I kept a colour consistency of 3 colours (green,black and white) • My target audience predominantly read magazines weekly – I included aspects of my magazine which imply my magazine is a weekly occurance • Free gifts DO tempt my target audience to buy a magazine – I included a “Free CD” function to my magazine
  12. 12. Question 5) How did you attract/address your audience? TARGET AUDIENCE FEEDBACK FOR MY FINAL CUT FRONT COVER
  15. 15. Question 6) What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing thisproduct? CAMERA FUNCTIONS SHUTTER SPEED APERTURE Whilst using the cameras in the The aperture feature was key for Media studios I learnt how to alter me in order in deciding the and change the shutter speed in lightness of my photographs. I order to take a suitable photograph. learnt that the aperture is a variable I learnt that the shutter speed is a hole in front of the lens that adjusts cover over the sensor that controls to let more or less light through. the length of time that the light reaches it. DEPTH OF FIELD I was introduced to the depth of field function in order to improve the quality of my photographs. I learnt that the depth of field determines how much of an image is in focus.
  16. 16. NATURAL LIGHT ARTIFICIAL LIGHTThis is a picture I took with the use of This is a picture I took with the use of natural light, pre and post edited. artificial light, pre and post edited. I learnt how to take photographs in different light types; natural and artificial. By applying my knowledge of the functions included on the previous slide I was able to take quality photographs before editing them to make them that extra bit more professional. The adjusting of various camera functions was needed in order to take a quality photograph. I then edited the photos on Photoshop so that the images looked more professional and magazine-suitable.
  17. 17. PHOTOSHOP MANIPULATION This slide shows the methods of manipulation I used to edit my photographs on Adobe Photoshop. STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 Firstly, I clicked on image After the previous stage, I I then lowered the before scrolling down and was given a pop up box brightness and raised clicking adjustments. Once which let me alter and the contrast slightly so the adjustments section change the brightness and that the quality of my was open I then clicked on contrast. image was ready to contrast/brightness. place on my contents page.
  18. 18. Question 6) What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing thisproduct? USE OF BLOGGER I used www.blogspot.com in order to create a blog which recorded my progress throughout my AS level Media course. I was able to record diary entry’s where I revealed each week the progress I had been making whilst making my project was evolving. I also uploaded JPEG’s of my magazine pages in order to show how much I have improved in terms of my production and creative qualities whilst my project evolved. I learnt how to blog appropriately due to this aspect of my project.
  19. 19. Question 7) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in theprogression from it to the full product? WHAT I HAVE LEARNT AND IMPROVED OVER THE COURSE OF MY PROJECT • Camera taking skills improved dramatically • Editing skills via the use of Photoshop and In Design • More appropriate use of fonts • Hugely better layout • More text featured across the page • Larger image which stands out more
  20. 20. WHAT I HAVE LEARNT AND IMPROVED OVER THE COURSE OF MY PROJECT• Colour scheme is more maintained and effective• More effective image types• Better quality images used• Professionalism and layout skills developed• Additional features aid the professional look of Anthem• Coloured frames around the images