What's next for Social Media?


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What's next for Social Media?

  1. 1. Volume 4 • Issue 4 • sIngle Issue $14.95Solid Surface on Wheels Page 16Understanding ADA Page 20Is Your Shop Safeand Compliant? Page 31NEW Rules of Sellingin the NEW Economy Page 32 A Look at soapstone for surfacing Page 24
  2. 2. CREDITSLetters to the Editor PhotographyCountertops & Architectural Surfaces welcomes Letters to the Editor. Photos in this publication may not depict proper safety procedures forIf you have questions about the magazine, or would like to make a creative purposes. ISFA and Countertops & Architectural Surfaces supportcomment, or voice an opinion about the magazine, ISFA, or the industry in the use of proper safety procedures in all cases and urge readers to takegeneral, please feel free to write to us. steps to institute such procedures.Please send letters to editor@isfanow.org or to Letters, ISFA, 165 N 1330 Photography/graphics provided by: Rosskopf & Partner, Chuck Sawyer,W Unit A3, Orem, UT 84057 or fax to (801) 341-7361 attention: Editor. the U.S. Access Board, The Artisan Group and J&M Lifestyles.Include a telephone number and address (preferable email address).Letters may be edited for clarity or space. Because of the high volume of Magazine Creditsmail we receive, we cannot respond to all letters. Send queries aboutCountertops & Architectural Surfaces to editor@isfanow.org or mail to Publisher & Editor: Kevin ColeISFA, 165 N 1330 W Unit A3, Orem, UT 84057 or fax to (801) 341-7361 Proofreader: Nancy Mueller-Truaxattention: Editor. Contributing Editor: Russ Lee Design: Velasco & AssociatesContacting ISFA ISFA Officers of the BoardPhone: (801) 341-7360 Russ Berry, PresidentToll Free: (877) 464-7732 Mike Langenderfer, Vice PresidentFax: (801) 341-7361 Joe Hoffman, Secretaryeditor@isfanow.org Dave Paxton, Treasurerwww.isfanow.org Hunter Adams, Immediate Past PresidentAbout this Magazine ISFA DirectorsCountertops & Architectural Surfaces is published quarterly by the Mike Nolan, DirectorInternational Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA), with a fifth “Buyers Martin Funck, DirectorGuide” issue publishing in August. Individual copies of Countertops & Jon Blasius, DirectorArchitectural Surfaces are available at the non-member “newsstand” price Christina Humiston, Directorof $14.95. Countertops & Architectural Surfaces is also available by Michael Bustin, Directorindividual subscription at the following rates: ISFA non-members, one Mark Anderson, Associate Member Rep.year (five issues) $30.00; ISFA members, one year free with every Michael Astill, Associate Member Rep.membership renewal.Special rates and charges apply for orders outside of the United States. ISFA StaffCall for details. To subscribe, call (877) 464-7732. Printed in the United Kevin Cole, Communications DirectorStates of America. Copyright © International Surface Fabricators Paul Wisnefski, Sales AssociateAssociation 2011. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be Meg Pettingill, Administrative Assistantreprinted or otherwise reproduced without publisher’s written permission.Countertops & Architectural Surfaces and The International SurfaceFabricators Association assumes no responsibility for unsolicited Cover Photomanuscripts or photographs. While not the most common stone for surfacing applications, soapstone makes for beautiful and functional countertops, as is witnessed by thisMaterials will be returned only if accompanied by a stamped, self- photo provided by The Artisan Group. Read the full story on Page 24.addressed envelope. For change of address, please include old label withnew information, including both old and new zip codes. Allow 3-6 weeksfor address change to take effect. Periodicals postage rate is paid at theLehi, Utah, post office as well as others. Opinions expressed by writers inthis magazine are not necessarily the opinions of Countertops &Architectural Surfaces or the International Surface FabricatorsAssociation, but rather those of the individual writers.Postmaster: Send address change to Countertops & ArchitecturalSurfaces magazine, 165 N. 1330 W., Unit A3, Orem, UT 84057.4 • Vol. 4 / Issue 4 • International Surface Fabricators Association
  3. 3. CONTENTS Features 16 Solid Surface on Wheels German fabricator Rosskopf & Partner has done it again with the help of design firm Linie Zweii in giving a beautiful solid surface makeover to a Heilbronn-based bookmobile. 20 Understanding ADA An overview of the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act as it pertains to decorative surfacing. 24 A Look at Soapstone for Surfacing While soapstone is not for everyone or for every design, this natural stone possesses several advantages that make it a viable competitor of more traditional countertop materials. 28 J&M Lifestyles Profile 16 New Jersey-based J&M Lifestyles is a maker of concrete surfacing products that breaks all the molds. 31 Is Your Shop Safe and Compliant? If you are ignoring your legal requirement to have a Safety/HAZCOM program, be sure you know the costs before you make such a potentially costly decision. 32 NEW Rules of Selling in the NEW Economy 20 Let’s face it — selling in the new economy is tough. All the rules have changed. Those who won’t adapt and become better at sales will most likely not survive. Departments 8 From the Editor 10 President’s Letter 11 Calendar Of Events 24 12 Industry News 14 Education Connection 15 Shop Management Matters 34 ISFA Fabricator Directory 40 ISFA News 44 Product News 49 Reader Service Form 50 Classifieds/Ad Index 28 316 • Vol. 4 / Issue 4 • International Surface Fabricators Association
  4. 4. ISFA MEMBERSHIP It s more than just learning how to be more profitable, saving money on the bottom line and getting great referrals and discounts. Call ISFA today and find out how to make your world a better place.Toll Free: (877) 464-7732www.ISFAnow.org
