Solid Surface trends


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Whats hot in Solid Surface?

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Solid Surface trends

  1. 1. Innovation in Design Contest Winners AnnouncedCREA Diffusion Takes Top PrizePage 26IN T ER N AT I O N AL S UR FAC E FABRI C AT O RS ASSO CI AT I O VOLUME 4 • ISSUE 3 • 2011 • SINGLE ISSUE $14.95 Top Solid Surface Trends Page 18 JCW Profile: 40 Years and Still Making Dust Page 22 Sales: Get Better or Go Broke Page 32 Drop Prices At Your Own Risk Page 34 Brooklyn Museum Gets Solid Surface Art Page 36
  2. 2. Magazine Credits Letters To The Editor ISFA DirectorsCountertops & Architectural Surfaces welcomes Letters to the Editor. If you Mike Nolan, Directorhave questions about the magazine, or would like to make a comment, or Martin Funck, Directorvoice an opinion about the magazine, ISFA, or the industry in general, please Jon Blasius, Directorfeel free to write to us. Christina Humiston, Director Michael Bustin, DirectorPlease send letters to or to Letters, ISFA, 165 N 1330 W Mark Anderson, Associate Member Rep.Unit A3, Orem, UT 84057 or fax to (801) 341-7361 attention: Editor. Include Michael Astill, Associate Member Rep.a telephone number and address (preferable email address). Letters may beedited for clarity or space. Because of the high volume of mail we receive, we ISFA Staffcannot respond to all letters. Send queries about Countertops & Architectural Russ Lee, Executive DirectorSurfaces to or mail to ISFA, 165 N 1330 W Unit A3, Kevin Cole, Communications DirectorOrem, UT 84057 or fax to (801) 341-7361 attention: Editor. Jeff Pease, Creative Director Sandy Milroy, Membership & Event Director Contacting ISFA Andrew Bowman, Development DirectorPhone: (801) 341-7360 Meg Pettingill, Administrative AssistantToll Free: (877) 464-7732Fax: (801) 341-7361 Cover The winners of the Innovations in Design Competition were announced, this Art Gallery project fabricated CREA Diffusion, in France, took the top prize. Read the full story on Page 26. About This MagazineCountertops & Architectural Surfaces is published quarterly by theInternational Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA), with a fifth “BuyersGuide” issue publishing in August. Individual copies of Countertops &Architectural Surfaces are available at the non-member “newstand” price of$14.95. Countertops & Architectural Surfaces is also available by individualsubscription at the following rates: ISFA non-members, one year (five issues)$30.00; ISFA members, one year free with every membership renewal.Special rates and charges apply for orders outside of the United States.Call for details. To subscribe, call (877) 464-7732. Printed in the UnitedStates of America. Copyright © International Surface Fabricators Association2011. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reprinted orotherwise reproduced without publisher’s written permission. Countertops &Architectural Surfaces and The International Surface Fabricators Associationassumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts or photographs.Materials will be returned only if accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed Donʼt let it stop here!envelope. For change of address, please include old label with newinformation, including both old and new zip codes. Allow 3-6 weeks foraddress change to take effect. Periodicals postage rate is paid at the Lehi,Utah, post office as well as others. Opinions expressed by writers in thismagazine are not necessarily the opinions of Countertops & ArchitecturalSurfaces or the International Surface Fabricators Association, but rather those Share the magazine with a friendof the individual writers. or have them subscribe at Postmaster: Send address change to Countertops & ArchitecturalSurfaces magazine, 165 N 1330 W Unit A3, Orem, UT 84057. Photography:Photos in this publication may not depict proper safety procedures for creativepurposes. ISFA and Countertops & Architectural Surfaces support the use ofproper safety procedures in all cases and urge readers to take steps toinstitute such procedures. Photography Provided By: Jon Olson, SterlingSurfaces, Hans Stålhandske, James Thompson, LG Hausys, Keith Sirchio,Situ Studio, Rosskopf & Partner, CREA Diffusion, Gene McDonald, RefreshInteriors, PlayGo, JCW, Quality Residential Construction,Tuan Nguyen, American Radon Solutions Inc., Interfab Ltd. and InterlineCreative Group. Magazine CreditsPublisher & Editor Kevin ColeCreative Director Jeff PeaseContributing Editor Russ Lee ISFA Officers Of The BoardRuss Berry, PresidentMike Langenderfer, Vice PresidentJoe Hoffman, SecretaryDave Paxton, TreasurerHunter Adams, Immediate Past PresidentRuss Lee, Executive Director International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 4, Issue 3, 2011 • 3
