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Adventure tourism opportunities galore at the town of eagle!

The Town of Eagle is nestled midway between Grand Junction and Denver--- on the western slopes of the Rockies.

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Adventure tourism opportunities galore at the town of eagle!

  1. 1. Adventure Tourism: Opportunities Galore at the Town of Eagle! The Town of Eagle is nestled midway between Grand Junction and Denver--- on the western slopes of the Rockies. Those of you all, who haven’t yet heard about this pristine gem of Colorado, please be informed that if you are looking for the perfect launch pad for adventurism, the Town of Eagle can well be your home for the next few days ahead. So what exactly can you look forward to, here? Read on and find out! Nordic Snowshoeing This winter, turn the heat on by indulging in some adrenalin pumping snowshoeing on the Eagle snow. Winter is magical here and snowshoeing just adds to the wonder! And yes, there are a number of snowshoeing trails to explore:  Fulford Road  Eagle Ranch Golf Course Nordic and Snowshoe  Vassar Meadows  Sylvan Lake State Park Nordic and Snowshoe  McKenzie Gulch Nordic and Snowshoe Weather permitting, you can access all these well-maintained trails without hassles. West Bush Creek Trail, McKenzie Gulch, Sneve Gulch and Ironedge are some of the trails near White River National Forest. Please note that the Eagle Ranch Open Space is closed from December 15-April 15.
  2. 2. Mountain Biking The well-maintained trails do not end with snowshoeing. The series of mountain biking trails have equal thrill in store for you. Boneyard-Pool Ice Rink Ride, Haymaker Ride, Boneyard Redneck Ridge Ride, Abrams Gulch- Abrams Ridge Ride, Elmers- Tick Alley- Elk Drop-Star Wars Ride, Abrams Ridge-Mchatten Reservoir- Pole Road Ride and Hockett-Tick Alley-World’s Greatest-Elmer’s Ride are some of the prominent trails of this region. The trails are designed for all levels of riders and offer unbeatable versatility (high desert, aspen groves and luxurious growth). Immerse yourself in the joy of traversing the banana belt of Rockies in style. Being located directly off I-70 has its advantages too, since it makes riding easy and affordable. Fishing
  3. 3. Fishing remains an all round sport and practiced in major regions including:  Nolan Lake Fishing  Brush Creek
  4. 4.  Sylvan Lake Fishing  Lake Charles & Mystic Island  Eagle River Hop in any of these locations and you might be lucky enough to get a tip or two from the local anglers! Learning the ropes of hatches and patterns, thus gets far easier today. Hiking
  5. 5. Be a part of the illustrious list of hikers, who have effortlessly forged their routes amidst perfect tranquility. Steal a moment or two with your loved one on of Town of Eagle’s majestic hiking trails. Challenging climbs, flat surfaces and rolling terrains --- versatility – it seems--- is the middle name of the town! Events What more? The town is abuzz with a host of events throughout the year. Even you are encouraged to bring your own event here. Check out for the upcoming event details. Here’s a lowdown on the prominent events held from time to time throughout the year: The Eagle Yoga Fest: A yoga fest spanning 3 days at the Vail Valley with events featuring hiking, yoga classes, social events and meditation and much more River Corridor project design charrette open Fall Festival & Haunted Maze and many more Conclusion The Town of Eagle has ample opportunities for recreation as well. Hit the Broadway area to access exclusive shopping destinations. Indulge in a range of gastronomic delights ranging from authentic Mexican to delicious Italian dishes.