  5. 5. Shop Management Matters From the desk of Jon Olson What’s next for Social Media? In a previous customers, not a venue for spam. You want to let have a 3G phone, you should get a Foursquare article, folks know you’re out there and ready to do their account. You’ll be glad you did. “Using Social work, but you need to bring something that will Pinterest Networking to be fresh, so people will want to follow you. Look This is a very new site. It’s kind of like Flickr (ayour advantage,” I encouraged folks to at some of the more successful business pages. photo sharing site) on steroids. The companyget onboard with social media. The results They have pictures, blogs and interaction. Many describes it as:have been outstanding! Many have made YouTube successful sites run contests giving away items potential customers will value. You’ll have a better “Pinterest lets you organize and share all thevideos, started a Facebook page and learned how chance for sales if you run your site that way. beautiful things you find on the Web. Peopleto tweet. It takes some effort, but when you think When a salesman goes out and visits potential use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorateabout it, what choice do you have? This is how customers, what do they do? They show their homes and organize their favorite recipes.businesses are getting messages out, so if you’re pictures, talk about their company and engage Best of all, you can browse pinboards created bynot in, you’re going to be out. other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way their clients in conversation. That’s what FB is for.Social media is more like a salesperson than ever. to discover new things and get inspiration from Instead of beating the pavement, you’re beatingHere’s a little experiment. Go to a job-seeking site people who share your interests.” your keyboard.like indeed.com and type in the job description This site serves many purposes. You can search“social media manager.” It seems like everyone is Let’s look at some up-and-coming sites: for inspiration, but you can also post your worklooking for one. Why? Social media brings in sales. Google+ in the hopes someone will contact you. PhotosSo the old excuse “I don’t have time for this” Google is trying to get into the social media really drive this site, and I can’t stress enough justjust doesn’t hold water. You need social media. scene. Currently it’s not on the same level as how important good images are.If managed correctly, it will play a key role within other places, but there are a few reasons youyour company for years to come. should be part of it: PhotographyLet’s look at some current sites more closely: n Most of us have a Google e-mail account One of the best ways to get your message out isTwitter (gmail.com). Starting with your gmail account, having outstanding photos of your work. PicturesI love Twitter; I can’t get enough of it. In fact, Google+ is free and easy to set up. sell products. On a typical countertop website, theI have a separate monitor on my desk that runs n Why are we doing any of this social media most viewed section is the photo gallery. Photos arean app called Tweetdeck all day. I can watch stuff? The big reason is the interacting. You want a great way to make a splash in your social mediaposts of those I follow and monitor the solid to be found and Google has primarily been a efforts.surface world. Being informed enables me to help search engine. It stands to reason that Google is I know for many the challenge is the cost ofmy company succeed. You can do the same. going to promote those using their stuff. photography, but as we change to a more Internet- n Google is loaded and they don’t like to lose, based way of doing business, it has to be part of yourUsing Twitter helps build up your networking. so no doubt Google+ will become a key site to be business plan. I encourage you to set aside money inTwitter has helped me establish contacts all across on in the future. your budget for this. At the least, make sure you havethe United States and the world. I’m not onlygaining experience from others, but building the There are some things I like about Google+. a good camera that someone on your staff knowscompany brand and finding leads, tweet by tweet. You can arrange your contacts very cleanly how to use, and you take photos of all of your work. using their “circle” app. I also like the way I hope you will take an honest look at how socialSomething really cool has developed from Twitter pictures look when uploaded. media can help your company. While it’s true thatcalled Tweet chats (tweetchat.com). Usinghashtags you can find specific topics to connect Foursquare what works for one company may not be perfectwith people talking about the same thing. One for you, see what aspects of social media will be Foursquare is a marketing tool made for thosethat I particularly like is held every Wednesday of value to your particular business. that have smart phones. At first it was a way tofrom 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. EST called Kitchen&Bath inform friends where your location around town About the AuthorChat (#kbtribechat). Each week kitchen and bath Jon Olson is the online marketing and sales, social media, was, or to leave reviews of restaurants, etc.,trends are discussed. Come see for yourself. market development and communications manager at but now companies are finding ways to use it Sterling Surfaces/Kitchen Associates. A solid surfaceFacebook as a promotional tool. I haven’t used it yet for fabricator since 1982, he has gained experience in allWhat value does a Facebook (FB) page have? promotions, but it has been a great way to make phases of fabrication, specializing in 3-D solid surface thermoforming. Jon is a past recipient of the ISFAI’m not going to guarantee sales from a FB it into Google searches. I’m not stopping, as Fabricator of the Year award and the ISFA Innovator of thepage. It’s a way to educate and inform potential I want Google to find my companies. If you Year. He can be reached at jon@sterlingsurfaces.com. International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 4 / Issue 4 • 15