  3. 3. Shop Management Matters By Jon Olson Top Solid Surface Trends for 2011 and Beyond Quality Certification Program for low-emitting products, making them a perfect choice when thinking about clean air and safe environments. Using green surfaces has been very important for many years when it comes to commercial projects. Now, with the huge upsurge of this trend in the residential market, being informed about these surfaces is more important than ever. Custom Sinks This year we have seen an increased interest in custom solid surface sinks. From my experience, there are several reasons for this: • Designers are beginning to see how ther- moforming can be incorporated into their designs. Free flowing slopes add another design option not always available with sink manufacturers (see Figure 2). Figure 1 – Many of the trends we are seeing use some form of thermoforming, such as this tabletop (and the apple sitting on it). T hese really are exciting times to be have previously seen go elsewhere. Likewise, working in the solid surface industry. they may also be able to suggest additional fea- Interest is increasing in exploring the tures (with additional revenues) in projects that full design capabilities of solid surface. are already coming through the door. While the recent addition of many new colors has made kitchen countertops more popular with Green Surfaces homeowners again, we are seeing so much more “Green” is everywhere. We see it in the news, Figure 2 – Free flowing slopes and unique shapes in on the television and at just about every retail custom sinks add another design option not always going on with the material. From musical instru- available with large sink manufacturers. ments to trash cans, from lampshades to creative outlet there is. It doesn’t really matter if you inlays, solid surface can do it all. So let’s dig right believe all of the hype surrounding it or not. More • Hospitals use solid surface quite frequently in and see what’s trending for 2011-2012. eco-friendly products are being specified and because it offers outstanding infection purchased every year. According to the National control. They also want solid surface sinks. 3-D Thermoforming Association of Home Builders (NAHB), in 2009 Research has shown that if the drain is Thermoforming, which is the heating and shaping the market for green building was $7.4 billion. offset from the faucet, less bacteria grows. of solid surface to take on multiple dimensions, In 2010 that number grew to $38 billion, and Currently, most solid surface sinks only has been around for many years. However, it continues to grow. What other area is growing at come with a center drain, so to accom- recently has seen a surge of interest from all as- 500 percent per year? You should make sure you modate the demand fabricators are making pects of the design world. Designers have found are in the position to take advantage of it. their own sinks with the drain offset. solid surface is more than just a flat countertop • Solid Surface manufacturers generally only surface. Many of the trends we are seeing use All the major sheet manufacturers have respond- make solid color bowls. Consumers and some form of thermoforming (see Figure 1). Go ed to the green movement, including Avonite, designers want sinks that match the color to any solid surface sheet manufacturer’s web- Corian, Formica, LG Hausys and Wilsonart, of their countertop whether it’s a lavatory or site and you’ll see outstanding examples of 3-D just to name a few. Most of their green surfaces kitchen bowl. thermoforming. By adding more dimensions to rely heavily on pre-consumer recycled acrylic the product, more applications become possible. content, with the amount of recycled material OEM And those fabricators that take advantage of this ranging from 5 to 91 percent. Also, many of these As an OEM product, we’ve seen solid surface ability can get additional business that they may surfaces have met the Greenguard Indoor Air used in the marine, aircraft, RV, ambulance and18 • Vol. 4, Issue 3, 2011 • International Surface Fabricators Association
  4. 4. NEW !other industries. As the world begins to see the even being able to tell a repair was made)possibilities with solid surface, other OEM lines is something very interesting to those whoare beginning to be developed. Many of these want to supply well built furniture with loware being driven from the industrial designers of maintenance. Because of these qualitiesthe world. The idea is to make something that schools, hospitals, food service companieswas once unsightly more appealing. and a variety of other corporations are look-There are numerous examples. One designer ing for ways to use solid surface furniture.created a product with a solid surface shell called 16 gauge “EOS”the playGo (, which is a small These are just a few of today’s trends. As you 31 1/4” x 18 5/8” x 9” depth 98box that contains USB ports to connect audio can see the possibilities are limited only by one’sequipment (see Figure 3). The company touts itsuse of solid surface saying it “allows us to create imagination. What will we see in the near future? Maybe we will see more solid surface used as $a unique industrial design that can’t be duplicated the outside cladding of buildings (check outwith cheap plastic.” last year’s Q2 issue of this magazine to see anAlso, it has begun to be used in the jewelry amazing exterior cladding project done by CREA In response to many requests for anindustry. Designers such as the folks from Black Diffusion). How about kitchen countertops com- Equal Bowl that is different than theBadger ( and JenMDESIGN plete with LED message boards inserted inside traditional 50/50, at a great price. 16 gauge “ZEPHYR” and routed fixtures that let you dock your Ipod? Or maybe tops with recycling bins fitted seam- lessly into the surface. Solid surface is about the 31 1/2” x 21 3/8” x 9” depth 98Figure 3 – OEM applications are growing with solid only material that lets you do these things in asurface, such as this playGo USB hub for audioconnections. cost-effective way. $( can’t resist One thing is certain as we move forward: Solidworking with solid surface to make all types of surface’s outstanding design capabilities willjewelry and taking advantage of the working continue to provide inspiration for designers and A different look at the increasinglycharacteristics of this versatile material (see Fig- architects for a very long time to come. If you can popular large Single Bowl design sink.ure 4). Other designers are using solid surface leverage these possibilities, or find new ones, “NEW PRODUCT LINE” FUTURAin ways you might not think of. To get an idea of you are on the right track for more business tohow industrial designers think and what products come your way. I N T E R N AT I O N A L S U R FAC E FA B R I C AT O R S A S S O C I AT I O Nthey’re producing you can visit a website at that highlights design ideas. About the Author: 10” Deep 16 Gauge Jon Olson is production and operations manager for Sterling Surfaces in Sterling, Mass. A solid surface Highest QualityFurniture fabricator since 1982, he has gained experience in all Your Choice! $ 119Another area of growing interest for solid surface phases of fabrication while helping Sterling to grow fromis furniture. There are a few reasons why, I be- 10 to 50 employees and become one of the world lead- ers in the industry. He can be reached at Circle Reader Service #04 on the Reader Service Page or go to, we are seeing an increase there:• Unique colors, such as bright oranges and light greens, make for eye catching pieces of furniture (see Figure 5). The color palette for solid surface is amazing, and several PORCELAIN 199 manufacturers offer custom color matching capabilities, further broadening the pos- $ sibilities.• Translucent qualities of several lines of Compare solid surface are also making a mark. The Figure 4 – Jewelry, such as these rings produced by Black Badger, an industrial design company in Sweden, are utiliz- new lines of translucent colors can be used ing the versatile properties of solid surface. others for dramatic effects when back lit. One at triple this price! stunning application of this is the use of FARMHOUSE APRON lampshades. I’ve also seen dining tables 30” x 20” x 8 1/4” depth fabricated using translucent colors made to be highlighted from above.• The outstanding qualities of solid surface are appealing to furniture designers as well. Austin: 866.243.6267 The nonporous surface makes it easy to Atlanta: 866.645.2007 maintain and doesn’t promote the growth of germs. Also, the ability to be repaired “Your Wholesale more easily than wood furniture (without Figure 5 – Bright colors, along with durability and Sink Source” easy reparability, make solid surface a great option International Surface Fabricators Association • Vol. 4, Issue 3, 2011 • 19 for furniture. Circle Reader Service # 08 on the Reader Service Page or go to